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by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hey guys an Tama Tech job and I must
admit that talking about PCI Express for
probably isn't the sexiest of topics but
I appreciate you clicking on the video
and hopefully by the end you'll know
exactly what it is and why it's actually
quite a big deal now recently I've been
looking at upgrading my main work PC and
to be honest one thing I kind of assumed
I didn't need is a system that supports
PCI Express 4.0 I mean after all PCI III
storage is already blazing fast and the
r-tx 20 atti I having my build here
doesn't saturate all the bandwidth it
offers but then I saw rumors of next gen
graphics cards new cheaper PCIe for
storage options becoming available and
then of course all the talk around the
PS 5 and the Xbox Series X which have
been teased to come with super fast
storage and is most likely going to be
based on PCIe 4 so this got me thinking
should PCI 4 be at the heart of my new
system well let's take a step back and
as you probably already know the PCI
Express interfaces well your graphics
card adding cards or m2 and nvme storage
drives used to send and receive data and
with each new revision to the spec the
data transfer speed is effectively
doubled PCIe 3 maxes out at around 16
gigabytes per second in each direction
but PCI you four can do a massive 32
gigabytes per second each way which is
great but arguably a little bit overkill
perhaps I mean the PCIe 3 storage I'm
using now the nvme SSDs I think I'm
using these Samsung 970 Evo these sort
of drives are already about 4 or 5 times
faster than these slower older SATA 3
SSDs and right now even the most
powerful graphics cards don't take full
advantage of it
another issue is their only aim DS
pricey x5 70 motherboards and Rison 3000
series CPUs currently supported along
with their even more expensive thread
Ripper systems
I was also looking forward to Intel's
upcoming 10th gen desktop chips but if
the leaks I've seen are correct
it seems that Intel Z 490 chipset boards
have dropped PCI for support due to
technical issues although it's possible
it could feature on some boards with
extra components but these are bound to
come at a premium and this kind of
compounds a problem that there's been a
lack of components that I actually take
advantage of PCI 4 speeds
except for some pretty expensive SSD
storage although admittedly their
transfer speeds are pretty insane
one upside though is that because
motherboards have a limited number of
PCIe lanes using eight PCI four lanes
instead of 16 on PCIe 3 for a graphics
card frees up more lanes for extra
components but that's only really
relevant if you want extra graphics
cards or have a ton of PCIe based
storage so it's kind of a chicken or the
egg thing because until you have the
motherboards the chipsets that support
it companies won't develop products that
support it as well so something has to
come first and when you are at the
cutting edge of tech especially when it
comes to PC components it's always going
to be in a premium and there won't be
very many components to start with but
then you could look at it as kind of
speculative future proofing of your
system I mean if you're thinking about
building a new PC soon and you're
obviously gonna have it for two three
four maybe five years before you do a
big upgrade it could be worth hanging on
for a second because I've seen lots of
reports of Samsung's next-gen 980 PCI
for SSD storage coming very soon in
their Pro Evo and affordable couvreux
range which actually could be what they
use in the upcoming PS 5 and Xbox Series
X or talk more about that in a second
so right now everything is very
expensive but hopefully in about a
year's time maybe things will be more
mainstream and actually affordable but
let's get back to the question of
whether you'd even notice a difference
because while the boost over PCI III
drives is pretty significant on paper I
just don't think this will translate to
noticeable differences in system
responsiveness for the time being
although it may become more obvious over
time as programs grow in size and
complexity then there's next-gen
graphics cards to consider the big navvy
cards expected from AMD
as well as Nvidia 3000 series which will
probably come out around the summer now
of course we don't know what kind of
performance we can expect from these
next-gen graphics cards but it is
possible the extra bandwidth from a PCIe
for motherboard may actually help you
get the best performance out of it and
if not this year then it's possible GPUs
in 2021 will take advantage but I think
the most exciting use case for this new
standard is how it's going to transform
the next generation of consoles the PS 5
and the Xbox Series X in an interview
last year with mark Cerny
the chief architect of the PS 5 he
showed how super fast storage most
likely using PCIe 4 could impact how
games are designed he showed off a demo
of the ps4 game spider-man running on
new hardware and showed how he could
fast travel around the game city in noir
seconds rather than 15 seconds on a ps4
with a slow hard drive so if you're
moving fast through a large city or
complex terrain then it should remove
any ugly texture pop-in realistically
though I think for multi-platform games
most developers will still be designing
them for older sata3
and of course even older hard drive
based systems so it may take a couple of
years before we start to see the full
benefit of PCI for storage and as I say
if the latest reports are true we could
see Samsung's one terabyte 980 couvreux
nvme storage in the upcoming consoles
and so if they start mass producing them
it should make it cheaper for everyone
getting back to pcs just for a second
and to complicate things even more the
spec for PCIe 5 has actually already
been finalized but don't worry about
this at all for the minute it's not
something you'll consider for a fully 2
or 3 or even 4 years from now it's a bit
like 5g you know it's just coming out
barely available but of course people
have started talking about 6 genes as
always something else around the corner
so that's a lot to take in but let me
answer some questions directly number
one should you build a new PC now with
PCI 4 well honestly probably not unless
you have made to burn and you just want
a really a future-proof system I would
wait if you can expect a new PC because
there's just not many options it's not
much use case for it right now
and it's only gonna get cheaper as time
goes on especially if a next-gen
consoles do use PCIe for storage which
isn't confirmed but it is very likely by
then in at the beginning of 2021
there'll be loads more options will be
much more affordable and then it'll
probably be worth investing in PCI 4 and
I think right now the only way you'd
really see any difference if you had a
full PCIe 4 setup is if you're
transferring large files but then of
course both devices need to be PCI 4 or
else you're gonna get a bottleneck but I
am really excited to see how it's going
to transform the next-gen consoles
especially when developers can optimize
their games to take advantage of it as
for laptops aim DS new 4000 series chips
which are due out in the next couple of
months won't support PCI 4 which does
make sense at this stage due to the
extra cost and power requirements
although we could see support for it
with Intel's Tiger Lake processors do
towards the end of this year but I'm not
holding my breath
board I reckon do you think PCI 4 is an
essential part of your next system build
or is it worth waiting for a while and
also while we're talking about next-gen
consoles we can't not have a poll about
five vs Xbox series X let me know which
one you're more excited for in the poll
at the top right thank you so much for
watching guys and if you wanna see more
from me don't forget to hit that like
and subscribe button down below
and I catch you next time right here on
the tech chat

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