What’s on My Galaxy Tab (Mid-2020 Edition!) (Galaxy Tab S6) Accessories, Productivity Apps, and More

by birtanpublished on November 23, 2020

Yo what's good y'all trail and finally y'all finally it took me long enough to do this video but today i'm about to go and tell y'all what i keep on my galaxy tab so we're going to be talking about what's physically awning like the screen protector and the case and everything and then i'm also going to be telling you about my home screen and my lock screen and my apps and my multi window tray like i'm gonna be telling y'all everything that you need to know about what's in my galaxy tab and what model i have and

Yeah all the information that you need to know so i'm gonna go ahead and just do this video and try to do as quickly as possible so roll that intro all right so i'm not really going to rush this video but i do want to go ahead and make it as short as i can so let's just go ahead and talk about this thing but first up i want to go and tell y'all that this isn't my only galaxy tab like i have multiple galaxy tabs as a lot of my subscribers know so i also have the tab s4 the tab is 5e

And then i also got my tab bay 8.4 2020. but i got this one because it's the best of the best galaxy tab that you can get at the time of recording this video but let me go and actually tell y'all what this tablet is all about so this is my galaxy tab s6 it's actually in 256 gigs in cloud blue with this jennings approved sticker here and i had this since like the release around like september or october or whatever so i had this thing for a while now and to be honest with y'all i love this thing like i use this thing

Every single day i use a lot of my apps on it and it just get a lot of usage out of me because well it just worked really good for me and actually upgraded from my tablets 4 to my tab six and it was a pretty nice upgrade and my galaxy tabs literally just fell right now yeah so uh let's hope that's not broken but okay then but let me go and actually tell you i was physically on my galaxy tab so we're gonna go and start off with the screen protector

This is actually the omatan screen protector you can actually find on amazon i'll go and throw a link down in the description and you can actually find this for 14.98 and actually been using this well not the same screen protector but actually been using this since well the galaxy tab came out and to be honest with y'all it's it's an okay screen protector but my problem is well you can see it right here in the corner it's starting to like peel up somewhat

Or whatever now it was way worse before i actually had to reapply this screen protector because it was starting to peel here at the bottom so i mean yeah that sucks and all i had to go ahead and look at some other screen protectors but besides that i mean the clarity is great out here and everything the fingerprint scanner works exactly like how it's supposed to be and it works pretty much like if the screen protector wasn't even there at all so no problems with that i really haven't had that much problems with scratches and everything out here

It has that oleophobic coating and they actually give you three in the actual pack so for 14.98 that's a decent deal i didn't want any paper like screen protector or anything that you can actually find on amazon for this tab s6 i just wanted you know just a regular glass screen protector so that's what i got but let's go and talk about my case so this is the official samsung book cover keyboard for the galaxy tab s6 with a track pad in it thank you and yeah i mean it definitely has its issues like

That stupid adhesive that they put on the back of it and also it's not backlit or anything but still to me i really like this keyboard it works really good with the tab six the gestures and everything works flawlessly so i'm good with it as you can see we have this holster here for the s pen so it's more secure on the back of the galaxy tab so i don't gotta worry about that and another favorite of mine with this thing is that the actual keyboard and mouse can actually detach and i can just

Use this as a regular stance so what the tab is for i didn't like how if i wanted to use it as a stand i had to just leave it like this i couldn't detach the keyboard or anything it just had to be like that but now with this tab six book cover keyboard we're good it actually connects via the pogo connectors here so you don't need to use bluetooth for anything and i don't know it's just my favorite that's what i really like for my tab s6 it's my favorite case for it i just wish it came with different colors so i can

Match my cloud blue tab s6 with a cloud blue case and of course i have the s pen that comes with the tabbing 6 for free so i'm not an artist or anything so i don't sketch with this but it's still good for note-taking and just using as a regular pointer so i'm good with this the fact that the s pen is actually flat here isn't really my favorite so if i want to i can just use the tab s4 rounded as pen here and just use on my tab as six but i mean that's what you get with this

You got the bluetooth gestures and everything that you can use on here you could play pause so i like it it works with actually a decent amount of apps so i'm actually surprised with that alright so now let's go and talk about my lock screen or not because it's literally the same exact thing as when i got this tab at 6. the wallpaper is the same the clock layout's the same like literally everything is the same exact thing about this except for that i put my name on here

That's the only thing that changed alright so about that home screen uh yeah so you can see here i'm not really the type of person that customizes my devices that much like again this is exactly how it came with this tab six even the apps here are exactly the same the only thing that changed here is that i made my google bar more centered with the home screen but i did add some stuff on my other home screens so this this and this that's how it came but add the rest of this here

So first up here you can see that i actually have a widget here for some of my devices battery percentages so i can always keep on top of that and they'll actually give me notifications when the battery's low on one of those devices we'll talk about that here in a minute but i also got some widgets here so i can keep track of my subscriber counts i have a samsung email widget here one for post-it the app i'll talk about that again in a minute and then i have one here for my atnt u-verse voicemail so for my

Landline in my last home page you can see here that i have this bar for my samsung note so i can quickly start a note here for text or drawing or whatever i want to do i got my reminders my samsung note video ideas i have a spotify widget and then i have apple music with you and that's going to be pretty much it for my home screen and again the wallpapers how it came with the tablet 6 so i didn't change that so now let's go and talk about my apps and how i got all layout here so i'm not gonna be talking about every single individual app that i have

On here because i do get a lot of apps on here so that would take way too long i'm gonna just talk about the apps that i like using specifically on here but let's go and talk about my whole layout here so i actually have this in alphabetical order so if i go to sort here you can see that is in alphabetical order that's just how i like it best this google folder microsoft apps and samsung that's how actually came with this thing so i just left that alone but actually have this renovate folder here from my apps

Because i actually have a business so i actually have apps for that business and i just put in this folder here so for my galaxy tab i use this a lot for media consumption and i'm pretty sure when a lot of people have tablets that's what they use it for us for a lot of media consumption so i have youtube on here i have disney plus i have hbo max the directv app like i just use this a lot for immediate consumption i have mtv on here even story fire by mcjuggernuggets as you can see right there but let's go and talk about some of those apps that i

Like using specifically on my galaxy tab and the first one is actually apple music so i don't use apple music as my main music streaming service that's actually spotify but the reason why i even have a apple music planner in the first place is because well for one i have a homepod and you can only stream music off of spotify on there but i've seen in that wwdc announcement that that thing is actually going to finally start supporting spotify on there so if that actually happens then i can

Actually use spotify on my homepod buh-bye apple music but i'm also subscribed to apple music through a student plan so for me it's actually really cheap so you can actually see it's 4.99 for me and well i was like why not it's only five dollars a month so i might as well just do it all i had to do was just put in my student email i verified it and then they just let me in and they only charge me five dollars a month now but on the galaxy tab it's like surprisingly well optimized and works really good out here so

I'm pretty sure this is the same exact layout that you get on an ipad so as you can see here it's just here in the corner it's not taking up the full screen or anything and i don't know i just really like it don't you you know what i'm saying it's only off here to the side if i want to go play some music real quick i can and i can go ahead and follow the lyrics here so i mean we cooling next step that i specifically like out here is out of that sketchbook now

Don't judge my picture that i have here i was just following some aesthetic video and i decided to just draw this up real quick because why not but this app actually works pretty well and i already told y'all that i'm not an artist or anything but i want to try and start using this more for thumbnails and everything you know my galaxy tab instead of just my computer so i have this on here to just do my thumbnails and everything this isn't the only app that i use but it's one of them you have different layers and everything

That you can manage here like it works pretty well next up is battery monitor so here's the thing so if you look it up on the play store on your galaxy tab it's not going to show up so i'm assuming it's just not optimized for this thing well it isn't as you can see here but here's the thing so i actually use smart switch and actually got it on here that way from my phone so now as you can see with that widget here i could see my galaxy full battery life well you can't right now but i also

Have my tab is 5v right now it's on 86 percent and it'll tell me when the battery's low and the next step and the next step that i use is directv so i know what you're saying latrell who willingly uses cable in 2020 well i do okay so just leave me alone man but this app is really nice like i'm not gonna lie to y'all you have a whole bunch of different features like i could watch my dvr but one thing about this on the galaxy tab that i really like that's my favorite is

If i go over here to watch live tv i have a full guide here so just like on my actual tv i can scroll through the guide i could see what's coming up and everything so it's it's really dope okay you can do a quick search if you want to but if i want to go and watch espn real quick i can just go ahead click on it hit watch live and it's cool for when you're not at home or your actual cable box is you can just watch this wherever you are in another country if you want to i think and it just ties in with your existing cable subscription

And next up is microsoft edge so this is a really nice browser for your galaxy tab now i use samsung internet so this isn't my preferred one but it's still pretty nice also i use samsung email so by far this is my favorite email app this is my preferred one especially on the galaxy tab because as you can see here it's really optimized so i can see all my accounts i can see all my emails and then of course i got my preview here i could go ahead and compose the email real quick

But also if i go over here to dex mode so when you're in dex mode you get some pretty cool features on here so for one i can go ahead and pull up my preview here in another window so that's really dope but another thing is i can go ahead and reply to an email or whatever i want to do forward it you know just do your thing and that also pops up in another window so yeah you can't do this with gmail or anything that's why i like samsung email a lot

Next up espn so on the galaxy tab as you can see here it's just easier to manage on a big screen like this and also it's more well it's just a better layout here than if you'll find on your phone because you have so much more room to work with so i have these two columns here i can see all of my stats i can see the top headlines and everything if i want to so it's just really cool on the galaxy tab so let's go over here to the next page and another app that i like on here is incredible so this is a

Note-taking app and it's really simple well i want to say it's simplistic but it really works good for your note-taking needs so for school this should be pretty good now here's one thing it doesn't have pressure sensitivity so i don't like that at all if you want to go and change the thickness of your pen you actually have to do that yourself by going into these menus over here but i still like it a lot especially over samsung notes which isn't bad

But this is a lot better for your note-taking needs and okay so next up jw library so if you're a jehovah's witness obviously you already know about the jw library app and it's also pretty good on the galaxy tab so a lot of jehovah's witnesses use this jw library app on a tablet versus their phone and i like it a lot on here so now talking about video editing let's go and talk about kinemaster here so actually did a video once on editing a whole video on the

Galaxy tab as for so if you want to see that annotation above or the link down below but this is actually a pretty decent video editing app now my problem at the time was that actually recorded in wider videos instead of 16×9 like i do now so that sucks because well they don't have that aspect ratio out here but if you're a youtuber kai master on the galaxy tab should work out pretty well for you especially with this whole setup here with the keyboard and mouse and everything

Next is creda so this is a really really really advanced app on here so you can see as you can see already the layout here is something that you will find on a desktop but now it's on your galaxy tab so this is an app for artists like i said already i'm not an artist but you can go ahead and just you can do a lot with this app okay so if you want to go check it out i'm going to leave a link down below with all the other rest of the apps that i talked about on this video but i like this app because you could get really

Really detailed on here but the problem is that it's not really made for your fingers to tap on because the buttons are really small and everything this is really more meant for your s-pen a lot and it won't even work if you do try to tap it with your finger but it's still pretty good and one other feature that i like about this is when i go over here to the settings and go ahead and configure creda i'll go over here to tablet settings i think or it's somewhere around here some about the s pen settings okay here you go so

You can actually use the bluetooth gestures on the s pen and take advantage of it with credo and how you do that is you go over here to your s pen you go ahead and tap on the settings go over to air action scroll down and make sure that krita is not turned off you got to go ahead and turn it on and then you can just go ahead and configure it how you want next up is adobe lightroom for samsung so with adobe lightroom you have a lot of different options so you can go ahead and touch up your photos here so i

Have all of my light options color i have optics details like there's a lot of things that you can do with this another one is ml usb mounter and this one's actually pretty cool because i have this lg portable dvd drive here and i can actually go ahead and plug that into my galaxy tab and i can go and read all the files of the disk i want to so if i want to go and play a movie off of this i can on my galaxy tab so i'll go and

Show you that right now so let's go and put that in the portable lg dvd drive and actually have this movie here so let's go and put that in there and now you will see here in a minute that some should pop up on here so we're going to be able to see what's on that dvd so there we go it says media mounting and then we should see something here in a minute all right there we go so dvd and as you can see here is my movie so i can see everything on the dvd right now so let's go and pull up voc

And there we go it's loading right now we'll see it here in a minute and look at that we are watching a movie off of a dvd on our galaxy tab this is really dope so i can go ahead and watch this fast forward go back whatever i want to it's just just works like that just works seamlessly pretty much and you can see here you can hear the whole thing spinning right now but yeah that's how that works i really like that alright so going to the next page was going to talk about

Photoshop express by adobe obviously so this is a really nice app again we have a lot of different options that we can manage here like the aspect ratio and the tones of the picture and everything we can add some text here and actually use this for some of my thumbnails for youtube all right pixar so this one is my main photo editing app for youtube thumbnails so i definitely love this app a lot so if we gonna start a new thing here let's go over here and i don't know let's just go and click on this or as a matter of fact let's go to one

Of my own photos so you can see here that we have so many things here so text i can go and add some text here obviously this is cool okay that's good enough so now let's go ahead and expand that we can go and change the font size and the actual font itself so this one again is my preferred one because it works the best for me now let's go and talk about post-its so yes the actual company that makes post-it notes this is their app right here so that's the thing that you saw here with the

Widget here on the home screen so we can go ahead and take a picture of a post-it note and they'll like digitalize it into this app and you can see here this is an example of what it looks like so this is how it came with but you can go ahead and rotate it edit your actual thing here and it works pretty well again no pressure sensitivity with the s pen but i do really like it pretty much it's just an app to really well manage your post-it notes all right next is powerdirector so i've

Been messing with this somewhat i haven't really edited videos on here before but it's still a pretty good app and i know a lot of youtubers actually prefer this as their main video editor so that's cool i guess but pretty much like kind master but i think kai master just works better alright next page we're going to be talking about samsung notes so i'm going to stay on this page because i have some sensitive info on my main page like phone numbers and stuff like that but samsung notes is really

Nice on the galaxy tab and actually let's go and start a note real quick so let's go to youtube or something but i just like using it with the book cover keyboard and like drawing and everything so it still is a pretty decent drawing app that you can go and draw notes and everything on and i guess you have this here so you can go in sketch if you want to but i just don't really care for it on you know samsung notes but again pretty good note-taking nap i love samsung notes

Alright now sound assistant so you know when you use windows or any pc basically if you play multiple audio sources it won't pause the other audio source on here you can do that with sound assistance so i like having it pretty much like my pc so if you go over here you go over here to multi sound and turn on all apps you need android 10 in order to use this feature but if i want to go and play youtube and then i go and play spotify right after that it won't pause youtube it'll just keep

Playing at the same exact time and then we got space desk so basically what this is you just expand your windows pc monitor and use this as a second monitor so it doesn't really give you a great resolution but it's still something it still works pretty nice and it's not really that much of a delay so i'm cool with it alright next page here let's go ahead and talk about stream labs so the next live stream i do where i want to go ahead and show myself and show my screen at the same exact time

I want to use my galaxy tab with that because of stream labs so in a way this is like kind of like a watered-down version of obs on windows it's pretty cool and then we got subscriber count so you saw that widget there on the home screen that's what this is and i could just see all my subscribers here so i'm going to make a widget and i can also go over here to my quick settings and i can add it in there so if i go and tap on that i can see that i have 907 subscribers on latrell jennings etc my other channel

If y'all don't know about that and i'm gonna be doing some videos for that channel right after this one next is sync so if you use reddit this is a pretty good app for galaxy tab so ready on the galaxy tab is not at all optimized it just rotates the whole thing if you want to go and use reddit but as you can see here we have all of these columns and everything i can go ahead and see what's trending obviously just the regular reddit functions i'm going to see what's on android right now because i'm logged

Into my reddit account right now so i can see everything that i'm actually subscribed to i guess that's the word all right now for usb camera so basically what this is i can go ahead and grab my webcam and basically just use it on my galaxy tab with this app so here's my microsoft webcam and now after i go and plug this thing in now it's working on my tab s6 so i'm gonna go ahead and allow the permissions here so let's go ahead and always and hit okay and whoa let's stop that real quick but

I get audio and everything as you can see there alright next up weebly so i have a website well i have a few of them actually and i actually manage my websites with weebly not squarespace like every other youtuber because they're sponsored by them but i use weebly and it works pretty good on the galaxy tab i can go ahead and manage my pages go ahead and drag new elements into my website like it works pretty easily it works good instead of my phone obviously i'll have a way better experience using

It on my galaxy tab and that's pretty much it so i do use zoom out here because well welcome to 2020 right but besides that that's pretty much all my apps now let me go ahead and show you my deck setup so let's go and go to decks real quick and this is how my desktop looks so i have a few folders here and this is actually optimized here and something like how i would have it on my laptop but i got all my folders here like productivity i got my useful folder

I got my delivery apps and then i got microsoft office you see that i got all my apps and then i also got here at the bottom toolbar i have my files i have a samsung internet i have spotify i have youtube and then i got youtube studio in my apps i just have it in alphabetical order again and then i also have this microsoft office folder and guys that's pretty much it for my galaxy tab in my whole setup and everything so let me know in the comments what do y'all

Think about this and how do you have your galaxy tab set up and what apps do you use let me know i'm gonna go ahead get out of here because as you can see my battery is getting low as well as my camera so this was recorded on the z flip let me know how do i sound and how do i look with the z flip but that's going to be pretty much it for me also thanks for watching if you like this video go and give this video a like and if you really like to go and subscribe before following me on my

Social media eddie center on instagram and twitter and facebook but instagram and twitter is where i'm most active but i think this video took longer than i wanted to but i didn't want to rush it so i mean we just had to work with what we got hopefully y'all enjoyed this but thanks for watching i'll see y'all in the next one and peace out you

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