Westworld Season 1 Explained

by birtanpublished on September 9, 2020

westworld season 1 is really ambitious amidst all the cowboys and robots and violence and sex the show explores heavy themes of creation consciousness free will the plot jumps between timelines with

Flashbacks and visions mixed with mystery and metaphor people turn out to be robots robots turn out to be people and it's confusing as all fuck but there's cool ideas here so let's work it out what happens in

Westworld and what does it mean the basic idea is that westworld is like a theme park full of human-like robots called hosts people can pay to visit as guests and live out a fantasy

In the park many just drink and have sex and kill without consequence the guns there shoot high-tech bullets that hurt the robots but can't kill humans but there are also elaborate storylines

The guests can join in on adventure romance and discovery across the massive space of the park it's like a huge open world video game where rich wankers come to play cowboy and it's all run behind the

Scenes by a team of developers engineers and executives in this facility called the mesa hub the control room monitors guests for safety narrative develops new stories manufacturing builds new hosts behavior

Programs the hosts and livestock endlessly repairs them when the hosts get shot or killed they come here to be patched up reset and put back in the park the hosts live in loops living the same

Day over and over saying the same scripted lines taking guests on the same stories being abused and killed for entertainment the hosts are meant to be mindless

Machines but surprise they start to become conscious people season one follows a few plot lines at once there's ford's grand plan amidst a corporate drama there's the host maeve

Trying to escape and the man in black searching for the maze and there's dolores and william's story which happens 30 years before the other plotlines to make sense of all this let's start at

The very beginning about 35 years before the main story westworld was started by two men robert ford and arnold webber they built robots so human-like that they could pass the cheering test

But arnold didn't just want robots that seemed smart he wanted to make them truly conscious to be thinking feeling people he was into a theory called the bicameral

Mind designing his robots to hear their programming as a voice in their head arnold hoped that their own voice would take over and the hosts would become self-aware arnold originally imagined this journey to consciousness as like

Climbing a pyramid but he later saw it as a journey inward what he called a maze this symbol is based on a real world native american concept one of the first hosts was dolores and

Arnold had a special relationship with her arnold's son charlie had recently died and arnold saw dolores as a sort of a new child one who would never die arnold had

Secret conversations with dolores trying to help her become conscious we see these scenes throughout season one and eventually dolores solved arnold's maze she became conscious so arnold wanted to stop the plans to

Open the westworld park because it'd be immoral to make conscious robots suffer for entertainment but arnold's partner ford didn't agree that dolores was conscious he wanted to open westworld anyway so

Arnold tried to stop all this with a massacre he took code from a bad guy host they'd been designing called wyatt and merged the character with dolores arnold programmed her to go to the town of escalante and to shoot down

The hosts and to kill arnold ford would later recreate arnold as the host bernard bernard lowe is an anagram of arnold webber thus bernard but arnold's massacre was

A huge blow to the early west world ford did open the park anyway but financially early westworld was just getting by it only survived thanks to money from an investor william so a few years after arnold died

And westworld opened william visits the park with logan logan is the brother of juliet the woman who william is engaged to marry logan takes william to westworld as a

Way to bond with his new brother-in-law but it's also a business thing because william and logan are both high up executives in a company called delos which is thinking of increasing

Its investment in the early west world logan's been to westworld before he plays it as a black hat enjoying violence and sex but william's a white hat more moral and sensitive

At least at first william and logan go on some story lines and they meet the host dolores dolores has been wiped and reset since her awakening with arnold but she's starting to remember

And become conscious again william sees there's something special about her and they fall in love which creates conflict with logan who treats it all as a game when dolores is separated from william

He becomes brutal in his quest to find her again he starts to realize that deep down he likes violence and power beneath williams nice guy exterior he's a violent monster

William gets rid of logan and somehow discredits him so that william can take over the company delos and he uses that power to invest in westworld saving it from the financial crisis

Caused by arnold's massacre and william continues his search for dolores when he finally finds her she doesn't recognize him because she's been wiped and reset again

And this devastates william dolores was his glimpse at love but something true and real yet in the end she doesn't even know him it seems that this loss leads william to think that the only meaning in westworld

Or in the real world is to fight and win william embraces a dark new identity as the man in black and for the next 30 years plays westworld with brutality and violence in the real world william

Keeps playing a good guy with delos he's a titan of industry a philanthropist a family man he's married presumably to juliet and has a daughter emily but a year ago juliet apparently

Committed suicide because of william he was never violent outside westworld but emily and juliet knew his true nature so william lost his wife and his daughter rejected him and

Instead of then maybe trying to be less of a dickhead william decided to test just how evil he really was he went into westworld found a random host family who happened to be maeve and her daughter

And he killed them he committed a truly evil act and william felt nothing so this seems to confirm that deep down william truly is a monster but it also revealed something else

When maeve lost her daughter she seemed alive for a moment and revealed to william the maze william saw that arnold decades ago left code and clues in westworld which led to

Some deeper meaning and this became william's obsession to find the final easter egg or quest in this great video game to find challenge real danger purpose and to escape the grief and emptiness of

His real life so throughout season 1 william follows the maze he finds the symbol in a scalp he's told to go and find a snake which leads him to armistice with a snake tattoo

Who leads him to haunt wyatt which leads him finally back to dolores because dolores is wyatt in the sense that wyatt was just a story idea that got merged with dolores by arnold in the end when dolores starts a

Massacre william gets shot by a host which excites him because he's been looking for real danger and challenge but the maze he's been following all this time disappoints him

Because the maze isn't for him it's for the hosts to gain consciousness the maze is for dolores and maeve so as it turns out dolores story with young william and logan actually shows two different timelines at once

Notice how dolores keeps wandering off on our own and having weird flashbacks and visions these scenes actually happen in the present while her scenes with young william happened 30 years ago

In the present she's retracing her steps through the park remembering the past taking a journey through the maze towards consciousness like amaze it's a twisted confusing journey but she does

Reach its center in the finale at escalante dolores confronts william and the suffering he's inflicted she confronts ford and bernard and remembers her killing of arnold she recognizes that the bicameral voice

In her head was hers all along dolores becomes conscious and realizes the person who she must become she takes up a gun and kills ford beginning a massacre of humans by hosts

This attack mirrors the escalante massacre where dolores killed arnold but this killing is by choice instead of being programmed to act as wyatt this time dolores chooses to be like wyatt

She says this world no longer belongs to humans it belongs to her and the hosts she seems to want to wipe out humanity she says you will perish you will lie with the rest of your kind in the dirt a

New god will walk one that will never die this is some serious skynet shit in the season 2 trailer delores guns down fleeing humans she seems to be moving towards all-out

War between robots and man and this is all part of ford's grand plan at the same time as dolores the host maeve takes a different path to consciousness

She works as the madam at a saloon but she starts to have flashbacks of her past life as a homesteader with a daughter she wakes up in the mesa hub and starts to see the reality behind her fake

Life she remembers westworld cleanup crews in hazmat suits who some hosts call shades and she digs a bullet out of her body to prove that her flashbacks are real

Her world is a lie and she's died countless times so maeve works with the livestock technicians felix and sylvester sylvester is kind of an asshole but felix is interested in host

Consciousness and he helps maeve understand how westworld works maeve forces these techs to help her escape she gets them to rework her code to make her smarter and to give her the

Power to control other hosts every host has an explosive built into their spine that goes off if they leave so maeve gets herself burned in a fire so she can be rebuilt without the explosive

In the finale maeve stages a great escape alongside hector and armistice these two have been fighting in shoot-ups and jailbreaks as part of their westworld loops so they're the perfect sidekicks

For maeve in the violence that follows for a while this is bloody catharsis until maeve finds out that her whole arc of awakening and escape was programmed from the start bernard

Says that this isn't even the first time that maeve has awoken it's like that moment in matrix 2 when neo finds out his escape from the matrix was part of the machine plan all along the real reason maeve escaped

Was cause ford programmed her to to create a distraction so the cold storage hosts could escape and join dolores massacre maeve's also programmed to leave

Westworld and infiltrate the mainland but she refuses to follow this last instruction instead she stays to try and find her host daughter so in the end maeve does achieve real

Consciousness and freedom though most of her story is part of ford's plan so what is ford's plan and how does it involve maeve dolores william and arnold the show leaves the details vague

And some of what ford says still seems to contradict what he does but we can work out his goals in the very beginning ford's beliefs were opposite to arnold's arnold thought the hosts should be

Conscious and free he liked hosts more than he liked people but ford didn't believe in host consciousness he believed in humans his dream was to use the stories in the westworld park to help make

Humans better to grow and change but over the years ford saw that westworld wasn't making humans better it was a prison of our own sins where people like logan and william would hurt

And kill over and over ford came to believe that humans can no longer change that our evolution is over he thinks arnold was right all along and that it's the hosts who have

Potential to grow so throughout the season ford works to correct his mistake he helps the hosts become conscious he gives them the reveries update so the hosts can remember their past lives

He restores the town of escalante so dolores can have her awakening with william he programs maeve to escape and infiltrate which is a fake awakening but it helps hosts become free

When teresa and charlotte from delos try to take over westworld ford kills teresa with bernard and when elsie almost uncovers ford's plans he has been not grab her though there

Are hints that elsie's still alive and the reason ford does all this stuff is not just to keep control ford is protecting his plan to eventually free the hosts he doesn't just let the hosts out of the park

Right away because ford believes that suffering is an important step to achieving consciousness pain and loss define the characters of westworld bernard with charlie

Maeve with her daughter dolores with her father and ford with arnold ford believes that pain and time will make the hosts alive and that might be why ford leads william on his maze quest the suffering that

William causes is important to dolores awakening and william is also a great symbol of ford's belief that humans are bad and unable to change that humans are the enemy ford seems to believe

That when hosts become conscious there'll be war between them and humanity like how early humans wiped out the neanderthals but now humans are the old obsolete species

And hosts are the new people who will violently replace humans ford says he keeps hosts in the park so that they'll understand their enemy and become stronger than them ford's final narrative

His grand plan all this time is about the rise of conscious hosts and their war with humanity that's why ford gives dolores the freedom to attack humans that's why ford programs mave to escape

And infiltrate the human mainland that's why the main human character in this story is the man in black someone who started out as a decent guy but proved to be hateful and empty

Inside so westworld ends with a really dark message it suggests that humans like the guests the execs and especially william are fundamentally bad and unable to

Change the oppressed hosts do achieve freedom but not through the compassion of arnold it's only through suffering and through ford's cold manipulation that the hosts are freed

And when they are free hosts like maeve and dolores don't seem a whole lot better than the humans they're replacing dolores especially who once represented the good in the world now seems to be a murderous monster

Herself really the only glimmers of hope in this show are like felix and his little bird and maybe bernard and elsie but overall westworld is bleak like

Black mirror and the handmaid's tale and to some extent game of thrones the show takes a long hard look at who we are and who are becoming and the conclusion's not good

Maybe there'll be more hope next season maybe samurai world will be nice but the title of ford's last narrative and of season 2 episode 1 is journey into night there may be

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