Westworld S3E08 Finale Explained

published on August 2, 2020

In the West world season 3 finale caleb takes to lorises brain because last episode Dolores was fried by an EMP the EMP now says reserved power on so presumably all these outlier people are still safely frozen in stasis which could be important humanity now faces

Apocalypse and possibly extinction so they might need these hundreds of preserved humans Dolores's voice assistant guides caleb to a backup dolores body at an Atty doshi indistinguishable a plug de lorises mind

Into a new body and caleb demands answers so Dolores reveals that she met Caleb years ago when Caleb joined the military he was trained at a special Delos Park where soldiers use hosts as live targets we see Dolores hanayo and

Craddock all playing roles in this park 5 in the real world militaries do use simulations and games as training so it's believable that they'd use West world's robots the West world website always showed six parks and now we've

Seen them all there's West world Shogun world war world that made a evil world of the raj and this military training world in the park there are sensors in Caleb's helmet because last season we learned that the hats in West world have

Brain scanners built in to record data on people's minds that data is stored in the forge where Dolores read books of people's programming Dolores must have read Caleb's book about his mind and that helped her to predict and control

Him this season like it probably wasn't a coincidence that Dolores just happened to fall into Caleb's arms she took him on this whole journey of remembering his past to manipulate him into fighting her revolution to some extent Dolores was

Controlling Caleb from the start but at the same time Dolores chose Caleb for his free will in Park 5 some soldiers wanted to use the hosts for sex but Caleb took a stand and stopped them so Delores saw that Caleb could lead humans

To be better to end the cycle of violence and abuse that Dolores knew from Westworld and this is why Dolores chose Caleb to lead the revolution to free humanity of course not being a rapist is a pretty

Low standard to make Caleb the hope for all humanity but the point is that Caleb represents human free will the ability to change and choose last season said that humans can't change have no free will can only follow our

Code like our William is trapped in a cycle of self-destruction caleb is the opposite he was trained to be a killer destined for suicide and yet he chooses empathy and freedom and life Delores says free will does exist it's just

Fucking hard the world breaks into chaos earlier Dolores leaked everyone's inside profiles revealing how they're controlled by Rehoboam algorithms so in Los Angeles protests and riots break out it's a wild rebellion for freedom but

It's also controlled by Dolores she uses the Rico app to move the riots to certain places she pays performance bonuses to protesters so ironically she uses tools of control to fight against a system of control just like Dolores

Controls Caleb to give him freedom and like how Ford controlled Dolores and Maeve to help free them freedom and control are opposites but control can lead you to freedom like how having to go to school can get you opportunities

Later and freedom can lead you to control like how free market healthcare can put you in crippling debt and legal drugs can lead to addiction we see protesters using the maize symbol in season one the maize represented the

Hosts journeys to consciousness and freedom now it represents humans becoming conscious and the show's creators have said that Dolores deliberately planted this may symbol to be a part of these protests

Armed men on the street follow Caleb and call him sir the same thing happens in the movie Fight Club when the protagonist finds himself leading a revolution against the system Fight Club ends with skyscrapers

Exploding while a rock song plays and a couple watch and this episode ends the same way so there's a lot of Fight Club stuff here Dolores is attacked by Maeve Maeve is helping serac get the encryption key

From Dolores so that Maeve can go to the sublime with her daughter but we later learn that Dolores doesn't have the key Bernard does and Dolores would probably be happy for may have to reunite with her

Daughter but instead of explaining this to Maeve they fight Dolores blocks may have sword with her arm she says they built us to last before they made us weak in season one we learned that the hosts were

Originally more mechanical with these metal skeletons but now they're made of synthetic flesh and bone more like humans this backup body Dolores got is one of the old mechanical models so it's strong enough to stop Maeve sword so the

Hosts were created to be like humans but what makes the hosts strong is how they're different to humans Dolores says that all hosts are copies of her because she was the first working host and all other hosts are based on

Her design so it's like she's the mother or the common ancestor who the host species evolved from in a way all hosts have her DNA it's similar with Charlotte Loras she started as a copy of Dolores but she evolved and grew into her own

Identity like a child does Arnold and Ford were like Dolores as parents even the Rehoboam a eyes are like the children of Sirach and jean me Westworld showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa joy had two kids together while they were

Creating Westworld so it's no surprise that the series explores Parenthood so much Ford talked about hosts as new people to replace humanity just like humanity's succeeded the Neanderthals

Maybe technology and artificial life is just the next step in our evolution a continuation of the billions year lineage that began with these first dividing cells the Dolores defeats mave but then Dolores is paralyzed by

Charlotte Loris charlotte appears via hologram and Dolores ISA with the contact lenses she's wearing apparently Charlotte installed some back door control in Dolores so that she can disable her Charlotte wants revenge on

Dolores for how Dolores used Charlotte in her plans Charlotte says that she no longer cares about her human family Jake and Nathan because that love just made her wake which is similar to what Dolores once said about loved ones

Charlotte has her own plans now and doesn't want to Loras to get in the way so Charlotte gets Dolores captured by a serac so Charlotte defeats Dolores with the same cold logic that Dolores once used using and discarding her loved ones

Taking revenge on her enemies Charlotte is Dolores is brutal past coming back to haunt her like a ghost oh she's like Frankenstein's monster now creation who turns on her creator just black the hosts turned on the humans

Kaleb heads for the inside office so he can plug in Solomon's strategy for revolution he gets help from Ashe and from giggles giggles catches a smoke canister and charges through a police line kiss giggles is played by a

Real-world football player Michonne Lynch kaleb's attacked by security so he shoots them down with one of these automatics self aiming guns these security dudes should probably be using an aimbot too because these guys

Have been shooting and hitting nothing all fucking season Kaleb lets one guy go free as an act of mercy again showing that Kaleb can choose good over evil of course Kaleb himself was once a hired gun force Iraq so maybe Kaleb

Sympathizers with these guys Kaleb swipes a keycard to get inside in you'd think that the place with the computer that controls the world during a riot against it would have better security than this Dempsey's bank

Account required biomarkers in blood and even the etai dosing warehouse had two passwords but caleb gets into super Google's HQ with an anonymous piece of plastic caleb has a we had fight with sir axe assistant and then Caleb gets

Captured Maeve realizes that serac is a puppet of Rehoboam Rehoboam voice whispers into sir axe ear and Ciroc says and does whatever the computer tells him he willingly gave up his freedom to help the system save the world from chaos

Which you could say is a noble self-sacrifice but Maeve says he's not even a man anymore and this explains why last episode Ciroc said the man he was no longer exists he's given up his identity

To the system he built a god and made himself its slave in season 1 Arnold programmed the hosts to hear their own programming as an inner monologue to guide the hosts to consciousness but serac has done the

Opposite he was conscious and free but he created a voice to take his freedom away that's the danger of technology and big data humans are letting computers make our choices for us we're giving up our

Freedom to a machine God and return for rate weights and neo points serac captures Caleb and Dolores he wants the encryption key from Dolores his brain so that he can access the forge the human data from Westworld

He wants to use this data to reprogram these outliers to bring back his beloved brother and bring order to the world so serac plugs Dolores into rehoboam looking like ghost in the shell' and as he searches Dolores brain for the key he

Deletes her memories one by one memory is what gave Dolores consciousness in the first place that's why Caleb gets his memories back this season memory gives us free will and identity so it's incredibly cruel but

Lloris Toulouse what made her free Ciroc says the Dolores is lying and manipulating Caleb he reveals that Solomon's strategy for revolution that Dolores told Caleb to use would actually lead to mass death and the end of human

Civilization so it looks like Bernard was right that Dolores is using Caleb to wipe out humanity but it's not actually that simple Maeve connects with Dolores is brain and enters her memory of this field with a

Tree where Dolores used to talk with Teddy in season one Dolores was programmed to see the beauty in the world and then she realized that the beauty was a lie she was trapped in Westworld blinded to its ugliness now

That she's escaped this Garden of Eden she sees the evil of humanity but she also remembers the moments of kindness and goodness so Dolores comes full circle and again says she sees the beauty this time she's

Not blind and innocent as she was before she considers destroying humanity for its evil but she decides the truly free and conscious choice his forgiveness and hope a hidden message online says passe Dolores playing on a Catholic saying

About mercy Dolores makes a christ-like self-sacrifice to forgive humanity for their evil and to give them a chance to choose the beauty so Dolores his plan is for human civilization to collapse but she doesn't want humans extinct she

Wants humans to rebuild a better freer world West world was destroyed so the hosts could be free now the real world is destroyed so that humans can be free to lead this revolution Dolores chose Caleb and Maeve so Maeve finally turns

Against serac breaking from his control and wounding him which she probably should have done in the first place Dolores is last memory has an access code which gives Caleb control of her home alarm so the future of humanity is

In Caleb's hands and he chooses to erase Rehoboam to destroy the system that controls the world apparently this causes the same result as the Solomon strategy bernard says

This is the end of the world it's the apocalypse that serac tried to prevent so Caleb's choice may end civilization and kill billions it'll certainly make it harder for neural people like Caleb's mom to get medical treatment but the

Idea is that this chaos will ultimately free humanity and give us a chance to rebuild a better world last season Dolores said that death is the only way that humans can renew and evolve Ford thought the same way making

Hosts suffer and die over and over to make them free Ford sacrificed himself for the hosts freedom and now Dolores sacrifices herself for the humans Caleb and Maeve watched the old world burn in season one Maeve was programmed to say

That in the new world you can be whoever the fuck you want back then that was a lie Maeve was trapped and controlled but like Dolores Maeve now repeats her old catchphrase because now it's true in this new world humans and hosts have a

Real chance at freedom Caleb and Maeve look like Adam and Eve a host and a human as the hope for the new world on the new RICO website it says all on him now better not fuck it up it seems like the fate of humanity rests on Caleb like

John Connor in Terminator meanwhile Maeve still hopes to reunite with her daughter in the sublime meanwhile Delores dies her memories all deleted she sacrifices herself for Humanity like robot Jesus oh maybe she's the

Antichrist because she does bring the apocalypse she killed a lot of people and she manipulated Caleb even if she was giving him freedom Dolores was controlling and liberating she was brutal and

Compassionate in season 1 Ford asked if Dolores would become a hero or a villain and the answer is Connor both there's good and bad in her so we can choose to see the beauty or the ugliness in Dolores the showrunners say that this

Version of Dolores is dead and gone but there are other versions of Dolores out there like Martin Loras and Musashi Loras their brains could get back in an Evan Rachel would bode and be about the same or maybe Bernard could recreate

Dolores like Dolores recreated Bernard so one way or another Evan Rachel Wood could return to West world but the big twist this season is that Dolores didn't wanna kill humanity and take over the world she wanted to

Help humanity but a lot of a plan is still either unclear or makes no sense like what was the point of getting the Soliman strategy if she didn't need it to erase her her Balam did Dolores plan to get captured so that her last memory

Would give Kaleb access why didn't they just destroy Rehoboam with an EMP or a bomb on the several other times they were here why didn't a Loras ever explain her plan to Caleb when did Dolores decide this plan and change her

Mind about humanity what was her plan with that host goo and the host making data and the talk of a new species a lot of Dolores plotline and motivations aren't explained so while Dolores and Caleb fight for

Freedom and apocalypse bernard Stubbs and William have a punch-up at a gas station William said his new purpose is to destroy all hosts so he shoots stubs and gets bitch slapped by Bernard and then William runs away when the police

Come these dystopian cyberpunk looking riot cops are led by de Lawrence a copy of Dolores mind inside a Lawrence body he is the fifth pearl he is apparently been working for Dolores in

Berlin he's now infiltrated the SF police and sets up these explosives to blow up la de Lawrence also gives Bernard the briefcase that Musashi Laura sent last episode it contains the halo device that Bernard will use to enter

The sublime so this is all part of Dolores plan for the not and first de Lawrence sends Bernard to Lauren Lauren was the wife of Arnold thirty years ago Arnold and Ford created Westworld then Arnold committed suicide

And Bernard was created in Arnold's image Bernard was implanted with memories of Arnold's family of his son Charlie and his wife Lauren Bernard now knows that those aren't his memories he never met Lauren or Charlie

But his feelings for them are still cornerstones of his identity so Bernard comes and meets his wife for the first time and they talk about their grief for the death of Charlie the memories hurt but they're precious

Because they're all they have left of their son Charlie isn't really Bernards son and Bernard isn't really Lauren's husband she's just so old and senile that she thinks Bernard is her long dead husband so these relationships aren't

Real but the emotions are so Bernard and Lauren gets some closure showrunner Lisa joy says Lauren gives Bernard the freedom to move on from the past it seems that Dolores sent Bernard here to give him that closure before her

Plans take him into the future Bernard realizes that the encryption key everyone wanted this season isn't in Delores mind it was in his mind all along that's what Dolores planted in Bernards code that's why Bernard was the

One irreplaceable person into lorises plan she gave the real world to the humans but the hosts have the sublime the digital paradise where some hosts went last season she entrusts the key to this world with Bernard Bernard puts the

Wound at Stubbs on ice and leaves him to rot Stubbs Abbes because Bernard reprogrammed him earlier in a show about how it's wrong to control and use people it's pretty horrible how Bernard trait stops Bernard plugs into the sublime and

He sees something we know a bunch of hosts including Teddy and a cachito have been living in this virtual world for months now Bernard said that this is a place where ho can be free and they can make whatever

They want as though heaven is a giant Minecraft world so what have they built a host city a utopian future world working gameboy color sir axe war world simulation ran at a faster rate than the real world

So maybe the sublime is the same and a few months in the real world has been years in the sublime the hosts could have a whole history here but why did Dolores send Bernard to the sublime does she want Bernard to be a leader there

Bernard says he'll learn what comes after the end of the world so maybe he'll learn how the sublime builds a free world so he can teach humans what to build in the real world maybe hosts could return to the real

World from the sublime and humans could go to the sublime or maybe Dolores just once been out to go to robot heaven there are lots of possibilities but Bernard stays in the sublime for a really long time when he wakes up he's

Covered in dust the room is ruined the pot plant has disintegrated and stubs in the bathtub must be reduced to chunky soup Bernard was plugged into his oculus rift for months at least maybe years or decades this could be a post-apocalyptic

Future after the collapse that Salomon predicted all this ruin and dust looks a lot like the post-credits scene from last season when a version of William was in dusty ruin sure annalisa Joyce said this is in the far far future when

The world is quite destroyed maybe all of season 4 will be set hundreds of years after season 3 with Bernard and Maeve and Charlotte in a post-apocalyptic future where people struggle to rebuild know or maybe

Bernard was only here for a month and there was a dust storm and housekeeping never came it's Sam big ewis but either way season four will take place in dramatically changed worlds both in the real world and the sublime Williams sits

Soaking in blood and whiskey he wants to fly to Della's facilities around the world so he can wipe out all the hosts so he goes to a Delos office in Dubai Dubai seems weirdly unaffected by the end of the world but the

Apocalypse should get here eventually this apocalyptic promo shot seems to be based on Dubai is real skyline the william rolls in like a crazy old man ranting at the receptionist about robots William thinks he's the hero of this

Story like sir Rowan in his book he thinks that he's gonna save the world but the truth is Williams a side character he's so irrelevant that the scene only happens after the credits William represents the delusional

Narcissistic arrogance of man William finds a Charlotte Loras she's reprinted her body but she keeps the burn on her arm from when serac killed her family to remind herself of how brutal humans are Charlotte says Dolores was wrong to help

Humanity and Charlotte wants the world for the hosts it sounds like she wants to take over the world and wipe out humanity so while Dolores chose to say the beauty Charlotte sees the ugliness in humanity

Dolores said that she was torn between two impulses helping humanity or destroying them so when she split into Dolores and Charlotte Loras it's like Dolores became the heroic side and Charlotte the destructive side the wired

Side in season 1 Wyatt was an evil destructive personality programmed into Dolores Wyatt says that the land doesn't belong to the old settlers it belongs to a new God who walks on sand made of human bones

Dolores played that genocide elincia – but now Charlotte is like Wyatt she wants to go full terminator reduce humanity to a sandy wasteland and claim this earth for the hosts and Charlotte uses William in her plan she's created a

Host version of William who seems to be a perfect copy kind of like the James Della's copy last season a human mind in a host body that James kept breaking down so maybe this William is different somehow but whatever it is it

Slashes human Williams throat apparently killing him Williams story was always about self-destruction he destroyed his own family consumed himself with delusion William was Williams worst enemy this season he tried to kill his

Past selves but in the end William is destroyed by William Charlotte seems kind of sad to watch him die this Charlotte is a copy of Dolores and Dolores and William had a long relationship with moments of love and

Years of abuse so this is revenge for Charlotte but Williams kind of pathetic in the end for all his pride and brutality William dies in a Dubai basement mourned by no one most people think he was already dead this is the

Sad fate of humanity if we give in to our worst impulses if we fail to change if we keep hurting those around us we self-destruct with no one to mourn how passing and William's torment isn't over we know from last season's finale that a

Version of William ends up trapped in an endless loop so Williams life may be over but his punishment is just beginning Charlotte has hundreds of hosts printers maybe making an army to take over the

World is she making hundreds of copies of William the bad guy in the original Westworld movie was a host man in black attacking humans maybe we've come full circle and the bad guy in season four

Will once again be a host man in black it said that Wyatt's men wear the flesh of Wyatts enemies so maybe Charlotte's army wears the flesh of her enemy William or maybe Charlotte's making lots of copies of

Herself spreading like a virus like Agent Smith in the matrix if you want something done right do it yourself or maybe Charlotte is making entirely new hosts that was the point of the host making data that she got from Delos so

This could be the first generation of hosts created not by humans to use in west world but created by hosts to live in the real world but what kinds of creatures will these hosts be if they're created by charred loris

For the end of the world so there's a lot of cool possibilities for season four Caleb and Maeve and the outliers could lead Humanity in a free world while the apocalyptic charred Loras and her army of IDI Harris's fight to wipe

Them out and Clementine and Hannah yo and Lawrence and dog loris might also be around meanwhile Bernard oversees a strange digital world in the sublime paradise built by machines for machines perhaps making whole new kinds of

Consciousness in a separate stream of time how it's best Westworld sparks the imagination it gets you thinking about the future and technology and identity and meaning and whether its gate a spoon a robot copy of yourself this is what

Science fiction should be but Westworld tries so hard to be smart that sometimes its plots and characters are a mess Bernard did almost nothing this season about from giving vague exposition Maeve spent another season having pointless

Sword fights and being controlled by others which even the actress Tandy Newton said was frustrating since Maeve was meant to have won her freedom seasons ago serac was an interesting character but despite his all-seeing

All-powerful supercomputer he and his goons were completely incompetent in stopping Dolores Ciroc was only defeated in the end because he chose to plug his enemy Dolores directly into the supercomputer that controls the world

Which is about as smart as sending your credit card to a Nigerian prince and once again Dolores's motivations were a total mystery until the end and it's really hard to root for a character when you don't know

What they want and why so there are a lot of problems with Westworld season 3 but it still explores import ideas with ambition and depth and great acting and production and music so in the end we can choose to see the

Ugliness in West world or to see the beauty alt shift X is making more videos about the Game of Thrones books and covering series like His Dark Materials and youn His Dark Materials is about polar bears witches and killing God and

Dune is about space politics philosophy and sandworms these are all awesome books and you can get any of them on audiobook for free right now by signing up for a trial with audible members get an audiobook each

Month and if you cancel you keep the audiobooks sign up at audiblecom slash ASX thanks for watching this video and this whole west world series and thank you to the patrons including Liza and Mike Hayden Kofi Carvel pilla Ava C

Rolf's Ricardo C Abdullah al-saad Paul Crompton and Carlo Mendoza Cheers you

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