Watch this before you put a bathroom in your basement | Bathroom Rough In Tips

published on July 13, 2020

So hey I'm Jeff from home renovation DIY and today I'm doing a special video about basement bathrooms now this video is really designed for anybody who bought a new house and you've got a roughed-in bathroom downstairs which basically means they've given you about

A 5 by 7 space plumbing sticking out of the concrete for the toilet and for your shower and you're trying to figure out is this a project that you can handle renovating on your own and finishing it off the answer is yes so today I'm going

To go through all of the different steps that you need to consider when you're renovating your bathroom to make sure that you get a professional result so then you're investing in your home and you're not destroying it so first of all

Let's talk about the the roughen procedure because whenever you're building something you need to have a roughen plumbing rough-in electrical rough in framing and you need to pass your inspections for all of these

Different stages so generally when you get your home you're gonna have the plumbing roughed in as far as a waste and the vent is concerned but not for the water supply so when you take on a project like this you're gonna want to

Get a permit you're gonna want to get your city or municipality or state or an inspector in your home to make sure you've done things right so you don't run into problems down the road and if you want to know the specifics and how

To do all these different tasks we have all those videos let's throw some links in the descriptions so that you can follow along but what we're doing today is talking the generalities okay so generally you've got plumbing now one of

The first things everyone says is well I guess I got to open up the concrete the toilet isn't exactly the right spot maybe the shower isn't exactly in the right spot and there are ways that you can work around this problem

They make aftermarket products for the toilets where you can just cut the pipe off at the concrete and you can insert your flange and then screw that flange to the concrete so you don't have to open the floor up they also have an

Awesome product from the Schluter company that's designed for showers so this this is the the drain rough-in okay and generally it's a pipe sticking out of the ground now if you're gonna put in a tub shower or a shower pan in this

Kind of environment what you're gonna find out is that that pipe is never in the right spot they don't care it's a roughen so they don't even have a wall to consider right at this point so what you can do is

Schluter sells a flange with a 90 degree I mean attachment okay now you can just cut the pipe half an inch off the concrete stick on an elbow fitting and now you can locate your drain anywhere in the shower that you want to that

Means you're going to be doing a custom shower but think of this from if you don't have to open the concrete and do a go through all that time and your investment there and you can just plug and play something like this and you can

Make a custom shower anywhere in the house you want which is awesome I would also recommend going to the 4-foot shower don't go the full five okay that gives you lots of room and flexibility for all your water supply and you can

Future considerations having room to add a niche in your wall all right hmm remember bathrooms in the basement in a lot of cases are full of all kinds of mechanical they everywhere so by making the shower smaller smaller by making the

Showers smaller than the room it gives you a little bit of flexibility now other things to consider is the height up in the ceiling generally you're full of ductwork if you have a basement you've got a heating system and so there

Pipes running everywhere and in modern construction we're using HRV the heat recovery ventilation system so there's extra ducting so when you look up when your ceiling you're like wow where am I going to possibly put a light consider

Using the new slimline LEDs you can put them just about anywhere and if you can drill a hole you can get that little boxes attached to your light and tuck it around some pipe somewhere you should be fine just put that in consideration

Before you get started sometimes you might need to strap your ceiling with a two by three to give you the extra depth that you need but that might be a worst-case scenario so when it comes to doing your roughened plumbing you can go

With PEX okay as a homeowner it's real easy to work with the tools are very cost effective and it doesn't require a great deal of skill all you got to do is kind of really the right length and crimp it all together so you can set up

Your shower and that's good make sure when you're framing your shower you have extra wood on the inside of the walls so that when you're putting in your shower door system you have something to screw it to that's a consideration you don't

Want to have the realization afterwards try to attach a door to just your tile because that can be a disaster the other thing you want to do is if you're using the shooter system you're going to be getting a kerb because

Is raised floor okay this is awesome you get this involved right at the very beginning it helps you square your framing off you also have to make sure that you got all your electrical figured out because they're not gonna rough in

The wiring for a basement bathroom so that means almost everybody has the same rules you're gonna have to pull an electrical permit it's a different inspector than the building up permit you're going to want to run power to a

Plug for your sink and that's gonna be a GFI and from there you can put in light switches and lights and not have to be concerned about you know proximity to water locations most electrical codes in the world allow you to have a GFI

Supplying all the power in a bathroom and then all the switches and fixtures can be in the bathroom and everything is safe so that's just one circuit for the bathroom and you're good to go so let's go through this we've got the waste it's

Already installed the venting is already installed the power supply one single circuit really easy to hook up and we have videos that will show you how to do that as well we have lights so you can add pot lights in the room if you're

Gonna put in a vanity strip most Building Code allows you to just bring the wire you don't need a box and this is a mistake a lot of people make if you put an octagon box on the wall and you mount your vanity light onto it you'll

Find that the box plate on the vanity light it's actually narrower than the electrical box itself in the wall you've got an ugly hole so what they do is they allow you to run the wire through the back of that plate with a grommet and

You can just mount it on the surface anywhere that you like so it's very convenient to put that assembly along with the mirror stuck on the wall and you're good to go now in most cases a 5 by 7 bathroom you're looking for a 24

Inch vanity nothing too crazy maybe a 30 and if you buy a 24 and you want to get a little more counter space just pull it off the wall until it's too comfortable position by the toilet remember a toilet you want about 15 inches on each side

Center of the pipe so you're not going to be cramped and you can be confident your toilet will fit when you're all done and then for flooring piece of cake right we have luxury vinyl tile you can install luxury vinyl direct on concrete

And listen some manufacturers have a solid core on the back of it and some as a soft or a cork so depending on your product you might need an underlay if you need the underlay use it you don't want to have that crunchy sound when

You're walking on the floor and there are three other major considerations I want you to consider if where you start closing up your bathroom because there's usually mechanical things that are done in a ceiling in a

Bathroom that the builders are getting away with we'll call it like for instance right here they clean up all right this pipe here is actually the waste pipe for the island sink in the kitchen

And they have to have a clean-out every 12 feet so that's where they put it right here in the ceiling of the basement bathroom if you ever finish this bathroom really is that where you want this that's just in really bad

Location so you're gonna want to interrupt take this piece and put it on the other side of the wall just a few feet away or leave it alone and just add another one that way you can satisfy the building coat that you have a clean note

And but you can actually access one a few feet down the road over here so this little wire hang in here is a telltale sign you've got a central vac rough into this corner again it's in the bathroom because it's officially unfinished space

Even though they've roughed it in with the intention of finishing it it's my biggest pet peeve I wish builders would move stuff out of the bathroom and into the mechanical room but here we go so you got a wire stick in here and then up

In the ceiling so that that's the stub out for my central vac that's run through the entire house I've got to get a coupling and another piece of pipe to extend that over to the mechanical room before I close the ceiling up or no one

Is ever gonna find it again this wire is too short it's a simple cat five tie these wires together color-coded okay run that over to where it's going to be useful to you hi the only other thing that we had in this bathroom that was

Unique is they actually had the shutoff valve for the tap outside in the ceiling in the bathroom underneath all the floor joists I don't know how that passed but I ended up cutting that out and moving it over to the mechanical room it

Doesn't really matter how far away you are from the tap as long as you can turn it off and has a bleeder valve you can let water in the line out then you won't have any freezing in your faucet now I know this is a quick little video but

The reality is if you have a house with an unfinished basement bathroom rough-in area and you want to finish yourself at something you can do on your own trust me the process for cutting this down and

Building it isn't that tricky especially if you using really basic products like we're discussing today so all of this information is going to be found in this place right here it's a complete do yourself

Bathroom with a vinyl floor and a custom shower and if you watch that and put that in your basement you can finish your own basement too and make your house worth thousands of dollars more than it is today

Thanks for joining us see you soon

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