What It’s Like to Have the Same Name as a Celebrity | “I Love Your F*cking Name” | Iris

published on July 2, 2020

and my father really wanted to name his

first girl Bridget after Bridget Bardot

my mom wanted to name me Wednesday which

is equally an interesting name except

she didn't want to name me Wednesday

after the day of the week she one day me

Wednesday after the Addams Family

daughter what have I been born into we

moved to Canada in Montreal specifically

when I was five years old and it quickly

dawned on us that nobody could read my

name or pronounce it cause they'd go

Peter Pan can fly my lasting this pen

can it be Peter Pan not sure why my

parents agreed to it but stuck around

and Peter Pan is telling him today I was

the only Sarah in the classroom because

it was like 1960s and everybody else was

Debbie and Kathy and Cindy and I really

wanted a why name you couldn't do

anything with Sarah you couldn't

short-form it you couldn't you can do

anything with it it was hopeless Sarah

McLaughlin the singer is younger than me

so I came before she did so I feel

that's okay you know I wasn't named

after her maybe she was named after me

but I don't think so grade five I

remember it very well Florence

Nightingale was on the curriculum and

every time the name was mentioned

everybody's had turned to me I ran home

he started crying and yelled at my

mother how could you do this to me my

poor mother had no clue what I was

talking about after that I was very

aware that I had a famous name and very

self-conscious about it first of all

it's predominantly a girl's name so I'm

a guy named Shannon or Ashley something

like that so my name is a beer Islam I'm

not religious I'm not Muslim but that's

the name I got and Muslim people don't

drink so we've got a beer and Islam

together and so it's a bit of an

oxymoron to start a really loving moment

with my grandma where she's telling me

how proud she is of me and she closes it

off by saying and I have to say I'm

really really thankful that you didn't

allow people to call you dick and I was

like oh here's the thing grandma you're

the only one that doesn't my dad is also

Richard Dickerson but he goes by Ricky

said he's flipping through the Bible and

Egger passes something to FeO who passes

it to you ' to see al but my mom says

he's full of it he saw it in a book of

names and said it looks

different my full name is you Cal Burton

shilling for princess said she WA Apia

and it comes from gamma which is in

Africa I actually have just a peasant

princess for Halloween once when I was 8

years old I was named after my uh my

uncle his name was Ronald McDonald he

also had a son Ronald McDonald Ronald

McDonald was from 1963 I'm from 1962 so

it was no there was no intent there from

my parents but no no no my parents were

evil or anything my parents are polish

immigrants the name came from my first

ex-husband we started dating when I was

16 engaged at 18 married at 19 divorced

at 22 so that's how that happened

thank goodness she has a good reputation

well we were a tight knit Mennonite

community back in the 1800s we think we

came from Germany and then we went to

Russia and then my great-grandparents

migrated to Canada growing up in a

community of other Mennonites funk is a

typical name it was a burden as a kid

because nobody called me Jillian with a

G if they were reading my name they

would call me Gillian and I hated it

93 94 when Gillian Anderson and the

x-files became really well known best

thing that happened was that people

could actually pronounce Gillian

properly actually only took this last

name when I was in high school so before

that in elementary school I didn't want

it I didn't want to be called Rob love

it's just not something that would go

over well and it was tough when I was

growing up always having to say it is my

name I'm not lying oh is that your real

name why would your parents name you

that she circled on my name and said

next time you try to pull this I'm

giving you a zero

I used to literally carry around my

birth certificate kids were not a big

fan of my name it mark me as being kind

of old-fashioned and my mother wouldn't

let me wear go-go boots miniskirts or

bold prints and I had to wear my hair

and braids I'm making my mother's seem

mean she wasn't she's fantastic little

boys are writing Robbie gay love on

my locker

permanent marker does she ever say your

name in bed luck oh you Kelly you Kelly

we're just talking to dick mr Raymond

it's just dick we're talking about dick

I wasn't allowed to use those words

growing up and I didn't know what that

was when I was 16 I were

to McDonald's I got fired from

McDonald's as well nobody but nobody can

spell mcLaughlin

like nobody Gillian with a G it really

ma CLA ugh la is such a unique name I

guess at the time it didn't feel unique

to me it felt ugly but MCLA ugh Li hands

you Cal not who Cal or uncle a bur a bur

you like University of California one

beer and funk and Mennonite like what is

going on me myself Gillian Anderson this

person ungoogleable for Facebook for the

longest time I couldn't use the name

Peter Pan yo this is Flag as a fictional

character why is everybody asking you to

sing to that oh we got a new employee at

his name's wrong because I'll just look

for the big red feet so does that mean

you're a porn star slam-dunk the funk

have you ever done porn or seen half

dozen to a dozen jokes I've literally

heard them all every day like do you

want to get funked up to know you have

you found your prince yet

get this guy a beer your name's Gillian

Anderson can I get your autograph

Oh what not the Sarah McLachlan

no way I can't make the face are you her

sister Oh Gillian Anderson did you know

there's an actress named Gillian yep who

would name – two daughters by the same

name there'll be a eulogy and there's

probably gonna be a Ronald McDonald joke

in there yeah keep it off the headstone

you know it's it's really weird but I

get better customer service I think than

normal people unfortunately I'm sorry

normal people I put my name in big

capital letters at the top of my resume

big bold characters in my resume my name

is Peter Pan but she was convinced that

it was just like a hiring ploy you're

gonna have a Brigitte Bardot in our

Toronto conference office his tailors

coming in for casting we need to have

her in the credits I would love if my

name acted more as a gateway to new

opportunities I used to get my assistant

to make the reservations in my name and

inevitably we would get like really good

tables yes I've come back from the dead

and I would love a table by the window

oh you're actually here we thought it

was a prank and we are all booked up

I've had a couple of planes held for me

I guess I don't imagine that I could

ever pull that off anyway I don't know

what I would use my name for like to

become like a DJ out of nowhere like I


be awful if you let us put your name up

on our marquee saying Ronald McDonald

ate here you can get free stuff on

Valentine if your name is love or hard

uh dating how would you like to go out

with Florence Nightingale free dinner

50% off of some kind of helicopter tour

if it weren't for my name I may not have

met my husband it's kind of like unique

to have something and it's a story that

you get to tell about yourself and I

love my name I love it I love it it's a

really odd name but it's mine I would

never change my name I've been married

twice and I've never changed my name why

would I do that

yeah I don't regret my name for a second

one thing I would have changed is I

think I would owned it from the

beginning it is my name and I make it

what it is so hi my name is dick

dickerson my name is Liz Taylor Ronald

McDonald Luke Albert and Shawn for

princess set uyp at Peter Pan Richard

Pryor down Rob blog

Florence Nightingale Gillian Anderson

sherry Funke Sarah McLaughlin a beer

Islam and I love my

restart and I love my name

all right guess this are you


my sister entered a contest at a radio

station Oh are you related to Florence

Nightingale and my sister said yes she's

my sister well one of us cuz I like what

the name Brigitte is it's not a common

name recently at my company another

Brigitte joined I'm like who hired

another Brigitte I put down my driver's

license and but he says to me oh hi I

said hi

wanna sing us a song I said I can't say

my voice is a little raw


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