Westworld S2E05 Explained

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

Westworld season 2 episode 5 begins in the week ahead timeline strands forces are draining the flooded Valley and fishing out the dead hosts bringing them to the Mesa hub to try and fix them and recover their code but Antoine finds that a third of the hosts brains are

Empty not like they're wiped but like they never held data to begin with so did someone put new empty brains in these hosts what happened to their old brains maybe these empty hosts are decoys and

Dolores put their real brains in new bodies so that they can escape West world like how Maeve got a new body to remove the explosive in her spine last season Dolores said she used the valley as a weapon so maybe these hosts in the

Valley are part of her plan we also see more of the cradle a kind of simulation technology or time capsule someone has destroyed the hosts backups it held if the hosts no longer have backups maybe it's now possible for them to

Permanently die and like William the robots are in real danger for the first time strand makes a weird comment about someone giving quite a story he might mean Ford's story at least some what's happening this season seems to be

Part of Ford's last narrative he said there'd be violence and surprises and a birth of a new people both bernard and william say that they're in ford's game but strand looks at bernard and talks about figuring out how the story turns

Like in episode 1 it seems like strand is trying to get information out of bernard what does he think bernard knows something about Peter Abernathy or James Dallas or Ford and the general Skynet shitstorm does strand know that Bernard

Is a host bernie is acting weird there are theories that this bernard is actually a human host clone of arnold although this whole week ahead timeline is a simulation in the cradle to interrogate bernard at this point we

Still don't know but something is up here in the previous week timeline Teddy and Dolores arrived at Sweetwater Teddy calls this place home because he and Dolores lived here for 30 years but Dolores says it's not really home they

See Clementine meeting the new host that took over her role after Clem was decommissioned says the same scripted lines that Clem said in her loop so this is proof of the fakeness of life in Sweetwater and if

Their lives were fake is Dolores and Teddy's relationship real they go to a field where they used to dream of running away together someday but after 30 years in their loops someday never came now that they're free teddie asks

Dolores to finally go start a life together but Dolores feels she has to stay and fight her war against humans in a way her woke nurse makes her less free she feels more responsibility now than she did as an ignorant machine but

Dolores does decide that her love for teddy is real and they have sex maybe for the first time in their 30-year relationship but it might also be their last time Dolores has a weird metaphor about burning weak cows to stop a

Spreading sickness the point is she thinks teddy is too nice to survive the war ahead like in Episode three Teddy let Craddock go free then Craddock went on a killing spree in Las ruedas Teddy's mercy is dangerous and with this

Sickness metaphor it sounds like Dolores is worried that Teddy's compassion might spread so Dolores uses her human tech Phil to overwrite Teddy's personality the changes are so extreme that Phil says Teddy might not survive these shots

From a pre-release of the episode show Teddy's personality before and after Dolores maxes out his aggression and cruelty and sets his empathy to zero those shots might not be canon but the point is that Dolores destroys the man

Teddy was she sacrifices the one she loves for the sake of her war like Stannis with Shireen as Maeve argued earlier it seems hypocritical for Dolores to kill and control people when she claims to be fighting for freedom

Dolores says that this is the only way and that she knows how this story ends so maybe she's got some master plan with the valley and these hosts and the death of Teddy but even if this wins her war is it worth her becoming just like the

Enemy she's fighting against Dolores prepares the west wall train to go to the Mesa hub and rescue her host father Peter who was taken by Charlotte in Episode three after Dolores brutality towards teddy

You gotta wonder if Dolores is helping Peter out of love or if he just needs the data in his head for her plan Maeve & Co get captured by Samurai hosts from Shogun world Maeve uses her voice commands on them but they don't work

Because the Shogun hosts only know Japanese that would explain why these ghost nation hosts were immune earlier they speak Lakota but Lisa is that all hosts have many languages buried in their code which shall probably come in

Handy later Lee says Shogun world is like West world but more violent and Japanese so rich waves can wave katanas around which doesn't seem very safe West world's guns are one thing but it must be hard to stop guests hurting

Themselves with swords and things we learned that Lee copied bits of Shogun world off West world so there's a town like Sweetwater with a place just like the Mariposa saloon the hosts akane and sakura are based on Maeve and Clementine

And the hosts Musashi and Hana yo rob a carnies tea house just like Hector and Armistice robbed Maeve's saloon lots of these shots are direct recreations of the west-world originals so this is a classic West world brain fuck using

Repetition to make us question identity what does it mean to be Maeve when there's a Japanese copy of her it also reflects the long history of Japanese samurai films and westerns borrowing from each other massages actor says it's

Beautiful the way east and west used each other's ideas and yet HBO keeps restricting our videos for copyright so go figure the West world hosts have mixed reactions to their Doppel BOTS Hector

Doesn't trust Musashi armistice and hanayo snake-charming and Maeve sees herself in Akane Akane is motherly relationship with Sakura is similar to Mavis relationships with Clementine and with her daughter

So when Akane kills to protect Sakura from the Shogun's men Maeve decides to help her that night the group is attacked by the Shogun's ninjas who abduct Sakura may have has visions and his voices she seems to be tapping into

The mesh network that bernard mentioned subconscious link between nearby hosts so it's like Maeve is psychic and can hack hosts with her mind she uses this voice power to control and kill a ninja when the Shogun's army arrives

Hector Musashi armistice and hanayo make a distraction so Maeve Anna carne can escape turns out Maeve wasn't kidding about leaving Hector for dead lis questions whether Maeve should risk herself to

Help Akane and Sakura arguing that they're just machines but Maeve says that her choices and love are more than just code on the way to save Sakura we see delle security have been slaughtered by Shogun world hosts which is

Impressive like the battle of fort forlorn hope was one thing those hosts had guns and nitro but the Shogun hosts have swords and somehow they beat delle security who have assault rifles but they also have

Walkie-talkie thingies Lee takes one from a corpse maybe he's planning to betray Maeve and rejoin the humans Maeve and Coe pretend to be a Chinese envoy and go meet the Shogun the Shogun's off his loop but knockers his woke he's just

Broken leaking brain fluid like bernard was a carnie shows herself to the Shogun who was shocked that she'd risk her life for Sakura instead of running away it's just like how Maeve risks her life to rescue her daughter instead of leaving

West world last season the Shogun agrees to release saccharum if Akane dances for him that night maven Akane find the Shogun has carved the shape of a cherry blossom tree into Sakura's back the name Sakura means cherry blossom in Japanese

Akane and may have talked about their shared scripted story of a new world which represents freedom to them Maeve uses her voice power and offers to wake Akane show her the truth behind her simulated

World but Akane refuses and Maeve respects her choice so Akane can keep her grief for Sakura's pain which kind of implies that love and grief are illusions that Akane might lose if she awoke but the way Maeve lets

Akane choose contrasts with Delores forcing Teddy to her will though these both might be paths to consciousness a big theme of last season is that suffering leads hosts to Dolores makes Teddy suffer and says we

All need to suffer to grow and Maeve lets Akane choose to feel Sakura's pain these two different paths to consciousness might reflect how Maeve and Delores themselves first became conscious Maeve chose to get off that

Train but Delores is awakening with ford was suspiciously similar to the coded killing of Arnold he is Delores really free and the stage is set for a car neighs dance in the background these banners show symbols of West world the

Maze and the del estado project because the best way to hide a conspiracy is to show it's symbol everywhere the Shogun kills Sakura to the horror of Akane and Maeve of course they could probably resurrect Sakura like Dolores raised

Craddock but maybe Sakura's death is more meaningful if its final in episode 1 Arnold said that something's real when it's irreplaceable Akane performs her dance and ends it by ripping off the Shogun's head kinda like in Zoolander

The title of this episode is Akane know my which can mean a car neighs dance but Akane also means deep red and this is a bloody red dance just before the Shogun's men kill may if she unlocks her mutant power and reaches into the matrix

And makes all the Shogun's men kill each other with her new power mave can control all hosts she says she found a new voice and now we use it and then she picks up a sword but maybe mave will use her power for something more

Than killing before we saw Maeve use her voice power to lead akane towards consciousness Maeve's power can wake hosts and the way bernard described the mesh network a message could be sent to nearby hosts who spread the message to

Get more hosts if Maeve's voice works through this network maybe Maeve could chain wake hundreds of hosts at once so West world continues to ask complex questions about freedom and control consciousness and identity who

What and when is bernard is Ford still in control what's happening at the valley is it okay for Dolores to control hosts a Dolores and Teddy's lives real what does it mean to be you if there to use and what's the right way to use a

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