We Styled Our Dads’ Clothing For A Week

published on July 2, 2020

I feel like I could work with this one

action who need this whoo this is gonna

be a long week my dad's name is Terry my

dad the kind of guy where I texted him

and said do you have any quarters cuz I

wanted to do laundry and he said yeah I

have a couple and when I came to get

them he had put 200 quarters in a giant

bag he'll just go above and beyond for

the people that he cares about my dad's

name is Steve and I've known him for

basically my whole life well here's the

thing he isn't actually my biological

father yes my stepdad however I do go

ahead dad because in my opinion he is my

real father it was the one that raised

me ever since I was a little kid he

loves me like his own son so he is my

dad my guys name is Kevin he is just

like the biggest people-pleaser honestly

one time I had really bad period cramps

I'm just like could not be bothered to

go there or to buy tampons and so I

asked me go buy me some and he literally

came back with 12 boxes of tampons all

different kinds because he wanted to

make sure I got the right one I feel

like my dad has like quintessential dad

style and definitely not expecting to go

shop in his closet and be horrified the

man's got taste my dad is very plain

very simple he just wears red shirt and

jeans oh my god my dad wears jeans

everywhere it's hilarious it's like 90

degrees in Hawaii he wears sheeps he's

very well put together but like there's

not that much flavor you need more salt

and pepper paprika it's pretty typical

bad style like I it's not terrible I

think he dresses for comfort and

convenience and it's not like he's like

gonna be walking down a runway anytime

soon so we'll see what we can do

hi dad are you this is one of my

favorite shirts it's just limited

edition I really like this shirt oh

that's is that Chinese takeout haha

that's funny I'm targeting one of the

most iconic hairy boy cough shirts which

is this flannel is this the flannel wait

is it this one why do you have to I

they're identical okay welcome to my

dad's Craig so this is what we're

working with

immediately I feel like this looks like

something that I could like definitely

work with like maybe that's like a crop

top something and I know I'm putting her

can't hold her please thank you

item number two that I'm on the lookout

for is a classic Harry boy cough powder

blue button-down that he wears to work I

have no idea how I'm going to style this

it's a great shirt you might not get it

back shoot that's fine I can make it

work so I want that – okay it does come

back got it this is gonna huge water dad

you know I have to take this okay this

is gonna be so cute this is gonna be a

great dress I feel like we have like a

solid amount of stuff and that's that I

can work with it and make it into like

something cute hopefully any other final

words how to dress like you'd like give

me any advice how do I become you okay

okay this is gonna be a long motorcycle

and my parents owned a motorcycle

dealership back in the day so I'm gonna

interpret that and for day one I'm gonna

be like a route 66 kind of biker gang

member my dad's a wardrobe includes a

lot of blue and gray so I want to start

the challenge wearing something fun and

I'm really feeling purple today

three I'm starting it off with a bang

I'm pretty nervous about today because I

am wearing a dress okay I know I said it

was most nervous for this one and

honestly like as soon as I put on the

dress I was kind of getting

uncomfortable but as soon as I put on my

dad's shirt it felt so much more

complete like I actually feel really

cute in this like why does kind of look

okay y'all so this is my final fit I

have my debts hat my dad shirts and then

I have my harley-davidson watch so you

kind of like add to it accessory-wise I

have my pink moto jacket I mean your boy

needs that pink somewhere I also have

these pink glasses these pink glasses

are gaudy and over-the-top but just like

me I'm writing a lot of black I'm not

used to it but I love a good challenge

like I said I'm gonna walk it out in my

photo shoot so I'm excited this shirt

has vacation vibes and I plan to style

it accordingly I wanted to wear the

shirt open with this little gray

bralette because vacation vibes and only

made sense to like tie it up into this

little bow I added bobby pins to the

sleeves here because they were so big

and then I'm just wearing these jean

shorts and these chunky Steve Madden

platforms I honestly would wear this

outfit I think it turned out really cute

so he's probably gonna be a bit of an

easier day I'm Wayne he's super fun

pattern patchy jeans and then I am

wearing my dad's polo shirt that he has

I felt like I was like almost obligated

to get just cuz he has so many of them

and I know he wears these kinds of

shirts all the time I decided that I'm

going to cut it and I got permission so

like I'm still a good daughter I was his

father it was pretty successful

very comfortable Maryjo can't complain

this look is kind of like boyish but

then like I'm feminine in the face I

like I like the mix of vibes the way I

styled this shirt was I really like the

details in the holes and so I didn't

want to roll up the sleeves even though

they are like a little bit long for me

because I wanted to show the gray

details and then I just rolled it up and

put it a little you know one of these I

paired it with some black skinny jeans

and my black Doc Martens this is my

dad's doing stuff around the house

t-shirt whenever I come over to their

house on a Sunday he's normally in this

shirt doing stuff around the house so

today I have some stuff

around the house and I'm gonna do it in

the doing stuff for a master deal with

staff t-shirt it's the doing stuff

t-shirt I think I look good my dad's

clothes was this you know mint green

take a box shirt it was oversized so I

thought to myself why not make it into a

dress I decide to add some tights

I had these colorful pastel tights with

hat which has green in them and to tie

in the pink I have this pink advisor as

well as this pink belt shoes I have

these pastel platform I'm a pastel color

you McDonald's welcome to Charlotte can

I have your order and yes we got you a

free and I am feeling lonely I gotta get

dressed cuz we gotta tell my dad's

clothes so I can't just sit around in my

PJs okay so I'm gonna wearing this like

polo Rocklin collared shirt and I just

put that with some mom things that I

wear like constantly and then it's

converse cuz it's easy this shirt I

don't know it's fine like it's a fine

shirt the style is something that I'm

really comfortable with and I definitely

wear like the collared but not look a

lot but like the pattern in color um I

don't know about it I don't know when I

choose it but you know what I'm like to

each their own y'all I feel so cute I

put this whole outfit on and then I

found my red bandanna and when that's

where it needs to go

it's very rosie the riveter realness

which was not my plate at all but it

just came together that way this is my

dad's blue but enough that he wears to

work the gag is these are his pants

and I don't know if he or I should be

embarrassed that they fit me there's

like a big gap in the butt and then

they're tight in the thighs and then

just huge everywhere else and they're

obviously way too long but barrel and

now let's take a picture for Instagram

for at 8 3 I'm doing

other than music yes my dad loves music

he's obsessive music he grew up in the

music era so what I have today is I'm

gonna be wearing this you know super

cool old-school Beatles he sure that my

dad owns you again a huge Beatles fan

very much like what a fan would wear I

have these blue jeans obviously gonna

take my shirt and have a little belt

moment but the highlight of this outfit

is this patchwork coat that I have is

very much like I would think someone

from the Beatles or the cream would wear

and finally I have this a patchwork bear

bag it has like different colors of fur

which I think you know are very similar

to the patchwork that I have in my coats

this one actually gives an outfit that

like I would wear even if I was inside

my dad's clothes like this shirt that I

chose I love I took one of his

button-ups card but enough cut it the

exact same way that I cut the other

shirt and then I'm doing a cropped cami

underneath and then high-waisted black

jeans and this like cool doctor both did

I wear a lot and honestly again this

outfit feels super me and then I paired

that with my black Doc Martens because

were edgy you guys I'm so into this look

I kept the makeup super simple cuz

that's how I was feeling this look needs

to be I added like this simple chain

necklace to match the silver zipper

which I have hold all the way there is

it weird that I've turned my dad's

cashmere sweater into a mini dress maybe

but it looks really cute I've obviously

styled it away that he wouldn't I love

it with these boots and I'm excited to

take a little picture my daughter's a

huge sports fan he loves baseball so I

wanna be styling my dad's a sports

Jersey this is my final lot so my dad's

clothing is this New York Yankees jersey

or like shirt what we did was a crop top

pastels and I mean shows up the stomach

a little bit I added these giant pink

pants they're kind of like almost like

MC Hammer pants dish I added the

ha me as baseball sportsy perhaps shoes

I had these pastel platforms are going

to give me a war hate it's time to take

pictures and maybe we can get a home run

baseball terminology hey hands down

without a doubt this is my favorite

outfit of the entire week it's so good

it has my dad's name and honestly this

check it it's just so fun it's so cool

like knowing that this is what my dad

wore like when he was young and like

it's kind of just gonna be thinking

about like he was good morning today I'm

gonna DIY one of my dad's old shirts

that he owns two of so not only do we

crop the shirt but I cut these little

triangles into it also little tears here

but you Carolee see them and then I tore

up the back of the shirt to just is like

some little cutout the details

so I have on my little nineties choker

this slate-gray cutout shirt my favorite

checkerboard pattern skirts and these

cool platform shoes here she is the last

theme for my styling that video is

travel my parents love traveling and

when my parents are not visiting me here

at LA my parents love to travel to Paris

for today I'm gonna give my dad style

like a very chic Parisian look okay

y'all this is the final look so I have

my dad's dress shirt I'm using it as my

top they added this pleated pink skirt

and I added a little pink beret right

over here and finally i have my judith

lieber Hello Kitty clutch bag overall I

think this was a very simple but still

very effective way see what I did there

Lucretia fashion so you kind of like

convey my dad I have really enjoyed

styling my dad's clothes this week and

really nice to like have a reason to

text him every day so he can be like

look at what I did your clothes

throughout every single day I would take

them send him pictures be like yo what

do you think of this do you like this he

gives me his feedback I was able to

really rekindle my relationship with my

father and honestly if you have access

to your job it's like go in there he

might have some gentleness honestly like

I would have never gone this is a staple

now in my wardrobe so thank you


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