Westworld S2E01 Explained

by birtanpublished on September 4, 2020

Westworld season 2 episode 1 what happens and what does it mean we see Bernard during the massacre that Dolores started last season the host rebus is shooting at a guest just like the guests had been shooting at him with Dolores robot rebellion hosts are getting bloody

Revenge on humanity Bernard is hiding with Charlotte and some guests from the delos corporate board a friendly stableboy host comes in and the guests kill him because they don't trust any robot Bernard is a robot so he'll have

To keep that secret to stay safe around humans on the way to an outpost the guests are killed by Angela and the masked men who were working for Dolores in her role as the villain Wyatt Charlotte and Bernard escape to a secret

Delos lab where drone hosts are working on something there are hints last season that Delos has a secret project in Westworld apparently this involves recording Westworld guests experiences and their

DNA that kind of data would be valuable rich and powerful people come to west world and if Delos has video footage of them killing and fucking in the park they could blackmail powerful people for political influence like some kind of P

Tape situation and with guest DNA Delos could clone people the 1976 Westworld sequel future world has Delos replacing world leaders with robot clones so maybe Delos plans to use this data and DNA to blackmail and replace people

To take over the world Charlotte asks Delos to come rescue them from the robots but Delos refuses until Charlotte delivers Peter Abernathy last season Charlotte loaded Peters brain with important data maybe it's this

Experience and DNA daughter Charlotte tried to smuggle pay to Delos but he didn't make it so now Charlotte needs to find Abernathy and get him to Delos so that Charlotte can escape and Delos can advance their

Plan but maybe Dolores will get involved here because Abernathy is her host father we see inside a hosts head and their brain is like an egg or pearl thing inside that is some red juice which might relate to this red nano

Stuff we saw in the trailer but nodes having problems with his brain probably because he shot himself last season his cortical shield is damaged so he is leaking brain fluid out his ear he is shaking and confused

And nearly dies until he takes brain fluid from another host and injects it into himself like some kind of robot vampire this is probably just a temporary fix he might need the help of someone like LC for repairs

Earlier in the episode we see Bernard wake up on a beach with Delos forces Carl strand Antoine and maling this stuff actually happens two weeks after the bits with Charlotte and Dolores is massacre but Nod is unstuck in time and

Has flashbacks of stuff that might have happened over the last couple weeks future episodes might fill in these blanks strands men are mopping up after Dolores as up rising they execute hosts which disturbs Bernard he's sympathetic

To his fellow robots and yet here he is helping the humans so Bernard feels deeply conflicted strand talks to some Chinese military guys and says their country has given Delos control over this island this seems to confirm that

West world is an island on earth probably near China they're finished subtitles of the season 1 finale give coordinates to a place in the South China Sea called mischief reef where in the real world China is building

Artificial islands so this seems to be the true location of West world Stubbs turns up which is mysterious because last we saw him he was captured by hosts from ghost nation how did he escape what did ghost nation want and why is no

One talking about Stubbs's disappearance it seems suspicious Bernard goes with strand to look for missing hosts and they find a Bengal tiger wandered across from Park 6 Park 1 is

West world and Shogun world seems to be Park – so what's park 6 well Bengal tigers are from India and a Reddit user found a hidden image on a West world site that says Raj world maybe meaning the Rajasthan region of

India so maybe Park 6 is an Indian themed park with tigers strand tracks the hosts to a place called Western Valley and they find that the valley has in splick ibly changed to a sea Ford had

Used terraforming technology to shape the land in West world but Stubb says they would have noticed if Ford had made this sea while he was alive and the water is full of hosts including what looks like Teddy Bernard says that he

Killed all these hosts but how would Bernard do that and why this might connect to Dolores at the start of the episode we see Dolores with Arnold the human from 30 years ago who robot Bernard is based on or maybe this is

Just Bernard in a vision or something either way banana tells her that he had a dream he was on an ocean and Dolores had left him behind and the waters were rising around him which sounds like this flooded Valley Byrne Arnold says he's

Frightened of what Dolores might become and in this episode Dolores becomes an anime supervillain she guns down fleeing people slowly executes random humans and gives a speech about the reckoning she dehumanizes her human victims the same

Way that humans dehumanized hosts she calls them things with drives and cornerstones Dolores says she feels conflicted between different roles she has the optimism and compassion of Dolores but also the cynicism and

Brutality of Wyatt Wyatt was a bad guy character who Arnold merged with Dolores 30 years ago Dolores wants to reject the Wyatt and Dolores roles and evolve into a new person but so far Dolores is mostly just

Acting like Wyatt she's murdering random people working with Angela and the masked men and talks about taking over the world Wyatt was the same he wanted to claim this earth or raze it to the ground

So is Dolores truly free or is she just following her programming as Wyatt Dolores says that she remembers everything and that she has a special destiny with Teddy how does that connect to Teddy's drowning in the valley we say

Dolores kill a host and say not all of us deserve to make it to the valley beyond the stableboy mentions writing for the valley Beyond and rebus mentions of the journey is Dolores leading the hosts on a

Journey to the flooded Valley is this part of the Wyatt storyline why it seems like Colonel Kurtz colt ikana cunt he's got strange ideas he forces his men to wear the flesh of their enemies and his followers do anything for him

Maybe Dolores is planning like a mass death Jonestown thing in the flooded valley Dolores says it ends with Teddy and Teddy's surname is flood the flood could connect to the Biblical Flood where God wipes out humanity for being

Unworthy like our Dolores is killing unworthy humans but why would Dolores kill all these hosts showrunner Jonathan Nolan says that hosts brains don't require oxygen so Ken hosts even drown are these hosts really dead the flooding

Of the valley is very mysterious but it seems connected to Dolores and Wyatt and Teddy and Bernard William the man in black emerges from corpses he looks at that wolf that keeps turning up at massacres this wolf is one of the most

Baffling mysteries in West's world no one knows what it means is it a symbol of death consciousness humanity or just a cute dog oh that likes dead people maybe we'll find out later on William heads to a safe house and ends

Up in a brutal fight with some hosts he kills them with gun and knife then treats his wound grunting and bleeding then he smiles because this violence and pain is what William wants he calls it fun he's

Almost like a darker version of Saitama in one punch man someone who has power and freedom but no purpose and so uses violence to distract himself from existential boredom Westworld is said in the future maybe as

Technology and prosperity make modern life easier people lose the conflict and struggle that gives life meaning so William seeks ever more challenge and violence he meets Robert the robot version of a

Young Robert Ford and Robert speaks to William with Ford's voice congratulating him for finishing the maze goose chase last season and giving him a new quest to find the door to make it back out does this mean for William to escape the

West-world park or is it something more metaphorical Robert says the game begins where you end and ends where you begin so maybe William will go back to his past with Dolores and Logan Robert says everything is code here code because

People speak in cryptic metaphor but also because hosts are programmed with computer code and this reflects the connection between secrets and control in this show and then William shoots the kid in the face because Westworld and

Also to show that Robert Ford is finally truly dead there's no robot decoy no Horcrux no Senzu bean Ford is gone for good at least until HBO gets Hopkins back for some flashbacks in the Mesa hub Sizemore

Is attacked by a host that he designed back in season one he's terrorized by lines that he wrote he's saved by Maeve who has the power to control other hosts they find the parks control room has been wiped out though it's not clear who

Did this Bernards flashback suggests that we'll find out more Maeve recruits Sizemore to help her find her daughter sizemore says Maeve's daughter isn't real she's just a robot that was programmed to be a daughter Maeve says

That well she's artificial but she still has thoughts and feelings and the power does splatter Sizemore over the walls this argument over realness connects back to Dolores and Byrne Arnold's conversation and the idea that something

Is real when it's irreplaceable like the robots of Westworld can be rebuilt and replaced whereas a human is unique the irony is that Bernard is a robot replacement of Arnold there are whole closets full of spare Bernards so is

Bernard not real and since Arnold was replaced was Arnold not real the technology of Westworld breaks down the line between real and not real as far as Maeve cares she loves her daughter him so she goes to find her

Let's hope she doesn't find a closet full of daughters cuz that sort of philosophy quandary could really ruin their reunion on the rooftop Maeve reunites with Hector who was her sidekick in the rebellion last season

Hector doesn't care that Maeve left him for dead he's happy to follow her so there's a sort of romance between Maeve and Hector but is Hector acting of his own free will Maeve has the power to control other

Hosts and she fiddled with Hector's programming so is Hector's loyalty real how is any relationship real if you can control the people around you how might this affect Maeve's relationship with her daughter Maeve make Sizemore strip

Naked just like the West will text ripped hosts naked like rebus and Dolores Maeve is making humans suffer the same way that humans had made hosts suffer and there is a kind of justice to that but last season there was hope that

The hosts would choose to be better and nobler than humanity doesn't killing and hurting make them just as bad as us this season explores the birth of a new people and the choices that they'll make what choices will Dolores Maeve and

Bernard make to shape the destiny of this new robot people in season 1 Ford compares robot human war to the conflict between humans and Neanderthals 40,000 years ago this is a story told in sapience by Yuval Harare the book is a

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