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published on August 2, 2020

Then there was today's other big story trump's attorney general was in the spotlight testifying in his first ever hearing before the house judiciary committee lawmakers spent months seeking attorney general barr's testimony today he was

Questioned for nearly five hours on everything from politics at doj to his involvement in the release of the mueller report barr and gop members of the committee were mainly focused on defending the

Presence of those militarized federal agents in portland where protests have been underway nearby the federal courthouse ever since the death of police hands of george floyd

Barr insisted the building is under siege in the wake of george floyd's death violent rioters and anarchists have hijacked legitimate protests to wreak senseless havoc and destruction

On innocent victims the current situation in portland is a telling example what unfolds nightly around the courthouse cannot reasonably be called protest

It is by any objective measure and assault on the government of the united states federal courts are under attack since when is it okay to try to burn down a federal court customs and border control tells nbc

News it is sending more agents to portland last week attorney general barr and trump announced that more agents would be dispatched to places like chicago and other cities

Dealing with a rise in crime this summer the judiciary committee chairman new york democratic congressman jerry nadler wanted to know if barr had ever discussed the deployments in the context

Of the upcoming election have you now yes or no have you discussed the president's re-election campaign with the president or with any white house official or any surrogate of the president

Well i'm not going to get into my discussions with the president well have you discussed that topic with him yes or no not not in relation to this program i didn't ask that i asked if you discussed

That i'm a member of the cabinet and there's an election going on obviously the topic is yes well the topic comes up in cabinet meetings and other things okay it shouldn't be a surprise that

That the topic of the election i didn't say i was barr also said he thought there was a high risk of voter fraud with mail-in balloting and that we should assume russia is trying to meddle

In our upcoming presidential election in two notable exchanges the attorney general was asked directly whether asking for foreign election interference was okay and about the possibility that trump

Might refuse to leave office if he loses in november what will you do if donald trump loses the election on november 3rd but refuses to leave office on january 20th if

Well if the results are clear i would leave office do you believe that there is any basis or legitimacy to donald trump's recent claim that he can't provide an answer as to

Whether he would leave office i really i'm not familiar with these comments in april of this year the republican-led senate intelligence committee unanimously found

That russia interfered with our elections and attempted to undermine american democracy correct and i said so too is it ever appropriate serve for the president

To solicit or accept foreign assistance in an election it depends what kind of assistance is it ever appropriate for the president or presidential candidate to accept or solicit foreign assistance of any

Kind in his or her election no it's not appropriate okay sorry you had to struggle with that we also learned today what attorney general barr has not been focused on of

Late beginning with the recent tear gassing of a navy veteran during the protests in portland that video is of christopher david a navy veteran being beaten and tear gas by the offices

Do you think that was appropriate well i didn't see him tear gas i there seems to be gas in the area i don't know what kind of gas it was and i don't know whether it was directed at him are you aware that in may the president

Tweeted and i quote mail-in voting will lead to massive fraud and abuse it will also lead to the end of our great republican party end quote i wasn't aware of that tweet

Can a sitting us president move an election day actually i haven't looked into that question under the constitution are you familiar with the december 3rd 2018 tweet

Where donald trump said roger stone had shown guts by not testifying against him no i'm not familiar with that you don't read the president's tweets no and chuck rosenberg

Back into the hearing room today as you are unencumbered by a new york times byline can you please tell us how far from normal that testimony was for a sitting

Attorney general his struggle for instance on the question of foreign assistance in our election yeah if anyone ever asks you brian whether you can accept

Foreign assistance the answer is no it's not a hard question title 52 of the united states code makes it a felony to do so not from a foreign person not from a foreign government not from a foreign

Corporation you know what really troubled me uh was that the attorney general seems to answer everything very legalistically and that sort of makes sense for an attorney general but

You know that's just the floor it's not enough the fact that something might be lawful doesn't make it wise or appropriate or sensible if you ask the attorney general for instance can the president pardon

Friends and allies the answer is sure of course the constitution permits it but that's not a sufficient answer there has to be something more you would expect the attorney general to also be talking

As the attorney for the nation that things that are legal are not always appropriate and that was the problem today and good evening once again day 1286 of the trump administration leaving 98 days

Until the presidential election well it took just over a week but the president has managed to fully revive the mood and feeling of those previous coronavirus briefings today sounded more like early to mid

Pandemic trump declaring much of the country looks pretty good to him and recommending we take hydroxychloroquine he also lamented dr fauci's popularity compared to his all

Of this as americans remain unwelcome barred from traveling in most of the world all of this on the day the us death toll surpassed 150 000

The state of florida in particular in fact set a one-day record of nearly 200 deaths at the podium today the president was defending a doctor in a video he retweeted she claims to have the cure for the

Coronavirus and says masks are unnecessary the it's recommendations of many other peoples and people including doctors many doctors think it is extremely successful

The hydroxychloroquine uh coupled with the zinc i happen to believe in it i would take it as you know i took it for a 14-day period and i'm here there was a group of

Doctors yesterday a large group that were put on the internet and for some reason the internet wanted to take them down and uh took them off they're very respected doctors

Uh there was a woman who was spectacular in her statements about it that she's had tremendous success with it the woman that you said was a great doctor in that video that you retweeted last night said that masks don't work

And there is a cure for covid19 both of which health experts say is not true she's also made videos saying that doctors make medicine using dna from aliens and that they're trying to create a vaccine

I thought she was very impressive i thought her voice was an important voice but i know nothing about her indeed the doctor has talked about demon sperm about spontaneous pregnancies and alien

Dna her name is stella emmanuel she's a pediatrician in houston and a local minister there she operates a medical clinic in a strip mall next to her church

Called fire power ministries and here is a sampling so god decided to destroy the world and start with the seed of noah when god destroyed the earth at that time what happened

What happened to these 30-foot nephilims that were walking the earth those giants they got flooded so they are flesh they could not really die because this you know they got flooded

And their flesh got pulverized but what happened to the spirits this mixed breed there are still nephilims around today and they still do one thing

They're still lost after human beings as for her advice on hydroxychloric when the fda has put out strong warnings about the use of the drug in covid clinical trials were we right at the top of the broadcast in saying in

Effect this was a reset today in the briefing room was much more like early to mid pandemic trump yeah i think that's right last week of course he began having these briefings

All over again that in itself seemed to be a signal that he was taking it a little bit more seriously uh than he had in the previous few weeks as these spikes have uh ravaged the south and west he urged

Masks he urged uh avoiding uh pack bars uh he promised a relentless effort he said in fact that things were gonna get worse before they were better today i think you heard him sort of revert to some of what we had heard

Before that which is uh uh you know uh grasping onto conspiracy theories and sort of wild internet uh claims rather than the the assertions of his own federal health officials this

Is the president for whom uh the cdc works the hhs works the nih works he has the best federal scientists around and he's trolling the internet looking for anybody people he doesn't know

People who are relying on alien dna for validation of his hope that this virus is somehow about to be over behind behind him in time for this false election welcome back of course florida remains a

Coronavirus epicenter with way more cases than most nations on the planet and sadly florida is in the cone for what could be the next tropical storm or hurricane in the southern

Atlantic by the weekend it comes just as another sun belt state texas recovers from hurricane hannah's damage over the weekend while also struggling

To contain its own virus outbreak coronavirus death in the state has now surpassed 6 000 today the governor urged texans to remain vigilant just because a hurricane has

Swept through here does not mean that it has swept out covet 19 until there are medicines capable of treating it there's only one thing that we can do to contain the spread of cobalt 19 and

It's the best practices that include things like wearing these face masks hand sanitizing keeping your distance from others for the record it took the governor

Months to adapt that position for more we welcome to the broadcast judge barbara canales she is top official in nueces county texas which includes the coastal city of corpus christi she was among texas local

Officials who met with the governor today to discuss state and federal support judge tell us about the confluence of these crises in your area

Well it makes for an incredible uh challenging job for any county judge for sure but we believe that you know there's really uh not going to be any help with panic so

Preparedness is the name of the game and we have tried to be as proactive as possible and also as collaborative as possible and that has served our community very well brian

As we went off the air friday night we talked about this possible landfall over the weekend and we mentioned this virus thrives on places like shelters where people are on cots

And floors wherever two or more people are shoved together that's where it spreads do you think people were able to take enough precautions with a big storm approaching from offshore

So it was really fascinating because of course our community had lived through harvey in 2017 which was a devastating impact to a particular area in our county called port aransas

And this coastal city really uh beared the brunt and the rest of us were somewhat protected by our island having said that we are always on hurricane watch here

And so i thought it was very interesting we had very few people in our shelters i attribute that to the fact they were very fearful uh because of covet 19 they felt very um much more protected in their own

Homes but the real story was is that hannah became a hurricane within hours before that it was a tropical storm and seemed like there was um only hours to prepare for its version

Of a tropical storm before it was a tropical depression so this was a this was a rapidly changing dynamic storm and it really didn't give people the opportunity to think hurricane

They really thought there was going to be high winds and water which on the gulf coast were quite accustomed to

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