What is a Wiper Transmission? How Hard Are They to Replace?

by birtanpublished on September 26, 2020

So you can see this arm here it's like on a locomotive it's going around and around and around and it's just basically moving these side to side you can see the other bushing is up underneath of there and the end result is it just wipes side to side 90 degrees

Ryan's mobile one so this is Rex it's a Subaru WRX it's a bug eye and it's awesome it's my lift to the lifts I use it to haul skis gear all that kind of stuff and also do a little bit of roadside work with them anyway Rex needs

Some help because every time I go out it's usually bad weather when I Drive it because it's skiing it's powder day or whatever and I've been the experience and particular problem with the wipers so that's what happens when I have a

Wipers on I'm at speed see how it goes glare off the windshield we get stuck the hurt that's bad normally wipers should not be able to

Move this far just grab it on to them and the problem is wiper transmission so you've got transmission and associated with the shifter and then you've also got a transmission it was transmission being trans means

Across or whatever mission means special-operations kidding no I just basically it transfers a circular motion to a wiper motion it transitions or transmits that energy from circular to back-and-forth cleaner

When children see this is fine and it cleans it glass great but if there's wind the wind catches on this fin that helps create downforce and it moves it clear over the side like that you see what happened there so if you have push

It a little bit of pressure here that goes all the way off the a pillar and get stuck on the antenna let me show you like that and that's scary because when it rebounds it skips most of the windshield and you think it's gonna rip

This off and it's just hard on it generally so that's why we're gonna replace the wiper transmission first thing you do pop the hood I love this car it's a beater but it's

My beater I love the turbo on it automatic transmission so it doesn't get up and perform like some other cars but it's just fun yeah no matter how hard I beat this car

It just keeps going I got out of the car a couple times to check the tires and see if they're flat to the contrary there are even more voluptuous than before they're not flat at all a fun thing about Subarus especially these

Older ones is when you open the hood you can open it all the way back like this I mean like a Jeep if you're doing something like a wiper transmission that's what you're looking for a lot of them have some type of rack

And so you just tie from the rack to the hood latch and it holds it up way out of the way for you so here's what the hood looks like all tied off and then they just hook it into one of the holes there be careful not to hook it too hard or

Else you can actually make a dimple stick out by denting it with the point on the other side for this bulb seal is what they call it you've got little T pins that are in there and this shows the Toyota influence there's a circle

Hole here and you can kind of hooked it on either way or you can just pull them off that way if you push them side to side you usually have pretty good luck pulling them off you have to pull the whole pin out anyway so that's ideal

Because you got to pull all of this little panel off because that's where the wiper transmission was is it lives underneath of this right here on one side there the other that would clear across the

Room never make a youtube video and it's ten Phyllis pressure to perform and get all this stuff done so this is all able to pull up no next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna pull off these nuts these nuts is 14 millimeter so you can either

Have these stick up first or pull the nut off first doesn't matter to this one like that when you have it up into this position then you can kind of push up and down right here

Yeah it'll loosen up and come off like that you need to straighten them if you want or whatever just make sure you don't get it on the alternator discharged wire that could cause small cut short circuiting it feels like

They're not gonna come off and all of a sudden it is come off so all of this come up and you've got a whole bunch of body question kids all the way across the back at this if you break some clips but you know it just happened this

Plastic it'll lift this up in the center gonna clear the one side get it to do the same you gotta get it come off we'll just a little bit I'll show you on the backside here tell those little plastic pins they look

Like sorry board game game pieces that one's broken by the way that one's missing and that one's good so we're in that's the hardest part of the whole job right there so this is your wiper motor if your wiper motor quits or something

Wrong with that that's where you get to it let's just want to clean everything it's just leave it alone so this isn't held in by very much at all so you got one wafer that's powered here and one that's powered here but as far

As fasteners go it's not very fascinating because it's just you've got one here that snaps on and then you've got a bolt here a bolt here and a whole lot of just not much else going on there's a bushing clear up underneath of

There and you can some vehicles like Chrysler used to be really good at providing bushings like that if you're like your transfer case shifter the wiper transmission all that kind of stuff I don't know if they still are not

But this one I had to get the whole thing I'll show you what it looks like in action they'll show you the new one that bushing right there that little white dome looking thing that's what wears out on these things so you can see

This arm here it's like on a locomotive it's going around and around and around and it's just basically moving these side to side you can see the other bushing is up underneath of there and the end result is it just wipes side to

Side 90 degrees hey that's all the wiper transmission is that's what it does let's show you the new one a little van a white action going on the things that you saw that we're broken of course you guys are smart you know that this is the

Way it goes and the wiper motor goes here this is what secures it on this secures it on here this is what goes on the actual wiper motor that goes around and around so this bushing wears out this one wears out but for the most part

By enlarge it's this one here and this one here that caused them to be able to move a little bit too much each way so let's pull the old one out put the new one in so because this was flying off of the a

Pillar and getting stuck I would just bump the wipers I didn't dare leave them on and it's driving in spray driving all kinds of muck it sucked there's a bolt here we're gonna pull that out another one right

Here believe it's just a nut to have kind of magnetics just ready to rock when the time comes once you break it free they come pretty easily we'll try it on it not apply it and see

What a smart guy would undo their conditioning line and create a little bit of slack we find a smart guy in here a little bit nervous about taking some of this apart of the candidate could

Tear the rubber mount since – and the other thing you don't want to move it a whole lot speaks like I'm in an arm or get sued planta not havin a greasy garage tonight but that's not the dirt roads worth of

Grit on it take it to the workbench and swap the motor over this job is not super technical a little bit intimidating if you haven't done one before but bad at all she can see here it's got a bunch of play on it as well

You see how loose that is so probably a lot of the play was just right there like everything else power tools make it a lot easier so this is a 17 millimeter socket right here let me get this off so I can get to the three bolts underneath

Just to loosen now let the technology of the fuel it's got the Bluetooth and the GPS and all that crass the ridiculous gun I'll leave a link in the description this could have been a little bit hard and it could be that we had torqued it

Funny but we didn't I'm gonna mark where this arrow is right here and then we'll have a reference point for this going forward aerial now nice can we take this off and leave it close by a little bit take this

One and just rotate it on top if you have to change this later it's difficult because the stuffs underneath and you can get by because it just goes in a circle and you can adjust for it the way that you put the wiper arms on but it's

So satisfying it feels so good to get it right the first time if you can yeah something satisfying about letting a good sneeze real and have that go like that not like that so now we can compare where this was so

I can say from here in the corner of this since the factory part this should work in theory should point to my finger which means this needs to go just ahead or that way like that and in a perfect world this is gonna work perfect we're

Not in a perfect world spoiler alert let's throw that on the floor out of the way then I can cozy up to the bench and really hold on to this thing and send it home right give us something to be proud of done I'm so excited for this to work

Properly this little car so much of it is right and this is so not right before I'm excited let's do this all right so we just slip it underneath this line here this is for your squirters and wash your nozzles when to wash

Thing it feels like it's just putting itself together as you're doing it there's just not a whole lot of parts and it's just kind of a fun job just the m6 buy one we'll call them in there are in this pushing in art so I can get it

As far as I can by hand so tomorrow it's Valentine's Day what are you guys doing for your significant other for Valentine's Day ample amount you'll be using a lot of Cornhuskers lotion I usually work and for whatever

Reason I said screw it didn't wear them today there we go looks pretty good it's pretty solid I've been sitting on this wiper transmission now for a long time actually I think I

Bought it like a month or two ago it was just rain get ready for ski season so don't have to use espera anyway I don't know how many storms I've been through where I should have had this done and didn't because I want to

Make sure to film it through you guys didn't want to miss it so these little pins just stick them this way and they don't go in but if you stretch and then let go lot of me you can see when I was pulling them out all you got to do is

Get that little part right there the hook part to come off and you can pull this out on the block right here stop so easy I work on someone heating dissipating the butt and then I do stuff

Like what jewelry whereas this one sits underneath windchill their happy spot it's gonna be so nice going skiing tomorrow down to the wipers responsibility fingers you should keep

Them in painting on the car alright drop it like it's hot I didn't take any time at all and if you find they come loose or something wrong it's usually that fourteen millimeter nut is this a messy job yeah a little bit but it's pretty

Easy so now that it's fixed we got to talk about why that little joint by the wiper motor got loose and the reason why is this and really for cold freezing temperatures where these freeze down that things muscling and smashing

Against the bushing as hard as it can to get these things to break free so you'll notice if you go skiing a lot of cars will have their windshield wipers that are up like this they don't freeze to the wind show this way you can scrape it

And get it all good or defrost it do what you got to do and then you don't have that problem the other thing that you can do is manually break them free you don't want to move too far you see these are nice and tight now they don't

Move much at all one more wiper should be able to move this for keep them that way don't freeze it on break them free by hand and you're just gonna be okay instead of subscribing if you like it

Well see more like I do a bunch of Subaru videos and a lot of other things across the board if you want to help other people to find it if you think this is a good video and it's worth people to watch help other people to

Find it by clicking the thumbs thanks for watching you guys have been great and here's some end cards and some bonus footage at the end

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