Weirdest Things Caught By Customs

published on July 13, 2020

Smuggler's and crooks from all over theworld go to extreme lengths in order tosneak in their illegal goods each andevery day border security agents fromthe USA to Australia and everywhere inbetween uncover some truly bizarre

Things poorly hidden in suitcasesdisguised as something else or evenstrapped to the smugglers bodies fromcolor changing live animals to an entireairplane there really is nothing thatthe TSA hasn't seen what you're about to

Witness is merely a snippet into thelong list of weird and wacky things topass through border security we've allmade the same joke to our friends at onestage or another they're about to setoff on a wild adventure to some exotic

Caribbean island and bathe in the Sun soyou fleetingly begged them to squeezeyou in their suitcase apparently forsome this idea is far more a realitythan a joke in 2015 a Frenchman wascaught trying to smuggle his Russian

Wife into France by squeezing her intoan oversized suitcase the man whoofficials say was in his 60s had hisplan foiled at the European Union borderby Polish border guards in the town ofTerrace ball next to Belarus that's

Right about here when the border guardsopened the suitcase to their surprisethey didn't find wrinkled shirts andbundled up socks they found a youngwoman in her 30sthe couple faced up to three years in

Jail for attempting to avoid bordercontrol here's the kicker though therewas no need to smuggle the wife insidethe suitcase in the first placeaccording to immigration law all non EUcitizens can visit Poland freely

Provided they've proved that they aremarried to an EU citizen so had she justtaken a seat next to her husband and notattempted to contort herself inside handluggage she would have crossed theborder without aware e in the world the

Island nation of Australia takes theirborder security very seriously heckthere's even a number of TV shows aboutit people have been caught trying tosneak in all kinds of bizarre goods overthe years however perhaps no incident

Was as perplexing as the one involvingSharon Naismith in 2005 after the womanarrived in Melbourne off a flight fromSingapore when going through a routinecustoms check border officials claimedthat they heard a flippin noise coming

From the vicinity of her waist theirsuspicions were proven to have meritonce they found a custom-made apron tiedaround her waist and within the apronspockets were a total of 51 tropical fishspread out in numerous plastic bags

Valued at more than $30,000 and theywere all still alive and swimming one ofthese fish was an endangered AsianArowana which can be imported only witha permit of course Naismith didn't havea permit so she faced significant

Penalties she pleaded guilty to threeoffenses under the environmentalprotection and Biodiversity ConservationAct and according to NBC faced a fine ofup to eighty three thousand US dollarswith a maximum potential prison sentence

Of ten years from the land down underwe're switching hemispheres and headingup to Berlin's busy Shauna Feld Airportwhere a 69 year old man who just steppedoff a flight from Cairo on March 2nd2019 tried to disguise some wildlife in

A rather obscure way the man intended onleaving the security area through thenothing to declare line but his plan wasthwarted when border guards decided toinspect his luggage within the bags theyuncovered what appear to be a package of

Baked goods although as you can see theydidn't look quite like your averagecustard tart when officers enquired asto its contents the smuggler claimedthat they were uniquely decoratedchocolates as soon as they open the box

However they realized that he and hispastry box was full of lies chocolatecakes none live Moroccan tortoises yepthree of them since Moroccan tortoisesare protected by an international tradeEndangered Species Act called the

Washington Convention they wereconfiscated and placed in the care ofthe border veterinarian breaking thesespecies protection laws is punishable bya fine of up to 50,000 euro or 55thousand US dollars with the potential

Of up to five years behind barsfor whatever a strange coincidentalreason customs officials have witnessedpastries as a cover-up time and timeagain in April of 2015 an Italian manraised a lot of suspicion at the German

Border when he attempted to smuggle in aChristmas cake packed to the brim withcold hard cash why would you be eatingChristmas cake in April surely it'd bestale and moldy some four months downthe road well that's exactly the same

Question that the border officers hadbaked into the stale festive treat was250,000 euroson other occasions cash has been foundhidden inside hollowed-out croissantsGerman customs agents actually managed

To foil a much larger money-launderingoperation after finding euros stuffedinside these buttery crescents meanwhileat Delhi Airport in India in early 2020the equivalent of sixty thousand USdollars was found wrapped up inside

Individual peanuts at least they'regetting creative in America if you'restopped by a US Customs and BorderProtection Officer and you're sneakingin more than ten thousand dollarsundeclared you run the very real risk of

Having every penny of it seized we'veseen a lot of contraband snuck in usingvarious foods as a disguise but what ifthe food itself isn't allowed inNovember of 2019 US Customs and BorderProtection officers searched a Chevrolet

Pickup truck and wound up making arather bizarre seizure some baloney wasconfiscated at the bridge of Americascrossing in El Paso Texas not just a fewslices not even just a few pounds awhopping 150 pounds of the deli meat was

Seized not all meats are prohibited tocross onto American soil but baloneybecause of its pork content certainly iswhen the officers questioned the culpritabout the unusually large haul he toldthe agents that he was merely carrying

Frozen rolls of turkey ham lies officialsaid the baloney was seized anddestroyed and the driver was releasedrumored to be rather peckish without hissandwich filler in August of 2018 wewitnessed one of these strangest border

Incidents in recent times as a Texasvolunteer fire department SUV wasattempting to cross into Mexico at theFalfurrias checkpoint it was flaggeddown in ordered to doc for inspectionbut immediately after receiving the

Secondary inspection instructions thedriver put the pedal to the metalspeeding away from the checkpoint andleading police on a high-speed pursuityou would expect local authorities tocomply with border protection in fact it

Was nothing more than a regular car witha few cheap decals and fake lightsthrown on it anyway it didn't take longbefore the fake vehicle was caught thedriver an American citizen was trying tosmuggle Brazilian nationals who were

Illegally present in the us out of thecountry believe it or not this is notthe first time that Border Patrol agentshave arrested smugglers using fake carsin 2015 they took down a cloned versionof their very own government

Issued Border Patrol vehicle only tofind 12 undocumented immigrants crammedinside of it we all know that weaponsare strictly prohibited on planesanything remotely sharp tucked into acarry-on bag is perceived as a potential

Threat even if to the carrier it'snothing more than a decorative piecedestined for the mantle take one look atthe TSA s Instagram page and you'll seewhat we mean this pointy of whatever youwant to call it was found by the TSA at

Hartsfield-jackson Atlanta InternationalAirport the sharp knife model isdesigned as a claw of sorts and fitssnug on to the wearer's finger it waspicked up by x-ray machines and ofcourse was hastily confiscated when TSA

Published the photo they said we'repretty sure this isn't a letter opener abladed Dragon Claw perhaps whatever itis it should be packed in checkedbaggage sometimes we find small odditiestucked away in hidden corners of a

Suitcase other times the things caughtby Border Security are much much biggerwe're talking like the size of an entireplane that's rightthis small propeller plane touched downat the Sarnia Chris Hadfield Airport in

Ontario Canada on October 12 2016 duringthe border guards routine inspection thepilot claimed that he had purchased theaircraft in Canada which was nothing buta big old pile of bull it didn't takelong for the CBSA to find documentation

On board that proved that the man hadjust purchased it in the United Statesfor a hundred and ten thousand dollarsthe man from Woodstock Ontario wascharged under the Customs Act withfailure to declare as well as attempting

To evade the payment of taxesunfortunately for him the plane wasseized and if he wanted to take it backhe would have to pay over 58,000Canadian dollars for it on top of theinitial purchase as we wind the clock

Back all the way to 2002 a British girlwho was 17 at the time was caught atManchester Airport with a very peculiarpet sitting on her head a number ofother passengers swarmed around the girlafter they realized that she had a

Chameleon just chilling out on herheadscarf they were taking photos of herwith it the crowd was growing and theBorder Patrol was clueless as to whyafter finally discovering the pet whohad seamlessly blended in with her

Colorful headscarf bust-ups officialsspoke to reptile experts and concludedthat it was an endangered creatureforcing them to confiscate thecamouflagereptile we all know that chameleons are

Deceptive color changers which explainswhy it managed to subtly sneak pastairport security and why it took so longfor the authorities to notice the pet inthe first place she wasn't trying tosmuggle anything illegally the creatures

Natural camouflage simply allowed it toslip under the radar when Luis EduardoValencia was walking through the streetsof Tijuana in 2018 his eye caught aglimpse of a cute-as-a-button tiger cubon a leash he decided he wanted one for

Himself and he tried to bring it intothe United Stateswhen questioned Valencia claimed that hewas merely a naive 18 year old who wasunaware of American laws regardingimporting and exporting wildlife and

That he just wanted to take an adorablejungle cat home and raise it as a petduring investigation his phone recordstold a different story the evidence onhis phone indicated that hischaracteristics were far more consistent

With a junior member of a smugglingorganization than an innocent young manwho made a youthful error in judgmenthere judge for yourself one of the textswas a price list of sorts stating thatquote-unquote the Jaguar goes for 8k and

Panthers – and the Lions go for 5k theoutcome Valencia was sentenced to sixmonths in prison for smuggling the sixweek old Bengal cub what's the mostexpensive thing that you have ever snuckinto another country wait don't tell us

That they might be watching instead letus know in the comments down below haveyou heard any other stories of peoplegetting caught and arrested up at theborder what for that's all for todaydon't forget to like this video

Subscribe to the channel and as alwaysthanks so much for checking out therichest see you next time stay safe andhave a great dayyou

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