What’s in my Tech Bag 2018!

by birtanpublished on September 12, 2020

So the bag that I chose to bring and why is there a remote right here son take this remote out of frame what's up everybody this is Danny and today I want to show you what's in my bag for a CES 2018 I'm out here in Las Vegas right now there's a ton of people out here trying

To check out the new tech in this big city it's insane first I want to thank Kingston Technology for sponsoring my trip to CES without them I couldn't bring you this content so

Make sure you show them some love on their website and on their social I'm gonna leave that link down below and thank you for sponsoring this trip I'm having a lot of fun so far so I want to show you what's in my bag I want to try

To keep this most simple layout in this bag I only wanted to carry the essentials but I might have failed at that the bag that I chose to bring this time is the 1 plus traveler bag I've been using this for a while now this is

The grey and blue color scheme it's a really nice looking bag there's a few things wrong with it I'll show you in a little bit but as a whole it's really nice and it's also very affordable so the first thing I want to show you I get

It out of here is this is the production machine that I'm still using this is a 2016 model 15 inch MacBook Pro with touch bar and this has the D brand black dragon skin on it still one of my favorite skins so definitely pick this

Up if you have a MacBook Pro but I'm still using it it cuts 4k like butter still so no problem there and if you haven't seen my video that I dropped earlier today there's a little secret compartment right here which is nice

About this bag it's on both sides actually and this is the Kingston nucleo and this is gonna give you some ports back that you need there's four USB C ports on here which is plenty and the accessories are getting a little bit

Better but I still shoot to SD card and I have an SD card here I have micro SD card to USB a 2 USB C one with power pass-through and the HDMI port right here so with this one thing I can have pretty much everything that I need so if

You want to check out the full video on this nucleon I'm gonna leave a link down below it's pretty cool it dropped at CES so make sure you check that out alright so let me show you in this top pocket here I'm

Gonna show you my phones of choice the phones of choice for me at CES is the iPhone 10 which is in my pocket right now and also the huawei mate 10 love this phone and also the razor phone in this nice green carbon-fiber skin

From deep brand this might be the first time that you've seen this not on their website quite yet but looks really good on this razor phone let me know what you think but razor phone reviews coming very soon I'm sorry I said that a

Million times but so many changes on this phone it's really worth the wait my camera of choice for CES is this bad boy right here this is the new Sony a7r 3 and this is a really cool camera lots of features of course 4k and I'm pairing

This with the Sigma MC 11 adapter and the trusty Sigma 18 and 35 so this combo right here is gonna give you some really crispy content and the autofocus works with the MC 11 adapter and the Sigma adapter so Sony paired with Canon EF

Glass is probably the way to go but I also have a native lens but it's my other bag you don't want to see that one that one's too crazy this is just what I'm bringing to the showroom floor one of the hacks that I like this year or

Maybe something that you might not think that you need this is the first year I'm using this this is a back smart organizer in this cool grey color but look at all the stuff that I have in this bag and instead of like having this

All jumbled inside of my bag I have all of my tables my chargers all of that stuff in here so all these little compartments can be filled I have air pods in here my Apple watch charger extra apple watch straps I have my

Dongle that I need if I need to use my iPhone and some headphones which is stupid but least that's here I have my wireless AVX system now this is a really great lab system it's not the cheapest but this is very very seamless it works

Really great you can directly plug into XLR or you can use a 3.5 millimeter jack if you want to so it's compatible with DSLRs or cinema cameras and I have my lab mic right here and in this little compartment here I have my 29 watt

Adapter from my iPhone so I can fast charge yeah I had to pay for this that's terrible but I had to I got an extra battery for my a 7r3 and there's also a little pouch here where I can keep SD cards which is really nice

So I don't lose them so I have a spare 128 gig kingston SD card right here which works perfectly with my a7r 3 so this is something that I definitely think that you should pick up if you want to have some organization and it

Just fits perfectly like that it's awesome it's I think this was less than $20.00 totally worth it all of their stuff here and not just all jumbled inside your bag when it comes to headphones of course traveling the Vegas

Flight was like almost six hours from where I live so I have to have some noise cancelling headphones now these are on the budget side which is really nice not everybody has the money to buy really expensive active noise-cancelling

Headphones and these are the sennheiser HD 4 dot 50's I think and these are about $150 on Amazon right now really nice active noise-cancelling and they're wireless you can also plug them in if you want to and they are adjustable and

They're very comfortable as well and they are foldable and for 150 bucks you really cannot beat this these are probably the best budget ANC's on the market right now and I've been having a good time with these I have a lot of

ANC's but I wanted to thoroughly test this out to give this a full review but I can already say that you cannot go wrong with these for a hundred fifty bucks so if you're looking for some budget ANC's and you don't want to spend

A bunch of money and you want some active noise-cancelling headphones these are it so everything I'm going to show you is linked down below by the way so you don't have to sit there look for everything everything will be linked

Below and for my audio if I need to bust out a quick voiceover or if I need a plug in the AVX I have four XLR ports right here and this is the zoom h6 I've been using this for years I think maybe three years I'm

Using this it even has a cracked screen I mean let me power this thing on real quick so you can see look at that there's like a tear drop man cuz it's sad that I didn't pick up a new recorder yet look at this screen look at this

Screen it is gangster but that's okay because if it's not broke and why fix it it records the SD card and I can bust out a voiceover or I can kind of get some higher end audio off of this so zoom h6 is pretty nice and let

Me show you I think I have one more miscellaneous pocket in here I have this one like jackknife cable from Nomad I really like this cable was the USBC cable but it's a three and one so you have USB type-c you have micro

USB and you have lightning all in one cord and it's in a nice braided cord I've shown this before on my videos I love this cord there's something that you should definitely pick up Nomad cable they make some great stuff but the

Cables are amazing and I have my a 7r3 battery charger of course I got some gums so you don't have that stank breath when you go talk to people don't do that make sure your breath is good I got some Advil just in case not sponsored by

Advil but in case you get a headache you never know and I also have some vitamin C you know you got to chew these when you go to CES that CES flu that plague whatever you want to call it you can pick it up

I know emergency doesn't do it too much but you got to get all the help you can get once again not sponsored by emergency I wish next year though and I also have this cool little power bank I don't carry power banks a lot with me

Because I don't need anymore but anchors got one where it's a plug and you have two USB to USB ports in here so you can charge two devices at the same time if you want and it is a power bank too so this is really cool to

Carry with you it's small and every time you plug the same to charge the devices it charges the plug as well so you got that nice battery I'm not sure exactly how big this battery is let me take a look here it is five thousand milliamp

Hours so this is really nice then I just have some miscellaneous cables in here my keys nothing else you really want to see some hand sanitizer you need that too because when you're CES you have to protect yourself from all these germs

This bag the only downside to this bag is the corners here these pockets are not expandable so it's a little bit terrible here I usually keep a macro procharger in here but you can't fit like big water bottles or you know

You don't have this stretchy side compartment so this is a bad like a deal-breaker for some people because they can't use this side but it's nice and ventilated this one plus bag in the back here and like I said that there's

Even a full back opening part back here so you can put a tablet or something back here or some really important things even you can put your laptop back here so when this is towards you obviously somebody can't pickpocket you

From the front so I like this so one plus overall good job on the bag and that's about it for my bag tour that's a back tour it's not a back door what's in my bag for a CES 2018 so let me know what you guys think that was trying to

Be minimal believe it or not this is what I'm just gonna carry on the floor to shoot everything so I'm gonna probably cover a lot of stuff vlog style because some people have been asking for the vlogs back so let me know if you

Enjoy those vlogs I want to see what you guys think about them so check out my content that's coming up in CES 2018 a lot to cover here a lot of people have been dropping tons of tech so make sure you hit that like button if you enjoyed

This subscribe for more cool content and I will see you guys in the next one

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