What If You Traveled Through Time (Full Season | 37 Minute Cartoon)

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

Everyone's had the odd job they were forced to take when times were tough and sometimes you could find yourself responding to some pretty hot job postings millions of people every day show up at laboratories and medical facilities around the world to be guinea

Pigs for dangerous drug trials or to test new gadgets and devices while these jobs can be risky and probably more than a little weird what are some of the worst jobs in the world than have ever existed one of the worst jobs in history

Certainly had to be that of Ponca wallah a royal fan bear in ancient India with temperatures reaching a whopping 122 degrees and humidity as high as 80 to 100 percent it's a wonder that people survived before the invention of air

Conditioning but survived they did and while the common man was forced to endure the heat best they could Indian rulers are Maharaja's enlisted fan bears to constantly fan them all day long being so close to the Maharaja deaf

Servants or slaves were preferred for the role as they wouldn't be able to overhear any secret conversations eventually ceiling fans were invented but without electricity guess who had the job of pedaling the complex system

Pulleys all day long to keep the fans rotating all that labor works up a lot of sweat so it's a good thing getting clean it's just one shower and is so far away but for centuries the process of making soap was dirty disgusting and

More than a bit dangerous up until the Industrial Revolution most soaps were made by combining animal fats with various oils and harsh chemicals such as lime first animal fat was slowly melted and then strained to remove any meaty

Bits then mixed with water and brought to a boil the mixture was left to harden overnight and the next day lie would be slowly stirred into cold water because of its volatility adding too much line

Of water for the reverse adding water directly to live could create an explosion even if the mixture didn't explode though it would heat rapidly due to large exothermic reaction with water and without any protective equipment any

Lie that got on the workers skin would leave horrible burns the fat mixture would then be added to the lye water mixture and blend it for hours soap may leave you feeling fresh and clean but it was definitely a smelly and dangerous

Affair to make for thousands of years melted animal fat can be tiny gross but nothing tops the gross level of the next worst job in history medieval Europe is remembered mostly for epic stories about brave knights but one thing it's not

Remembered for is its indoor plumbing which did not exist in most medieval castles and villages but people still had to use the bathroom and all that waste definitely had to go somewhere enter the

Dog farmer a polite term created for the peasants whose job it was to clean latrines outhouses and royal privies forced to empty cesspools of human waste with nothing more than buckets gone farmers were responsible for digging

Engine and then disposing of the waste of entire villages while sometimes it could be used as fertilizer often the gunk farmer had to burn all of that waste in giant bonfires creating big choking and very flammable smoke exposed

To all manner of diseases and parasites gone farmers were the absolute lowest of the lowest social classes and often died of terrible affections even though our own jobs can often be stressful or difficult let's at

Least be grateful that most jobs today aren't as disgusting or dangerous as those in the past and that one work gets to be a little too much we can always take a quick vacation for some much-needed R&R buzzy and nuts are

Helping us get a glimpse into our own fast but what or rather when have they gotten themselves into this time known as the Mesozoic era the age of the dinosaurs is split into three time periods the Triassic Jurassic and

Cretaceous 245 million years ago the first dinosaur evolved from primitive reptiles and up until recently scientists believe the first true dinosaur was the tiny 1 foot tall ayoh Raptor however a fossil discovered in

Tanzania and recently re-examined has named the 3 foot tall Nyasa Soros peritoneum as the earliest known dinosaur ruling the earth for 135 million years dinosaurs completely dominated the land sea and even air yet

Mammals also existed alongside dinosaurs but given the huge size of their reptile overlords only the tiniest mammals managed to survive with an evolutionary headstart of millions of years mammals couldn't catch up to the size and

Strength of dinosaurs so instead evolved to be small and nimble keeping out of sight of the terrible lizards to avoid becoming a Dino snack this put an emphasis for mammals to become not just small but

Smart which may have led to greater intelligence small dinosaurs didn't fare much better so they started to evolve and become bigger this triggered an evolutionary arms race between predators and prey with both becoming bigger and

Meaner in order to avoid being a snack or to try and get one themselves but sometimes source took different approaches growing armored plates and bony horns or protrusions to use as weapons yet others the sauropods stuck

To the original plan and grew big really big really really big these Giants grew to astounding proportions with the biggest sore upon ever the pedigo titan reaching an incredible length of 92 feet and standing 22 feet

Tall while weighing more than 10 bull African elephants put together that effectively made the Patti go tighten completely unhaunted even by Spinosaurus the largest carnivorous dinosaur ever discovered

Which was barely half its size at 41 feet long that's okay though as there are plenty of other smaller prey for this giant carnivore but could humans have ever lived alongside dinosaurs and what would life have been

Like it's not that man evolved from apes after the climate started changing and a vast forests of Africa turned to savannas with fewer and smaller trees man's earliest ancestors were forced to walk the grasslands on two feet to find

Food but that made them extremely vulnerable to predators as they couldn't hide high up in tree branches anymore this is why some scientists think that man only evolved because large carnivores began to die off giving our

Earliest ancestors a fighting chance so it's highly unlikely that man could have evolved in the age of dinosaurs he would simply have been too easy a snap lucky for us dinosaurs didn't last and though the most widely accepted theory

Is that a meteor the size of a mountain wiped out the diner's some paleontologists aren't so sure anymore pointing at evidence that very few fossils actually exist anywhere within the timescale of the Yucatan impact

Event these paleontologists think that dinosaurs were already on the way to extinction well before the meteor sealed their fate with most dying off – parasites disease or other unexplained events

Whatever sealed their fate we can all agree that we're better off with dinosaurs existing only in our imaginations but did you know that the meteor that ultimately ended the age of the dinosaurs wasn't the only major

Extinction event in the Earth's history tune in next time for fuzzy and nuts his next adventure exploring all the times the world really did end it's time to take a look at the worst natural disasters in Earth's history the earth

Is the only planet we know of that supports life but throughout its history that life has had some really close calls but life never came closer to being wiped out completely than it did during the Permian Triassic extinction

Event because it took place over 250 million years ago it's been difficult for scientists to pinpoint the exact cause but most agree that an event known as the Siberian traps eruptions was a huge culprit in what scientists call the

Great dying the Siberian traps were a huge volcanic formation in what is present-day Siberia that began to erupt toward the end of the Permian period just over 250 million years ago the exact cost of eruptions remain unknown

Though some scientists think they were triggered by a massive asteroid impact like that what you may have killed off the dinosaurs while others believed it was a ticking time bomb all along just waiting to go off whatever the cause the

Siberian traps eruptions lasted for two million and left behind 720 cubic miles of lava and volcanic rock that's more than enough to cover the entire United States in several feet of red-hot magma to make

Matters worse the underground volcanoes erupted underneath several hundred meters of coal deposits the remains of millions of years of plant and animal life which ignited the largest firestorm the world has ever seen this resulted in

An environmental catastrophe and acid rain with the pH of raw lemon juice an incredible 96 percent of all marine life and 70 percent of all land creatures died in the years that followed and it's the only known mass extinction of the

Most robust of all animal life insects life got off lucky and despite the devastation the dinosaurs would evolved from the survivors and come to rule the world but way way back in Earth's history life ended almost before it even

Got a chance to begin in a disaster known as snowball earth the Earth's climate began to subtly cool 850 million years ago and as the ice grew it reflected more sunlight back into space which resulted in even more cooling in

What scientists believe was a runaway process the earth became a giant snowball with ice up to one kilometer thick in places though life consisted mostly of single-celled organisms it was almost completely eradicated and it

Wasn't until the discovery of deep sea hydrothermal vents that scientists could explain how any life survived to evolve at all taking refuge in deep sea vents though life did survive and a gradual increase in volcanism began to release

More and more co2 into the atmosphere warming up the planet out of its icy death grip volcanoes acid rain ice ages the earth has been through a lot but it has never been

Through anything more violent than it did when it was just freshly formed as a young planet over four-and-a-half billion years ago the earth was still in its formative stage under a constant rain of asteroid impacts known as the

Heavy bombardment period devastating as they were all these comet master and impacts actually helped bring water and precious metals to earth to make it the world we know today but then one day the young earth suffered the greatest

Natural disaster in its history and events known as the veía impact with the second smaller proto planet sharing a very close orbit to the earth only one of the two planets would end up surviving and about four-and-a-half

Billion years ago Earth's smaller companion called Vega by scientists was on a collision course with the earth the force of the impact knocked the earth into its current tilt and the debris of the explosion would form into the

Earth's moon devastating but it's thanks to FEA that we have seasons and the moon that helps stabilize our orbit as we travel through space the earth has taken some pretty bad hits and lucky for us we weren't around to see the greatest

Natural disasters in its history but we're actually pretty lucky to be here at all and it's worth taking a closer look at these times life almost went extinct completely today oxygen is vital to all life on Earth and it's impossible

The picture of the earth without its signature blue oceans and clear skies full of fresh oxygen but our young earth looked much different than it does today its oceans were saturated with iron and what little oxygen there was would bind

With that iron to produce rust and turn the entire planet red in the air methane from constant volcanic eruptions blanketed the planet and would have made the air poisonous to life today so what changed exactly well the first

Step towards the earth of today started in the oceans with a single bacteria which through random genetic mutation evolved the ability to photosynthesize this lowly little guy was able to use the sun's energy determined water and

Carbon dioxide into energy rich glucose producing up to 16 times more energy than any other bacteria in the world this supercharged bacteria immediately began to out-compete its neighbors and started reproducing at a massive rate

Eventually this bacteria known as cyanobacteria had completely dominated all simple life in the oceans and if that wasn't enough it sealed the fate of all its competitors with the byproduct of its photosynthesis oxygen as the

Cyanobacteria released oxygen most of it was trapped by the iron in the water but as the cyanobacteria grew in numbers they overwhelmed the oceans ability to absorb all that oxygen releasing it into the atmosphere the

Only problem is that for all other life on Earth oxygen was poisonous which led to the extinction of nearly all other primitive life-forms while the oxygen released would fill our atmosphere with the oxygen we needed to

Survive and turn most of the iron in the oceans to rust which would then sink and give us today's blue waters we'd love so much over two billion years ago this little bacteria that could was responsible for one of the greatest mass

Extinctions in history today the Appalachian Mountains are home to thousands of people and for most bring up fond memories of Pleasant afternoons enjoy some of the most impressive displays of fall colors anywhere in the

World but those same mountains Harbor a deep dark secret scientists suspect that they are the culprits of one of the Earth's greatest murder sprees 444 million years ago grapdelites were tiny creatures that clumped together into

Large colonies and fed on plankton and other tiny bits of food they covered the bottom of the world's oceans and drifted along its currents as one of the dominant forms of life on our primitive Earth unknown to the tiny creatures

Their doom came when the plate tectonics forced the Iapetus ocean plate to collide and sink under the North American plate as one plate was forced under the other the Appalachians began to grow and to be lifted up out of the

Sea full of silicate rock the new leaf horn Appalachians began to absorb co2 out of the air removing the greenhouse gas from the atmosphere and causing an ice age the subsequent freezing would wipe out 86 percent of all life on Earth

And make grapdelites extinct for the worst mass extinction by far though we have to return back to just before the dinosaurs 251 million years ago and the eruption of the Siberian traps last time we learned about the explosion of

Volcanic activity in modern-day Siberia and how it flooded Mariya the size of the US and lava but with eruptions lasting an incredible two million years they filled the atmosphere with co2 which trapped the sun's heat and

Scorched the earth and that wasn't enough all that carbon fed specific types of bacteria that used it to create energy and spewed out methane adding yet another layer of insulation to the sweltering planet as global temperatures

Surge the oceans acidified and became a toxic soup belching out poisonous hydrogen sulfide known as the Great dying by scientists this chain of catastrophes almost completely eliminated life on Earth and set

Evolution back over 300 million years by wiping the slate clean now they found themselves in ancient China smack dab in the middle of one of the worst wars in history in the middle of the eighth century AD China ruled by the Tang

Dynasty was at the height of a cultural Golden Age yet major military losses on its borders to Arab armies in the West and the kingdom of nan Chao to the south had put severe strain on the kingdom to turn the tide of bad luck for the

Chinese army emperor zhongzong appointed one of his greatest generals I'm Liu Shan to lead a force of over 150,000 troops on December 16th 755 though an lushan were felled and turned his force against the Emperor announcing the

Formation of a new empire called the great Yan Empire with him as the first emperor seizing the eastern tang capital at Liu young and then the main castle of Chengdu an Aleutian was poised to defeat what remained of the tank when

Infighting started to tear his newly created Empire apart first and LeSean was killed by his son and sooo who declared himself Emperor and was then killed and turned by an Lucian's

Old friend sheshe minc'd sheshe mein continued the war against the tang with great success but he would shortly after been killed by his own son Xie Xiao Yi proving to not be the military leader his father or an lushan was she shall ye

Would leave his troops to ruin and commit suicide as the tang retook all their former territory the war devastated China with death estimates ranging from 13 million to 36 million and brought to an end a Chinese culture

Of golden age not one war but a series of back-to-back Wars the Napoleonic Wars were the direct result of one single man's ambitions Napoleon Bonaparte ended the chaos of the French Revolution Napoleon created a

Strong stable state with a formidable army but believing France to be weak a joint Austrian and Russian coalition waged war on France scoring his greatest victory Napoleon crushed the Austrian and Russian forces at Austerlitz in

December 1805 bringing an end to the war however concerns about increasing French power led to a new war led by Prussia and the Russians in October 1806 Napoleon quickly defeated the Prussian forces and forced Russia to surrender a

Year later in 1807 peace fell on Europe for a short while but in 1809 Austria declared war on France again Napoleon would go on to decisively defeat Austria at the Battle of Vienna but would suffer serious casualties hoping to shore up

His control of a defeated Europe Napoleon turned his attention to Britain and tried to isolate Britain economically by invading Spain Napoleon simultaneously tried to invade Russia in 1812 but would suffer major

Losses encouraged by Napoleon's defeat Prussia Austria and Russia aligned together and captured Paris in 1814 the Coalition placed Napoleon in exile on the island of Elba off the coast of Italy but Napoleon would go on to escape

A year later and regain control of France a massive alliance involving nearly every major European power would rise up against Napoleon and decisively defeat him at the Battle of Waterloo after which he would be exiled

Permanently to the moat island of st. Helena in the middle of the South Atlantic taking place over 12 years of near constant fighting Napoleon's Wars would decimate Europe killing between two and a half million

To three and a half million soldiers and up to 3 million civilians just over a hundred years later though humanity would see the most devastating war in all of history world war 2 would span across the entire planet and involve

Every major power on the earth with conflict from Europe to Asia and everywhere in between the Second World War would kill over 25 million soldiers and a staggering 80 million civilians or over 3 percent of the entire human

Population this darkest of all periods in human history would last six years and would see the dual nightmares of the Holocaust and atomic bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima though it would be the deadliest conflict of all time as

The silver lining the war would also strengthen the resolve of All Nations to ensure lasting peace leading to the creation of the United Nations and the longest period of peace between major powers in human history World War two

Showed us what war can be like with modern technology but have you ever wondered what life was like before any technology at all the Stone Age began in what was called the Paleolithic era approximately 2 and 1/2 million years

Ago and ended at around 9000 BC with the rise of human civilization the Stone Age is so called because it's primarily known for the use of stone tools by man and his ancestor and marks the first time in known history when any animal

Developed the ability to build and use advanced tools such as flint tips spears and arrows many animals even today use sticks and even rocks as tools to hunt or communicate but the use of stone tips Spears and other primitive stone

Implements was a huge leap in intelligence that set man and his ancestors apart for much of the Stone Age the Neanderthals reigned supreme though typically pictured as crude brutes with little intelligence

Neanderthals were actually very intelligent and are credited with discovering fire they also developed primitive art forms such as cave paintings and recent discoveries in France show that they even had some

Basic rituals for the dead hinting in a primitive form of spirituality Neanderthals however would go to decline about 40,000 years ago with the appearance of cro-magnon man an early version of the modern man

Cro-magnon was more intelligent than its Neanderthal cousins as evidenced by the discovery of finely crafted stone in bone tools shale and ivory jewelry and advanced cave paintings made with paints of multiple times eventually

Neanderthals would go extinct and modern man would arise to make the world we live in today but what was it really like in the Stone Age well for starters it was coal the Stone Age is also known as the Ice Age

As the 2.6 million year long period of the cold temperatures began almost the same time as the Stone Age and only ended eleven thousand seven hundred years ago that means that for most of the Stone

Age it was cold with temperatures on average 12 degrees colder than they are today huge glaciers covered the northern hemisphere and it was during this time that some of the largest mammals to ever

Live existed such as the woolly mammoth for early man the woolly mammoth was a prey item though the hunts were extremely dangerous and only successful because of man's ability to build Spears and communicate complex ideas allowing

Hunting packs of men to strategize and overcome the massive beasts however more fearsome predators that man also lived during this time the most famous of all being the saber-tooth Tiger who would have made a quick meal out of any hunter

Despite popular opinion and Hollywood diets though man did not primarily eat meat but rather existed on a combination of fruits berries nuts and grains in the occasional meat from a successful hunt we know this because of the wear

Patterns on ancient teeth and the discovery of grains and early man sights for most of the Stone Age man lived on the move a nomadic lifestyle that followed herds of animals and migrated to warmer climates during the winter

This meant that Neanderthals and other early ancestors actually had some basic knowledge of astronomy as watching the sky and recognizing the stars above your head and their positions in the sky could tell you when winter was coming

And when it was time to move ignoring the Stars was a good way to die off it's thought that this early watching of the night sky led to the roots of spirituality and religion with early man assigning special meaning to the

Mysterious wandering stars the Sun and the moon what started off as a survival strategy for a nomadic animal would end up being the start of all the world's modern religious man got his start millions of

Years ago as a group of apes left the trees to wander the savannas standing on two feet surviving dangerous predators and the rigors of a two and a half million year long Ice Age man would go on to dominate

The world he lives in and shape it to his will spanning an astonishing 30 centuries ancient Egypt was one of the earliest and most long-lived of all human civilizations it's thought that

Wandering tribes of hunter-gatherers began to settle along the banks of the Nile as far as eight thousand years ago but it wasn't until about 3400 BC that the first true kingdoms arose on the Nile the red land occupied the Nile

River Delta and stretched south as far as at fit while the white land in the South stretched from advic to gebel el Cecila it was a southern King scorpion who made the first attempts to unify the Nile by invading the north but it wasn't

Until 3100 BC that King Menace subdued the north and unified the country life along the Nile was far better than most other places with the seasonal flooding providing rich farmland and abundant crops the mighty Nile also allowed early

Egyptians to freely trade up and down its length moving goods easily from distant places known as the most prolific monument builders of all time the ancient Egyptians lined the desert around the Nile with impressive pyramids

Obelisks and tombs creating some of the few world wonders that stand to this day founded sometime around 2500 BC Babylon is most widely known today for king Hammurabi and his ancient code of laws widely recognized as one of the earliest

Forms of Civic code the Code of Hammurabi was an extensive code of laws that dictated everything from laws punishments and policies ranging from the wages to be paid to ox drivers or surgeons to the liability of a builder

For a house that collapses and even provisions for judges who reach incorrect decisions and must be fined and removed from the bench permanently an extraordinary progressive set of government policies for its time

It's like wouldn't be seen again across most of the world for thousands of years but Babylon was famous for more than just the Code of Hammurabi and was widely known throughout the world for housing one of the most

Incredible wonders of the world the Hanging Gardens of Babylon describe the ancient texts across nearly every civilization the lost gardens featured terraces full of flowers and fruit trees watered by ingenious mechanically driven

Water wheels that reach several storeys in height despite their mention in texts around the world no physical site for the ancient gardens has ever been discovered leaving some archaeologists to believe

That they may have been a myth all along the most advanced civilizations of the new world the Mayan civilization got its start around 2000 BC rather than a unified Kingdom though Mayan civilization

Consisted of multiple city-states with complex networks of alliances or enmities often waging war against each other as mine rulers were expected to be powerful war leaders constant raids for captives to sacrifice or enslaved were

Part of daily life and many smaller city-states quickly fell in line with their more powerful neighbors forming alliances at the height of its power though Mayan civilizations sported the most advanced form of written language

In the Americas and made great strides in the field of astronomy with their temples having some geographical orientation to the stars above those temples however are best known for the practice of blood sacrifices which in

Ancient Mayan civilization was seen as the best way to appease their belligerent gods human sacrifice though was the ultimate of offerings and Mayans often sacrificed slaves captured in war the world of the ancient Egyptians

Babylonians and Mayans was a dangerous one but as fuzzy and nuts we'll discover next time there's been far more dangerous times to live in Earth's history and old mallow cars inhabited

The oceans over half a billion years ago before complex life existed on land originally discovered in fragments this strangely shaped animal grew to over a metre in length and was originally thought to be three different animals a

Sponge a jellyfish and a strangely shaped shrimp it wasn't until 1981 that the individual fragments were re-examine that scientists realized that they all fit together to make one very weird animal armed with powerful tentacles and

A square-shaped mountain animal acara's is thought to have preyed on trilobites but it wasn't until the discovery of well-preserved that showed anomalocaris possessed compound eyes with incredibly acute

Vision that its reputation as man the world's first top predators was cemented animal cars may have been one of the world's first super predators but no animal to ever have lived Maja's the Tyrannosaurus Rex for sheer power and

Ferocity armed with six to 12 inch teeth and the most powerful bite in the history of the earth t-rex was a fearsome apex predator of the Cretaceous ruling over its dinosaur prey for nearly 20 million years reaching a height of 13

Feet at its hips and with a length of 40 feet t-rex weighed a staggering nine tons yet some scientists argue whether t-rex was really a super predator and all and think he may have been nothing more than

A scavenger evolved is such terrifying proportions in order to scare away smaller creatures from their kills this minority of scientists think that the mighty t-rex was basically just a big buzzin looking for a dead or dying prey

Rather than killing it itself the discovery of healed white marks on the sauropods bones though have mostly put this theory to rest showing that the t-rex had indeed attacked another dinosaur and tried to kill it in what

Was certainly predatory behavior Tyrannosaurus rexes reputation as one of the most fearsome carnivores to have ever lived is thus secured for the time being forced to remain small and out of sight of stampeding dinosaurs mammals

Would quickly rise up to take the crown of the top predator after their extinction and out of all the predatory mammals to have ever lived none was more iconic or dangerous than the Smilodon the saber-toothed tiger armed with two

Canines that grew to 11 inches in length the saber-toothed tiger was aptly named this Ice Age big cat hunted alongside and probably on modern man dying out only 10,000 years ago during the mysterious extinction of all the large

Ice Age mammals such as the mammoth he was stumped for decades about how Smilodon actually killed its prey recent computer simulations discovered that the teeth were too brittle for traditional bites that might strike bone so

Scientists now think that Smilodon actually used its powerful muscles to wrestle prey to the ground and then deliver a killing bite to the neck like a giant furry vampire long thought to be a solitary animal much like a modern

Tiger or Panthers recent discovery of a smiling on hip showing a crippling but healed wound has led some scientists to think that smiley dogs were actually pack animals as only living in a pack could this crippled

Smilodon have survived sadly though modern man spent 50,000 years living alongside these fearsome cats we ultimately know very little about how Smilodon live except for one thing it was clearly the most fearsome predator

Of its time history's greatest predators have sported some of the largest teeth and claws to have ever involved but that's probably because some of the animals they hunted were big really really big possibly the largest dinosaur

To ever walk the earth Argentinosaurus towered over the other dinosaurs at a whopping 50 feet tall while measuring 75 feet from head to tail and weighing in at 80 tons this lumbering Goliath was all but immune to

Predators even from the fearsome gigantis or one of the largest meat-eaters to ever fall it's a good thing Argentinosaurus was so big and powerful too because with a maximum top speed of five miles per hour it wasn't

Going anywhere fast but he made those low speeds if a herd of giant Argentinosaurus were spooked they would have absolutely decimated the landscape living in the middle Cretaceous Argentinosaurus laid eggs that measured

A whopping foot in diameter and were so big it's thought they pushed the absolute physical limits of how big an egg could be without collapsing in on itself this Titan of a dinosaur may have been more but immune from predators but

If there was one predator that might have a chance of taking on Argentinosaurus it would have been living at our next destination living 100 million years ago but on a different continent than Argentinosaurus

Spinosaurus was the largest carnivore ever discovered standing 14 feet tall in up to 59 feet long Spinosaurus would have to bend a terrifying Beast to stumble into luckily for most other dinosaurs though

Spinosaurus was primarily a fish eater having hollow teeth up to eight inches longer than similar to a crocodiles and an elongated snout with nasal holes at the top of the jaw this lets Spinosaurus slowly cruised the ancient rivers and

Swamps of North Africa feeding on fish such as the car uncle Christus despite being primarily efficient though it's not that spinosaurus also scavenged the kills of other carnivals as its bite was too weak

To kill big dinosaurs on its own aren't with five foot long arms each ending in 3/8 inch claws but Spinosaurus lack and bite had made up for in savage slashing power perhaps the most iconic feature of the Spinosaurus was its huge sale of

Which scientists remained completely at odds about its true purpose some claiming it was to help regulate its body temperature and others that it was merely for display to attract mates and intimidate rivals if indeed used for

Mating purposes such as the display feathers of a male peacock it's possible that male spinosaurus had very brightly colored sales versus females and though the truth is sadly lost to time splitting off from other whale species

Around 1 million years ago blue whales are the largest animal we have ever known to exist measuring up to 105 feet in length and weighing up to an incredible 200 tons blue whales are not just the largest animal ever but also

The largest carnivore though ironically they feed on the tiniest creatures in the ocean krill taking in giant mouthfuls of water a blue whale then uses its car-sized tongue to force the water past the fingernail like material

Called belief which lines its upper jaws this sits out all the thousands of krill that are left behind and quickly swallowed blue whales tend to be solitary creatures and they were specially lonely in early 1900s when

They were hunted to almost extension despite intense hunting though blue whales numbers are recovering but because of their extremely long age up to 110 years blue whales are slow to reproduce and their population is today

Estimated at around 20,000 individuals a far cry from the 300,000 plus that swarmed the ocean before whaling despite being the world's largest animal this Titan of the sea has been made vulnerable to extinction because of

Man's actions but in the future what might a world that man shapes look like for most of humanity's history mankind has lived a rural lifestyle here but starting in the 1950s a mass exodus from the countries

Two growing cities began to take place by 2020 more people will live in cities then will live in the countryside for the first time in history and that figure will only continue to grow this will create some serious challenges for

Cities who will need to become more self-reliant already in practice in some places around the world future city buildings may be constructed with layers of vegetation surrounding their outer shell this will help keep the building

Warm in winter and cool in the summer but will also allow high-rise citizens to grow their own fruits and crops as well as combat pollution by sucking in millions of tons of co2 directly from the air this will save a fortune in

Energy costs making future cities not just nicer places to live but much more energy-efficient – in the future medicine will be revolutionized by nanotechnology that's technology that works on a molecular or even atomic

Level robots the size of blood cells will cruise your body looking for infections or diseases to eradicate even before you start feeling sick they'll also help you heal from wounds by stitching you together from the inside

Out going even smaller by directly editing our own DNA will eradicate common diseases like cancer and even hack our DNA to increase our lifespans make a smarter stronger and more resistant to getting sick gene editing

Will allow us to ensure that babies are born without genetic diseases common today and you'll even be able to customize the hair and eye color of your child if you wanted to but that's not all technology will eventually make

Itself as natural a part of our bodies as our own flesh and blood starting with wearables that can monitor our skin and taste our sweat to warn us of high stress levels or low blood sugar for diabetics all kinds of gizmos and

Gadgets will eventually make their way into our bodies to help us stay healthy and even connect our brains directly to our technology so now you can control it by thought alone in the future calling a friend to wish them a happy birthday

Will be as simple as picturing their face the ultimate in hands-free dialing mankind was born to explore and eventually will take to the stars though nothing can move faster than the speed of light scientists today have already

Figured out a way to that cosmic speed limit via something they call a warp drive by warping space around itself a warp drive will create a wave of space-time directly ahead of it which would contract space in front of

It and expand it at its rear effectively letting the ship its installed on surf this wave to its destination and because the ship wouldn't actually be moving only space-time around it would be it could go much faster than the speed of

Light without violating the laws of physics this incredible technology could let man get to the nearest stars to us in a matter of days and open up the rest of the galaxy to exploration and colonization and who knows what we'll

Find out there in the reaches of space or the surfaces of the wonderfully strange new alien worlds fuzzy and nuts have been on a long long trip through time and space and we're grateful to them along the way we've learned all

About some of the amazing history of our planet as well as our own ancient past as a species from events that nearly wiped all life from the earth to the times we almost wiped ourselves out and after all that we think it's time for a

Well-deserved break well at least for now

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hey guys Tech Rex here so I'm really excited to bring you guys a giveaway for my channel but this time I'm actually teaming up with a buddy of mine your...
hey guys techrax here so in this video I'm going to be hopefully instructing you guys how to make your very own a tech sandwich slash burger slash meal so y...
hey guys techrax here so I've got a galaxy s5 here this is the copper gold hopefully you guys can see pretty well it is sunset so it's getting a little ...
hey guys techrax here so right here with me I have a professional deep fryer in here is already some canola or corn or whatever oil I don't know vegetable o...
hey guys techrax here so just trying to make this video short and quick i'm having recently i got five hundred thousand subscribers and yeah most of you guy...
hey guys texture so in this video I have a drop test on the latest LG g3 device now this is actually the gold-coloured LG g3 this has not been released in the U...
hey guys techrax here so in this video we'll teach you guys how to make your iPhone indestructible this is essentially a case that's been around for yea...
hey guys techrax here soon in this video we had a train run over the iPhone 5s so we actually did this in two different instances initially we had a Space Gray ...
hey guys tech cracks here so in this video we're going to be dropped testing the newly released Amazon fire phone this is exclusive for AT&T and I belie...
hey guys techrax here so right here with me I have the Amazon fire phone this is the one I dropped and you know I thought what better what else do I do with thi...