What’s on my iPhone XS Max!

by birtanpublished on August 28, 2020

what's up everybody this is Danny and today I'm gonna do a what's on my iPhone 10's max video haven't done one of these in a while so pretty excited to get started so what I'm gonna do is show you what's on the outside of my iPhone first

So what I'm rocking is the brown leather case by Apple this is the official case and the thing that I love about leather cases is that they start to wear on the corners and the colors start to change from like the oil in your hands I know

That sounds gross but it actually looks really good and if I don't feel like rocking a case then I am using the D brand matrix skin this is new I love the texture on this and of course it gives it that matte black feel and gives a

Little bit more grip so I love that and it actually accentuates the gold very very well and on the front I have a $7 glass screen protector don't spend a lot of money on a glass screen protector this one is very good so I'll leave that

Link below for you and everything is getting tied in with the series for Apple watch this is the gold stainless model with the Milanese loop this looks really good so this is the combo that I'm rocking right now so let's go ahead

And get into the apps I do use a lot of stock apps so I know some people probably clown on me for that but of course I message FaceTime and I didn't realize until I started traveling how many people use whatsapp so I have that

Here too as well I have my youtube right here so of course I gotta catch up on good YouTube videos and then I have YouTube studio here to check on all my stats and numbers it's a little bit torturing sometimes I shouldn't check it

As much as I do but I do so my favorite client for social media is Twitter and also Instagram is a close second so I have those tied in right here so I really love those two I don't really use the other social media as

Much so Twitter and Instagram and super-scientific if you want to follow me there and also you Spotify because I think Spotify is the best client right now when it comes to music this next folder has a ton of apps inside and if

You've been following me on social then you'll know that my second passion besides tech are sneakers I could be a little bit of but in this folder I have a lot of different apps I have adidas adidas

Confirmed sneakers app and even some footlocker foot action so whatever I can do to cop for retail I'll do that I'll get notifications on my phone then I'm there usually even when I'm traveling I'm trying to cop the latest shoe but if

You did take that L which you're probably going to because if you're buying sneakers right now in this day and age it's so hard to get them for retail so you can buy them still if you go to stock X this is what I've been

Using for the last two years so I partnered with them to show you what stock X does so we can do is that shoe that you wanted if it's a easy if it's a limited issue Nike sneaker or if it's off-white whatever it may be you could

Buy them on stock X still so don't worry about taking that L you go in there you look for that shoe you can see what it's going for you can bid on it you can even keep it to where you can follow that shoe and they have a team that

Authenticates them so you know that you're getting real authenticated shoes you're not getting the fakes let me know which shoe right now is your favorite and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna help you fill out your collection so let me

Know what size you wear let me know what shoe that you want and leave that in the comments below and then make sure you follow stock X on all of their social Instagram Twitter and also subscribe to their YouTube channel and we're gonna

Help you fill up your shoe collection so let me know and good luck okay I had to get away from the Gators if you check my Instagram story I had to come back a little bit more safe here in the city I am using Google Maps I don't use Apple

Maps as much even though it's gotten a lot better I'm still sticking with the Google Maps and I do a lot of smart home stuff I have a lot of smart home stuff in my house so what I use the most is probably nest in life except as an Alexa

That's pretty cool but nest I love because I can go into it and from anywhere I can see what's going on at my house so I'm away right now but I can still see everything that's happening in my house which is really

Cool doorbell cameras thermostat all of that right here so Starbucks don't hate me for that but when I travel Starbucks is pretty consistent I also use deliveries which is really cool I purposely took out some of the

Deliveries so you wouldn't see the address and stuff but you can add whatever delivery that you want to this so DHL FedEx UPS whatever and then it'll give you all your deliveries all in one place

Then what's cool is you can check on them track them get notifications all that stuff and this is free it's called deliveries highly recommend this if you get a lot of packages and my camera stuff I really like filmic Pro filmic is

Probably one of the best ways to push your smartphone camera to the next level if you if you want to you can use a stock at but this gives you a heck of a lot more control so you can look at the resolution you can shoot an better codec

Like you can get a higher megabits per second shooting in filmic extreme you can check all the different frame rates I mean it's pretty insane I mean look at what you can do you can push all this stuff here and then you can also go in

And you can do manual focus you can do exposure I mean this is so crazy what you can do with filmic I highly recommended the thing with filmic is that it's extremely expensive at least I think so what is it like ten bucks

Something like that I mean there's no app that's gonna give you this much control over video it's it's pretty insane but if you're looking for a cheaper alternative then go to moment all of this stuff here you have a lot of

Controls and it works really well with obviously moment lenses and the reason I can't show you that right now is because they don't have a case quite yet for the iPhone 10 s max so once that comes out I'll do a full video on the moment stuff

Guys do have the moment lenses and I have the case for the 10s if you don't pay $4 for that you are limited but if you pay 4 bucks you can have your shutter speed here your ISO exposure so you have all that good stuff here yeah

Your focus white balance so this is a really good way of getting full manual control for cheaper so check out the moment app and if you've noticed I did change my wallpaper I do kind of go in and out of different

Wallpapers so I really like this one this is a really clean looking wallpaper compared to the stock wallpaper so I'll leave that link below for you guys another cool app that I like is focus you get a lot more control over some of

The bokeh so check this out it's all like this this is a portrait shot that I took and if you look at the aperture this is what it looked like coming out but look at what I can do to the aperture

That looks insane look at the bulk of balls in the background and you could change the shape of them to see what they look like and if you unlock the full pro version you can actually get different lenses on here which is

Amazing so right now only have the Elmar here but look olympus like carl zeiss so you can change all that so I'm probably gonna buy the pro version but you have a lot of control over what you can do with portrait photography so entertainment

Wise Netflix Hulu YouTube TV so I'm watching TV on the road sometimes prime video Apple music I'm a subscriber but I don't really use it as much I use it more because I have home pod and if I use Apple watch I have to use the Apple

Music shortcuts is super cool I'm not gonna dive into it but you can make a shortcut for anything on iOS 12 which is absolutely amazing so it's basically like if this isn't that or even like Tasker but built-in right into the OS so

This is amazing so you can make shortcuts for anything actually Quinn as snazzy labs at a fantastic video on this he's opening trunks and all kinds of stuff with his Tesla and everything with the shortcuts and everything is Siri and

Able very amazing once in a while I will take a run I need to run a heck of a lot more I know but this is how I track some of the stuff I don't have my Apple watch with me I'm using Strava and Nike Run Club I do have some gaming on here very

Limited though love playing Street Fighter I use YouTube kids because my kids use YouTube all the time and I don't want all that crap in my history so I use YouTube kids because they're watching all kinds of weird stuff finger

Family and freaking baby shark and all that stuff I like this because for laptops and different things that need thermals I use flare and you have to use an attachment to it but this is what it looks like here is blur on oops this is

On the new MacBook and it tells you what the temperature is and everything so Dave 2d is the one who told me to get this doing more laptop reviews Fleur definitely works actually DB meters pretty cool so if you want to test the

Sound of something here you can see what the peak is like yo-yo-yo-yo goes up and then if you want to know what the ambient noise is like free APIs I have so knows and I think that's pretty much it I mean there's a

Bunch of Apple garbage here that I don't use so I just leave all that in here and that's pretty much it alright guys so I hope you enjoyed that video and if you have any questions about what was on my iPhone or some more details make sure

You hit me up a little bit simple but that's how I do it so make sure you also hit up stock exile leave all that information down below to help you fill out your shoe collection if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up subscribe

For more like this and I will see you guys in the next one

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