Wear OS has never looked better (Skagen x Kygo, Diesel x Mad Dog Jones, Fossil Smartwatches!)

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

ADEs Joshua Vergara what's going on
everybody we are officially in CES 2020
today is day one but I do have some
stuff to show you from a meeting that I
had with the Faso group yes that Faso
group that also has Michael Kors Kate
Spade diesel Skagen and fossils own
watches available all with where OS and
also a few hybrids that I'll be showing
you later in the video this is always
really exciting to me because it's a way
of seeing where where oh s is going now
with all of these watches the majority
of them at least they will be sporting
the latest processors from Qualcomm the
Snapdragon wear 3100 and then some of
them will have microphones so that you
can do calling on them most of them will
have 8 gigabytes of storage and you will
have one gigabyte of RAM for
multitasking or rather just for the apps
in the background now that we're a lot
of watches at this meeting so I'm gonna
point you over to ISA Rodriguez's
channel ISA does tech so that you can
see some other watches that I didn't
cover that are also a little bit more
her style the first one is a little bit
of a collaboration and honestly
something that seemed to come a little
bit from left field
these are Scoggins smart watches and a
Skagen did have the falster 3 which is
even more minimalistic in line with
Scoggins design philosophy but this one
in particular was actually branded with
x-bike i go yes that kygo the music
artist has his own brand of headphones
and audio products that are also fairly
minimalistic and have a very intentional
design philosophy so since this is in
line with Scoggins own philosophies they
went ahead and collaborated to create
this version of the Skog and smart watch
also powered by where OS and has a few
very intentional design aspects to it
like the X on the lower watch band that
is of course the branding for x-bike ago
and then a small color flourish with one
of the fasteners being wiped the thing
that I really like about these Skagen
falster threes though is that there's a
little bit of trickery in the watch
bands you can actually hit that pin and
undo the watch ban and still be able to
change it up because it's not a rod down
there it's actually a connector so once
you take it off it almost looks like you
broke the watch but in reality you did
not speaking of collaborations this is
one between fossil and mad dog Jones mad
dog Jones is an artist that is based in
Toronto and isn't known for cyberpunk
renditions and just really colorful
art so the artists teams up with fossa
who already made these particular diesel
smart watches which feel like a big
departure from what I'm used to from
diesel these are semi clear
semi-transparent watch bands on a
semi-transparent watch body again you
still have where OS on here with all
specifications that I mentioned before
so you still get full SmartWatch
connectivity and also Smart Watch
features on something that is really
stylish this is something that looks
really awesome especially for you height
beasts out there who are really into
some pretty radical style you have like
a black one or red one and also a
completely clear one and by the way this
is a bit of a tease for you these
plastic jelly-like watch straps are also
heavily featured on fossil support
updated watches that you can find over
at Lisa's channel but the collaboration
with Mad Dog Jones means that the Diesel
SmartWatch has a bit of an unboxing
experience this is actually why I didn't
do too much with this particular
SmartWatch because I'm holding out hope
that I could do an unboxing of this
thing the box looks really awesome you
open it up you have the Diesel
SmartWatch in there with a custom watch
band that was designed by mad dog Jones
and then you have this really cool
microfiber cloth that's in there as well
kind of has a placemat or even as a
cleaning cloth but it's one of the
coolest looking designs that I've ever
seen this is a limited edition watch and
the pricing and availability will be
available in the description down below
once we have it of course the
announcements actually happening as I am
making this video and finally a look
into a category that I have been an
advocate for for quite some time now
hybrids I have right here the fossil
hybrid HR this is the Collider HR I love
this thing and of course I do have a
review that's going to be coming out
pretty soon we're just in the thick of
CES 2020 right now so you can imagine my
surprise when we were at this event and
they busted out updated versions of the
hybrid HR I was flabbergasted because I
was like I just got this one like not
more than a month ago and I start to do
my review on it you already have updated
versions of it not to be fair there were
updates in the hybrid HR ecosystem in
general the app now is able to do
notifications from all apps on your
smartphone whereas in the past you were
only able to do so with like a dozen of
them and now you can also customize the
watch faces with some patterns or even
put in your own picture
is then transcoded into this ePaper
display so the core functionality is
still the same but the body around it
all now makes it really seem like a
proper timepiece with a little bit of
extra smart inside you have a couple of
bands here that are fully metal not
necessarily my style but then there's
another leather one the main thing to
take away from these though is that the
bodies are actually a little bit bigger
they actually look like full-on watches
especially the fact that you have the
watch arms inside and it just so happens
that there's an ePaper display
underneath so that the watch arms move
around so that you can see your
notifications and other pieces of
information seriously these are some of
my favorite smart watches out there
right now
I love hybrids and also this is a great
way of getting in a little bit of that
smart notification stuff while still
having the look of an elegant timepiece
that's why this has hardly left my wrist
and that's why whenever I see fossil I'm
always excited to see what they're
trying to do next with hybrids and of
course like I mentioned before there's
always a ton of stuff at these fossil
meetings so it was really interesting to
see all of the stuff I just couldn't
cover it all in one video I focused on
the three that I feel like all of you
would be really into so let me know what
you think in the comment sections down
below again once ESA's video is
available you'll see a card appearing
above but also put it in the description
down below
you can also check out all of fossils
stuff over on their websites I'll have
links in the description as well as
their announcement is happening today on
the first day of CES 2020 we're
officially in the thick of it well it
feels like we've been in the thick of it
for a while now but the official show
floor date opening is today so CES 2020
is under way look forward to all of our
content here on the show floor and yeah
I'm gonna go ahead and call it on this
one thank you so much for watching
subscribe to my channel if you haven't
already hit the bell over on the side to
get notified for all of my CES coverage
drop some likes on these videos and get
into the comments sections let me know
what smartwatches you're really into and
of course there's a ton of them coming
out of the fossil group and with all
that said I'm gonna call it on this one
thank you so much for watching and I'll
just remind you to enjoy your tea

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