What you didn’t know about Apple.

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

Did you know that almost every Apple promotional image displays the time as 9:41 a.m. the time Steve Jobs unveiled the original iPhone Apple is just a really unusual company so welcome to my top 60 things to know about them let's start with wacky there is actually a

Clause in Apple's current Terms & Conditions that specifies you're not allowed to use their products to build nuclear missiles or biological weapons it's good to know and on the subject of weapons multiple tests and videos have

Shown that the way the MacBook is constructed it can stop bullets in its tracks I wouldn't recommend you to test that theory but something that a lot of people have unfortunately tested is that

Smoking around Apple equipment can technically void your warranty cigarettes contain nicotine and because nicotine is technically classed as hazardous Apple won't force its employees to expose themselves to it so

Even if something breaks they've been known to refuse repairs oh yeah and a massive thanks to surf shark VPN for sponsoring this video ok we all know Apple is wealthy but it's tough to conceptualize just how wealthy so to

Give you an idea the company makes over $300,000 of revenue a minute in fact in 2011 Apple overtook the US government in terms of cash in hand and what I think is even more impressive is that if you took Apple's current net worth and you

Donated it you could give every single human being on the planet over $100 here's a more real-world example of the sheer value Apple originally had three co-founders and it's a bit of a tragic story because whilst you've probably

Heard of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak who's stuck with the company there was a third guy Ronald Wayne the reason he's a little less known is that he left the company after just 12 days selling his entire share in Apple for

$800 which you know sounds alright but had he held on to that it will be worth well over 30 billion now it wasn't always like this Apple had a pretty difficult start money was short so much so that Jobs sold his car and was niak

Had to sell his scientific calculator just for funds there have been a lot of theories as to where the brand name came from I've heard everything from scientific to biblical but it turns out Steve Jobs just happened to be on a

Fruit only diet at the time and he just liked apples their logo equally as unexpected started off as a picture of Isaac Newton sitting under a tree this brand now known for its contemporary and minimalist presentation used to be

Represented by this it symbolizes the story of Newton discovering gravity by observing how an apple fell from a tree it's only a year later that it changed to something much more familiar and to start with they had

This kind of rainbow to reflect that their computer was the first to have a color screen and it was a bite taken out of the Apple for no other reason than just to make it clear that it was indeed an apple and not a tomato or some kind

Of other rounded fruit but the company weren't done yet this logo went through several iterations before we landed at what we have now essentially just getting simpler over time you might have already had a glimpse of this but in a

Way Apple is crazy when it comes to attention to detail they have really particular ways of doing things even if they are far from the easiest ways for example the animated flower wallpapers you see on the Apple watch

Then all computer-generated Apple spent hundreds of hours forming real flowers blooming over time another instance would be in iOS 6 Apple introduced metallic buttons would reflect light differently depending on the angle your

Fern was facing both Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak before they were Apple they actually worked together at a game development company called Atari and you actually see remnants of this in Apple products with the first iPod there was a

Hidden easter egg where you could actually play the game a breakout developed by these two guys in their last job and speaking of the iPod this was a product that went through many stages in development lots of different

Shapes and sizes and when the first iPod prototype was actually given to Steve Jobs he famously dropped it in an aquarium he used the resultant air bubbles to prove that there was still space inside

The iPod and that it could technically be made smaller if by the way you do enjoy straight-to-the-point tech content like this a sub would be amazing we'll try to hit three million by the end of the year you've probably heard of Siri

And you probably also strongly associate Siri with Apple this was very nearly not the case Siri actually released as a standalone app on Apple's App Store and was originally planned to come to both Android and even blackberry that is

Until Apple intercepted this by acquiring Siri and building it exclusively into their own devices and the voice of Siri ended up being a lady called Susan Bennett but was very nearly Jeff Goldblum an actor famous for his

Roles in a whole number of films he's also just kind of a massive meme at this point Apple have also had a few interesting projects they were one of the first in the world to make a digital color camera at a time when people were

Taking photos and they were used to waiting an entire week before they could actually see them after they would velop this was kind of huge they developed a games console called the Pippin it's kind of amazing that we're

Talking about a $600 box which your current smartphone might well be 10,000 times more powerful than it actually gets more bizarre Apple launched a clothing line and if that wasn't strange enough take one look at how it actually

Turned out the Apple collection as they called it was an entire suite of crazy-looking clothing launched in 1986 and to be fair it might have been fashionable at the time maybe but this is not even the strangest that award

Goes to the town or the 20th anniversary Macintosh in today's terms this would almost be like the Mac Pro Pro they came in at $7,500 which in 1997 was a lot of money and it was not just like the ultimate machine but it would be hand

Delivered by a limousine and set up by a man wearing a tuxedo if you knew about those and you're a bit of an Apple fan you might also remember that early Apple laptops they used to show the logo upside down when you open them and this

Believe it or not was actually done to avoid confusion most people who hadn't used an Apple laptop would try and open them the wrong way around from the base of the Apple the company eventually gave in and flipped the logo because let's

Face it it looks pretty odd and speaking of MacBooks the command key you see on Apple keyboards has a pretty alien looking symbol on it but it turns out this is actually borrowed from a Swedish road

Sign meaning a place of interest anyways 2007 the iPhone is unveiled but you might not have known that the trademark for iPhone and iOS were actually not owned by Apple but instead by a networking company called Cisco and

Apple's just been paying them for a license and on a similar note for the last 10 years Apple Ashley lost the rights to use the iPhone trademark in Brazil turns out there was already a company there called

Gradient I could have said that wrong but they had their own line of iPhones and so whilst Apple was allowed to sell the iPhone in Brazil they didn't have exclusive rights to use the name even more interesting is that the iPhone that

Was shown on stage had a plastic display it's only after the announcement that Steve Jobs he picked this phone up and he looked at the display and realized he had scratches he told the team by the time this phone launches it has to be

Glass and so in a weird kinda way this was the birth of Gorilla Glass as we know it the company corning had actually developed this technology this durable glass 40 years ago but had just been sitting on a show

Because they had no use for it until the iPhone another really interesting thing about this first phone was that it didn't leak when Steve Jobs announced the iPhone the world was genuinely taken aback and the reason for that is just

How seriously Apple took the secrecy internally it was given the codename m-68 and Apple made sure that the hardware engineers never sold these software and that the software engineers never saw the hardware instead of

Handing out prototype phones for testing Apple handed out developer boards that just contained all the iPhones components you could connect this board to iTunes and it would be picked up as an iPhone that's pretty cool but let's

Take a step back because Apple's first technically smart phone was actually conceptualized well before 2007 initial mock-ups as early as 1983 detailed a landline with smart functionality kind of like a phone and an iPad joined

Together there's never ended up seeing the light of day but just the idea was pretty ahead of its time Apple's product pricing varies massively depending on the region you live in partly because of import duties taxes

And probably partly also because of the company's choice this meant that whilst the iPhone 10s max last year was 12 $50 in the US for the 256 gig model it ended up being over 1700 in India and around 2000 in Brazil

An iPhone is built using as many as 75 elements that is two-thirds of the entire periodic table or elements known to men and so it's not entirely surprising that inside an iPhone you've got small amounts of gold silver and

Platinum this one's a little morbid but the way touch ID works is through capacitive technology by using the fact that our bodies conduct electricity it means that a dead person's hand or just a 3d mock-up wouldn't be able to unlock

One of these phones even if the fingerprint itself was a match but they would work on the optical scanners we're seeing built into many phone displays now there is a lot to say about Steve Jobs in some sense as the figurehead of

Apple he was labeled as everything from a visionary and a genius to quite a difficult guy to work with at one stage he got cornered into leaving Apple the very company he'd helped to build but in this time after leaving Steve Jobs did

Two incredible things he helped fund a small computer graphics company known as the graphics group at the time but this later became known as Pixar and in part through his funding they created Toy Story the second thing

Was that jobs created a completely new compute company called next and it was only a matter of time before Apple ended up buying this company which brought jobs right back into Apple Steve was also

Known for being a little quirky as is tradition company's handout employee numbers to every person who works there but with Apple Jobs was supposedly offended that he was given the label of employee number two

Whereas Wozniak got number one and so refusing to play second fiddle he requested that his number be changed to employee number zero jobs also had a real eye for detail he called the VP of engineering at Google one Sunday morning

Just to tell him that he'd noticed the color of yellow on the second Oh in Google was slightly off on his iPhone and for Google to fix it ASAP for a large part of his time at Apple Steve Jobs only took a salary of $1 per year

He was so committed to the success of the company that he chose to leave millions inside Apple as opposed to take it for himself and instead just banked on earning from the shares he had in the company you might have also noticed this

Guy almost always wore what looks like the exact same turtleneck he was supposedly inspired by Sony who had a strict uniform policy and Jobs wanted to introduce this into Apple having been booed offstage for even suggesting the

Idea he settled on at least having a consistent image for himself but Jobs was soon to be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and this is an awful thing to have Tim Cook the current CEO at the time he actually got himself tested he

Found out that his blood type matched Steve's and he offered to donate a part of his liver but Steve turned it down he then passed away in October 2011 the day after the iPhone 4s was announced now that brings us on to Steve Wozniak who

On paper reported only two jobs so after Steve's passing Wozniak could naturally be fired from the company but he also had a difficult past Wozniak was involved in a plane crash while at Apple and he had some pretty major head

Injuries meaning that his short-term memory was almost wiped he did thankfully eventually recover now Apple's first ever product was not a smartphone it wasn't an iPod like many people believe it was a computer called

The Apple one its selling point being the fact that it came preassembled unlike most computers at the time and what's kind of crazy is that this thing came with a single call one megahertz chip inside

That's a thousandth of what a gigahertz is the Apple to its successor when absolutely nuts this is the product that put Apple on the map completely game-changing but with this instant success

It looks like Apple got a bit carried away Apple 3 was a complete dud in the pursuit of a quiet PC it was built with no air vents which made every single unit sold overheat one of the only tech products ever where the entire first

Batch had a 100% failure rate fast-forward a few more years and we had the Macintosh which has been shortened to Mac now but this still carried the Apple theme forward Macintosh without the letter A is actually just a variety

Of the fruit and this Macintosh was actually one of the first computers to ship with a mouse and so Apple quite intentionally built the keyboard to have no arrow keys this would force both users to get used to it and developers

To design software that was specifically built for the Mac and to give you a bit of context as to how much we've evolved since then the microcontroller inside the charger you get with a new MacBook Pro that's just used to monitor current

And voltage that is about as powerful as the entire Macintosh Apple and Samsung even with their entire history of suing each other are actually pretty codependent you might know that the OLED displays we've seen on some iPhones are

Sourced from Samsung which is just one example of many but it's good for apples because they get a high quality display and it's good for Samsung because it's feeding their display business but I do just want to address one slight

Misconception I've seen about this it is true that Samsung makes these OLED displays for Apple but it's not a case that Apple is just buying an off-the-shelf Samsung panel Samsung would build these OLED displays but to

Apples specification and using Apple's quality control and so Apple would still completely own the display and it's not like Samsung could just use the same panel you probably know Apple products have a famously satisfying unboxing

Experience well it turns out the company has at least one secretive packaging room where for each upcoming product tens and sometimes hundreds of box prototypes are tested to make sure they give the proper sensory experience

Everything from the acceleration of the lid being pulled off to the direction the seals open on the phones themselves is factored in Tim Cook the current CEO whilst he wasn't there from the start has had a pretty meteoric rise himself

He came from a really modest family and he started his work life delivering newspapers and even today he's known for his dedication to the cause famously sending emails as early as 4:30 in the more

You might know that a good portion of Apple products are manufactured in China and from here there are two primary ways of getting them across the globe many companies use ships but Apple almost entirely sends products by air because

It's faster even though it can be up to ten times more expensive it is not easy to work for Apple when the company's flagship Manhattan store opened it had 10,000 applicants for a job you know but they actually accepted was 200 that is a

Two percent acceptance rate that said as of 2013 an average corporate Apple employee was earning over $120,000 per year now for probably my favorite fact of all I mentioned earlier that Apple has traditionally shown new iPhones with

The time at 9:41 but as well as the fact that this was when the original iPhone launched there's a bigger reason Apple's launch events often start at 9:00 a.m. and the phone reveal occurs roughly 40 minutes into that presentation jobs

Insisted that the time shown on the phone screen when it was announced should completely match what the actual time was with one extra minute given just for breathing room it's the kind of attention to detail that you don't see

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I will catch you in

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