Westworld S2E06 Explained

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

In Westworld season 2 episode 6 Maeve stands surrounded by corpses these are the hosts who charged her last episode she's apparently killed them with her voice power and her swords did she really have to do this though her voice can control hosts why not just freeze

Them like Maeve did to bernard last season or wake them to consciousness like Maeve offered to a carnie may have told Bernard that she won't hurt him because that's what humans do to hosts but here she is slaughtering dozens of

Helpless hosts which arguably makes her no better than the humans she's rebelling against Akane mourns the death of Sakura and Maeve remembers her own beloved daughter it's a comment on the sameness of human stories and feelings

Across cultures and a reflection on the preciousness of hosts life and then may have kills more soldiers cuz fuck those guys they're confronted by Tanika who's challenged to a duel by Musashi Musashi uses two swords in combat just like the

Real historical Miyamoto Musashi who was famous for using two swords Akane asks Maeve to use her power on Tanika but Maeve says we each deserve to choose our fate even if that fate is death so Musashi baits Tanaka and lets him

Commit seppuku before beheading him allowing Tanaka to choose death but does Tanaka or Musashi or any of the Shogun hosts really have the power to choose even if they're off their scripts their personalities are still programmed

They're not fully conscious and they don't know that their world is fake how can they truly choose death when they don't know the nature of their lives they go to snow lake and lay Sakura's heart to rest in a place she felt at

Peace Maeve heads off to find her daughter while Akane and Musashi stay behind they choose to defend their land and stay with Sakura spirit even if it means their death when Delos or other hosts

Come with their choice be different if they knew that their land is a theme park and that Sakura is a broken robot as this inscription says everything is a dream this place is fake and maybe there's

Beauty in choosing the illusion like religious faith love meaning but if Delos restores the park these hosts could be trapped in the same cycle of death and abuse that may have fought to escape it seems wrong

To leave them in danger and ignorance but maybe it had also be wrong for May of to wake them against their will it's similar to the real-world ethics of visiting uncontacted peoples maybe they have the right to choose to keep to

Their traditional lifestyles but can you choose when you don't know the outside world hanayo joins Maeve's party as they exit Shogun world through a grave tunnel the way this works is that Undertaker hosts bury dead hosts by chucking them

In these tunnels where they're taken underground to the Mesa for repairs so West world handles the dead without breaking the illusion of the park mave finally reunites with her daughter they had lived here at this homestead

Until about a year ago when William killed them both mave broke down and was reprogrammed as the Mariposa madam now when she returns she finds her daughter has a new mother mave was replaced just like Clementine

Was when she was decommissioned and this is how West world works for all we know this daughter had a dozen mothers besides Maeve so how can Maeve claim her at the start of the season Byrne Arnold said that something's real when it's

Irreplaceable Maeve has been replaced so is her relationship with her daughter real just when things get philosophical ghost nation turns up and chasers maven a daughter this has happened before may 4 members being chased and scalped back

In season 1 but this time a character tells may've to come with him that they are meant for the same paths Maeve replies that his path leads to hell last season may have learned that the ghost nation religion involves shades figures

Of West world Tex shades are described as men sent from Hell to oversee our world so maybe that's why may have associates ghost nation with hell but isn't Maeve woke now doesn't she know that shades are just texts and hell's

Just the Mesa and hosts get replaced isn't she curious about ghost nation and is she running away instead of using her voice on the hosts Maeve's meant to have maxed out intelligence maybe her daughter and homestead have made Maeve

Fall back to old patterns as a conscious host she has to balance the programmed feelings that give her life meaning against the complex realities that undermine meaning just like in real life Lee calls dela security for help which

Could save Felix Sylvester and Lee but it's a betrayal of Maeve putting her hosts in danger Lee at least as the decency to look guilty after the time he spent with Maeve he sees that hosts are people too William spends some quality

Time with his daughter Emily aka Grace at first bill thinks she's a host sent by Ford he tells her to evacuate to safety but she proves her worth by stopping a hosts ambush later she and Bill have a heart-to-heart they

Talk about going to the Raj once with Juliet Emily's mother but Emily and Bill have different memories of that time some fans take this as evidence that William is a host failing a fidelity test but maybe he's just a bad dad who

Forgets stuff about his kid Emily says she wants to bring bill home to repair their relationship and to save bill from dying in the park bill agrees but in the morning he leaves Emily behind to continue his quest so

This is classic William he acts like a good guy in a family man but that's just a hired his true Westworld self Emily is also hiding something she says she only came to the parks were nostalgia and now wants to leave but earlier Emily told

Stubbs that she's not looking to leave and we saw her following this map with the delos research symbol it looks like Emily has a mission that she's hiding from William she mentions being contacted by Charlotte so maybe she's

Actually working for Charlotte helping a secured Ellis tada and if William is a robot maybe he's the data we don't yet know what Emily really wants while Williams hat is black Emily's is a murky brown gray it's not

Clear whose side she's on later Williams party is attacked by a ghost nation which is like the sixth time in this series of these guys have turned up looks spooky than gone they have captured some humans and killed some

Hosts they're connected to shades and to the maze so maybe they're awake but we still don't know what ghost nation wants Stubbs returns to the Mesa hub having escaped from ghost nation he meets Charlotte who was captured Peter

Abernathy because he has secret daughter in his head that the Della's company wants Charlotte has Peter physically nailed to a chair because Westworld never misses an opportunity for some Jesus imagery

Now that Delos is Dada's secure the company sends an extraction team led by Coughlin who in the space of just 50 seconds says the words goddamn ass shit fuckin fucker Dix and Jesus Coughlin might be trying too hard and his team is

Probably doomed because we don't see Coughlin in the week ahead timeline and his soldier Goldberg appears dead in the week ahead Bernards had flashbacks of a fight in the control room so it looks like these humans are killed by

Dolores's hosts we see Teddy in Sweetwater instead of picking up milk like he used to he grabs a bullet because this is the new Teddy with his new personality he's more decisive and violent killing a human hostage Dolores

Seems concerned the new Teddy might be hard for her to control he seems resentful of the way Dolores changed him maybe Teddy will rebel against the lorises programming just like Dolores rebelled against human programming

Dolores and her hosts used the west-world train to blast their way into the Mesa hub also killing the human tech Phil which seems pretty dumb because without Phil they can't easily resurrect or reprogram hosts there's no going back

For new Teddy Dolores mission is to get her host father Peter Bernard and Elsie also head to the Mesa hub Elsie says that the system sending out bullshit quarantine notices which must refer to these messages on Westworld sites saying

There's been a mild viral outbreak and the parks are closed but everything's fine earlier the site said that the board members were still celebrating at the so apparently the outside world has no

Idea that people are being murdered by West world robots else he finds that the parks being influenced by something inside the cradle the cradle is a big server where backups of hosts brains are stored their minds are plugged into a

Digital simulation of West world so the cradles like matrix for robot brains to investigate Bernard plugs himself into the cradle and inside the simulation he sees digital copies of Dolores teddy and Robert Ford it turns out that the brain

Bernard made a copy of earlier was ford's and now he lives on in the cradle a ghost in the machine he influencing West's world he says online that his Reach is limited but Elsie says the cradles affected systems

All over the park through the cradle Ford's been stopping Delos from getting control keeping his changes like the lethal guns he's been affecting Williams quest and maybe Dolores and Maeve stories earlier

This episode Dolores played the Mariposa piano she seemed in control but now we see Ford at the piano suggesting that he's in charge but Ford's influence will likely end in the wake ahead timeline the cradle is destroyed so unless

Someone puts Ford's mind back into a body which is possible Ford might die a final time the beginning of this episode is even more confusing than the end Dolores speaks with someone who seems to be Arnold for its partner who died

Thirty years ago Arnold talks about the Escalante massacre whether he should kill all the hosts to try and save them from life in the park then Dolores reveals that this conversation is a test for fidelity that

They've repeated countless times lack the tests on the robot clone of James Delos in Episode four so apparently this Arnold is also some kind of clone but James was in a physical body this Arnold is probably a digital simulation because

This scene has the same narrow aspect ratio as other scenes set inside the cradle and it does make sense to run these fidelity tests digitally it's much cheaper than burning and rebuilding James's room over

And over and presumably you could run the software fast do a hundred iterations of Arnold in one day instead of over decades like James but who is making this Arnold clone in the cradle and why and when this might be a

Flashback from decades ago with Ford trying to recreate his friend Arnold but it seems like Dolores is running this so maybe this is happening in the future with Dolores trying to recreate Arnold in a connected scene at the start of

This season digital Arnold mentions a dream of the ocean which seems to refer to the flooded valley of the week ahead timeline maybe the Bernard on the beach in the week ahead has this digital Arnold in

His head that would explain why Bern Arnold says he killed all the hosts he's thinking of the Escalante Massacre thirty years ago so there's lots we don't know but it seems like this person is a copy of Arnold in the cradle

Probably made by Dolores sometime in the future it's a complex mishmash of this season's themes realness and Replace ability love and relationships identity and control but there is one more Big West world mystery how does William stay

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The emails Cheers you

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