Whats Inside a Power Steering Rack?

published on August 3, 2020

Hello viewers it's eric the car guy thanks for stopping by the shop today got something kind of unique and special for you i recently replaced the power steering rack on my 2012 honda odyssey and the reason i did that was because

Ever since i got it there's been sort of a rattle or a vibration in the steering wheel whenever i went over bumps and i've since replaced the power steering rather with a brand new honda

Unit i'll link that video down in the description and all that rattling has gone away and given that i purchased a new honda power steering rack well it gives me the opportunity to take

It apart because i had didn't have to send it back as a core so this is my power steering rack for us to take apart and see if we can figure out what went wrong if nothing else we get a chance to

Look inside a power steering rack and see what kind of stuff is on the inside of one want to see keep watching i'm sure you've probably already noticed the oil leaks on the outside of the rack

And that is another reason i replaced it but as i stated since i got the van i believe it was in a collision well i know it was in a collision before i bought it and i think one of the things that may

Have happened is that there was some damage to where the pinion gear comes in contact with the rack inside here so that's what i'm going to be looking for but i'm going to start by removing these

Hard lines on the outside because well most of the business seems to be right up here in this area so this is like the valving assembly and everything so this is where the magic happens if you will in a power steering rack

And i'm going to start by removing these hard lines they're 14 millimeter and i'm using this line wrench that you probably noticed it's something i highly recommend for things like this and it's also

A thicker wrench so it's it can also be used as an open end either way let's get these hard lines off it looks like there's provisions for o-rings on the end of these ah there it

Is all right so yes there are o-rings here i thought so so it looks like these are o-ring seals which means that if you're replacing these or doing

Something with these you don't want to crank these down just make them snug looks like these also had o-ring seals on them i don't know if these are fittings or some type of valve but let's remove them

Because we can another o-ring here oh spring just came out so i think this is some type of valving there's a small spring looks like it fits down inside here

It looks like the spring was seated inside what looks like another little valve here and this fitting looks like there's also some other stuff so there's some valving in these fittings here

And it looks like there's a little washer in there as well there we are so there's that thin washer and it looks like some type of valving metering orifice if you will i'm just going to loosely put this back

Together for now obviously i'm not reusing it just keep all that stuff together it's like a similar setup inside of here but no valving just this

Orifice down here now let's get to the fun part let's take off this assembly here from the looks of it there are two 12 millimeters holding it in place i don't see any snap rings or anything

In here cool all right so this is a metal housing there's a bearing you can see down in there

And this looks like all the valving or a lot of the valving so just to recap this is how this sits on there this is low pressure going back this is high pressure coming in so if we look at this okay so i'm

Assuming the bearings up here and then the shaft is going to allow some of the power steering oil to lubricate things but these passages will send fluid through these lines that we just

Removed to help with the assist let's give you a closer look at that you can see those small holes which allow flow through it to go like i said to those other places

This looks like another seal down here i think to get this off i'm gonna have to go here next before i go here though i mentioned during that rack replacement video

That it is possible to adjust the clearance between the pinion and the rack and you do it right here i'm going to remove this assembly because i'm going to assume that this is pushing

Well it's pushing against the rack and if i'm going to try to remove this assembly i don't want any pressure on it so i'm going to remove this big guy here to see if that will help also you get a look inside of

Basically what's going on when you make that adjustment this is just a lock nut on the outside here there's that and this is just a 3 8

There's the inside of that yeah it looks like just a metal plug here's what's underneath that plug looks like a spring a little spring there so this whole thing is pulling out

You can see that it's shaped in such a way to where when it contacts the back of the rack there that applies tension interesting right it's really some spring tension so they allow for some

Do i dare call it adjustment but this is the rack so this this is part of this piece here so just so you know when you oh when you turn the wheel well we're seeing what left

And right does now when you turn the wheel this is what's happening so it's moving this rack in and out gross right now let's turn our attention to this so this

Guy here is a 15 16 or at least that's what's fitting on it sorry i'm using chrome i just grabbed it this looks like actually sort of a cap and then underneath it that's another

Nut maybe a 17 nailed it i hope you saw that that was drama stuff went everywhere all right

There will be a mess to clean up but i don't mind getting oil on my table because it's metal and i think it will help prevent corrosion so that's what's in here looks like maybe a seal

Oh maybe a bearing maybe that's a support bearing i'm thinking i'm wondering if this pinion will come out now if i tap on this and there it is

The pinion shaft so when you turn the wheel you're spinning this let's get this cleaned off and get a good look at these teeth because this is where i suspect my

Problem is or was before i do i will show you this seal that's coming off these look like the same type of seals that i find in automatic transmissions these seals here in fact this looks very

Similar in a way here we are after cleaning looking very closely for some damage somewhere you can certainly see where the teeth are coming into contact with the rack

But i don't see anything that jumps out and says here i am all right well let's get the rack out and give it an inspection maybe there's a tooth or something in there that might

Be damaged that we can clearly see yeah there's gonna be something in one of these ends i'm guessing that guy right there i'm gonna go get an old screwdriver and

See if i can tap this out there's a little slot right here maybe that's like a something like that i'm going to try spinning this first here's one of my old beat up screwdrivers that i often use for stuff

Like this i can say this honda power steering fluid is very slippery like very slippery some just clicked out here this i was wondering why that window is

Here i wonder if i just turn it back the other way yup see how that's coming out now so that's out interesting on this you see that little hook

Look right here there's a small hole that i hope you can see that hole that is what this little hook goes into so imagine you put it in you twist it around it locks this in place now i just

Gotta figure out how to get this plug out of here i don't think it's ferrous but i'll try a magnet yeah that's the key right there just a magnet

That's sort of an end cap like i was saying this will go into this hole and you can turn it in and that will sort of lock it into place that's what holds this in is this guy

Right here see if we can get this guy out looks like a seal or something down in there more fluid there we are

Look at that oh there's some metal bits now you see those there's something going on in here because like i said that's metal bits on that seal if nothing else here's the business as far as what comes

In contact with that gear i'm going to go clean this up in the parts washer and then we'll come back and have a look back from the parts washer once again i don't really see anything that jumps out

And says hey look at me i'm broken so but this is the length of your steering at least as far as the honda odyssey is concerned and uh this is pretty much how most rack

And pinions are put together if you see something holler at me like something that might have been chipped or anything all right well this seal in this center is stationary but

This one moves around on this side and this is the seal that was on the outside of the rack here and then we'll get a look at the one on the other side looks like there's a

Hole there for i'm not sure there's one up here also and i think i know what that is so this equalizes from one side to the other through the center of the shaft so there's

One hole there and one hole there so i'm pretty sure that that's up that's what that's for if i'm wrong let me know in the comments all right we're left with not a whole lot this is

Kind of light now there's the inside there here's looking through the other side once again i don't i don't see anything that says and the only other thing i can think of

Is perhaps something up in this area here i'm allowing that shaft to move more than it should perhaps but just to give you the basics of the overview of what's happening

So when you turn the wheel these guys are meshed together so you turn the wheel and that's what happens so these gears mesh together and allow

You to turn left and right i'm curious now if like maybe one of these bosses where oh i can take this whole valve assembly off here it looks like because there's a snap ring here

Now that i've said it you'll want me to do it right there's also a pin right there it looks like that may locate it there all right let's see if i can get the snap ring up off of here these are the

Pliers i'm using cool right it's just a neat little piece of machining another seal right there so pressure passes through these individual holes and these

Between these rings here and uh sends it where it needs to go to give you the assist but sadly i can't really find anything i can point to and say there it is but if nothing else we got a cool video

Of taking apart a power steering rack right this may be where the problem lies so where the shaft goes through here there are two bearings there's one at the top and one at the bottom it could just be

That these bearings were a problem i might have found the culprit i think this bearing it's stiff and a little notchy and as evidenced by all the leakage in this area i think something was loose

In here um allowing the seals not to hold as well as they should i'm gonna use a brass drift punch that's my guy

Actually it moves oh there it is there's that notch like a little catch should be smooth but it's not i can i could feel it just sort of a little bit of a rattle so if i'm going to guess

At why my steering column was rattling a little bit over bumps i'm going to say it's this bearing right here i wish i could convey that to you but yeah a little bit of pressure on this

And you can feel like a little notch you might be able to hear it yeah i can certainly feel it so this guy right here it's a coil bearing you might be able to

Look this up it's hard to say one zero zero nine that's the only number i see but it's a coil bearing but i definitely feel something in this that one's a little rough but i don't feel the same roughness that i felt in

The other one i suspect the other one more than this one all right well now it's completely taken apart i find this kind of stuff really

Interesting to see how they machine it especially something really complex like a power steering rack i mean you've got all those pressure valves you've got you know a lot of precision machining and some seals and stuff like that

But if you want to rebuild yours well now you know how it comes apart anyway and hopefully this video will help you if not you were just curious about what was inside a power steering rack i hope my job is done anyway i will post

Links in the description to other videos like when i took a part power steering pumps and other kinds of stuff uh so related videos tools and you know whatever else that i can put down there to inform you

Also if you have automotive questions outside of this video i ask that you head to air at thecarguycom i'll link that in the description for you as well thank you so much for watching today please be sure to like comment

Subscribe share the video with the world be safe have fun stay dirty thank you so much again and i will see you next time bye

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