What is the subsequent BIG hit? Inside Males’s hair merchandise and perfume? Asking Emil from Slikhaar TV

published on July 3, 2020

oh nothing better than a great cup of

coffee freshly brined it right now we

aren't slick here office and we're

recording some slick hair to you for you

guys my name is amal and today we are

gonna talk about product development

because what you have here in front of

me Rasmus behind the camera what they

have here is some exciting stuff that we

have been working for for a long time

some of it we have just started the

process on but then what I will start

with is that we have worked on an

organic hair product line for an

extremely long time and we have an

organic wax and an organic pre styling

spray and it's going to be lanced pretty

soon alright Friday and it's extremely

exciting we almost have the names ready

but if you got a name for it then please

write in the comment section down below

it's a pre styling spray and the hair

wax all organic and we also have another

product that is pretty exciting it's not

yet released and it extremely it was

extremely exciting because it has a

unique pump system that actually pumps

it from the product out and now you're

curious what is this product it's called

sea breeze and it's a sea salt based

foam that's a pre style so when you come

out of the shower it's extremely easy to

apply just to like this then you have a

feel of where you add the product which

in my opinion makes it unique and very

nice and it gives you a very good volume

and also a matte finish but the process

is extremely funny if you say funny

I don't know sorry

the Seabreeze it's not the final design

it's just as production sample all the

silver ish will be white and if you have

a nice look like my son Don champagne in

the process of creating the awesome

products we always add the best perfumes

it's give a nice aroma to it but we

recently got some extremely good

perfumes and so we wanted to do

something more we have always been

inspired by brains like your and Tom

Ford and Rasmus what is you also have

Calvin Klein yeah goodbye good cheers NL

soon L as well yes so with that in mind

we wanted to create a new perfume line

for the Bible Lane brand and we got some

bottles the bottles they are from

friends and right now they're

transparent but I think it would be nice

to make it if you make a great tone to

it or a smoke color or something so it's

transparent like this I'll be yeah it'll

be nice glass but we'll keep you updated

on the perfume but um but also of course

I and would like to know which perfumes

you like so please come in come section

down below

personally you liked it some thought

tobacco it's cold and I also have the

black one from Chanel I think those are

two awesome products but um let's see

what we can do with the Bible in

perfumes – next new thing on the Bible

in line this is also I just printed the

label but it's gonna look like this it's

the small mini sidekick spray it's a 20

ml size where you get yeah you get what

you need for about one week I think so

that's a nice new product it's gonna be

released really soon it's already on


you're ready to ship and another thing

it's something new we have not worked on

it yet but and we're gonna release an

argan oil where you can take drops and

daagon oil will be infused with the best

perfume we have so that's gonna be

exciting too so you'll have a nice and

healthy looking hair with a nice odor

around it so that would be really nice

and last but not least we have an

aerosol hairspray it's a very strong

hold that will simply freeze your hair

you have worked on the solution for a

really long time I think more than five

or six years or something

even before by leme was lost but the

difficult thing about hairspray is that

it's impossible to ship with air it

means that the aerosol is flammable and

it can explode on board on the flight so

we're not allowed to ship it with the

express shipping at all so we need to

figure out a solution before we launch

it but it's pretty much done it's and

now it's gonna stay like this all night

I tell you as you can see as you can see

a lot of awesome projects in the making

and I have to say thanks to Rasmus

behind the camera and hello guys and of

course the rest of the by Blaine and

slicker team for helping out the salon

and my mom and dad

thank you for staying tuned on this

episode stay tuned guys

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