by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

if you either don't advertise on
Facebook yet or if you advertise on
Facebook and you don't use a Facebook
pixel you're missing out on a very
powerful tool that can amplify your
business by 10 times so in this video
I'm going to talk about what exactly a
Facebook pixel is I'm going to talk
about how it can benefit your business
and how it can help you grow
I'm also lastly going to talk about some
different ways you can implement it to
make sure that you're using it as
effectively as possible
so a Facebook pixel is essentially a
small piece of code that you can embed
in your website in one or more locations
now when visitors go from an ad to your
website the Facebook pixel can fire
depending on where they go on your
website so this is a very simple small
piece of code but if you are somebody
who doesn't write code don't worry about
it Facebook makes it very easy just to
copy and paste their code into your
website now if you're using a web site
like Wix or WordPress or even Shopify
they also make it very easy to implement
these pixels so a Facebook pixel can be
extremely useful when you're not only
trying to optimize your ads or track
traffic on your website but also when
you're trying to create audiences and
look-alike audiences that I'm going to
talk about in just a second so let's go
through this one thing at a time the
first thing I want to talk about is
tracking conversions so if you have a
Facebook pixel in 10 different ads you
can track the conversion rates of all of
those 10 ads and see not only how many
clicks you get to your website from
those ads but you can also then track
and see how far they go within your
website how many end up in sales how
many end up in leads but maybe they
don't they don't buy at the end so you
overall you're gonna be able to track a
lot of conversions and optimize your ads
based on that so you can see you know
this ad worked well and then you can go
with that ad and make some variations of
that ad and optimize continually by
iterating your ads and changing little
things and experimenting and tracking
those conversions so the second thing is
remarketing so by using a Facebook pixel
you're able to remarket to the same user
so now while facebook doesn't actually
provide you an email or a phone number
or any information about the actual user
they do have a user ID that is unique to
that user and because Facebook is one of
the largest databases in the world and
they know a lot about people they will
be able to remarket to that person as
well as something I'm going to mention
in a second and that is create an
audience similar to that person so
remarketing essentially means if
somebody is going through your website
and you can say you know I want to
anybody that went to Add to Cart but did
not see the thank-you page now that
would mean that they added the item to
your cart but they didn't actually
finish the purchase now that could be
one of any reason out there so maybe a
fire alarm went off maybe their laptop
died maybe their phone died maybe they
had to get they got a phone call you
know it doesn't matter what it is or
maybe they just wanted to think a little
bit longer about it you know there's so
many situations out there where people
are thinking about buying from you and
then for some reason they shy away from
that and all they need is one or two
more ads showing up in their feed to
remind them that they are interested in
your product or your service and they
will come back and actually make that
purchase so remarketing is extremely
powerful and it's something that
Facebook pixel allows you to do so as I
alluded to before another way you can
use the Facebook pixel is to make
look-alike audiences so essentially a
look-alike audience in facebook is an
audience out there that Facebook is
going to place your ad in front of that
is similar to the people that already
went to your website already bought
things so this works based on Facebook's
algorithm using their machine learning
capabilities so what they do is if you
have a hundred people visiting your
website and a hundred people then go and
make a purchase on your website you can
tell facebook to find other people that
are similar to those hundred and the
more you have the more accurate it will
be and it will look through all of those
hundred it'll sift through all of their
files on the Facebook database and
you'll find people that match them in
some way so this could be the
demographics this could be what they
like it could be literally anything
about them that matches according to the
algorithm and it can place ads in front
of people that are more likely to be
similar to that group and therefore are
more likely to make purchases on your
website so two things I want to explain
really quickly here so first of all I
want to say that a Facebook pixel is
different from a cookie so essentially a
cookie is going to be on your browser so
if you're using Google Chrome or Firefox
or whatever the cookies going to be on
there and the pixel is going to be on
your website although they work very
well together to track users throughout
their experience on the on the Internet
the second thing that I want to mention
that's very powerful about Facebook
advertising is the fact that it can
track you across devices so if you are
on your phone and you go to my website
and you go and click through everything
and then you click you know adds a card
but you don't purchase it then I already
told Facebook let's just say I told
Facebook to remarket to anybody that put
things in their cart but did not
purchase them so let's just say then you
go to your laptop so you're on your
laptop and you're
through Facebook you might see one of my
ads on your laptop because you were
remarketed from your visit on your phone
to my website so now let's talk a little
bit more about the different types of
events that can trigger a Facebook pixel
so essentially what can a pixel detect
so first of all the obvious one is
anytime there on any page of your
website Facebook pixels can trigger that
and they can detect that a Facebook
pixel can also detect if you're
searching on a website they can detect
if you're adding things to cart adding
things to a wish list if you are
initiating checkout or if you add
payment information these are all things
that a Facebook pixel can detect they
can also detect if you complete a
registration or somehow sign up for your
website as well as if they actually make
a final purchase so of course there are
other things that it can detect and more
specific examples but you can also do
custom conversions so custom events are
something that I think I would rather
talk about in another video in the
future if you want to see that video
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