We Wore Monochromatic Outfits For A Week

published on July 2, 2020

(upbeat music)

– This is showbiz, baby

I have to take a picture

and post it on the Instagram, oh man

– I just didn't feel like myself

I'm not comfortable

– This might be one and done,

video exclusive, your eyes only


Hi, I'm Megan

– And I'm Emily

– And this week, we're gonna be styling

monochromatic outfits, yay
– Yay

We're going through all
the colors of the rainbow

and then some baby

– But there are some rules

– Right, first rule is
that all of our outfits

have to be monochrome

with the special acception of shoes

– [Megan] And you have to
post a picture to Instagram

– Right because we're not
going through all this effort

for no body to see it

But as it stands,

our closets currently can't handle

full monochrome outfits

– So without further a do,

let's go shopping
– Let's go shopping

– [Megan] My closet is
basically just all black

So I have to buy like every color

– [Emily] This is a much involved task

than I thought it would be

– We're gonna go to ASOS and Dolls Kill,

I think between those two websites,

we'll knock this out

– Now we just have to
wait for it to show up

It came, box number one has arrived

(upbeat music)

Looking pretty colorful in there

– [Megan] Liking it

It's red day
– It's red day

– and welcome to my closet

The first day might be my favorite day

because I love the color red

and the idea of a
completely all red outfit

is really exciting for me

– It's red day and I'm feeling fiery,

I'm feeling feisty, I'm feeling funky

So this kind of goes against

everything that I usually
build an outfit upon

Going a long with the funky route,

I paired some funky
pants with a funky shirt

and a funky shoe

And for the shirt to kind of

give myself some shape,

I tied it in a knot

You have to trust that this
is what red smells like

Full sensory red

Moral of the story is I feel really cool,

I feel really powerful,

that I think red is a success

– So the only things I didn't already own

were the skirt and the shoes

I have this red beret

and I got this purse in
random store in Santa Barbara

I had another top option,

but I just didn't like the way

that it looked with the skirt


Wowey, wow, wow you guys,

I asked Emily, asked Instagram

and they all said ruffley top

I think if I stand still

and we look at the vibe as a whole,

think it's better

I would also like to mention

that this shirt was advertised as red

It's (beep) red

Well I must take a picture and post it,

so we'll do it

(slow upbeat music)

♪ Got me running around
all over town for you ♪

♪ Hey girl ♪

♪ Hey girl ♪

♪ Got me running around
all over town for you ♪

♪ Hey girl ♪

– All right it's ringing

– Do we feel powerful and passionate?

– I feel very groovy

– I feel like every part
of the outfit feels French

Like beret

– I think you nailed it

– Okay, orange

– I'm excited for orange

– Orange will be interesting

– Well you look amazing,

happy red day

– Happy red day, you look cute too

– Thanks, bye
– Bye


– Today is orange day
– It's orange day

– My outfit is unlike
anything I've ever owned

Definitely the one most
outside of my comfort zone

– I was nervous that I felt like

it would be a little bit costumey

It's certainly not what I normally wear

Without in mind knows

she's kind of freaking out a little bit

but putting it on,

I think it looks really cute

(upbeat music)

♪ I wanna have a good time ♪

– I feel very groovy

I actually had the orange skirt

and the halter top before

I thought this would be a good time

to kind of mesh the two together

Never expected to wear them together,

but I really like the way that it looks

– I paired my sexy, neon
construction worker outfit

with these Air Force ones

My accessory's this hideous
orange bag that I hate

Is this an outfit that I
could wear out in public?

Probs not, whoa that was dangerous

I feel like this is the perfect mix

of Jazzmyne and Lindsay

Lindsay has been known to do this

in a couple photoshoots

and just this whole neon

matching set business feels very Jazz

I don't think I hate the idea

of an all orange outfit,

I'm just not sure that
this is the one for me

– Today is complete, we've done it,

take some pics for Instagram

(upbeat music)

♪ The new model ♪

♪ The new model ♪

– Hi!
– Hi

– How do we feel about all orange?

– It's a lot

– I just didn't feel like myself

I'm not comfortable

Like if I was in your outfit,

I'd be like hell yeah

But this is like
– Yeah

– not my vibe

– I feel like we should swap

'cause I feel like that's more my vibe

and this is more yours

– Tell me about your yellow outfit

– It's more, it's something
that I usually wear

– We're gonna be dressed very differently

– I'll see you tomorrow
– Well you look fabulous

– You do too,

I'll see you tomorrow
– Bye, see ya


♪ Skin oh yeah you're skin and bones ♪

That's Coldplay

It's yellow day
– It's yellow day,

a day I typically wouldn't
be that excited for

except I like my accessory

So I'm looking forward to it now

– Yellow just happens
to be my favorite oh

My favorite, oh (beep)

My favorite color

I decided to go super
casual with this look

This outfit's very much within my realm,

very within my comfort zone

(upbeat music)

(record scratch) I gotta go blend

– There's a lot of yellow

So the red lip kind of
felt like a bold choice,

but outfit's kind of (beep) bold so

I think the top of the dress,

the shape is really interesting

I feel sexy, I'm like a cute girl

But in this,

like I would pin her up

I forgot that I have this
pleathery yellow jacket

That's crazy, wow this is a lot of yellow

♪ All that I give is true ♪

– Today's casual yellow

So I'm wearing a cropped,
long sleeve flannel shirt,

some ripped yellow mom jeans

and then some slip-on
yellow checkered Vans

This is like a grocery store look

but like on purpose

I'm curious to see what
Megan's outfit looks like

I'm sure it's gonna be cute

Her outfits have been so killer this week

This is showbiz, baby

(iron burps)

– That was that was the iron



(iron burps)

That's the (beep) iron, all right?

(upbeat music)

♪ All that I give is true ♪

♪ All that I give is true ♪

(phone rings)

– Hey vision in yellow

– How are you liking your all yellow fit?

– I love it honestly,

how about you?

– Can't say the same (laughs)

I would not just like wear
this out to the market

Oh my God, tomorrow's green day

– I think it's gonna be fun

I guess I'll just see you tomorrow

– See you tomorrow
– Bye


Just call me a pop punk
band from the mid 2000's

'cause it's green day
– It's green day

and I'm super excited

because this is a color
that I particularly like

– I'm really amped on my green day outfit

I have never owned or worn
animal print in any form,

so it should be pretty interesting

♪ Turn it on ♪

– I have zero green in my closet

So I was excited when I came across

this leopard print green satiny dress

This is the first, wow
that a lot of (beep)


This is the first animal
print thing I've owned,

even though it's not
like super animal print

I loved the keyhole
cutout and puff sleeves

and had plains of knee high boots

to intensify the sex appeal

– I wanted green to be the anchor,

but also the statement

I had these pants all ready,

I have this lime green
bodycon turtle neck

I think my favorite part about this outfit

are these shoes that I got

I wanted to look chic

I have different textures,

different patterns with the shoes

Mesh bag, I really feel like

I've kind of transformed

So now we have to take
a picture of the outfit

and post it on Instagram

(calm music)

(phone rings)

– Hello

– Hey

– Tomorrow is blue day

and we will be in blue,

but we will not be blue

– Da ba dee da ba daa

– And on that, I'll see you tomorrow

– Bye


It's blue day
– It's blue day

and you're in my closet

Blue is typically not a
color that I reach for

For some reason, my
planned outfit feels very

Jessica Simpson to me

– I feel very outside of my comfort zone

I like the outfit that I put together

and I feel like people will like it,

but it is so outside of my comfort level

Here's a closer look at the makeup


– I have this blue tank,

this cropped denim jacket

with the shirt tucked in

I like to accentuate my waist

This is my only pair of blue jeans

and then these Steven Madden heels

that I got at an outlet

I would be totally cool
wearing this out of the house

Way more denim than I've
really ever worn together

It feels kind of like,

I'm just an innocent, early 2000's girl

like in my jeans and my tank top

– So I'm wearing very
nice like summer skirt

and I've paired that with
these blue velvet boots

and this navy blue bralette

Very fun, very flowy

I feel very like sexy in this,

but I don't typically like to feel sexy

It kind of makes me feel uncomfortable

I feel like I like the
way I look in this outfit,

I feel very like cute,

but I feel very like naked

Yeah I just, I wouldn't wear this

to any other thing

This might be a once and done,

video exclusive, your eyes only

(upbeat music)

♪ Girls are like boys ♪

♪ Boys are like girls ♪

♪ Living it up in a dark world ♪

♪ Girls are like boys ♪

♪ Boys are like girls ♪

♪ Giving it up in a dark world ♪

♪ Girls are like boys ♪

♪ Boys are like girl ♪

♪ Living it up ♪

– Really think towards to the end,

I started to feel comfortable

I'm really glad I put it on

and I think we got some really
beautiful photos out of it

(phone rings)

– Hi!
– Hello,

happy blue day

– Thoughts and feelings about purple day

– I think purple day is gonna rock

– Purple's the first color
I've put on and went,

oh I think this is a good color on me

when I was like 15

– Nice
– So I've decided

to wear it all over my body

You looker super cute,

good job going out of your comfort zone

and I will see you when we are purple

– All right, bye
– Bye


It's purple day
– Purple day

– Good morning, I've woken up early

because for purple day,

it requires a couple more
steps in my beauty routine

Purple used to be my
absolute favorite color,

not only just to look at but to wear

I'm amped on my purple day outfit

– It's purple day and
I'm so excited about it

because I get to wear one
of my favorite pieces ever

which is a purple blazer

– I am absolutely feeling my 70's fantasy

with these chunky platform boots

and these earrings to match

I love this ruching,

I got this sups skirt

I feel great

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa

Ah I dressed, I love it

I think it turned out so good

– I paired lilac jeans with a lilac blazer

and one of my favorite band shirts

and my white boots

and then my little accessory is this

It's like holographic, purpley bag,

plastic hoop earrings

and I feel unstoppable

I'm ready to like own a
cool, millennial board room

– Let's take some Instagram pictures

♪ Oh my love, your patient ways alone ♪

♪ And I now it I know ♪

♪ That they pray to take you on ♪

♪ I know it I know ♪

♪ Oh my love, your patient ways alone ♪

♪ And I know it, I know ♪

– Hi
– Hello, you look so cool

– I'm 70's Jasmine

– I love it

– How do you feel about
an all purple outfit?

– I'm into it, how do you feel it?

– I also feel powerful

but in a sexier way

Tomorrow's our last day

– I think pink's gonna be really fun

– I think it's the day
I'm the most excited for

It should be interesting

– Should be interesting

– See you tomorrow
– Bye


It's pink day
– It's pink day

This has been the day

that I have been looking
forward to the most

– I feel like my outfit's very cute

I feel like it's very cute

Pink all out, pink all over

♪ Check in the mirror
we're looking tight ♪

♪ All of the boys do double takes ♪

♪ Eyes on the prize,
let me up the stakes ♪

♪ Who you kicking with? ♪

♪ I know, let's go ♪

– I own no shirt like this

with these fun bell sleeves

I decided to tie this in a bow

'cause I thought that like separated

the top and the bottom portion better

Love the way that these pants fit

I've cuffed them at the bottom

and worn these with these
Chelsea platform boots again

The only pink accessory that I own

is this shiny dinosaur purse

I think it's cute,

I would probably choose a
different accessory generally

I just wanna like swirl around the world

in these bell sleeves

I wanna wear all pink all the time

All pink all the time

All pink all the time

– Ah today's look is
pretty casual actually

Nothing too crazy

Got pink lip going

If you can see that pink lip

I paired a cropped light pink T-shirt

with some pink pants that are wide legged

It's comfortable, flowy,

paired them with a pair of pink sued

booties that I previously owned

and the piece de resistance,

my little juicy clutch that's
I've had since I was like 14

I think cute is the word for today

I feel very cute,

I feel very like pretty

I like my makeup a lot

Time to take photos,

so that's gonna be fun

♪ Everybody wants to be in the scene ♪

♪ You've got the look so fresh and clean ♪

♪ If I wasn't me then I'd wanna be you ♪

♪ Now move to the beat ♪

♪ Let's get into it ♪

♪ They'll be glitter around ♪

♪ Let's how them we're
the best part of town ♪

♪ Party to the left, party to the right ♪

♪ It's gonna be a party tonight ♪

(upbeat music)

– Hi
– Happy pink day

– It's the last day

– I feel like I ended on a high note

– I feel like I did too

Pink day was great

Wearing all pink is
probably my favorite color

to wear all of
– Yeah

– Okay this is like the end of the video

Okay bye
– Bye

♪ Oh my love your patient ways alone ♪

♪ And I know it I know ♪

♪ That they pray to take you on ♪

♪ I know it I know ♪

♪ Oh my love your patient ways alone ♪

♪ And I know it I know ♪

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