Westworld S3E07 Explained

by birtanpublished on August 4, 2020

Westworld season 3 episode 7 starts with Musashi sato loris his mind is a copy of Dolores his body is Musashi's from Shogun world and he's pretending to be a Yakuza boss called Sato Masato Loris sends a package to a mysterious friend in a mysterious

Location we know there was communication between Jakarta Berlin San Francisco and Los Angeles Dolores and Martin Loris were in LA charlotte Loris was in san fran Musashi loris is now in jakarta so maybe this friend is a Dolores coffee in

Berlin maybe Musashi is working with him to create more hosts with that white host go but whose body does this Berlin host have Musashi refers to him as male so maybe his teddy or maybe he is a Laurence because it looks like his actor

May return this season so the 5th and final Dolores copy could be Laurence Loras charlotte Loris portrays Musashi by leaking his location to hana yo and Clementine who were printed by serac last episode to help Maeve kill the

Dolores 'as Charlotte is angry at Dolores for risking her life and says she has her own plan now but last episode Charlotte and her family were blown up by serac so why would Charlotte help serac kill de lorises maybe

Charlotte thinks that Dolores killed her family maybe serac turned charlotte against a Loris just like he turned Maeve against a Loras or maybe this isn't even charlotte last episode charlotte was burnt now she looks partly

Healed but the lighting is dark and weird maybe this is just a hologram of charlotte no she's somehow controlled by serac Musashi Loras is killed by Hana yo this is personal for her because hana yo was allies with the real Musashi in

Shogun world so it's horrible for her to see her friend's face being worn by Dolores he desecrated the real Musashi his image hana yo takes Musashi lorises head and we know charlotte Loras has Martin lorises head so maybe they'll be

Your reunion the Dolores's next episode we see Clementine acting normally which is weird because in season 1 Clementine was lobotomized her brain was wiped and she was later reprogrammed to be a mindless

Death zombie in season 2 the host backups in the cradle were destroyed so how is Clementine restored to a normal self do she and hanayo really have free will here or are they pawns being used by Maeve and serac this episode is

Called past pawn and it's all about control Delores and Caleb go to Mexico because it turns out that that blood tracker in William last episode its purpose wasn't to track William he's just in San Francisco its purpose was to

Hack into computers there to find this other facility in Mexico where to Loras and Caleb go Caleb casually reveals that he knows that Dolores is a host who killed a bunch of people in Westworld he might have worked it out when he saw

Dolores get shot and he might have seen the news about the west-world Massacre but he seems surprisingly relaxed about the fact that his new pal is a murderous robot he asks her what a revolution is about and Dolores says that she just

Wants a place for the hosts to be free she says Westworld was based on this Wild West landscape that while the West was cruel unjust and chaotic it also had hope and freedom Dolores wants land and opportunity for a

People just as the American settlers looked for land and opportunity but just like the settlers she brings violence and death as well as hope caleb questions how many people will die for her revolution Dolores tells caleb to be

A leader she wants him to carry out her plan of revolution but bernard says this plan will actually destroy humanity so Dolores is manipulating Caleb using him to lead humanity into slaughter which connects to a similar scene in season 1

Dolores tells Teddy that farmers control herds of cows with a Judas steer you control the Judas steer to lead the herd into the slaughterhouse so Caleb is that Judas steer the leading humanity to its doom

While Bernard is trying to protect the humans like he tried to help that cow in episode 1 Dolores uses a fancy gun with a target spotting drone to kill some guards and get inside the facility this is the same

Facility that we saw in a flashback it's where serac takes unpredictable people called outliers and edits them to make them more controllable Kaleb starts to remember that he too was edited here Dolores came here to find Solomon

Solomon is an earlier version of Rehoboam the AI supercomputer that controls the world it was created by Jean me and serac but Jean me became mad and chaotic and schizophrenic and his computer Solomon became unstable like

Him so Solomon was replaced with the more orderly Rehoboam Solomon recognizes Caleb because Solomon knows potential futures from his data projections but Solomon's not sure what's real if this is now if this is here back in season 1

Dolores asked herself the same questions when she was on a journey towards consciousness so Solomon's instability might actually be his path to consciousness kosher runner Jonathan Nolan has talked about leaving a mind in

A box until it goes insane and how that insanity might have truth to it which is basically what's happening to Solomon it seems that Solomon doesn't directly know what's happening in the world anymore he can only guess at what's happening based

On old predictions it's kind of like Plato's allegory of the cave where someone can't see reality directly they only see shadows of a simulated reality if one escapes the cave they can see the real world directly like how Dolores and

Maeve have escaped West world to see the real world the season premiere alluded to Plato's cave with this crazy guy shouting about shadow people and seeing the light dolorous says that she and Solomon are alike because they're both

Considered obsolete technology and they've both been trapped and controlled Dolores once had an explosive in a spine that would go off if she tried to escape which is why she touches the back of her neck

And Solomon is trapped by the threat of an EMP that's set to disable him if he tries to leave but Solomon rejects Dolores and says that they are nothing alike the same thing happens later when Dolores tries to make peace with Maeve

And Maeve says then nothing alike turns out it's kind of hard to make friends when you're an extremist robot in a Revolutionary War ol Dolores has our allies who she uses for her plans we learn more about Sir acts reconditioning

Program he takes out Liars who don't fit into his system and gives them AR therapy to reprogram them to make them controllable and predictable with most of these patients the treatment doesn't work so Ciroc has them frozen in this

Facility thousands of people are kept in stasis just like cold storage in West world where malfunctioning hosts go the humans are controlled like hosts and the centerpiece of this place is the frozen sarcophagus of Jean me sir acts beloved

Brother who he failed to reprogram Solomon speaks with Jean Mays voice and has Johnny's personality so Solomon is like a machine version of jean me in the same way that Bernard is a machine version of Arnold Ford's loving yet

Controlling relationship with Bernard and Arnold is similar to Sir acts loving controlling relationship with John me and Solomon a hologram of Sirach explains that he hopes to reprogram all these frozen people so that they can

Rejoin Society has compliant cogs in his machine to do that he needs the right set of genetic information to improve his reconditioning therapy and that's why serac needs the key to the human data in the forge he wants to use the

Data to fix all these people and reunite with his brother so everyone can live in a perfect world under his control it's a fairly positive motivation for a supervillain but as Caleb said he'd rather live in a

Chaotic world than be controlled by serac caleb finds out that his life is a lie ten years ago Caleb and his friend Francis were in the Army they fought in the second Russian Civil War which was

Men trailer they assassinated Russian insurgents by tracking them with high-tech glasses and radioactive markers then dropping missiles on them from space which seems much more messy

And expensive than just shooting someone but whatever caleb believes that his squad was attacked by insurgents using the same tracking and bombing technology they used and that caleb and francis were hurt

Then caleb believes that he and francis captured the leader of the insurgents but they were ambushed and francis was killed but it turns out that's all bullshit these are false memories put into Caleb's brain in surak's

Reconditioning facility the truth is after caleb was injured in that earlier attack Caleb and Francis went back to America and were trained to hunt down other outliers other people who didn't fit serac system the RICO crime app is

Actually controlled by the system and it's used to direct agents like Caleb and Francis to capture other outliers so they can be either reconditioned or kept in the freezers or just killed Francis had a sick kid just like caleb has a

Sick mother maybe the system uses sick loved ones to keep people poor and desperate and working for the system Caleb and Francis were these many IED masks which might be meant to confuse face-recognition tech but it's also

Appropriate since they're working for the all-seeing Solomon Rehoboam it turns out that this insurgent leader wasn't in Russia at all he was actually a pharmaceutical executive who asked too many questions so the system had caleb

And francis capture him and francis wasn't killed by insurgents the system decided that caleb and francis knew too much so it turned them against each other and caleb killed francis so Caleb's life story and his trauma is a

Lie the system manipulated him into killing his friend and used him to hunt down outliers for years we say from his timeline the system even made him break up with a partner even his army memories might be fake because just as caleb is

Programmed to leave that insurgents killed Francis he's also programmed to believe that this earlier attack was done by insurgents would insurgents really used the same tracking tech and space

Missiles that the Americans have or was this attack actually Americans attacking Americans just like how the system turns Caleb against Francis maybe it's like in 1984 where all wars are faked orchestrated by the system to

Keep everyone in control there's also this unexplained memory of Caleb shooting someone in America and it's still not explained when Caleb got shot in their head before or exactly why his mother doesn't recognize him so there

Are still mysteries in Caleb's past Delores gets Solomon to use its data and algorithms to make a plan for revolution to end sir axe control of the world in his fury Caleb agrees to carry out this plan but he doesn't really know what the

Plan does Solomon tries to explain and warn Caleb but they run at a time so what does this plan really do if Bernard is correct the plan is to destroy humanity and Dolores is using Caleb to wipe out his own species like in halo

When an AI gets the hero to follow a plan that would actually wipe out humanity whatever the plan is Dolores is using Caleb just like serac system used Caleb he's always been a pawn but this plan could give him power the title of

This episode is past pawn in chess that's a pawn that's on track to potentially become a queen the most powerful piece in the game so maybe Caleb can escape control and win the game on his own terms

Caleb his instructions from Dolores virtual assistant telling Caleb how to follow her plan but maybe Caleb will start listening to his own voice in season 1 Dolores followed Arnold's voice until she realized she was following her

Own inner voice all along maybe Caleb will also find his own voice achieve freedom and stop being porns bernard says that dolores wants to destroy humanity but it's probably not that simple

Dolores has said that she wants to take over the real world for the hosts but musashi laura says she'll also build a new world for the others so maybe she'll take over the real world for the hosts and we'll build a digital simulated

World like the sublime for people like Maeve and her daughter maybe Dolores will upload humanity into that digital new world a revolution is a circular motion if the hosts get the real world and humans get a fake one

They will have gone full circle from season one or at least a 180 Dolores has also said she wants to start a new species maybe she'll create a hybrid species that's part host and part human like burne Arnold Bernard is important

To Dolores as plan so this plan may be more than just destruction Maeve arrives to attack Dolores Dolores doesn't want to fight but Maeve is mad that Charlotte Loras killed Hector and she's worried that Dolores might use the key to the

Sublime to mess with her daughter Maeve has also been threatened and manipulated by Ciroc Ciroc toned Maeve and Dolores against each other just like he turned Caleb and Francis against each other and turned Charlotte against a Loras this is

Why serac is so powerful he doesn't need to fight his enemies because with his daughter he knows how to make his enemies fight each other Maeve brings a knife to the gunfight but she also brings a drone gunship and she

Hacks into a robot to attack Dolores just like the robot may have hacked in episode 2 the fight has a sort of Western showdown vibe until Dolores his arm is shot off by Maeve's gunship just before Maeve kills Dolores Dolores

Activates the EMP an EMP is an electromagnetic pulse that can disable electronics so Maeve and Dolores and Solomon all go down we don't know if this causes permanent damage or if the hosts just need to be switched off then

On again no or blown like a Nintendo cartridge we also don't know how this affected or these frozen popsicle people are they gonna thaw out and die Oh will they wake and rise up an army of angry outliers to

Fight kaleb's revolution like in season 1 when the cold storage hosts rise up in revolution this whole season is basically a repetition of season 1 but instead of hosts it's about humans escaping control bernard is two steps

Behind dolores as always he finds out about sir axe reconditioning program apparently when the treatment fails and outliers are put in stasis in mexico they're officially listed as missing or dead and that has happened to William

He's now officially deceased which offends William he claims to be a bastion of society once William was a Titan of industry a philanthropist and family man but now his family is all dead serac owns his company and William

Himself is deceased William has lost everything so what's left but now it finds that caleb is an outlier and recognizes Caleb from the party in episode 4 so he and stove's decide to chase after Dolores and Caleb

Weirdly the patient ID on Caleb's profile is the same as Williams ID is this production error or is there a connection between the two some folks on reddit have noticed similarities between William and Caleb they play similar

Roles in the story in William Dolores finds human evil and no free will but maybe in Caleb she'll find human good and the capacity for change William sees the chaos caused by Dolores as Dada Lake and Williams excited to see

This anarchy and violence all through season 1 William wanted Westworld to be free and chaotic with the real violence and real consequences so he was excited in season 2 by the bloody host revolution now the whole world is full

Of chaos and violence which is what William thrives on William says that his greatest sin was helping create the hosts because he funded Westworld he ago and so William says that his new purpose is to wipe out all the hosts

William is such a fundamentally destructive person that his idea of redemption and being the good guy is host genocide violence is all he knows Williams character represents the obsolescence of humanity he's basically

Irrelevant and useless only good for hurting others and himself so what purpose can he serve in a story other than to self-destruct so will Dolores his revolution destroy humanity will Caleb be a pawn in her plan will Maeve

Reunite with her daughter what's Charlotte's plan and what happened to Charlotte's dog all will be revealed hopefully in the finale after this season of Westworld

Old shipwrecks we'll make more videos about the Game of Thrones books and we'll cover new series like His Dark Materials and June His Dark Materials is a story about polar bears witch's evil Catholics and parallel dimensions and

Doun is about space politics philosophy and Giants and worms these are all classic books and you can get any of them on audiobook for free right now by signing up for a trial with audible members get an audiobook each

Month and if you counsel you keep the audiobooks you also get unlimited access to audible original CH month sign up at audiblecom slash ASX thanks for watching we're holding a season 3 finale live stream

Right after the episode at about 10:45 pm Eastern Time Sunday patreon supporters can watch the live streams after their broadcast thanks to patrons Lucas P Evan Schall s'en Gustav shilling span get Coleen ihara Isobel Joo Bryan

Donald Lena Johnson and absolute Cheers you

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