What’s in my bag: Camera, lenses, drone, laptop, tripod!

published on July 17, 2020

January Tulsa and I took a friend to Death Valley all the way through to California up Highway 1 along the coastline into California and then spent several days in the redwood forest and it was absolutely amazing I'm gonna show you those pictures and all the amazing

Gear that I brought I'm very spoiled so I had all the best stuff in the world first I want to thank our sponsor keh and really KH makes this possible in more than one way they sponsor me but also I regularly buy and sell gear

Through them and the fact that I can sell all my used gear and get my money back instead of having that gear collect dust allows me to buy stuff from them at a discount that I can continue to use you could buy most of what I'm going to

Show you at KH comm used for a good price with a hundred eighty day warranty and a 14-day return policy that means it's not like buying used from other places where you could get scammed or you might receive something broken or it

Breaks the next day and you don't have any recourse they back this stuff up if you'd rather talk to a person call one eight hundred doll kdh and either way use the coupon code TN c 20 to get five percent off thanks okay eh let's talk

About my bag first a good bag makes a huge difference I used the peak design bag for the longest time and it was great but I hated that the peak design bag loaded from the sides this bag loads

From the back which means I can open it up like this and and get immediate access to all my stuff this reconfigures and this is plenty of room for me and this is sort of flexible storage up here or I could take out this entire top

Compartment you can see it's got lots of little pockets for things like lens caps and D filters SD cards sensor cleaning kit which I need because I shoot Sony and it's got a pocket in here for my next thing which is my MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro with four terabytes is outrageously expensive it's totally unfair but that with Final Cut does a better job of editing video on the go which is something I need to do if I didn't shoot in need to edit video I'd

Probably just get a regular Windows PC that's what I always used but the MacBooks are brilliant is just they don't happen to be a great value this will make you a hero on the next road trip it's a bag full of USB cables

Because you know whoever you're traveling with somebody's gonna forget their USB cable or their charger my favorite charger is this little it's labeled clever and you can see it's got four ports on the side and then just a

Little flip down power outlet it just means that I only need to carry this one charger and then I plug all my USB stuff into it because I have a dumb MacBook I also have to carry a separate SD card reader for USB C and this one has my

Face on it so that nobody else steals it I doubt I did that I have the best tripod I've ever used for travel which is the get so series zero traveler it is also outrageously priced I told you that I'm spoiled but it works and maybe more

Importantly feels better than anything I know many of you are just very practical and this is just a tripod all it does is to hold your camera steady but this one feels so good the action on the twist locks is just fantastic everything fits

Together with just zero tolerance oh it just feels so nice and I had a bad experience with three-legged thing twist locks where they kept coming loose as I was walking or driving over bumpy roads or even just when I was sitting there it

Seems like it would just suddenly fall over these twist locks just happened to work much better granted it's far more expensive but you kind of get what you pay for with this and it has a two axis head so I can pan

Around while keeping everything completely level and because I also shoot video that's important to me the next thing up is this insta 360 one our camera which is it's a 360 camera and I don't think anybody really likes to see

360 degree footage but I think 360 cameras are a better way to do action cameras in general because they capture everything forward back left and right so you pick where you want to put the 360 camera and then later you can stitch

It together into your regular 2-dimensional video and it ends up looking pretty good now the one are the thing about it is that it's modular you can swap out the lens with something that's more like a conventional GoPro

Camera I don't know why I'd want a modular 360 camera and in fact I think my favorite 360 camera is still the original insta 360 one camera which always worked fine and it's quite a bit smaller I was able to strap this to the

Hood of a car using this little suction cup here and that sort of gave me outside the vehicle almost flying shots I would definitely have brought a bigger suction cup the next time I also brought the Mavic to zoom drones he gave me ten

Thousand dollars and said buy any travel drone I would so by the Mavic to zoom the reception on it is rock-solid which is really important when you're flying around mountains and such the fact that I can zoom in and out is so useful

Because there are lots of places where I couldn't get very close to subjects so I could stay farther back and actually zoom in with the little zoom camera on there and it's able to go fast enough to really keep up with moving vehicles

Which is so important for those sort of tracking shots that I like to put in as I've transitioned and move around to different places it's not perfect it gets the props in the shots all the time when you're flying upwind but it's still

That's the best that currently exists let's get to the cool stuff which is the camera gear right my sony a7r for my favorite camera of all time if i could only have one camera it would be this and if i could only have one lens it

Would be this 16 to 35 f28 g master which is just so much sharper than any other super wide angle lens that we've ever tested but it's also pretty small so this has become just a walking around lens for me you can see I just have a

Strap on here and this is how I just actually use it I just carry it like this well that's not on the tripod this lens is so good that I did not carry a normal lens I didn't carry like a 24 to 70 if I

Wanted to be at 50 millimeters I would just crop in from 35 and this is a 60 megapixel camera it has plenty of resolution the lens of super sharp saves me having to carry an extra lens so that jumps me right into the 70 to 200 f28

The only other lens that I brought you can see have a 14 teleconverter on there that I could put on or take off some people think you don't need a telephoto lens for landscape shots but it's so not true

Sometimes a wide-angle lens is right for these sort of sweeping landscapes but other times you want to be able to slice off a narrow piece of the landscape or you want to compress the distance between foreground and background

Subjects we had a beautiful full moon rise that I was able to pinpoint the location of I set an alarm so I could get up early and get out there and line that moonrise up with a really cool barn that I found and that was one of my most

Popular pictures from the trip I had people wanting to buy prints of it as soon as I put it up so here you can see that popper planning good gear and a good trip can really pay off right away through things like fine art print sales

A key part of that I have to give credit to my smartphone now any smartphone really would be able to do things like plan the location of the moonrise I was able to use augmented reality to figure out exactly where and when it was going

To come up high in the mountains so that I could be in position but I still think the iPhone is the best overall system even though the Samsung has 20 Ultra we found had a better camera this attached to apple carplay in my rental car it

Didn't have Android auto and that meant I had the exact same user interface and my rental cars I do in my car at home and meant that all my contacts and destinations were loaded up in here I connected to my Apple watch which works

Just fantastically and you can see I have you know like the sunrise and sunset and moon phases on my Apple watch I find it so useful to have that information along with the current weather information for photography

Because it's just constantly reminding me okay the Sun is setting in 20 minutes you need to get to your spot one last thing we shot video there so I brought my Sony mic this is the you are xp0 3d

And the reason I like this particular model is it can receive from two different mics at the same time splits them into the left and right stereo channels on your camera that's because there's two of us there's me and Chelsea

And we're both on camera sometimes to talk at the same time so I was able to record a video there now I use my Sony camera which I don't do I actually had a lot of complaints about the autofocus on the one video

That I published from that trip and the reason people were complaining about the autofocus is because I was using a Sony camera instead of a canon camera sorry to throw you under the bus owning this is the best stills camera but it's not

My favorite video camera in the world even though it does a pretty passable job in the comments down below I'd love to hear what your favorite travel gear is or maybe even what's your favorite place to visit is since I can't go

Anywhere right now but maybe I could live vicariously through your past experiences and I'd also like to thank our sponsor keh keh comm or 1-800 dow keh is the best place to sell and buy used gear

They have a massive inventory more than 60,000 items including things like a sony a7r Mark 4 or you get a sony a7r Mark 3 or even the original sony a7r so if you want a camera like this you basically pick which generation you want

And they'll give you the best price available this comes with a hundred and eighty day warranty and a 14-day return period so there's really no risk if you don't like it you send it back to them and you're

Not out anything so clean out your closet get rid of all that old gear you have and then take that money and spend it at keh and get yourself some news gear from them alright thanks for sponsoring us keh check out the link in

The description below bye

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