We asked you about the protests. Here’s what you said.

published on July 2, 2020

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Why are we still,
in 2020,

having to argue, riot,
and protest

about if black lives matter?

Not great, not best,
but if it even matters

The silver lining with
everybody losing their jobs

is that they were able
to focus

and team up so people understand
we are fucking done

No more of this racist bullshit
It should've fucking died

This era reminds me of
the Vietnam anti-war protester

There were National Guard
deployed all over the city

We were maced
We were teargassed

It's all very eerily similar

I had some of the hardest
conversations with my family

that I've ever had in my life

For my family
to say racist things

and then say they don't have
an explanation,

which there's never any kind of
an explanation for it, I hurt

People have been
struggling forever,

and it's just not
even a black thing

It doesn't matter if you're
Republican or Democrat

It's just rich people who are
just fucking running everything

These politicians
are fucking idiots,

and they try to do things
at the surface,

and nothing real has changed

We're being divided
by the media

People are calling for equality
when the reality is

equality has never existed
in America

White people
have never had equality

There's billionaires
all the way down

to trailer trash
and homeless

I'm a poor white man

who grew up in
the trailer park in the south

I believe that we are still
on the plantation,

and we have never left

We are still a pawn in the game

of the white supremacist
oligarchy that runs this nation

I've seen white kids on the
boardwalk holding Trump signs

and pretending to have their
knees on each other's necks

You just see the true colors
of people in this time

I don't think it's really
possible for white people

to really understand
what's gone on

When I was about
12 years old,

I was playing in a park
with my brother and my cousins

and a white lady
called the cops on us

saying that she was afraid

The cops pulled up,
they all had their guns drawn,

and no one seemed to realize

the fact
that we were all just kids

I've been vocal about racism
in America,

and up until now, no one seemed
to hear me or care

I fear for my life
every fucking day

At some point,
some motherfucker could just

pull me over and kill me
and that's not fair

and that's not a life
I want to live anymore

They're not warriors,
they're murderers

It's not that crazy
to defund the police

These ideas have been around
for a long time,

and they're not that radical

Calls to defund the police,

that's just ushering in Marxism,
communism, anarchy

The same way if someone
is a child molester

or a sexual predator
in their march for life,

if you're a dirty cop,
that marks you for life

because you were trusted

You were trusted with power,
and you abused it

I seem to vacillate

between feeling morose,
feeling defiant,

and then despair

What if it happened again?

I think I might combust

Donald Trump has, in a way,
been a catalyst for change

He has been the racist straw

that has finally broken
the camel's back

I came to this country
from South Africa,

so I've lived through apartheid
and then our liberation,

and this feels very much
like that moment to me

There's something in the air

There's a feeling that this
catharsis has to happen

Our generation is not
just gonna sit down

and let things happen to them

They're gonna let their voice
be heard

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