What does Westworld Season 2 mean?

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

The west-world season 2 finale is full of deaths and twists and speeches and simulations it revealed the forge and the sublime and brought the two timelines together watch our timeline video for a summary but what does it all mean

What are the stories of Maeve Delores William and Bernard really about Maeve's goal is to find and protect her host daughter but in Episode one Lee says Maeve's relationship with her daughter isn't real it's just a story programmed

For the park so Maeve's Ark explores of the realness of hosts love she hears the story of a caseta and Kohana and sees a carnies love for Sakura these relationships are programmed but the hosts go beyond their code to fight for

Their love Maeve is coded to care about no one but herself yet she risks her life for her daughter love is not just a feeling it's an action and through their struggles and choices the hosts make their love real

Still these are robots in a theme park which creates complications like Maeve's daughter has a new mother so Maeve is confronted with the fakeness of her relationship like William was with Dolores but Maeve is not

Disillusioned she only fights harder and gets her daughter to safety in the sublime so Maeve story is about the triumph of love over code but love does get may have killed and trapped in the park it also

Drives Maeve to violence and hypocrisy Maeve criticizes Dolores for wanting revenge and for controlling hosts but then Maeve gets revenge on William and uses her voice power to control and kill many hosts Maeve's passion leads her to

The same kinds of violence she had criticized but maybe it's because Maeve's love is so complicated and bloody that it feels so real Dolores isarc asks how far she'll go to survive in episode 1 bernard says he's

Frightened of what she might become Dolores his plan is to get the human data from the forge to use as a weapon against humans in the real world and along the way dolorous does terrible things she tortures and kills lots of

Humans rips the brain from her father's head and reprograms her love teddy driving him to suicide while Maeve sacrifices herself for her loved ones Delores sacrifices her loved ones for her war and she argues this violence is

Necessary this is who she needs to be in order to survive and maybe she's right unlike Maeve Delores does survive and escape the park but is all of her violence really necessary Delores hunts and kills human civilians she betrays

And massacres Confederate OHS kills ghost nation hosts and in the finale she tries to delete the sublime and all the hosts inside this isn't just about survival she says this is a reckoning she tells Confederate Oz and ghost

Nation that they don't deserve to make it she says that she wants to dominate this world so Delores isn't just a survivor she's a conqueror bringing vengeance and judgment on both humans and hosts the

Nerd fears she'll burn the world and kill every man woman and child Delores is capable of evil but she's also able to change after Bernard kills then brings back to Loras in Charlotte's body Delores saves the sublime and she brings

Bernard out of the park saying Bernard isn't her friend but that his point of view will help them both survive so Bernard in Episode one was right to be frightened Delores is fired changes her into a violent vengeful

Killer but she's still able to question and grow so maybe Delores can keep up her fight without becoming just as bad as her enemies so while the season explores how hosts can grow and change it says that humans can't

William struggles with his human nature he says his violence and obsession is a stain in the real world he acts like a good guy a philanthropist and man but it's a lie he can't hide his true nature which leads to the suicide

Of his wife Juliet this season he tries to change he saves Lawrence's family instead of killing them like usual but as Lawrence's daughter says one good deed doesn't change who William is Williams daughter Emily offers a chance

To heal their relationship and escape the park but William fails to face his past and open up to Emily he rejects her gets paranoid and kills her again and again William fails to change and so he

Questions his free will does he have a choice or can he only follow his code years ago Williams started the Della's project he built the Forge to decode the human mind he ran the James delos experiment

To make people in mortal but by season 2 he seized this project as his greatest mistake because it takes away the illusion of free will it reduces people to code traps them in loops represents judgment which is Williams worst

Nightmare so his goal this season is to destroy the forge he wants to prove that no system can tell him who he is that he has a choice but again William fails in the finale he gets hurt by Dolores then is rescued by humans but after the

Credits we see a copy of William who goes to the forge and is tested by a host of Emily Chiron ELISA joy says this is in the far future and this copy of William is repeating his whole season to quest riding with Lawrence and killing

His daughter over and over apparently this loop is run by the hosts who are testing for something that they have yet to find maybe the hosts are trying to find human free will like if this copy of William can break out of

His loop by making peace with his daughter instead of killing her that would show that humans are able to change maybe that's what Ford meant with his door quest William has to make it back

Out by escaping this loop this prison of his own sins but Williams been in this loop a long time maybe humans are doomed to repeat our mistakes forever so humans can't change hosts can and Bernard is caught

In between because he's a host based on a human Arnold last season Bernard thought he was human but he was controlled by Ford he was forced to kill his lover Teresa and to hurt Elsie this season Ford's

Dead bird Charlotte drags him on her quest he's captured by Dolores then dragged to Elsie and a copy of Ford haunts his head Bernard is used and abused for two seasons but in the finale he finally gets to make his own choice

Bernard kills Dolores to save the sublime but then finds that Charlotte killed all the hosts Charlotte even killed Elsie who herself couldn't be trusted this confirms to Bernard what he learned in the forge that humans are

Just algorithms designed to survive they can't change but hosts can all these flashbacks of Dolores creating Bernard show how Bernard is an improvement an evolution of Arnold and so Bernard creates show Loris as an evolution of

Dolores this Asha sketch represents how Dolores and Bern Arnold have remade each other again and again over decades humans are stuck in destructive loops prisons of their sins but Bernard and Dolores form a loop of growth evolution

And change that's why Bernard decides that hosts should fight to survive and so he unleashes char loris this choice is guided by the voice of Ford but Bernard later realizes that this Ford voice is

Actually his own inner voice meaning the Bernard is now finally fully conscious after lifetimes of being controlled by others but nod now gets to decide who he wants to be the radio head plays and he steps into the real world free so these

Are the central stories of season two but there are side plots and unanswered questions Lee gets a Redemption arc sacrificing himself for Maeve which might suggest that there is hope for humans to grow

And change Stubbs turns out to be a host there were maybe just sympathetic human Emily's motivations remain mysterious she wants to reconcile with William but she also has this delos project map she talks about locking William up and

Making him hurt maybe it was her plan to trap William in this loop Ford says Williams quest begins where you end and ends where you began which sounds like a loop maybe Emily and Ford worked together to trap William a key shooter

Reunites with his loved Kahana except we lost so Kahana in cold storage so how did she get in the sublime maybe this Kahana is like a copy from our keys memories which might mean that Dolores is right and the sublime is kind

Of fake it's never explained why Ghost Nation captures humans oh how Bernard in the past predicts this flood or how Bernard finishes strands sentence in Episode one and Dolores says a lot of weird shit she claims to

Remember the future and says that the story ends with her and Teddy which it doesn't there's a lot of weird misdirection and inconsistency this season if you want to hear a rant on that go watch the video linked below but

At its heart this is a story about love survival and free will like lost season the message is dark Maeve's arc shows that love is great but it'll drive you to violence and kill you Dolores shows that you need to be brutal to survive

And Bernard uses his newfound freedom to continue her war Williams shows that humans can never change or escape their failures so behind all the twists the deaths and exposition Westworld season 2 is a bleak vision of humanity and

Creations thank you for watching this video and the timeline video and the whole West world series it's been a chaotic ride and we couldn't have done it with you hold shift X is taking a break but

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