What are Lens Effects? | Music Video Cinematography 101

published on July 17, 2020

This episode Andy buggle is brought to you by story box it just adds like a haze texture it's really easy example if this is too much yeah whoa dude that's nice I like that you're not gonna get that effect trying

To edit good yeah what's going on Indy mogul today we are gonna show you guys how to do this effect makes me next uno post-production or budget so to do this thing my buddy Jacob owns here Jacob telling a little bit about the credits

That you worked on yeah it just came off shooting at ESPN 30 for 30 film shuckin tito always you know doing music videos who likes a futuristic kayo Tyga Bone Thugs just a bunch of artists across the board and yeah tremendous amount of

Music videos but this effect that we're talking about today does not just apply to music videos right I'm talking about what today we're just gonna be doing some in camera lens effects that honestly you can find with object like

Everyday objects that you find around your house or you could pick up easily at like Lowe's or Target if you wanted to just some really cool effects they could do for cheap easy quick and they look they look cool Home Depot and

Target here that indie people okay yes we're gonna shoot the summer red but we're also gonna shoot this for the 60 mark 2 and no complaints about budget or anything like that why is it important to be able to shoot this stuff on set

There's certain things you can't replicate in post like with the way like the Sun or light on the set bounces off whatever you're using or throwing in front of the camera and the way it interacts those glass pieces with the

Lens it's just something that again you can't replicate that in post as much you want to you can kind of create a similar effect but it just it's just not you know all the way there saves you time in post cuz you don't have to try and make

It look that way you you shot it that way you know so you're already done and good to go so but – it's not something you're just gonna outgrow like feature films I see tons of puncher films TV shows music videos every single one of

Those things use in camera lens effects like there's all different types of you know big-budget production stuff as well as indie stuff that using camera effects it's any time that you see like a like a strange optical distortion that's done

For stylistic effect right we're gonna be showing you how to recreate that today's you ready do this let's do it in camera lens effects of Jacob Owens let's go okay so we are shooting this with two

Cameras today we got the canon 6d mark 2 for all the people out there complaining and saying that the camera is the most important thing it's not the most important thing we'll get to that in just a minute and we've also got red

Helium 8 k cool yeah Jake what is the first thing that we need to know to actually make these effects work I would say the first thing that you need to know or you need to take into account is your your focal range I would say

Anything 35 millimeter and Beyond 50 and Beyond usually like where you like to say it like 50 you kind of get the most bang for your buck with any sort of lens effects because it just kind of really you know softens like what's in front of

The lens and so you're not seeing like oh there's a light bulb in front of the lens you know what I mean so using a tighter focal length it's just probably the the most key and central thing to getting cool in-camera effects when

We're looking for actual optical lens effects and objects to use right what kinds of objects are you looking for using anything that's like clear so any type of glass that's not like opaque you know you can see through it so like a

Wine glass a light bulb if you can see through with your eye then the camera is gonna be able to see through it first up we've got prism yeah and what does this used for mostly again just like I would say anything like photography or video

Just kind of getting cool reflections and refractions like it it'll with the prism you get a little more rainbow like effect you know what I'm saying so it's just depending on what side you shoot in how lights

Hitting it you can get a ton of different effects with it but a person was a really cool way to get some cool stuff they're hard to like turn because they're kind of slick and I only have like three sides so it's hard to like

Dance it and then you dirty it up by touching it so this one actually throwing this handle alright now we have much more control full rotate what I would do you know in this instance I would mount it to the actual camera body

So again it feels like a part of the lens if we were doing like a performance music video where there's a lot of movement artists is moving around then you dance it in and out you get a lot of cool stuff but in this case I would try

And lock it off so it just sits in front of the lens wherever you want to put it and then it just feels like a part of the shot especially because this scene is so calm yeah I think generally speaking you kind of use the lens effect

To match the tone of the scene right right this is a gel scene so we're gonna lock it off exactly and we're just gonna cover a little bit of the frame to add subtle so basically when you use these kinds of effects is there anything to

Get the watch out for though yeah especially with prisms because they are so reflective if you're not paying attention you can be all of a sudden like getting a reflection in the shot of a tripod leg your shoes and you might

Not you know you might be so into the shot you don't even realize it so just being careful like when you're dealing with prisms of any sort of reflections that are coming from off camera that look weird or unnatural or even just

Like are blocking the subjects face too much so by introducing it there you know if that is your frame like it just helps you know like kind of hide that and make it more interesting and and help you also folk focus on your subject

So in addition to this kind of prism you've got different types of prisms that's like a glass orb prism you get a little more bokeh like effect out of it because of the roundness shape and having all the small little triangle

Details I would use this in a more like subtle way more like dreamlike flashback this one definitely has more of like a bokeh like effect and this one works better on like I would say 50-plus like this one you can you can get away with a

Wider lens but that one because it is like a much smaller surface area than like how wide that is I would go like 50 and Beyond let's put onto a 50 oh that's cool I would like spin it if like like you

Had like a performance music video going on there's an artist on camera performing doing something it's like spinning it you the way the lights interacting with the scene you you know even with them it would look really cool

Cool so what's up next number two we've got light bulb gotcha any sort of light bulb that's clear with filament so something again it's not opaque you can see through it and you have all these kind of like you know you

Have the filament inside working so as you're shooting through that you just get some really cool effects you obviously can't use a standard like New Age LED light bulb like you just you can't see through that it's like a

Edison bulb would be you know a really good light bulb to use I think I picked that up at Home Depot for I don't seven bucks or something like that so if you have seven dollars laying around pick up a light bulb get some cool and someone

Out there's like this is too expensive India enough I can't afford this light blow but all right so let's shoot with these and actually show off what the effect looks like waiting without it so let's do this you always shoot a clean

Plate I love footage yeah so typically like in a music video you know a shoot a clean plate so you have it then maybe punch it into a tighter lens switch up the lens and then throw in your effects plus it's good to always have a clean

Because if in the Edit for whatever reason the clients like hey can you remove that like effect it's like no it's baked in the lens so you want to so you want to protect yourself you know what I mean not everyone's gonna love it

So just making sure you have one clean one regular throw it throw it right in front there right in there okay right in there put a little pressure against the lens so it feels fixed I mean it feels like it's a part of the lens like we're

Getting some kind of flare it adds some character and a part of an image that doesn't have a lot so yeah that this is on a 35 you know we throw on a 50 to a hundred and it completely has a different effect

Because you know all the different glass elements in the lens but also being on a tighter focal range it's gonna be essentially that same effect but it's gonna interact differently it's gonna look differently you're just you're

Always gonna get a different look and so just playing with ya focal ranges as well as like the placement of it next up we're moving up to what a light bulb should actually be used for we're putting them in yeah so you know putting

It into a socket like this where we can run it and attach it to a dimmer this was a trick I did man probably back in like 2013-14 we had a light bulb on set and we had one of these dimmer and we just thought like it'd be cool if like

The light bulb was like flickering on and off or like kind of dimming up and down so by throwing this on a dimmer what you can kind of have it go bright and soft right it's off so not only are you shooting through the glass but now

You're having the filament inside with the light coming on and off and it just just adds another level and this is straight from Home Depot it's just literally a socket to a wall plug pulled into a dimmer correct let's totally

Ready plug it in I see that there ya go more on the subtle and not so high when you take it up this is where I need to AC to pull focus from me because I'm having trouble here but it still looks cool a couple more a couple more here

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Put in the link in description down below but thank you again two story blocks and now back to the episode that we've got this crazy one over here now this is something that you actually make – so so this is the Kaleidoscope filter

And it's in a rotating tray – so you can like of it and rotate it when it's on your camera but it just you know allows you to get a center focal point on a subject because the center is clear and then you

Just kind of it duplicates the image all around whatever you're shooting in the middle and just gives it a cool trippy it could be like a dreamlike vibe but tripped-out vibe but just very stylistic high-energy like performance music video

Vibe it's just a cool thing to like cut into and just utilize it's cool to like punch in swirl give it some energy high energy performance so it's more like something that you're just gonna cut in quick to you have a cool twist turn

Short effect you're out it's not something like a shot you're living on for 20 30 seconds at a time you know what I mean yeah anything that sparkles looks really nice you know I mean doing like detail jewelry shots aren't enough

For this let's also shoot this with the 60 mark 2 also just to show the difference but look two different at the end of the day right when it comes to rigging something like this on here just cruise around the fucking Bank it's the

Fast here we go and again depending on the focal length you know if you're at a tighter lens with this kind of filter on you're gonna get more of a like a even spread across the whole image like the image

Replicating and if you're at a wider you're gonna get more of that sent center focal point and then it kind of being more of like a circle replicating around alright uh what are we looking at here so this this is just a random glass

Cup that I pulled from over there yeah but yeah again it's you know you can see through it with your eye but this one's cool because it has a lot of texture to it so again depending like you could go for one that straight clear this one has

Nice texture so the way the light bounces off of it we'll probably get some like in camera bokeh a little bit but yeah just playing with any type of glass again the point is here you can find literally anything in your house

Maybe a wine glass this little glass yeah any any sort of piece of glass that you can kind of just play with and dirty the lens with a little bit to try and get something unique like what are the odds that someone else is gonna have

This one that is this exact glass so literally the effect you're gonna do is in effect that no one else can do and it's totally one-of-a-kind and again the key is to not cover up her face with the image just to add a little bit of

Texture in right here have your hand on the yeah just up there don't ya don't there you go just hold it there boom and camera effect no one no one else has done this one of it one-of-a-kind effect any last takeaways

For how to use the stuff and like things to avoid to make sure you don't use it wrong it's like with anything it's like when DSLRs came out and DSLR itis everyone was you know just shooting is wide open as possible and you have all

The shifty focus because everyone's so wide open and it's just like in and out of focus so you know kind of like same thing with this like use it sparingly they're not they're meant to be stylistic shots you know what I mean

Something that you can cut to give a shot style Flair boom you're out of it or set the scene with it whatever don't make your entire video nothing but lens effects I guarantee the YouTube comments are gonna be like oh I'm having a

Seizure we're kind of overdoing it to show the effect right there supposed to be sprinkles right you don't have all sprinkles you gotta have some face you gotta have something some meat on there just a little graze on top absolutely

You've also got your own presence too you have your own company around this stuff – I do cuz cuz again I'm I come from that background with doing things in camera and so we've always done things in camera but there hasn't been

Ways to like mount stuff so yeah we actually started this company prism lens effects and we make mountable you know prisms glass objects filters and different things so you can get cool in-camera effects also don't forget that

We also have Indy mogul merch which is now available some of the stuff I'm wearing if you want to find it just scroll underneath the video it's gonna be all there on that bar as well putting all the stuff that shadow he's been

Wearing as well in this video looking good represent the channel awesome if you don't know about the buff nerds of course you probably do already could take bones it's awesome and amazing you can find them online at buff from there

It's Ross can I find you instagram at jacob owns cool sounds gonna shall we get in here to today we're gonna find you this is our wonderful model for the day also a huge thank you to started blocks don't forget

That you can save both time and money like us by having over the story blocks calm slash Indy mogul and if you want to learn more about the buff nerd himself don't forget that we also have a podcast discussion with Jacob they're gonna put

In description down below guys thank you so much for watching this episode and of course catch you guys next time I was filming a baseball show and like literally the athletes would sprint and I'd run alongside on catcher it because

They wanted still that handheld field and not like a gimbal or Steadicam so just like being able to literally keep up with athletes as they're running get the shot and sit you like it's just something that I'm just I'm just

Imagining like a director telling take them till I go run after the ball oh it's in the air yeah and she's just like

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