Were Liverpool THAT good or Premier League teams just THAT bad? | ESPN FC Extra Time

published on July 20, 2020

Hey there folks welcome into this edition of extra-time sit low Craig burly Sebastian Salazar and as always your question straight off of Twitter we'll start with the first one it's pretty direct Gareth Bale is embarrassing bloke never fixed his

Attitude Craig obviously referencing all that we've seen from Gareth Bale in the last weeks his antics after the celebrations around the Drude winning the title what do you think of Sam's tweet here is

Gareth Bale actually embarrassing well laughing as we came on there because it said just called me the peacemaker as we came on air biggest apologist on this show I'm not an apologist for anybody you should know that son

III deal directly in facts look at the end of the day you know what I would submit Gallup bail is I don't think he's Hayden he's has dissatisfaction with how he feels he's been treated by the manager of the club I don't think he's

Trying to hide that no no is that a smart thing to do no I don't think it is but I think he's gone past and beyond the fact the point where he cares in terms of the picture of with the wedding of the league and the tossing of the

Manager off I don't see the issue here because if I had a manager who wasn't selecting me I'd be more likely to be tossing him to the ground then toss them ania so I thought I don't really have an issue with it because clearly he's on

The outside here and why would you go and toss a manager in up in there but clearly that is some you know some issue between the turkeys so that you know there are things he's done he's not I probably silly but not getting involved

In tossing the manager in the end is not one of them because if you look at some of the Texas nails Ralphy over and one or two others he just decided to take a step to the side and that's probably the right thing to do because as I say I did

With me and I've been tramping on I mean stomping on I'm not throwing him in there sorry what do you think citizen unlucky that there Gareth Bale wasn't the one there to catch him in the last in the last few weeks

Obviously we've seen Gareth Bale's sleeping I was going to say on the subject of course they're not on the suspension understands with the with the with a face mask over his eyes we saw the footage of him in Granada holding up

A bandages and pretending to look at the cameras now of course he was doing that busy nose they're looking for him and the face mask thing I must admit there's a little bit of me that thinks that this really doesn't matter that much you know

This is this is a response to the fact that he's there with them always joking around and it what's a kind of a 2-3 minute joke could look like a really big deal well I don't think it is that said as Craig rightly points out it may not

Be the the most sensible thing to do at a time when people are kind of sensitive about it but maybe the best thing is to is to kind of keep out the way but you know it's an indication of the fact that the relationship is is very poor that

The bail is very dissatisfied the problem is and we've said this a million times and in a way this is the biggest thing a year ago Gareth Bale was on the verge of going to China rather to change their minds and so now he's stuck so now

What do you do how do you get him out who do you find that's gonna pay him the wages that he needs to be paid that's gonna pay a transfer fee for him that's going to be the kind of club that he wants to go to and that's the the real

Issue for our budget now is to find a solution to this beyond just him not playing and actually I must say I think in a way it's two News vans credit and possibly even to Gareth Bale's credit but a situation is difficult assist

Hasn't really blown up because for both Gareth Bale and also actually how much for doing it these have been really really awkward mumps and they've been a very very difficult mumps and actually this could have got publicly at least a

Lot worse than it has been unless by the way this this why are people getting sawed cut up about you know what Bill's doing when Real Madrid I've just taught for Barcelona and taking over there the the title and and the dead

Domestically against being again and also since since the restart they've been a much better form they don't let wobble before the shot down and let's not forget they're in a much better position now to take on Manchester City

With a 2-1 down and look like they were going to get you know wipe the floor off after that force game and now all of a sudden do we say you have played with a defender do we Real Madrid have come back they're much

Better shape to go and go after that Champions League again for an umpteenth time so there is so much good things going on at Real Madrid and so many things they have to clear for that this really is you know at the very best a

Weak side sure you know we don't talk about the good stuff in this program that's yeah that's not what we're about let's not talk about the how there could

Be favourites to boots it you know let's not talk about the fact they haven't been beaten I love the rating games yeah not good for it Craig what's the best game you played where there was world-class players against you the game

You'll tell your kids and future grandkids or in your case current grandkids about now I'm only 20 minutes from Bristol and I am prepared to drive then and I am reaching I am prepared to breach regulation I just it's I give you

A slap but bringing up let's say I am official in a youngest grandfather on the page hey what what I the game I don't really my kids never really are my kids are all kind of grown up but they never really ask me about stuff like

That they're not really that interested in you know UPP personalities and football yeah and generally mean apart from when they want apart from when the what money why do you keep looking to the same

Sellers have you got some dude it's giving you the lanes here no no you keep looking over here you're looking over at somebody feeding you like so I would say you can't you know I've put against because Arsenal said that it was was not

The invincible say but their late 90s early 2000 the treble-winning safer man United but I would have to say if you just want to go pound for pound it would have to be the Brazil team that that we played against in the opening game of

The 98 World Cup and France which I can't remember them all but Dead's have Taffarel kafir Roberto Carlos at Dunga Reynaldo babette au revoir go the original Reynaldo and probably double

That up I don't know and and Caesar some power I don't know I can't even remember who they all hired so of course that would have be that would mean absolutely nothing to my kids because they don't care Brazil in the world cups that's a

Pretty good team to put up as your top all right Liverpool were good enough to win the Premier League very early but couldn't overcome Atletico were they actually good or are the Premier League teams

Having a had a bad season Oh Craig what do you think I I think what we had was a bit boss and I think you can't have you can't have the two scenarios here we had a Chelsea Saylor's a transfer man that lost the best player we had an ask most

Aid that was in turmoil and had taught them Sade that started this season horrendously which was a big surprise because matcha tea no had done a great job we had a surprising consistency from Leicester up

Until the last few weeks but what we had was the two main contenders who we know probably before the season started heard that were going to be because they were neck and neck all the way and a magnificent season last year was

Manchester City domestically in the league anyway because they've won the colour walk up there one of the favourites for the Champions League there in the FA Cup semi-finals they start last weekend so they could still

Have a treble in terms of domestic trophies but in terms of the league they made too many mistakes they were captain calamity at the back and they made too many mistakes you can't deny you can't blame Liverpool for

Manchester City making mistakes and others not doing the job you can't blame Liverpool for that make it on the go out and wipe the floor with the teams that were put in front of them and that's what the dead what the hard was a couple

Of and my opinion and said we'll probably know better than me haven't covered Madrid more than me at laity being a couple of average nights against Atletico Madrid by their standard but some of that was down to the great play

From athletic or Madrid as well so I think you can have both scenarios said was what I'm trying to say without taking anything away from Liverpool CID your perspective here the tweet seems to diminish what Atletico Madrid was able

To accomplish against Liverpool no I think Craig's right and I think when you talk about when you talk about both scenarios you can actually see both scenarios just in the games against Atletico Madrid so you look at the game

At the Wunder Metropolitano and you can say yeah at let's come but you have played very well they did reduce Liverpool to a relatively few chances admittedly there's that very very good chance for four sellout from a header in

The second half and you could say right that was Liverpool put in a difficult position by a very very strong side defensively albeit actually the commentary in in Spain at least and the sense from from people watching it from

Spain walls certainly in the second half well yeah they still per team really are good you know they really did make life difficult for us let's go back let's go did a great job of holding on this is when you get to the second part of it

You go to the second leg of Anfield and I say this is someone who have minds that let's go Madrid I say this is someone who thinks that what Diego Simeone has done structurally and defensively and so on is extraordinary

Of what he's done over the last eight years at the club is is really quite amazing but the reality of the second leg is that Atletico Madrid what unbelievably fortunate to get through the Liverpool did almost everything you

Could have asked them to do in the second leg and so so as Craig says it's a bit of both and you can see it in those two games and those two games give you give the answer yeah little with that good but it is

Also true that in other leagues there are other teams that are very good and that can challenge the moonkin and can set up in a way that makes life difficult for them and by the way I think Newark will learn from the

Wonderpana tano I don't think they learned from that first game against Atletico Madrid and I think we will probably see that in some of the tactical nuances that they seek to put in place for next season because I think

They're going to anticipate more teams approaching them the way that atletico madrid did see it I'm sure you've got a running count of this on a chalkboard somewhere in your house how many penalties did Real Madrid get since the

Restart and of those how many were doubtful I don't know they asked this I think it's 11 in total over the course of the league I think but I may be wrong here but is six since the restart really doubtful

Ones well I think the one had to be ugly out for them to actually win the legal me albeit they're already won the lap was was laughable I'm not just laughable because the referee gave it but then for someone to actually watch that on a

Video screen and say yeah okay that's a penalty just doesn't make any sense to me and the others I don't think I mean this is one of the big things about this is there's been a lot of talk about the

Number of decisions going around its way but I think you have to look at the difference between as this isn't going your way and the wrong decision going your way those are not necessarily the same thing

So realm did have had a lot of decisions going their way a lot of our interventions go their way I think actually if you go through them analyzed them one by one most of them are correct I think their

Game when they were the most fortunate was against rail stop today I think against rail stuff that they did get away of it a little bit but but I think of those are than if it's six or seven penalty since they came back I think

Only one of them is really awful is that track is that trying to is is that a tweet trying to diminish the fact that Real Madrid have won the league and have deservedly won the league because this seems to be a growing treat here

Because Liverpool have lost a couple games or the better Cutler performance season since they won the league blindfolded hands were tied behind the back with one leg right and there's been a natural drop of an intensity and

Performance that's normal when people are no sim well they're not as good as the United say they're not as good as they say you say they're not as good you know there seems to be a growing trade of trying to diminish the achievements

Of some of these brilliant teams around the world because you know their merit tweets I get about you know Liverpool are not all that because look at recently people I I didn't realize until I have to say I didn't realize until

This corporate nineteen unfortunate coronavirus disaster this you know embodied the whole globe I thought it was just Twitter where people were utterly stupid and tell us in people gonna be gone about and not you

Know not doing the social destiny they're not wearing masks and all that and you see it on social media the absolute edits that Camaro say you know real Marilla wouldn't leave and I'm not said yes message with those

Tweeters but it seems this way Rome I don't know what to leave how many penalties to get how many did they deserve all that I pull are not a great side because mindset a butler at the best or no loot of lost games recently

People just don't have a clue and they're always looking to diminish achievements it's quite scary really and that's coming from me by the way which is even oh what an episode Craig's pandemic revelations I look forward to

The next well no I would outlast mate again and Connecticut's been very very good I know I know going I go in the store and those people walking about with Amar's 99% appear I got a mask on it's

Not difficult I mean it really is not difficult to understand the scenarios whether it be a life scenario or whether it be a football in scenario thin oh so I mean it's worth adding isn't it I think we've we've we've Liverpool and

And and the job often results since in a way this was in entirely predictable I remember a friend of mine asking way back in kind of February or March just before the lockdown started you know what was gonna happen where we gonna get

There get the that were they're gonna get this this hundred point record what they're gonna be able to break you know end the season unbeaten all the rest of it and actually part of the the the kind of the conclusion we came to even then

Was the reason that Liverpool probably won't won't get to figures that that good is because they're too good they're too good they're gonna win the league so early that the momentum the intensity and the necessity that you need to keep

On winning simply won't be there in other words their own brilliance is what's gonna deny them the chance to break the record SID until we've kept you past you a lot of time so let's move through the rest of these quickly if set

The end leaves Barcelona who should replace him hobby or Potch are the two options given here well look the obvious thing will be javi but javi comes in the years time with presidential elections so there's a

Big question about what do you do for this year and actually a mate sent me a tweet earlier or text message earlier and said to me what they need is a Bobby Robson figure someone who can someone who can breach it as Robson deep between

Van Hollen Croix someone who can bridge that gap but who is that Robson figure well I supposed to be sort of thought it was setting in but that's not really working out too well another one for you SID what is your

Opinion of federal an tardes a a pap type of player looks like he's gonna make a move from Valencia to City I think he's very very exciting indeed now this is where obviously we throw in the all the all the kind of caveats and the

Nuance and we say look calm down he's very young we don't know how develop we'll don't know how good he'll end up being but what we have seen so far from foreign tourists is that this is a fantastic footballer and that if the

Conditions are right we could see a huge amount from him in the next 10 12 13 14 years this is probably the best footballer of his generation Spain although as I say let's throw that warning back in there again give him

Time give him patience let him become what he can become because I think it's gonna be a very very good player speaking of great Spanish footballers we're asked here any chance of David Silva going to

Leeds if they get promoted Craig can you see David Silva Leeds Leeds yeah why not playing for Marcelo Bielsa no I mean well one thing we also play a hell of a high-tempo game and I think dub itself was time for try and do that it's come

And gone the player we talked to me this the other day and has great service to Manchester City and his performances which have been phenomenal for a decade plus in England as well as the time before that in Spain was I think and

Said make correct – I don't know but I think the player is ready to return home to Spain and I I don't think there's any doubt whatsoever that's what he's going to do and you know I don't think we'll be

Seeing them in England I may be just next season when Crozier although back in the stadium who have come back to get the the adulation and the deserve bird applause and recognition when the stadiums are filled but apart from that

I don't think we'll be seeing them in England again all right gentlemen we will leave it there for today you've – my hopes of seeing David Silva and Inter Miami shirts I guess we'll have to wait on

That thought you just said leads well yeah but gonna suggest into my into my army and you know the one thing has a bit yet there's no way said you've written you've read all those books behind you

No chance Wow he's gonna be late to a social gathering so let's please let's it boys gone out as if always go note with me annoys me ESPN bias yes yes we hate your team we don't know who your teammates I know we

Have since the start of lockdown and too few people have noticed but ESPN is biased and that we hate their team and I'm really pleased that you've given me the opportunity to point this out I would also like to point out at this

Stage and let's see if I can find it now oh there we go I'll tell you one book I definitely haven't read Kraig this one hi Gabrielle Markov see I mean why would I want to read that

Yeah he's Betty's heads big enough and you can just hear him talk all the time on the Gavin I tell you what you need down is that by McCarty but I tell you need you need that that is young look of reality book you need to read that it

Needs to be an audio book but I knowed your book with Gabe's voice that's written needs please now please please please no I will leave it there a little gap in my ear I'm not sure I could deal with it and that's it for for extra time

We'll be back on the show tomorrow and all over the FA Cup semi-final Arsenal Manchester City among other things thanks for watching ESPN on you too for more sports highlights and analysis be sure to download the ESPN app and for

Live streaming and premium content subscribe to ESPN Plus

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