What A Professional Chef Eats In A Day • Tasty

published on July 2, 2020


hello friends my name is Eric Z and I am

the chef/owner of 86 Taiwanese

restaurant in the East Village of

Manhattan today I'm going to show you

what I eat in a day for breakfast I like

to eat something that is healthy

nutritious now let's see what we can use

cabbage from a Troy some leftover

takeout eggs I apologize for the

messiness yeah I was gonna grab the

avocado in the milk bread you gotta make

the avocado mash it's like a fake

guacamole it's nice no bread I'm always

thinking about that far far away day

when we're able to reopen and I've taken

a lot of time with it at home to kind of

play around with different ingredients

things that I never really thought of

doing for the rush we actually tried

selling this avocado shopping shopping

is a traditional Chinese pastry

it was delicious but not a lot of people

ordered it save the non broken one for

the wife

and that'll be for me Cheers


this is why I cook they're so good and

my mood is brightened I woke up when I

was taking a shower I didn't know how to

tackle my day I don't know if we're

gonna open for delivery I don't know

what the hell we gonna do I was so lost

when I woke up and now life is good for


my wife she is working from home as a

teacher after really really quickly

crank out something that's super simple

and delicious we're going to make a

healthier version of instant noodle the

difference between these noodles and

instant noodles is that they're actually

a they're not instant because they're

actually raw noodles air-dried think

about fried pasta that's the same thing

you know what else we're gonna make I

think we're just gonna make a quick stir

fry out of pea shoots my noodles packet

says six minutes the quarrel of view is

a create little fights of sweetness to

balance the spiciness of manoeuvres


it's good enough this is kind of a new

trend in Asia appeal and Taiwan every

celebrity has their own brand of these

dry noodles it's a nice healthy

alternative to instant noodle so sexy

and so I've been cooking professionally

for five years now and if the food looks

beautiful it's going to taste better so

if you have a dish that's like solid B

or B plus the plating and the visuals

the colors could elevate that to an a- a

noodle noodle and a bit of a pshew and

the tofu skin that just stir-fried it

all right

well the porn really complimented quick

lunch and then the woman off camera here

gotta get back to work all right so it's

about 4:30 in the afternoon I just got

back from a bunch of errands and looking

for a light snack snack any snack okay

chop it up ruff you still want to keep

it kind of kind of cube awesome vanilla

ice cream from mcconnell's yeah sorry

you have to watch this this guy this

works out here garnished with a little

cilantro cilantro is actually very

commonly used in dessert for Tony's

cuisine here's my snack


it's funny how sweet things kind of

brighten your mood I was only gonna have

like two bites and I was gonna share

with my wife but tough luck for dinner

dinner is usually what I kind of plan my

days around it's where I can show my

love for my wife and tonight we have a

24-hour sous vide short rib that I am

super super excited about so what I did

was I took a whole plate of short ribs I

deboned it and then I made a marinade

out of soy sauce citron pepper star nice

trying to mimic that really classic

Chinese braised beef flavor and with the

short rib sous beating in the marinade

it'll soak up all the flavors in the

seasoning I'm able to just leave it in

the water bath for 24 hours and it will

have a melt in your mouth delicious

delicious texture 24 hours made a mess

you can still see how tender it is whoo

baby baby baby those some of us right

there we go look at this guy do you not

want to marry this beef




the inspiration behind this dish is

fancy Wagyu katsu Santos that you see

everywhere on the internet nowadays but

we're substituting different flavors

into a very familiar dish so it looks

like something but it tastes like

something else that's a technique I

really like and I tried a lot to play

around with I also made some Brussels

sprouts and a little seafood with tofu

pretty excited for this guy


I'm gonna try to put this on the menu I

know it's gonna be difficult because one

huge plate of short rib pretty much only

yielded this portion you know what I'm

gonna stop filming because I was so

excited to eat dinner thank you for


why eating today



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