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What is up crypto game welcome back to another episode if you guys are brand new to hacking your crypto education we do a giveaway at the beginning of every single episode in today's winner is caca thanks so much for commenting on dozens of the previous videos caca over the

Last six months you've been an amazing member of the community and I just sent you some crypto if you guys want to win on the next episode like this video it really helps the channel subscribe and comment about the video with your wallet

Address and in this special episode I wanted to dive into virtual worlds and this is something that is pretty meta this is a topic that has been really fascinating to me over the past year or so that I've been diving into pretty

Deeply now that I'm very immersed in the world of NF T's or non fungible tokens on the etherion blockchain on the eos blockchain on Steam all these different networks out there that are releasing non fungible tokens part of the big

Reason that I'm talking about this today and I want to bring attention to it is because D central land and crypto voxels are the number one and number two most transacted assets on the open sea marketplace over the last week and part

Of this is primarily because people are starting to get attention in the space people are very much going out there doing marketing campaigns on grow your base for example and we're really interested in the fact that there are a

Lot of new artists coming into the space and artists that are getting into crypto voxels doing art shows in this digital world is fascinating to me and what I wanted to do today was just go over those two projects primarily because

They are really heating up right now there are people purchasing over $100,000 worth of this virtual real estate within these worlds that are being created not only in virtual reality but also just on your computer

If you want to log in and check it out it's pretty amazing they're built on the etherium blockchain so you get a chance to play around with it and there's also at the end of this video I really want to talk about a newer project that is a

Virtual world concept so definitely stick around for that the first one I want to go over is crypto voxels it as far as I know is a one-man band and he has been developing on for quite some time now and he's entered

Into this kind of escape velocity where people are able to come in help him and work together as contributors and really emphasize the investment side of things and that's one of the reasons why it's been trending all over the place on open

Sea people are investing in it because they start to believe in this virtual world concept where you create a reality people start coming into this reality and having some fun doing art shows doing night clubs doing hangout stuff

Like that all in this virtual world and ultimately they're trading and exchanging items within this virtual world so it makes sense to have rare collectibles within this so part of the concept of crypto voxels being on open

Sea is they have parcels for sale so you can go on there you can purchase a parcel and that will give you the ability to start building out this robust little area within the virtual world and this can be accessed through

Oculus quest oculus rift and I believe HTC vive so you can go in there you can start building on your own you can join the community and really learn what other people are building and the most impressive part to me is that these

Artists are starting to do our shows within this realm like in their own little parcels they're building out these art galleries and people are coming in and participating in the gallery and things are being auctioned

And it is just creating this new reality which I really like the fact that these land contracts can just become something amazing and one of the really interesting things that I like about virtual realities is not to get to like

Over the top with this but when we talk about things like that we live in a simulation it is a it is kind of a crazy topic that a lot of people brush off but when you look at things like this with people creating their own realities

People buying parcels of land within that reality having events in that parcel of land within a reality you are dealing with something like a simulation it's not like a world that we are all in right now but it is a step in that

Direction which I really like talking about thinking about it is just a wild wild concept and also one thing I wanted to mention is that not only do you need you know you need the the headset to visit in virtual reality but there's

Also Web VR which is a browser that you can get access to and you can go and teleport around using your hand controllers and you could use the web VR browser to actually see what's going on in crypto voxels are a couple really

Interesting popular attractions within crypto voxels like a lot of moneys layer that a lot of you guys probably know from twitter he's an artist there are Olympic pools there's different museums there's space stations

There's all sorts of really creative and cool things and this goes back to what I was talking about with the simulation where if you put a couple simple constraints on something like here's a reality build what you want and you know

Here's the way that you access it people will create something incredible and especially when you allow artists to come in and and innovate when you allow artists to come in first they're going to very much have the creative juices

Flowing and it gives that contributed innovation altogether and moves the needle forward and one of the really interesting things that I saw recently was Electric Sheep is a really fun little parcel in crypto voxels so if you

Guys are interested in that I'm definitely going to be linking to all this in the description below so you guys get a chance to check that out I've been playing around with this a lot because we are working with a lot of the

Top NFT developers on the grow your base platform so I've been just running down this rabbit hole as deep as I could CO and in exploring all different aspects of blockchain and crypto art especially when it comes to these virtual worlds

I'm moving on to decentraland and one of the reasons not only that I wanted to talk about this because of the volume that's happening on open sea and the exchange is because it is launching the gates 2d central and open in seven days

Which is crazy to me because I remember when they first rolled this out and a lot of people were talking about how wild this concept was and building in a virtual reality wasn't or a virtual world wasn't something that people would

Be interested in and now it is doing an immense amount of volume and as of looking at this right now the seven-day volume is 2400 eath in the last week which is crazy the average price is 7/8 that you're

Talking about here so this is not small small transactions this is big big transactions here to simplify what to D central land is you can build and explore 3d creations and play games and socialize with everybody else in the

Space within D Central and parameters and you can actually buy and sell your own services to different people using mana and it's such a cool concept that they've created this reality that you can jump into the D central land a world

Is built around mana which is a blockchain based token and if you guys are brand-new to the word mana it was in Diablo if you guys play that game once upon a time and it was like an energy source in Diablo but in this it is a

Blockchain based token you can trade with goods and services for other people in this virtual world one of the really exciting things about 2d central land is the simplicity that they did around building within the

Virtual world so they created an easy-to-use builder that allows anyone to go in and create and design and use their own little slice of the virtual world it's very exciting that they're making that user experience easy then

That will trigger a lot more adoption when you have people that are very easily building their own little world in there with their avatar building up their mana stack and just buying and selling with various other people within

This virtual world it is a very interesting marketplace it's available on the decentraland platform that is decentralized it allows you to discover buy and sell and manage your parcels of land and you can do it on this platform

Itself so you know DS decentraland has been leveraging open seas relationship getting people to invest in it very much speculating and preparing for this gate release or opening the gates to the central land that's very exciting but in

The same regard they are releasing their own Marketplace on the platform so you can go on there and you can buy and sell on your own so one of the cool things about the D Central and cons and virtual world concepts in general is

Using blockchains allows people to store all these records publicly available without a third party and this uniquely allows cryptocurrencies that are decentralized to interact on top of that blockchain and really really power the

Economy within a game like this you have your blockchain you have your cryptocurrency and now on top of that you have your marketplace where you can buy and sell all these in-game assets that are taking place all within that

Ecosystem so when you bucket that all together you get a really cool and vibrant community I'm really excited to be part of I'm excited to see a lot of the things that are going to be built especially with that customization

Buildable like easy to use feature that they're adding in here I know that crypto voxels is definitely working on something around that and a lot of the people in there are very technical right now but I think that with the central

Lands pioneering of this easy-to-use buildable feature that is going to be moving the space forward as a whole so to recap these two projects crypto voxels and decentraland allow you to build and buy your own little parcels of

Land they allow you to build on that land in this virtual world create things like homes art galleries hold events with other users and you can use the in-game currency that in the central lands case is called mana and crypto

Voxels is built on the etherium blockchain so you guys can interact with each other within this environment you can have your own avatars you can play around with each other and interact in this virtual world the coolest part to

Me is building and being able to create all of these crazy things that would not be able to exist in the real world so you could build you know a dragon breathing fire right next to you if you wanted to you could do all of these wild

Things so for everybody that stuck around it this far into the video thank you so much for leaving a like on the video and being an amazing member of the community the last project that I wanted to share

With you guys as a little bit of a bonus was somnium space now somnium space is a new project that is another virtual world project and you can buy small medium and large parcels of land and you can participate in this

Virtual world it is a newer project like I said so samyama is also based on the etherion blockchain and allows you to truly own these in-game assets so when you are dealing with a blockchain VR Metaverse you are able to you know

Authentically own pieces of that virtual world that you know that you own these different pieces of that world that you're in you have that security of the ownership given that it's on the etherium blockchain so you have your

Tradable decentralized marketplace very similar to the central land on somnium and you have all of these different standards that have been developed for users and it's an exciting project that I've been following pretty closely and

It's it's really cool to see an open and social environment where people can put on their headsets and they can actually just go in and play around with each other they can talk to each other and you can actually just chat build trade

Do all of these cool things even from their PC clients so you can download it very similar to how crypto box was allows you allows you to interact with the browser this one allows you to download a client you can play on your

PC and it is coming to the oculus as well and it's a really exciting concept that all these people are pioneering in this space where you can get access to these in-game assets own a piece of this virtual world and this is a new frontier

Guys like it's exciting it's super cool to see these people pushing the envelope of what reality is and it's such a big statement in my opinion a lot of people discount this type of innovation but I do think that in the simulation theory

These types of things are a step in in that kind of wild direction so a lot of cool in game different features that are happening you know you can monetize your space you can do like real estate and things like that you can basically live

Forever in there I mean in theory this could be the way that people live forever is they're living in a virtual world their avatar lives on you know you have all these different different ways of living forever so a lot of great

Partnerships with the somnium space loom and open SIA partnered with them Sony has even partnered with them to be part of their digital world and a lot of this stuff is just in the works now so it's exciting

To see this coming to a reality and that is it for this episode thank you so much if you guys have stuck around towards the end here all the links will be in the description below to dee central and crypto voxels and somnium space so you

Guys get a chance to research yourselves check it out on open CC what type of volume these are all doing which is very impressive it says something about the future and the innovation that's going on as people are buying this stuff like

Crazy right now so that is it for this episode and don't forget to hack your crypto education and I will see you guys on the next episode

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