What’s in my Tech Bag? // Travel Edition (2017)

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

what's up everybody this is Danny back
from New York City I got to check out
the Moto Z to force all the mods got to
hang out with some cool people so make
sure you check out the videos that I
dropped from there I had a really good
time I can't wait to go back I want to
show you what I brought to New York in
my bag and this bag is a blue smart
black edition and I know you've seen
this video on my channel before and if
you haven't checked that out i'ma leave
a link down below for you what I
absolutely love about the Tag decides
all the texts built into it is that it's
really lightweight it's easy to roll the
wheels are incredible they're like
buttery smooth I was waiting for my
flight yesterday but I was able to take
this with me take a bunch of pictures
with the Moto G supports and video and
there was no problem whatsoever that's
the one thing I think people dismiss is
the comfortability of the bag and how
practical it is in size all the stuff
that's built into it but anyway check
out the video and I think you can get
like 40% off the new series 2 bags right
now and I'm gonna leave a link below for
you let's not waste any time let me just
show you what's in this bag I took this
bag along with my oneplus bag and I was
able to carry that and carry some stuff
I needed immediately but most of my
stuff is in this bag fun fact I was
going to shoot this video at Central
Park yesterday but there was a lot of
noise and there was some activity that
wasn't supposed to be going on there so
I didn't want to shoot this video there
now this bag has a really fast
accessible pouch right here so I can put
all my cables and things like that I'll
explain why you would need some cables
and another thing is that if you have
expensive stuff in this bag this bag is
lockable and you can do all this on your
phones got built-in GPS and all that
stuff so if you lose your bag you can
find it I really like that feature about
this and there is a pouch right here
that you can keep your computers in and
there's two pouches actually so I always
carry a tablet with me this is the
Microsoft Surface pro the new one and if
you're going to get a two in one you
need to get this this is the fire two
and one you need that video coming on
that soon and of course my production
machine which is Z this is actually the
2016 MacBook Pro with touch bar of
course with a D brand Dragon Skin on
there that dragon is life you got to get
one of these but yeah this is what I
edit most of my videos on I do have an
iMac downstairs but I still
some reason love editing on a laptop but
MacBook Pro with touch bar readily
accessible though right here in the
front love that I got to turn it around
so I can open this bag and this little
pouch right here I really like this
because I can carry my compact camera my
camera compact camera compact compact
camera of choice right now is the
Panasonic gh3 light for me and I can
just carry this this got in-body
stabilization and actually the lens
Panasonic native lens has stabilization
too so you're going to see my videos
from the event I was just doing a
handheld no tripod to love this thing
shoots 4k internal 10 bit it's a really
cool compact camera so if you have a
little bit of money in your starter
youtube or if you're in the game and you
want to step up your production value I
think the GH 5 is a pretty good choice
I'm not only one that thinks oh all
right you got a pal – right here – and
this is where I keep my extra phones
this is galaxy si plus and HTC you 11
these are the two phones that always
carry with me and what else do I have
oh and the iPhone clone had to show this
off to people so iPhone clone if you
haven't seen my video and that check
that out and what's cool about this
pouch is that it kind of floats so if
that if there was impact then that
camera will be fine it's kind of
centered here and it's not going to get
damaged I've traveled with this thing
about four times already in my GH 5
isn't it completely fine so this is a
pretty cool little middle console but it
does come out completely if you wanted
to phone that I got from the event so
you can tell that I didn't empty this
yet we got the 360 camera mod and a moto
z2 force which is cool a lot more
coverage coming on this very very soon
but already dropped at unboxing and
initial review of that phone so make
sure check that out I'll leave that link
and this is some hygiene stuff of course
you don't want to stink at the event you
don't want to do that you want to carry
some extra socks and shorts insurance
and stuff but you don't want to see that
that's boring and right here as you can
see you turn this on and off this is a
built in battery pack on the blue smart
and all the ports are on the back there
so you can charge whatever you want from
there it's a ten thousand milliamp hour
battery all built in here so that's why
you do not see a battery pack anywhere
in here because I don't need one it's
right there in my suitcase on this side
is where I keep my dirty clothes but I
don't want to show you that because
that's gross dirty drawers and stuff is
not good for video or you don't want to
that period it's gross but on this side
I'm keeping right now the Bluetooth
headset that I'm using I love these
these are the Sennheiser HD one in ears
these are absolutely amazing video
coming up on this very soon – really
comfortable fit bass is amazing on this
clarity I really like these headphones
so if you're a fan of this style of
headphone I definitely suggest these
these are nice and they come with a
really nice carrying case now I usually
carry my high-end audio stuff like my
travel friendly
wa8 eclipse from new audio this tube amp
is amazing because I've never been able
to carry a tube amp before and this
thing is insane and I'm pairing that
with the Sennheiser 800 S which is just
these this combo right here man is
absolutely mind-blowing if I ever see
you you need to just hear this combo
it's just so crazy but I did not have
time at all in New York to do anything
or have any kind of luxury time so I
usually carry these when I'm going on I
like a longer trip so I can enjoy
high-end audio but don't worry there's a
video coming on this very soon let me
know if you're interested in this combo
and let me know what you want to see but
amazing pair mazing combo right here so
if there's more tech and things like
that I can carry them in this pocket
like if I want to carry Nintendo's
switch or something right there but down
here is usually where I keep the dirty
laundry would be right in here so I
would keep that away from the clean
laundry obviously but you can carry a
bunch of other tech in here if you want
I got my charger for my macbook pro more
modal mods things like that right here
in this pocket so two separate pockets
there and in this pocket is where you
can keep all your other peripherals
things like that like I have the arc
mouse from Microsoft right here to match
my surface pro so I got that this is
kind of cool
it kind of clicks like this and you get
that organ ami Mouse so I like that it's
kind of cool and then when you flick it
off like that turns off and then here
you have the pouch for all the blue
smart stuff so you do have to charge the
battery but all the chargers and things
you keep right here and all the
international plugs are right here so
I'll just leave that in here and I have
some miscellaneous cables but of course
only thing that I really need is this
one cable I really like this nomad cable
you probably seen us on the channel
before one cord can do it all and it's
nice and braided it's tough I really
like this cable I love it so let me know
in the comment section below what do you
carry with you you travel some of the
things that you can't live without and
maybe some suggestions for me when I
travel and if you're interested in these
blue smart bags make sure you check out
the link below I think it's like 40% off
right now like I said not for everybody
if you travel a lot then these could be
worth it because that security and the
GPS and all of that stuff and the tech
built in I love locking and remote
locking and unlocking and all that stuff
that's great
like I said not for everybody but if you
want to pick these up and if you travel
a lot it's totally worth it I'm not the
only person that uses this bag actually
it's surprising how many times that I
travel and actually see these at the
airport it's pretty cool I hope you
enjoyed it guys the NYC edition I'll be
doing a lot more of these with different
bags I know a lot of people interested
in that one plus bag so I'm going to
probably do one on that as well in a
couple of other bags so I will see you
guys in the next video thanks for
watching and I'll see you in the next

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