We made an IMPOSSIBLE domino run!

published on July 17, 2020

So our goal is to make a seemingly impossible domino run that you have never ever seen before plant you want to get our social distance measurements back up you know you're defeating the point if

You're actually touching people with these things so nvidia sent us these new laptops that have really nice workstation gpu using them they're the uh the quadro rtx and these gpus not only are they

Great for 3d rendering and video editing and all that kind of stuff but you can also do physics simulations on them so what better way to take advantage of a workstation gpu than to do a physics simulation with thousands and thousands

Of objects let's team up you guys are cg wiz kids i ain't so bad myself and let's make an impossible domino's run let's make a video real quick dude let's

Just make a video real quick dude i'm sorry you're touching the end of it right now i actually love dominoes man i mean when i went to comic-con like 10 years ago dude we built a domino run that turned

On the lights it's controlled destruction i think that's what's so satisfying about it it's this very intricate cool looking design one false move and the whole thing just

Is wrecked i feel like there's so much hype with these things it's like the same crowd who goes to watch a building demolition is probably watching these videos too the thing i like about domino's is when

You can actually scale up the size of them because a domino can knock over another domino that's one and a half times bigger you can scale that up but the problem is that if you're doing that for real

You end up hitting this barrier called reality where you can't make anything bigger than that do you think it's like cheating to do it in cg instead of doing it for real no no you embrace the cg like a computer

Simulation of a domino effect is just as satisfying if not more satisfying because you have to consider the fact that you can do the impossible in cg but you're still using real life

Dynamics to control and set up the impossible so it's still real physics like you still have to make the physics work yes so our goal is to make a seemingly impossible domino run that also looks

Real you will see a domino run that you have never ever seen before i think we can do it in three shots each one growing in complexity and maybe even a scale of the dominoes as well we start

With the first one like in the studio or something doing like some crazy cool little pattern going along the ground then it goes and hits a diamond formation that makes the corridor logo in the middle of the floor here and then

Continues onto the wall it's about to go out the door and it goes up the wall maybe it goes around the corridor logo how do you change the direction of gravity you're not a windrunner how do

You get it to go up the wall you would have to do it in two separate simulations and you'll just take that entire second domino scene and rotate it 90 degrees

And just put it up against and then just line it up it's technically three separate sims because you have one up to the wall two going here three restarting normally and

Dropping here and then it disappears around the corner and then we just cut to outside we have a little line goes zoop out to here and it goes ding ding ding ding and then i get to like

Click size dominoes right it'll just be a snake down the road and then what happens i mean red has this drone so then we can scale them up to the point that they're bigger than any

Dominoes can physically exist in real life really leveraging the use of cgi here right it'll be so cool man oh hold up we're going to be filming an invisible domino run

Yes and we don't know how fast they're going to move so i think what we need to do is we need to set up like a two scale 20 foot long domino run on the computer and see how fast that

Moves dang to be so sick if we could just like do this right now on the spot but oh wait this is actually perfect can we just take a moment to appreciate

That clint is using his thigh as a mouse pad dude it's the best mouse pad honestly 20 feet yeah let's do 220 feet all right i'm gonna hop into the shade here hey milo milo hello

Hey milo all right nico let's let's focus on the important things um so i'm gonna take a second here and talk about the hardware we are using so this is the razer blade studio

It has an nvidia rtx quadro in it so that's a really fancy version of a graphics card and what makes this different well it has more vram vram's useful for like when you have to have textures on the card for your 3d

Scenes like when we render stuff in octane or in the case of uh if you're doing like machine learning you need to hold like bigger models on it or for example if you're working with like 8k red footage another thing that's really

Important to having a good workflow is having good drivers so nvidia has their studio drivers out now which accelerate things like adobe premiere and after effects or cinema 4d for example so that it fully utilizes their gpus

To run fast and smooth so in this case we're going to be doing a bunch of physics simulations with a bunch of rigid body objects all these kind of things really benefit from good gpu integration and that's

What nvidia has with their nvidia studio drivers good are you done yet yeah actually this is actually going at a rate of immigrant song this domino line is going five feet per second

If you walk to the tempo of immigrant song by led zeppelin you will be walking at five feet per second you know that's about the space you want to walk that speed is only for that size of domino

If you were to increase the size of that domino that speed is actually going to increase pretty substantially so we know the speed of the regular size dominoes let's go ahead and make a two foot tall version of that same domino

And just like literally run the simulation to see how fast that is come to the land of the ice and globes snowing time it's time to go dang that moves quick hey ren we have our answer can you ride at

13 feet per second 13 feet per second how many miles per hour is 13 feet per second oh yeah that's nine miles an hour that's slow i easily hit 20 miles an hour right

There all right so rent can go the right speed we have to plan for our shots now we just have to execute right now ren's going to go out and get the drone shot while clint and i start working on building

Our domino sequences and you might wonder why we're on the laptops in the studio well outside of the fact that the uh the gpus are fast for physics simulations see

Ren's computer isn't here we took our computers home so actually it's a really good thing that we have these laptops to work on in the studio because our computers are all gone anyways so i'm basically piecing together three

Simulations because you have one up to the wall two going here three restarting normally and dropping here and then once we have the footage i'll be able to tweak the spline path and all

This and that it'll look real nice nico is actually going to build a really cool corridor logo made from dominoes um shouldn't take too long i'll just be using black and white

Dominoes i'll just set it up and i'll test it out knock them down and i'll move on from there i'm digging i keep messing up my shot look at all these trucks

Messing up my dominoes all right you ready they're getting bigger they're getting bigger oh no it's gonna hit the highway boom all right

nice all right guys i got the shot so this would be the corridor logo right here five foot diameter how long is it is the logo gonna take to fall down

I need to have that in my mind as i'm actually recording all of it so nico there we go freaking two and a half seconds three seconds to be exact that's really cool man this computer handles like a

Thousand objects like it's nothing at some point i'll get to where i kind of like come up and i'm looking down at the quarter logo and i just kind of hold it the dominoes get to that point before i get there

You just add some more snake turns and if i get to the logo before the dominoes have gotten there you just remove a couple snake lines exactly ready that takes us to shot two which is out

On the street which one will shoot on the one wheel sweet we got it all right okay uh we're good i think we got it i think this will work so clint yeah here you go oh wow i actually

Caught it i'm actually really excited about how this is going to turn out so excited about how this is going to turn out like this is the freaking stuff i'm excited for you

If you're watching this video you're not subscribed to corridor crew for you to subscribe to corridor crew please subscribe all right see ya see you man

These cats are just roaming dude look at these things so we have to make these dominoes look super realistic and there's a few things that i want to go over with you guys

On how i'm going to achieve that ren did a great job tracking the footage so it's seamless on that end right so the first thing i want to do is reference dominoes and get the look of a domino you want to make sure your

Dimensions are correct and then from there we're going to use an hdri which is basically just a bunch of images bracketed at different exposures combined together to give us the most realistic lighting sphere here so if i

Just navigate around our scene here you can see that we're kind of going around this hdri image that ren took of the studio and that's what's actually going to help us fuse these dominoes with the actual

Live-action footage now when we're in the exterior scenes what i'm doing is basically adding sunlight here in octane you can see how this gets like a real nice realistic middle of the day type look

Here catch the swing there the next thing we need to do to those dominoes is add a number of surface imperfections that's going to be one of the things that is really going

To push this domino above and beyond in terms of realism because it's not a perfect domino right out the factory gates so this is a fingerprint surface imperfection by cornelius domrick

And that makes things shiny and also makes things rough and it just mixes it all up so it looks like someone actually touched these dominoes with their grubby old fingers and that goes a long way when these

Things are getting knocked over one by one and they're catching the glare of the light from above it's really gonna look nice when it's not just a perfect factory glare so that's just a few ways to really step

Up the render here the graphics card and these laptops really make it easy to render quickly all right so clint just called me he is ready to show us the final shot so let's take a look

Clint i hope that hair clip kept your hair out of your face by doing these intense physics simulations unfortunately this is the only time i had my hair clip up so i couldn't see anything the whole time so hopefully

These shots are good yeah i've been working on this stuff for the past three days i don't know i'm a little nervous i know those vfx eagle eyes are just ready um to strike so

Tear me apart dude my eagle eyes can see an alias pixel from a thousand feet away all right i am ready for this here we go the forest oh looks good that that little bit of shine yeah it's all about the shine

A little bit of steps you got you've got some quarter logo yeah looks nice all right up the wall oh you get just a little bit ahead of it i remember we talked about that but other than that looks pretty good

Boom it looks really good it looks real real like it looks realistic the lighting and everything looks great i think ren's hdri that he took of the studio that's huge in making something realistic is that

Hdri i think it's catching the glare really nicely right here looks like you're just kind of like flying over the ocean catching those highlights you know and it was tough just because

Like i had to basically sync up the speed of these dominoes to the timing of the video yeah it was actually pretty difficult physics man it's chaos it's nature i want to see the next shot yeah dude i

Want to i want to see the outside shot wait it just starts already halfway through yep oh already letting me go down i wanted to see the transition from the tiny to big it's too fast wow

The dominoes are out pacing around on the one wheel red is magically flying over the dominoes yeah yeah wow the rendering looks great though yeah realism is like spot on yeah it's

All about that glare and i think you can actually see the surface imperfections here when they catch the sun and the fall off to just like the normal kind of look that is definitely one of

The things that makes this thing look as real as it does here's the thing though here's the thing there's a glaring error there's a glaring mistake in this shot i feel like

The sun direction doesn't quite match to that truck shadow absolutely not look at the shadows on the dominoes right it's like basically top down lighting i was looking at the dumpster

And i was like ah that's pretty top lit you know and why i didn't see this freaking shadow of the telephone pole yeah so 45 degree angle for the sun so i actually tracked these shots in

After effects using the ae camera tracker which isn't the best camera tracker but it's the easiest to use really this is an attraction after effects it's impressive oh yeah no it tracks super easy

Nico you know you were giving me the old gripe about not having dominoes go from small to big well dude well do i have a shot for you oh man here we go oh the last shot

There's a downhill transition i wanted to see the first thing gets a little crooked i like that oh no we're out man oh man whoa wow love you that you can actually see the bounce light from the other

dominoes dude i didn't know you're gonna do this yeah i ended up just going with a freaking giant domino explosion at the end it

Works what a way to end it really well some of these dominoes have minds of their own and they start taking flight flying around like little bats you know they're agitated now cool well nice work man i looked great i

Think we've learned a lot about how we should actually go about timing up footage and and the dominoes what we have here is really cool and it's really promising for doing a

Crazy corridor video where you push us even further and put some more time into it well dudes i look forward to doing some more domino setups on these laptops so yeah

All right well that turned out great clint did an awesome job and being able to do these kind of shots on a laptop was super cool it actually it unlocks a lot of creative potential for us to be out like on the

Street with one of these guys doing physics simulations and ray tracing rendering being able to edit out in the field in the middle of a shoot with 8k red footage on the spot to see how it looks so having mobile power

Is awesome if you end up picking up one of these nvidia studio laptops you actually get three months free of adobe creative suite so go check it out link is in the description below all right everybody

Thanks for watching and don't forget to check out the corridor channel where eventually we'll be posting another domino video that's youtubecom corridor alright see you later

So snoop dogg has asked me to bring tupac back to life for music video through new visual effects newly shot scenes 200 to you a reimagined version of charlie and the

Chocolate factory i'm gonna put a nerf blaster on a drone i wanna hit your drone out of the air challenge accepted you

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