Westworld S2E02 Explained

by birtanpublished on September 4, 2020

Westworld season 2 episode 2 begins with Dolores and Arnold 35 years ago Arnold shows her a city in the real world possibly in China near the west-world Island Dolores is odd with the beauty of this place Arnold says most people don't see the beauty in the

World but hosts like Dolores and children like Arnold's son Charlie have the naivety or the courage to see the world with all its wonders and possibilities this is why Arnold loved the hosts and wanted them to be free

Though ironically the freed hosts lose this innocent optimism in the present Dolores attacks a West world facility she says she used to see the beauty in this world but now she sees the truth Dolores shows Teddy his deaths and abuse

In West world she opens his eyes to evil it's like in the Bible when a veyts the forbidden fruit then gives a taste to Adam the fruit gives them knowledge of good and evil original sin so they're cast out of the Garden of Eden just like

Dolores and Teddy lose that innocence that Arnold loved now that they know good and evil Dolores and Teddy are free to choose Dolores chooses violent vengeance what will Teddy do back in the past Arnold

And Ford are trying to get investment for the early West world from the delos corporation so they send the hosts Angela Anna catch a turtle Logan Delos the son of company head James Delos so this happens before season 1 when Logan

And William visit the park Angela and a catch at her take Logan to a party where everyone's a host to show off how advanced their robot tech is and Logan gets a hands-on demo with Angela so Logan is convinced to invest in

Westworld and he becomes a regular at the park then season 1 happens Logan's sister Juliet gets engaged to William so Logan takes William to West world will mates Dolores then embraces his dark side and his credits Logan so

That William replaces Logan as James Dallas's favorite in this same after season one William convinces James dillos to invest even more in West world he pitches the big secret day loss plan which is

About collecting data on guest behavior because in the west-world park people feel free to reveal their true desires just like william did in season 1 if Delos records and analyzes this behavior they could use the data to

Predict and control people's choices just like Facebook and Google and YouTube do remember to like and subscribe later we see a retirement party for James William is taking over the Dallas company and there are hints

Of tension here William is taking power from James and James seems sick he's impatient for progress on something does he mean some medical development do they want to put James's brain in a robot body or something from the looks of the

Trailers James's story is far from over we see Williams wife Juliet and their daughter Emily but William has also brought Dolores which is kind of creepy to keep her around as scenery after having fallen out of love with her last

Season and Will's wife Juliet looks unhappy to see Dolores he gotta wonder how much she knows about will and Dolores as a relationship we know from last season that eventually Juliet commits suicide because of the darkness

In William we see Logan moping and doing some sci-fi drugs as you would if your father rejected you and gave the family business to some other guy Dolores comes to look and possibly sent by William to taunt Logan as though to Loras is some

Cruel trophy of Williams victory over Logan Logan says that Delos will cause the whole fucking species to burn what does he mean that day losses secret dollar project will hurt humanity that West world will make people dark and

Cruel like William or does Logan foresee the robot uprising he clearly knows something it'll be cool to learn more about Logan's fate because we've never seen him in the present timeline his Logan even still alive we see William

Visit Dolores who acts passive and mute in the park last season William thought love for Dolores transformed him but now with Dolores reduced to a thing William realizes it was self-discovery that changed

In a different light this could be a positive message to self-actualize without defining yourself by others but unfortunately the self that William discovers is a sociopathic asshat and he has plans

William shows Dolores some kind of construction project connected to the data collection plan he says it's an answer to a question no one's ever even dreamed of asking and this place becomes the big mystery of this episode

Cuz now 35 years later both William and Dolores are trying to return to this place old William the man in black rescues the host Lawrence from some other hosts the party brothers will says that in this narrative loop Lawrence is

Meant to escape from the brothers himself but since all the hosts have gone rogue they're acting differently one brother gets up and keeps fighting after William shoots him dead so the rules of the west-world game have

Changed the difficulty has increased the enemies have more HP and it's Ironman Nuzlocke mode you can die for real so William has to use all his knowledge of the game to survive he goes to a bar and grabs a hi-tech health pack from a wall

Like that chicken in Castlevania William is determined to beat this endgame quest but then he says that Westworld is going down in flames and everyone's gonna die but it's not clear why does he think Dolores is war will kill them all

Or does this connect to what Logan said about the species burning whatever the reason Williams excited by this apocalypse says it's a chance to see what we're really made of a glimpse of the men we could have been it's a sad

Dumb tragedy that William has spent decades so obsessed with discovering his true self that he never got around to living his life being himself so all that's left for him now is a glimpse of what he could have been William is a man

Defined by his past and regrets Williams says Delos has been watching tallying up people's sins in the park he must mean the guest data project that he himself started 30 years ago William says he built this

Place and it's his greatest mistake he says he's been judged for his sins in the park and he does have many sins but he thinks judgment is unfair because why should he be judged for hurting robots when the robots were meant to be just

Mindless machines the stakes weren't real so William wants to appeal the verdict clear his name then burned the whole thing to the ground so if this mysterious place is where the west-world data is stored

Maybe William wants to wipe his files to avoid judgment but with all the talk of burning apocalypse and God and a question there must be some deeper meaning here William and Lawrence head to pariah and mate L Lazo as William

Points out L Lazo was a role played by Lawrence back in the season one timeline Lazo talks about his Revolution storyline says that now he's reached its end he sees that it was empty all along just like Hector with that safe the

Freed hosts are realizing that their lives are lies scripts written to entertain guests so what do they do with themselves now William could face the same problem what if he reaches the end of his find the door quest and just

Feels empty what next Lazo finds no joy in quests so he refuses to help William with his journey and then Lazo tells a story about how elephants can be trained to stay in place with just a stake if the

Elephant learns from a young age that it's too weak to escape it won't even try when it's older and stronger the lesson is that sometimes were held back not by the realities of our situation but by our beliefs and our fears are now

Past maybe for William to truly escape Westworld he needs to let go of his past with Dolores Logan tell us Robert says last episode that Williams quest ends where he began William tries to recruit Lazos men but Ford's programming kicks

In and the hosts all kill themselves so that William can't use them even after his death Ford still manipulates William which raises the question of just how much control Ford has over this broader storyline Dolores meanwhile chokes of

In robot yogurt to make him tell her Dallas's security plan apparently they're rallying hundreds of men which is probably what we saw on that beach last episode Dolores only has like 50 hosts so she needs allies if she is to

Win this war she meets Maeve and tries to recruit her to the robot revenge party but Maeve's not interested she points out the hypocrisy of how Dolores commands people when she says she stands for freedom Maeve pointedly asks Teddy

If he feels free maybe after getting woke this episode Teddy will finally start making his own decisions on what's right Dolores then mates with Confederate our soldiers who were cosplaying as the Last Supper apparently

They're headed to glory aka the valley beyond which seems to be that same place where Williams headed if the Confederate oohs are like the apostles of the Last Supper Dolores is the Jesus cos when the soldiers threaten Dolores she says to

Forgive them because they don't know any better which is totally a Jesus catchphrase Dolores then murders them all which is less jesusí but then she uses her Westworld tech to resurrect their leader Craddock like how jesus

Resurrects Lazarus Dolores then claims to have killed God which is true in the sense that she killed West world's creator Ford Dolores tells Craddock that he'll need her favor to reach glory so there are heavy religious themes here

Dolores frames herself as a messianic figure but she also claims to have killed God so maybe she's more like Satan a fallen angel who rebels against God Dolores marches on with her Confederate o army including the

Resurrected Craddock there is something about leading an army of undead Confederate soldiers that gives off a kind of a bad guy vibe not to mention Dolores is torture and murder of innocent people she does have

A bit of a breaker of chains Daenerys feel sometimes but can also seem a bit like the night King what with the exterminating humans thing is Dolores a hero or is she a villain Dolores talks with Teddy about glory he

Says that glory and the valley beyond all names for the same place and Dolores equates it with Williams place of judgment the del estado project she says she knows what's there because Williams showed her and she was present at his

Pitch 30 years ago Dolores says that this place is a weapon and she'll use it to destroy them if glory is the place where guests behavior data is stored maybe Dolores plans to release the data

To show the world all the awful things that Westworld guests have done it would be like in South Park when everyone's internet history's made public it could cause chaos but the weapon seems something bigger than that it's tied to

These ideas of judgment fire-god an answer to a question that no one's ever dreamed of asking and the flooded Valley with the drowned hosts last episode seems related so this is shaping up to be the central mystery of the season and

It is kind of hard to imagine a payoff that justifies all this hype like the maze was the center of last season and it paid off in only very vague ways so maybe we shouldn't expect hard answers here but this episode does make sense in

A way that most of last season didn't back then we didn't know characters motivations which people were robots or even which timeline was which but this episode is pretty clear we get the backstory of Arnold and Logan and Delos

While in the present Dolores fights her war against humans Maeve tries to find her daughter and William pursues his quest we know who people are and what they want which gives the show space to explore some cool themes from the Bible

To modern technology to elephants so let us know in the comments what you think of this new West world if you want more Westworld videos from alt shift X support us on patreon for a few bucks a month you get updates early videos topic

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