What OBDI & OBDII Mean In Auto Diagnostics

by birtanpublished on August 21, 2020

Ryan's mobile one when you talk to older mechanics they're always upset when you talk about fuel injection especially if they're not in the game as it were lately but rolled retired mechanics talked about computers and fuel injection and they absolutely hate it

You talk to newer mechanics and they love it they lean on these things and they absolutely love them because they do so much to help you to pinpoint problems quickly and with a reasonable degree of accuracy and especially ones

Like this and this where you're able to see live data when you can see the live data you can see what the computer sees and it's like pulling back the cloak of secrecy speaking of cloaks and darkness hello

Darkness my old friend this is a 1988 Ford Bronco – the Bronco – has a whole my heart in a kind of nostalgic way because one of my best friends drove one of these Zell had one until a sister swerved a jackrabbit and rolled it but

It also is closely related to some Ford Rangers that I've had and I cut my teeth on that kind of stuff I started working on cars back in the early to mid 80s as a kid as my dad was a mechanic and I just basically learned from him one of

The things that I learned right out the gate was not only carburetors and points and setting dwell and doing all that kind of stuff but the OBD one era was in full swing so OBD if you don't know stands for

On-board diagnostics which basically the car had its own Diagnostics its own computer on board on the vehicle testing itself and then giving you feedback on what was wrong this was implemented due to the government's wanting to have

Cleaner emissions and being able to test and narrow things down with the advent of fuel injection with the computer you can tightly control the emissions and have better emissions but with that you have all of these sensors and all of

These inputs and outputs just like a computer has an input device on the computer would be like your keyboard that you're typing on the output device would be speakers or a screen or something like that so with all of these

Inputs if you don't know you don't have a way to see what the inputs are to the computer there's nothing you can do to fix it really so the onboard diagnostic stuff was created but one of the bad things about that

System is you have all of these different connectors for different vehicles you've got GM you've got Toyota you got Mazda you got Nissan Nissan have the computer underneath the seat on the driver's side and then there was these

Two screw things that you'd have to twist and turn and you'd rotate this and then do this and then it would flash outta code and with this system because this is a 1988 it wasn't on the very breaking edge of what nature started

Going to fuel injection you see it was a big deal you don't see fuel injection printed boldly across different vehicles now because it's so common it's the way to go and in 1996 with with everybody being on board with fuel injection and

There being so many different connectors again the state of California and other regulating bodies move to have a standardized plug so you don't have to have like these all three of these are for Ford and you can see this one's got

A lot more pins in it than this one does this one's really basic and rudimentary Ford system was pretty advanced to where you had key on engine off and key on engine running codes where you'd have a car running and it would run certain

Codes to you about obd one aside from having all these different plugs and connectors and having to have a separate computer for everything or one computer with a whole bunch of different connectors this is actually circa 2006

But the different big difference between obd 1 and obd ii obd2 had a standard ice plug and it looks like this it's kind of a trapezoid this one can do pretty much every car 96 and newer in terms of what the trouble codes are and look how

Simple and small and nice it is but then you've got live data you have these big old brick ones like this and this because this doesn't your stuff to new ish but it's the same plug here with live data you can get a better picture

About what's going on so difference between obd 1 and obd – Oh buddy – has a standardized plug no matter which one you do and obd 1 as proprietary plugs they want you know the dealership wanted you to take it in

There but then they couldn't standardized emissions testing and then it was a lot more expensive it was a pain in the butt people would have things like in the state of Utah if you spent $500 in repairs you automatically

Passed but that was easy to do given that if you had to go to the dealership things add up fast you do five hundred dollars in repairs you don't fix it but then you get a pass for that year because while you tried you know

Participation trophies are not a new thing they are alive and well in the OBD one era when I sing you hello darkness my old friend there's just not as much information in the Oh buddy one system case in point this vehicle runs like

This water carves it doesn't show colors that's like profound that never happened the obd2 system was more advanced there's a lot more codes if you look in this code book that gives you what this

Little I mean this is like Morse code back then you do this and you can turn the audio on or not so go BBB but all that kind of stuff you switch it into test mode okay go go and then you would count the outputs of it you didn't have

To memorize you know like e the letter e and Morse code is just one short blip SOS is you know it's three short and three long and three short again that's kind of way that this went so you would look it up by year and the code in

French would be number 9 would be everything's OK in the system you got all these different languages but the codes basically went up to a hundred and that wasn't enough to cover these modern systems that were available in cars 96

In Newark see this is an example a hemp load they Cody hall das a solamente so it's saying code 12 in Spanish is 1 and then 2 blips so basically to have a flash and then a pause and then 2 flashes and then you've got it in

English is probably in the front given the rest of this video is in English so there are a lot more codes in later years you can see instead of having just like you know there used to be there just like 12 codes that can mean

Different things and then there was 20 and then there's a hundred and then there's in the hundreds and then in the obd2 generation there was actually thousands of codes you know so many different cars Chrysler was the best OBD

One barn none because you just turned the key three times and then leave it on and then look at the check engine light you didn't have to have this hardware here Chevy was the next best because you just put a paperclip in same with Toyota

And then turn on the key and then the check engine light would flash it out know any fractional hardware or fancy computer stuff unless you wanted the extra data so how high did these go 998 and you'll notice then the 900 is

Comprised of one number so it's really only 100 he but these are the names of the different codes will go to the front of this and I'll show you it talks about like a certain year range you know if it was

This to this like in Ford it was the EEC – IV I want to find a year range for you but I'm not finding it it was super rudimentary didn't give you a whole lot of information and he still had to have some fancy equipment for each

Manufacturer when you go to look up a car at the parts store or online like say you go to buy auto parts comm and you go to search you know like you put in your year and then you put in your make and by the time you get to that

There's so many different makes and each of these have their own stupid scanner I say stupid because it's frustrating is the mechanic that works on everything to own everything like this 196 came around and it was obd2 dude I was ecstatic I'm

Like I am never gonna own another car that's older than 1996 because I want to take advantage of this this is awesome this is amazing so much more data so much more compatibility it was just cool so anyway back to the darkness that

Comment you couldn't even like you would have to have a major part of the engine fall off I've heard a lot of mechanics say in order to store a code in an obd one system it's like you could have anything go wrong like this ones

Misfiring like crazy and there's no codes so you're in the dark so you've got a computer that you can't see into the computer doesn't communicate with this well enough or with enough data or detail or capture to be able to give you

A code where is now it's like kind of overkill and that the dumbest thing you know like if your oil pressure switches off then it'll throw a code I've got a 2009 Chevy Suburban that I've been working on that that's the case it's not

Having higher emissions but they can't pass emissions I can't drive their car it would passed it it it would pass a smog or tailpipe sniffer test any day of the week but they still can't drive it or pass because of that because there's

So much going on I was gonna do some code reading on this and I thought this would be a fun subject to kind of throw out there you always see these means you know if you have ever done this or if you've ever done that

Or they'll show like points and condenser and they'll be like if you know how to replace these share a comment and that kind of thing it's like this kind of a lost art and a lot of people are like Oh bd1 what was that in

88 to 89 things were becoming mainstream by you know 90s a lot of stuff was getting a lot better but this is like kind of one of the transition years I actually own in 1984 f150 that was 1984 it has a straight-6 it was a 300 cubic

Inch engine and basically had a carburetor a one barrel carburetor and it had a computer and it was the hardest vehicle to get to pass emissions every year bar none plenum gaskets always leaked the carburetor always had vacuum

Leaks at the base of the that basically because of the vibration or whatever it come undone awesome awesome engine just designed just like it Cummins or anything else but it was gas had gear mesh gears but it wasn't noisy

Because that is composite looked like it was made out of Levi's and resin or whatever one of the gears anyway super reliable engine but the emissions on a just terrible terrible terrible terrible as I grew up doing mechanic work I just

Figured I'd just share my experience with you guys there's a video concept that I'm looking at that I'm kind of flirting up flirting up flirtin up this video I hope you'll like it that basically me going through the

Camera and just talking about the different names of different auto parts I know a lot of people would wonder about that really thought about doing that like this is the old vacuum controlled cruise control you've got a

Valve cover I was telling somebody on a-29 on a Ford Ranger today about you know valve covers and how you see how far back that one is and how close this one is so you know that cylinder ones on this side just little gems of knowledge

Like that you got your oil dipstick you've got your rag joint on your steering shaft it's like I've got a brain that's just full of all of this kind of stuff I'd love to share you know power steering pump just do a video get

On a creeper put a car up on the lift get up underneath of it and just go through everything when I was a little kid and had Matchbox cars you'd flip them over and they'd have like a dumbed down version of what the bottom looked

Like and I was like I wonder what know what that is and I want to know that if you guys would like to see videos like that please leave a comment below there's some videos along those kind of lines where they're shareable

Things where you can share it with somebody or maybe you've got a question or you're curious or you're starting out I'd like to my whole point of doing the Bryan's mol-1 challenge challenge it has been a challenge but the Bryan's mobile

One challenge was to put information online that wasn't there you know like the videos on dirt bikes and stuff like that I've got some requests for doing more of that but this is just kind of a video I'm just going to throw up real

Quick and throw it on the wall spit ball idea kind of stuff see what sticks so make sure to comment below and let me know what you'd like to see if that's a good idea

If you've got some memories working on the 2-point 9s and misfire diagnosis let me know I mean this is like back in the days of distributors and setting timing you've got timing marks that are down there

So anyway comment below Cheers bonus footage at the end

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