What If Gravity All of the sudden Disappears?

published on July 3, 2020

every inhabitant of Earth experiences

the effect of gravity verifying this is

easy just jump or toss something into

the air if it's not a bird it will

immediately fall to the ground because

it's affected by gravity which is quite

difficult to fight but what if gravity

disappears peers suppose it's as simple

as if you could turn it off using some

kind of cosmic toggle switch it sounds a

little unlikely but if you imagine for a

second that this is really possible what

would happen to our planet

spoiler alert nothing good to understand

how important gravity is you first need

to understand what exactly it is

in simple terms gravity is an attraction

between any two objects in the universe

everything in the material world has

gravitational attraction that is

literally everything a planet your car a

cup of coffee and even a cookie crumb

the degree of gravity of an object

depends on its mass the larger it is the

stronger the gravity since the earth

itself is the largest object nearby a

fallen Apple is attracted to it and not

to a person standing nearby distance

also affects gravity if the object is

far away then its gravitational

attraction is weaker therefore its

Earth's gravity that affects us and the

gravity of Venus or Jupiter is

completely insignificant to people on

earth but gravity doesn't just hold

objects to the ground it also gives them

weight the same Apple will weigh much

less on a planet with less gravitational

attraction than on earth and somewhere

else on the contrary it will be as heavy

as Mjolnir the hammer of Thor and

picking up an apple would simply be

impossible gravity also keeps our planet

at a comfortable distance from the Sun

prevents the atmosphere from

disappearing in general it's a very

useful thing but what if we changed the

gravitational effect can a person exist

normally under such conditions well here

you don't even have to use your

imagination we have real examples

astronauts located on the ISS experience

the effects of so-called microgravity

but even such conditions have a

significant effect on humans our bodies

are adapted to the gravitational

conditions on earth and therefore being

on the ISS they lose bone mass our

muscles are weakened our equilibrium is

disrupted and the number of red blood

cells decreases which leads to a sort of

cosmic anemia even wounds take longer to

heal and the immune system loses its

strength a change in gravity also

affects sleep it's amazing how much

we're dependent on this imperceptible

influence all these changes are part of

life on the ISS but astronauts don't

spend so much time there what if people

had to grow up in such conditions the

function of many systems in the human

body is inextricably linked with gravity

muscles heart blood vessels most likely

the human body would have developed in a

completely different way for example the

vestibular system would be different

because without gravity one wouldn't

have to maintain balance once on earth a

person who lived their whole life beyond

its borders most likely simply could not

withstand our gravity but back to the

huge cosmic toggle switch which is able

to quickly turn off births gravity if

this were to happen suddenly humanity

would definitely not be up to solving

the problem of how children of the

future would grow up

astronomer Karen masters from the

University of Portsmouth said that the

first problem we would face here on

earth would be the high speed of the

Earth's rotation imagine that you've

tied a heavy object to one end of a rope

and spin it around your head in about

the same way we all travel through outer

space secured to our planet with the

help of gravity turning off gravity will

work the same way as cutting the rope

the object that we rotated around in the

air will fly off somewhere along a given

path all objects that aren't fixed to

the surface of the earth will likewise

fly straight out into space

anyone who's unlucky enough to be out on

the street at that moment will die

almost instantly to survive such a sharp

jerk and being thrown into the vacuum of

space is simply impossible

and this not only applies to people

animals birds fish and other organisms

will also suffer endure creatures are

likely to survive most buildings are

firmly secured enough to stay on the

surface even without gravity but not for

very long of course everything else all

plants stones cars lakes rivers even

oceans will immediately be destroyed and

yes the atmosphere will also suffer it's

gravity that holds it in place and

without this natural anchor we can say

goodbye to our air and the ozone layer

the atmosphere will begin to dissipate

and in just a few days the oxygen

content and the level of solar radiation

will become critical that is even those

people who remained on the surface

thanks to the protection of buildings

will die very soon because they'll not

be able to breathe of course if you have

a supply of air such as a tank it will

hold out for a while

but without gravity the planet

doomed anyway and I'm not just talking

about the fact that life the atmosphere

and all water will disappear from Earth

don't forget that earth remains a planet

in many respects due to gravity it was

gravity that once upon a time created

our future home from a pile of dust and

gas particles without it the earth will

most likely simply fall apart and float

away into space

does that sound scary this isn't the

worst scenario don't forget that the

mantle and the core of the planet are

incredibly hot and under tremendous

pressure perhaps without gravity the

earth in a very short time will change

from a blue planet into a giant but very

slow bob and not just fall apart but

explode but it will look as if it's in

slo-mo volcanoes will simultaneously

erupt tectonic plates will burst and the

planet will expand along with all this

there will be fragments flying off in

different directions surviving through

such a disaster is simply unrealistic

the astronauts on the ISS will even be

caught in it all and the wreckage of the

earth will most likely reach neighboring

planets over time but even this scenario

isn't the worst it would seem that

everyone is dead what could be worse I

like scientists have an answer to this

question but you're probably not gonna

like it we've considered here a scenario

in which gravity for some unknown reason

disappeared from Earth but remained in

the rest of the universe but what if a

catastrophe happens simultaneously

everywhere suppose there's not just a

toggle switch to turn off Earth's


but a whole control panel that's

responsible for the entire universe

absinthe of gravity the planets of the

solar system would also explode or fall

into pieces and everything around would

turn into endless chaos even the Sun

itself wouldn't be able to withstand

this because of the temperature and high

pressure it would simply explode flying

apart the same thing would happen to all

the other stars in the universe

however since they're so far away it

would be many years before the light of

these explosions reached the earth that

is the place where the earth used to be

please remember that our planet without

gravity has already perished in the end

nowhere in the universe will there be a

large accumulation of matter no stars no

planets not even asteroids the cosmos

will turn into something like a soup of

scattered atoms and molecules drifting

back and forth without any purpose and

this will continue until someone starts

gravity back up again and then perhaps

after many billions of years somewhere

in the universe life will be born again

fortunately this whole scenario is just

a fantasy

scientists are quite sure that gravity

can't just disappear which means that we

our planet and the entire universe are

safe and yet it's amazing how

significant gravity is in the beginning

of this study I didn't suspect that it

meant much more than just an apple

supposedly falling on the head of Isaac

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