What If the Photo voltaic System Began Spinning Backwards?

published on July 3, 2020

imagine that you wake up early in the


and go to the window you're looking east

waiting for the Sun to appear over the

horizon but it doesn't appear you go out

into the street and you see a bright

sunny disc right above your head or

perhaps the Sun for some reason has

appeared in the West where it usually

sets in the evening at this moment you

understand with horror

this whole planets have begun rotating

in the opposite direction what now

awaits us and the other celestial bodies

in this inverted solar system currently

six out of the eight planets rotate

around their axis in the same direction

in which they move around the Sun earth

is one of them but this is only for now

if you think that this will always be so

let's take a look at Venus the planet is

like Earth in mass and gravity it's

sometimes even called the sister of

Earth and at the same time Venus

seems to be turned upside down rotating

in the opposite direction of its

movement around the Sun billions of

years ago some unknown force turned its

axis almost a hundred and eighty degrees

how did it happen according to one

version of events this happened because

of its proximity to the Sun it seems to

have pulled in a dense Venusian

atmosphere first Venus rotation stopped

and then started again but in the other

direction however if we're talking about

planets axis of rotation then there's an

even more unusual example in the solar


Uranus its axis is tilted almost 98

degrees so this planet is now lying on

its side now let's imagine that

something similar happened to earth

if one morning you saw that the Sun

hadn't risen in the east then something

would be wrong with the Earth's axis at

the moment it's angle is 235 degrees

it's gradually changing but within

fairly narrow limits

according to one theory this is due to

the moon its gravity keeps our planets

axis from strong oscillations the

current angle of incline is just

sufficient for the change of seasons to

take place on earth now imagine that the

moon's ceased stabilizing our planet as

a result fluctuations in the angle of

the Earth's axis would become much more

significant they would be between 0 and

85 degrees an angle of 0 degrees would

lead to a complete absence of seasons on

the planet if the angle of Earth's axis

approached 85 degrees our planet would

be in the same situation as Uranus is

now it would be a total apocalypse for

almost 6 months of the year the Sun

would be at zenith above each of the

poles the heat would be so strong that

all the polar ice would melt almost

instantly well on the other hand the

equator would receive less Heat

popular tropical resorts would suffer

from coal and snowfall because of the

melting ice the level of the world ocean

would rise and the water would flood

many cities and even entire countries it

seems that this situation is quite out

of control

so let's model a more imaginable change

to the planet suppose that the Earth's

axis didn't shift by just 85 degrees but

a hundred and eighty degrees then it

would just rotate in the opposite

direction the consequences wouldn't be

so terrible but still significant as you

know the rotation of the earth around

its axis affects the movement of air

masses with a change in the axis of

rotation tradewinds would begin to

deviate in a Western not eastern

direction so what would this lead to

scientists at the Max Planck Institute

for meteorology have modelled the

climate of an inverted Earth

the result is stunning for example the

Sahara the largest hot desert on earth

would turn into a green savanna heavy

rains would allow dense grasses

and shrubs to grow there at the same

time the southeast coast of the USA

would become a real desert the states of

Florida and Georgia would no longer

suffer from heavy rains only from

drought and dust storms on an inverted

earth residents of Western Europe and

Central Europe would face another

serious problem severe Frost's and

frequent snowfalls would thoroughly ruin

their lives and Great Britain could turn

into a harsh icy land it would be as

cold there as it is now in Alaska or in

northern Canada and Russia it seems it

might be better to escape from such an

inverted planet but to where we could

try the moon but the moon wouldn't be in

the same place it was before the fact is

that in the usual solar system lunar

gravity slightly changes the shape of

the earth creating a slight bulge on it

this bold shift says our planet rotates

currently the speed of Earth's rotation

around its axis is faster than the

rotation of the moon therefore as it

rotates the earth transfers part of its

energy to the moon as if it's pushing it

into a higher orbit this phenomenon is

called tidal acceleration due to this

the moon moves away from our planet at a

speed of about 38 centimeters or

one-and-a-half inches per year so if the

earth began rotating in the opposite

direction tidal forces would then slow

down the moon in other words if we turn

the axis of our planet 180 degrees the

moon would begin approaching the Earth's

surface as a result in a few billion

years gravity would bring it too close

to the earth at some point tidal forces

would simply tear it into thousands of

fragments instead of our usual moon we

would probably have a small but charming

planetary ring something like Saturn has

now what's more is that tidal forces act

not only within the earth moon system

but the satellites of other planets are

also subject

ooh titled deceleration because of this

phenomenon a terrible moon fall would

begin in the solar system many planets

satellites could perish for example

Phobos one of the two satellites of Mars

it previously rotated around Mars faster

than the planet itself rotated around

its own axis tidal forces slowed Phobos

down and it began dropping a 180 degrees

rotation of Mars axis would accelerate

this process and boom another moon would

disappear something similar could affect

other cosmic bodies for example two of

the moons of Jupiter Methos and audre


or immediately to all eleven of Saturn's

moons each one would collapse in the

same way however a change in Neptune's

axis of rotation could on the contrary

save its largest satellite Triton from

certain death it's already spinning in

the opposite direction of Neptune and

right now Triton under the influence of

tidal forces is steadily approaching its

planet someday it will be too close to

Neptune but if the planet changed its

direction of rotation tidal forces would

begin accelerating Triton and push it

into a higher orbit Neptune's largest

site would be saved at least one piece

of good news for today but where could

people escape to if all of a sudden the

whole solar system began spinning in the

opposite direction here's an idea let's

go back to Mars despite the fact that a

180 degrees shift of its axis would

provoke Phobos to fall towards it

there's another option for the way

things could unfold as you know

scientists have long been trying to find

extraterrestrial life on Mars so far

their attempts have been unsuccessful

one possible reason is its weak magnetic

field this protects the ozone layer

which is necessary for life and helps

preserve water in the atmosphere

due to its weak magnetic field the solar

wind picks up Mars hydrogen molecules

and carries them away into space

scientists believe that for this reason

Mars has become deserted and lifeless

but if Mars began rotating in the

opposite direction

its conditions could become closer to

those on our beloved earth this would be

aided by a phenomenon known as axial

precession to understand it imagine that

the direction of a planet's axis is

gradually changing now put a coin on its

edge and spin it at some point it will

begin deviating from side to side the

same thing happens slowly with the axis

of the earth and other planets there's

evidence that this contributes to the

emergence of a magnetic field

if you flip Mars axis 180 degrees it

would also slowly deviate but in the

opposite direction

who knows maybe after something like

this Mars could develop a powerful and

stable magnetosphere a stronger magnetic

field would help maintain a denser

atmosphere over time so if the planet

suddenly began rotating in the opposite

direction now you know where to move to

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