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by birtanpublished on October 26, 2020

Okay it's my beverage video and as i get somebody let me to my right yeah we back look how small about popcorn oh my god it's so quiet youtube video and as i can see by the title today i'm doing a what's on my iphone 11 pro max i don't really want to say all that because it's gonna sound like i'm bragging which i'm not but if you guys we're gonna go ahead and get straight into the video baby before we do make sure you guys like comment and

Follow my social medias in the description below my instagram my snapchat everything also subscribe if you haven't because i upload weekly sometimes um and let's just go ahead and get honest with the video so start this little iphone tour um so this video sorry the background is playing like this would have been cute this is cute but i kind of like this okay a little disclaimer this video is probably going to be all over the place one my phone does have the ios 14 and i did all the little widget

Thingies and i changed my i changed all the colors like i changed all my apps to um not on my apps just the main apps i used to a different picture too so okay so you know a little slides at the bottom i still have my regular one that i've had for like three years now ever since i like got my iphone i think so we're gonna do the iphone score on that but what i'm gonna do is i'm still gonna show you guys my ios 14 design i use my ios 14 design and i just have

Like all those apps back there just in case if i don't feel like you know going to the ios 14 part you'll see when i start the video but i know i have a library but that is confusing so i just like kept my app still okay so let's just go ahead and start so again i might do another iphone tour like next month i mean iphone what's my iphone next month when i change this but i honestly don't want to change it because this took me a long time and i just it's not i don't really like it

But it's cool we're still gonna do it y'all keep asking for me for this video and i really don't honestly don't want to change it so we're just gonna go ahead and go on look how small is the bag of popcorn it's like half the size of my comeback i'm in the background all right so hold up oh we have to do this little wallpaper right quick fast because my phone turned off okay i'm gonna move a little bit so that's just me my brother um at his prom and i've had this wallpaper ever since

His prom which was last year so i am gonna change it soon but i like it right now even though and even though it doesn't match my phone it's okay all right so you first come into my phone it's just a blank folder because this city view is so cute i don't know why like i like city views but it's so cute um at the bottom of my screen you can see if you i'm sorry for that i might bleep that out um right now because like not just kids and other people watch my thing adults watch come on my phone i don't

Really have anything in here so in my battery and i don't even use that ooh that's the old picture i don't know my curls are poppin says all right so the first slide so i'm going to show my i'm just going to show y'all the um ios 14 design i did and then at the end i'm going to show you all my apps okay so this is red and orange so what i did for this is i kind of i don't know how to explain it but i wanted to do red orange yellow

Green blue purple pink black and white but the reason why i didn't do that is because that's a lot of slides for no reason it looks better that way but i feel like doing all that so i just did this so first you can see i just have my widgets i have youtube door dash youtube studio netflix instagram pages itunes and it's learning all of my apps are still color coded they're just color coded kind of um like it's kind of like ombre if you get what i'm saying

This is yellow green and some orange um i have notes expedia snapchat adsense spotify phone facetime messages and then i have a whole bunch of widgets excuse my middle finger because there's gonna be a lot of middle fingers in this video all right next one i have this one my favorite actually well yeah this one's my favorite i don't know why just like it goes well you know so i have little street up there that's green and then i have the it's so quiet then i have my middle

Finger again and then i have uh the little i think there's a hospital and it says love me at the end yeah um and then have files safari app store and weather more middle fingers sorry uh that's me in the top corner me on the bottom i have imovie pixart onenote and soccer attic now if you're in online school even regular school you need to use soccer addict because that gives me all ladies like i have all these um and then i have this widget

Right here too i love city views just love them and then this is a pink one this is my second favorite so girly and so cute um i have oh all of these cuss words okay um i have the middle finger again and then i have some little sunset view with some heels and then this is like a city view again in front in the back of the window i have rome music video star and villo then this one is my third favorite i love this one i have a city view i have

A middle finger that is not me that is just some random thing i found on pinterest all these pictures actually you can sign up interest um i have she and student student is my i see my grades tick tock fashion nova amazon adsense is where i see yeah teams is the thing i use besides zoom i don't use zoom my school it's cheap stuff and then space tune so then this is the thing i was talking about this is like what i've had for a very long time i've had this for since my last no i've had it longer than

That but i had this my first youtube video my first youtube video i actually did i was on my iphone um was it 10 yeah it was my iphone 10 x max um i said that so wrong it was on my iphone x matt and that i upgraded a lot like you should go back and watch that video because for things i upgraded i would record my phone my like i just blew up like my personality just glue up and then in the video i was like okay y'all so we're gonna do this video and we're just gonna go get straight into the video like

What the like oh my god and then my voice is like so we're just gonna get straight into the video like ew maya i am back my favorite on me doing what's on my iphone x max this is the case it's a little pop song subscribing it's my phone right i'm not it's not color coded but i've tried so my first youtube video oh no no no my first real youtube video okay so let's just go ahead and start getting into the app

You guys can find all of the pictures i used for my um for my let me stop screaming i wasn't recording all the time okay so i was recording the whole time great okay so y'all ready to start with red cause i wasn't freaking recording okay so fonzo i'm doing this fast because i got a lot of apps okay fonzo um it's nothing really about fonto fonso is a good app if for your um youtube thumbnails because but it's more for like if you want to

Perfect they don't really have that much creative stuff on there at all pretty much and then youtube of course subscribe wait i hate 14 subscribe okay perry am i uh okay is this okay here okay you have to subscribe um this is like what i want yeah i watch i don't i watch youtube but i don't watch it as much as i watch netflix now it's like i just go in these little things left yes uh watch i have a lot of acting um related videos on here because i'm

Acting insist i just look at it but yeah okay so then i have youtube studio youtube studio is good if you're a youtuber because it will tell you everything you need to know um it's just like um like you know if you don't have a laptop or you can't access the desktop youtube studio is for you then i have pinterest pinterest love it yes this is what my pinterest looks like dude my mom actually i think that's my mom's doing i think we share a picture i don't know why

A lot of aesthetic room ideas because i was going to redecorate my room and i still am just in the process of saving up to get all this stuff because since decorating your room like that is expensive okay next so that's red then orange orange tips so some i'm not going to okay so tip y'all know tips if you have an iphone it just gives you tips on your iphone home i don't even know what home is i don't even know what home is for real i don't want to download that

Oh well bike race bike race you should be my game like oh my gosh i just want to show y'all the um how much levels i beat sis and got all stars on them hello all right well that loads look at this girl hold up recover account what you mean recover account look at it 24. so i don't use soundcloud no more i should delete that but i like it it's orange it needs to stay it's learning that's what my school uses to put all our assignments on

Because we're just my school's broke okay well my county's broke yeah yeah yeah garageband i'm not gonna go on there because i'm pretty sure y'all know what garage band is because you have the iphone if you have any apple products itunes um isn't that like books oh yeah books i was right i think oh yeah yeah yeah okay then pages i do use pages because excuse me because my macbook very eager finally got a matte blue boy okay then let's go to yellow so yellow yellow

Oh so yellow yolo i don't use the yellow at all no more i don't know why when i do know why because i mean i just don't use it no more i see these a lot okay snapchats of course girl you know you gotta get your snapchat girl okay period let me get a little video okay period pocket video um i used to use poppy video from my um youtube videos a long time ago but i don't use it because it just got complicated and it's

Not as advanced as the app i'm going to show y'all and it's talking with it pink um uh call of duty call of duty i used to play a lot and i was good don't play with me but now i don't play no more because i got nobody to play with everybody just let me go go so me you know okay then you got to run i don't play someone more unless i'm like really really really bored let me just put my chair there we up okay so yeah i don't play somebody more like that um

Unless i'm bored like really bored expedia i only have expedia because i fly a lot because my brother lives in colorado and when we go to his games and stuff okay green so green um as i know everything in green because girl i got two thingies so phone face time and messages all three of them i'm gonna sum them up for you dry dry and more dry dry dry and driest if ever dry dry yep message if you want girt it's all dry oh my textbook game is so terrible i'd be

Feeling so bad but i can't control to do i don't be on my phone like that gotta texture back oops okay hangouts i used to hang out i used to use hangouts for when i was in seventh grade my sure group shitty speed hangouts um find my iphone because girl i didn't even find my iphone because grabby lose my phone a lot not as much i used to but i'd be losing my phone a lot maps um maps of course everybody need maxes guess what i finally

Got myself a cash app now if you know me know me like really know me you know i never had a cash app everybody then had a cash chat and i was over here like everybody would be like oh i'm gonna cash out you this money blah blah blah blah be like but i got a cash shot now see but yeah and then i got banned bands um i used to use for cheer too no more and then grambling i forgot why grammy i don't know why i only know grammarly minecraft i have not played minecraft in

So long it was crazy i wonder like all the updates and stuff bit emoji i don't really you need bit emoji only needed it because of my bit emoji on my snapchat but i'll use the later when i need to change my bitmoji opposite spotify i don't use spotify at all i used to but i don't as you can see numbers um numbers is just something that comes on the iphone i don't really know that is pick play post i use use that when the dub smash stays girl i don't even know why it's um

Downloading and then google girl i use google because look let me show you a little hack all right you go to google you get the google apps and then you go to this little camera thingy boom and you take a picture of your work and it looks it up like um look at this popcorn watch boom looks it up for you gives you pictures about it girl this is what helps me a lot you should do that for your work it works a lot and it will show up like all your answers if they have the answers online so that's green

And then blue blue is gonna take forever so i'm not going to open every app i'm just going to talk about them i have a lots of folders in this one okay so weather weather of course you know girl i live in atlanta atl um yeah yes it's getting cold i love the cold weather yes ma'am well i don't live in atlanta but i live like right outside atlanta all right app store my app store um nothing really special about it among us period actually i don't have my among those on the thing i have my among this in my library

Mail mail as obviously i get a lot of junk mail i think my mom's email is on there too so that's probably why and then safari and then safari um yeah my safari pretty much boom period and then twitter i don't use twitter i downloaded it because i thought i was going to use it and i didn't use it i'm following james charles you got even though i was following anybody oh yeah i knew i was found the arrow you have any pieces of popcorn right now i probably could draw it good game just play don't play no more

Files um i use files a lot because that's how i transfer my work because my laptop be freaking tripping facebook grounds on facebook i only started i only got on facebook because i think it was something for acting class like class sync is where all my school apps are and then the cw so i got see the cw it's not download now because i don't need it because i got netflix but i only got that because when i was watching american i mean all-american i was trying to

Watch it before it came on netflix because it was taking forever to come on netflix so i just went to the cw downloaded boom i watched um the jane the version on there too the disney plus um i don't watch disney plus on my phone i watch it on my ipad i only watch marvel movies my camera is really about to die are you serious okay let's see if we can hurry up and do this okay um paypal y'all know paypal i don't really use it that much remind um you used to use it don't no

More flip man oh my god that game is so fun i don't know why it's just so fun pixar um i use that for my thumbnails sometimes video star i tried making it edit field simple trulia looking for houses because i just be nosy i like looking at houses and i'd be like oh yeah that's gonna be my house in the future says yes ma'am um my fitness pal i got that because when i was on uh and then that game in the corner the aqua pal i think that's what it's called i

Don't know oh i'm downloading it okay but that game was fun students my favorite game subway surfers of course you know it mario kart used to play don't know more um amazon um i don't think i need that really um even though i have the amazon thingy oh well group me group me is what i use for cheer now because i'm in high school because you know period okay zillow another little house thing i used to use well i still use blur photo i use that sometimes i don't use that anymore i

Should delete that symbol i don't use that my brother got that my phone ye my brother got on the phone keynote came with the iphone word i use that because of school google earth girl i love earth i'll at least love being so no oh yeah any paypal um my brother got that i don't know that is hot cap cuts um what is that again i forgot what cap cut is i think it's that oh cap cut is that little thingy that i use for something xfinity mobile i use that because first

I'm with xfinity now my phone is with the xfinity then i have imovie i don't use iphone movie no more only for just like little things i don't really edit on imovie like that no more monkey it's gone i just leave on my phone because to be like oh my god i still got monkey um one no i use that because of school push cut came with the phone instagram good y'all go oh look at look at that girl can be good yes girl hurry it happen my feet ugh okay girl

Looking pretty okay period okay hair okay okay i'm back in my phone i mean not my phone guys but um the wrap my camera died and i'll let it charge a little bit and i almost fell asleep so i look kind of bumpy now but it girl is okay okay oh i'll go with crying one video i don't know where we left off at we went on purple all right so instagram you know i got my little instagram

You actually go ahead and follow me y'all see my freaking followers keep going up and down up and down up and down like you gotta stay and go up let's go ahead and get out of that okay so they got shortcut shortcuts came with the phone pretty much y'all know what shortcuts is that's what i use for the widget singing amaze soccer socratic amaze games everybody's playing again and soccer boy i use this thing like rad vhs and then current i used to use current

But grant i got a real credit card so then i got flow i don't even use flo no more i should but i mean it don't even really work like that yeah i don't really work like that perfect turn girl you split this a lot but now i'm playing tomorrow we'll play games like that like actual iphone game since i'm really really really bored then i got pink nation i only go on there when i want to go on pink shop for some bra then i have a villa now this is the app i was talking about if y'all this is the app y'all should get if you

Have a youtube channel because imovie it's okay it's a good start but it's like not as advanced as below and let me say a lot because villo it just has more like things and it's mobile too you can get on your phone and um edit on your phone it just has more like features to it you know so i have rome so yeah usually y'all should get um okay i got rome i don't really shop on rome like that i only have because i think i like was going to get

Stuff from wrong but i never did in this enemy and stuff from sheen a hair sticking out my freaking braid is bothering me then i got dub smash i don't use the smash at all no more like how does it even look okay never mind vin did i have my gmail gmail i use more than i use email or how what is it i mail oh just mail yeah yeah this is like a piece of dough i don't use health i've used it just to play around with it notes girl yes i use no yes i use notes

I use calendar yeah of course who doesn't use calendar and then adsense girl my accents don't even work like don't even work don't even work all right then i got photos guess how much photos i got before we show how much photos i have did you guess 31 000 photos and 14 000 videos you probably didn't let me show you my orders all the way from 2006 may 2006 girl wasn't even born in may i wasn't born yet i was still on my mom's stomach

Was i no yeah i was still in my mom's stomach don't use cinnamon at all i don't even know why i got that out then i got settings i'm saying osmo camera y'all know calculator girl you know i use calculator who doesn't use calculator and then contacts okay now i don't even know my contact is updated okay now guess my contacts guess how much contacts i have look did you get 703 contacts now last but not least we have black we have voicemail um

Votes is in voice memo not voicemail girl um i don't use that i think i've used that for like an interview i never posted and then compass girl i don't usually use that when i'm like bored and just mess with it then i got measure i do use measure because like i'll be measuring room because i'm going to redecorate my room even though okay then i got netflix netflix yes let's see what i'm watching let's see what i'm watching let's see what's your girl all right i need to watch who behind me i'm trying

To save it though so yes um i don't watch trick trinkets i actually just use one of their lines for a monologue but i am going to watch trinkets seems good stranger things i only re-watch like one episode okay and then i have gossip girl got some girl that's epsilon and then vampires these vampires is the best show you could ever watch watching i was that type of person i've been like uh i just can't get caught on girl

I couldn't get caught on and i'm on season five and i started like a couple weeks ago i mean not even a couple weeks at all a couple days ago okay but yeah okay then i got clock green i use clock because all these alarms yes alarms these are way more alarms than that like i watch i used to have i've watched i didn't lose it but i know i never had an apple watch no i i don't know i think my brother sold it i don't know i don't remember but

I got fashion nova yes something in my cart let's see what's in my cart watch be nothing oh yeah girl yes look at that i have one two three four items for 110 dollars you can get like 20 items launching for 110 dollars now let's see my sheen carts okay period um yeah i'm going to upload a sheen haul soon once i save up to buy this cart because this cart is 204. okay then you got uber eats um i use beats doordash postmates all that roblox i have not played one block though my

Roblox probably done got hacked again okay so that i have wallet um have infinite campuses gray's looking good i got episode i don't do episode a lot no more like but you know i still keep it just like because i get bored and i got tick tock of course all right yep tick tock um you should follow my tick tock follow this one i'm not really active and follow this one this one follow this one because this one isn't shadow band okay period

Um they got uber eat i mean uber i don't i'm not allowed to take any bread so i got postmates because and i got dad's cam oh yeah that little thing in the gala uber then i got burr postmates jazz cam tempo i forgot what temple was i don't know oh no six dollars a week i mean seven dollars a week no ma'am they're not walmart i don't know why walmart isn't black i think the app just changed um yeah i use walmart sometimes oh then

I got translate i got translate because pretty looks cool uh girl just wait to skip foreign just by inviting people i made like two hundred dollars off his in and i use all that money for um to get amazon card things then i got widget smith which is the thing the app that i use for my widgets on my phone changing color widgets like for example like this one right here that unique one i changed the color like it just tints it

Pretty much just changes like it feels and then among us yeah this is my library the only thing that goes to my library for is among us and word um and okay so at the bottom of the screen i know a lot of people are going to ask at the bottom of my screen way i did that was i pretty much brainstormed a little the gray thing as the color i screenshotted it zoomed in to have the whole thing blink that color then i

Drew fu on it and then it was a picture right it was just like fu with the gray background of that little thingy and then i just add it as an app and it's like that and it takes me to tick top this one takes me a snapchat i think instagram this one period but yeah y'all i even show y'all my story y'all need to add me on snapchat period okay okay sis look at them waves okay period look at my outfit yes boy okay then my private story very willing because i wasn't informed

That we were bringing boyfriends but even that one got one but it's still good well i guess that technique is going to be in the video all right but yeah so that is the end of the video yes hopefully y'all enjoyed it i know it was a little blank or whatever come on let me stop okay so hope you guys enjoyed this video i know it was a little black it messed up a lot this video was all over the place because first i didn't screen record then i didn't

Record then my camera died fell asleep on accident and it fell asleep i just dozed off for like literally two minutes but yeah um i honestly don't know what to say about this video oh this video seems a little rushed to see me but a little that's it but quick question i know a lot of you guys are gonna ask about my widget and how i do that um so i'm not gonna be able to respond to all of y'all and if i do try to respond to you of how to do it

It's not going to make sense so if you wouldn't want to know how to do it go on tick tock look up ios 14 um tutorials or just look up their like widget like thingy and you go to page find a tutorial because this is not gonna make sense if i try to explain all the comments but yeah um and that's that's why i explained the little fu thingy to y'all because i know nobody really have done that yet and that was my idea just yet scary i don't know what else to say i'm tired girls

Two and even though i woke up at like two today i'm tired okay okay but hopefully you guys enjoyed this youtube video make sure you guys go ahead like comment down below follow my social medias in the description below and subscribe if you haven't because i upload weekly and you don't want to miss one of my videos period and i will see you guys in my next video

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