We Bought a $400 GAMING PC on EBAY

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

Hey how's it going guys Jack and Matt here with toasty bros and today we're gonna be checking out a $400 gaming PC we bought have eBay let me grab a real quick eBay here it is as eBay tape all over it is it gonna suck actually it might not be half that bad but before we

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A video that actually got really popular where was a $400 gaming PC off of Amazon I had prime shipping and everything it looked kind of cool but we checked it out that literally had an i-5 2400 and a GTX 650 units so like it was truly awful

For the rice so we're hoping that this is a little bit better now this thing is supposed to have a rise in 330 200g which is a modern rise in apu and we bought on ebay for $400 now this isn't from like a company per

Se this guy does sell multiple computers on ebay but it's not a big company like that one that we did when we bought the one off Amazon so it might be kind of hard to get your hands on this if this is a good value but regardless if this

Is a good deal will be sure to shout out the person that we bought this from so probably go ahead and unbox it real quick alright guys we're gonna go ahead and unbox this PC I love how it showed up

With all this eBay tape it just goes to show you that this wealth is an eBay PC but again this is a rise at apu system and one thing we're gonna keep a lookout for is what other stuff it comes with now erisa 330 200g is a quad-core

Processor and it's a pretty good value but when you're going Rison there's a lot of different things you need to keep in mind this is a Windows 10 CD sitting right here first of all for repair and restore okay interesting you can

Download that online if you wanted to but regardless we're going to open this thing up and it looks like we have hake newspaper special going on right here wonder what newspaper this is crack interesting alright we'll move that out

Of the way but it looks like we have a DIY PC case which longtime viewers of the toastie bros know DIY PC is definitely one of our favorites here on the channel alright we're gonna go ahead and take

This thing out see if I can do it there we go and more newspaper on the bottom so here is the box within a box which we're going to unbox real quick after I take along Jack the knife that is on the floor now what is this package right

Here Nero CD DVD burning software CyberLink okay got a burning software included this is a Wi-Fi adapter kind of cool I guess and then this is a piece of paper basically saying please read think of a purchase do not turn off the

Computer wait what pause for a second guys here the first scare do not turn off the computer should it go into upgrade though be patient till the upgrades are completely downloaded okay basically this is just a warning that

Says when this thing turns on is probably gonna start updating itself so don't shut it down forcefully okay let's finally get this thing actually open oh and we did unbox this thing upside down so you know professionalism at its

Finest so we're gonna go ahead and take this off and all right here we go we have a working computer hopefully as you can see right here it's basically a new PC so obviously he built this thing for the purpose of selling it so that's

An interesting thought but we're gonna go ahead and open this thing up and make sure we got everything that we were asking for this case is actually magnetic so he was smart enough or hopefully the case may factor were

Smart enough to put something to make sure it doesn't just fly off but my name is kind of cool but as we look inside I mean we have a decent little offering right here it looks like it does come with dual channel memory which is a

Pretty big plus for a system like this like this I do not like this at all he's running the CPU for pin from down here this is not a good example if you want to check out our full guide that we've done here on the channel

We're built a PC you wouldn't want to do that it does look to be an a320 in motherboard everything else is pretty standard the power supply what the hell is that fangore shark technology shout

Out to our moderator cyber shark you're on a power supply now it has killer quality apparently interesting okay here I'll let Jackson take this over since he's the cable management expert and opened the rear panel and see what we

Got going on here alright guys so the the front was not good I'm not gonna lie I was actually might be worse than the four hundred dollar Amazon PC which we really bashed be nice I still have some hopes for this one because it seems to

Have better hardware so right away okay you know we got one zip tie we got we got one we got yup we got one zip tie that's it we do have expandable fan headers here in the back so you could actually had

More RGB fans if you really wanted to so that that's kind of cool this is a better case and it's a pretty decent case it actually has real temper side gloves it actually has a power supply basement so you know probably so and

That we do only have a hard drive though we only have a 500 gig hard drive that parts a little bit lame that there's no SSD it's means that boot times a Makris low but yeah this is cable management's not really managed it's not quite there

But I can't really even say you tried it does look like he was kind of in a hurry and just threw this together because well I guess you gotta make money so he decided you know what this was good enough nobody's gonna look inside this

Case except for these guys and we decided to look into it to show you guys what you're gonna be getting so should we go ahead and see if it actually works just point out the fact real quick before you test this that he did give us

A bunch of CDs for whatever purpose and this thing does not have a CD drive so I don't know what his point was there okay let's test this thing not for real it turns on show the RGB off let's see we got here

Gamers oh oh my gosh look at that wait do we have a post I think we do series nice oh hey that RGB is actually pretty sex that's flu I might have to look into this case guys get it give a thumbs up if you wants to get this case into a

Building that cheap one yeah guys we're gonna go ahead and do is get this thing posted and then run some benchmarks I mean it's a risin APU we've done a build like this or kind of have an understanding of what kind of

Performance we're gonna give but you know what we want tested just make sure this PC actually works under load so let's go ahead do it real quick so we just got back with the benchmark results and for games like for tonight this PC

Actually will do it it only is going to get about 60 FPS maybe a little bit more if you have it on all pro settings making sure that everything's set to low on games like you know maybe csgo maybe for tonight and other kind of lower to

Your games like that so keep in mind that if you are getting this PC you're probably I'm just slap a Gravatar in if you want to do anything besides those of course the cable management as we said is like really bad honestly worse than

The Amazon one but the specs kind of make up for it but it's also a free thing that can pretty easily be fixed one of the things we did notice is this power supply we did look it up and you can actually pick these things up in

Bulk for about twenty-five dollars so it's definitely a cheaper kind of scheduler unit so be careful when you do add a graphics card we don't know the longevity of power supplies like this but going back to the results we had a

Little bit of a struggle in the rest of the games even in Rainbow six siege I like medium settings we were normally used to getting around 60 FPS even on like Lorain systems we're only getting about 45 to 50 FPS so ideally you

Probably run games like Rainbow six siege on lower settings 1080p and you could get 60 FPS so 3200 G is perfectly fine for that but then shadow the Tomb Raider was very very sad it actually stutter all over the place that was

Running on lowest setting 720p and we ended up averaging in the benchmark 15 FPS if there's something wrong there please let us know in the comments down below because that seemed very low for some reason I'm not totally sure why I

Was doing that it could be the fact that the RAM is dual-channel but to only 2400 megahertz so that could be a variable your RAM speed is important and so is the fact that using two sticks of memory hit the out of the topper Corner watch

Video what we actually did that test but overall it wasn't that great triple-a titles also just a disclaimer we actually did do the benchmarks on our benchmark SSD which is basically let's see that already has windows and all of

Our games pre-installed because the internet here sucks so you might get a little bit less than PSC's in this hard drive it's not gonna be anything major but you might lose like one or two FPS so shadow the Tomb Raider might have

Really been like 13 fps and maybe even more stuttering so just keep in mind that the FPS might have been down it's had bit using the hard drive that was in the system but one thing Jax and I were talking about is given the current PC

Climate right now $400 for this is it that bad I mean if you do build this yourself right now you probably be paying close to $400 to put something like this together using all new parts pricing is probably they get better at

Some point obviously but right now especially if you're looking to get a PC this is not a bad option especially if you find a good deal on a graphics card maybe you want to slap an SSD in here the only thing that kind of limits me

From really recommending this thing is the power supply everything else it's actually pretty well built we'll probably use this case at some point in the near future so as we said before we gave you guys some goals where we said

Hey the same as I'm PC gets enough views and likes him maybe we'll check an ebay one out well if this video gets enough views and likes how about we try and do a build in this case using kind of similar components but see how much we

Can do it for and just see if building it yourself if you really can save that much money or make that much of a better system for the same price right now spoiler alert we probably will be a dick but it'd be a very fun video to do so

Please comment down below if you're interested in that and drop a like on the video let's see how many likes we can get and I'm very interested to see what you guys have to think speaking of liking and commenting and subscribing

Don't forget to check out other two youtube channels right here i also don't forget to check out our twitch at which that hue slash toaster buzz really appreciate if you do some follow up some subs and some liking and whatnot and

Also don't forget to Like comment subscribe this video here and see you guys the next one adios peeps good bye good computer oh no

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