Watch Me Make $450 In 30 Minutes | Brave Browser

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

If you give me 39 seconds I'm going to show you how this guy right here generate 137 thousand dollars in the first month of his new online crop here my garage just bought this new Lamborghini here it's fun to drive up here in the Hollywood Hills but you know

What I like a lot more than materialistic things knowledge you pocalypse has come to take your hairy balls to the promised land

All right let me stop beating around the bush alright so I'm gonna show you guys in this video right here and I'm not gonna just show you I'm gonna actually do it how to make four hundred and fifty dollars in less than thirty minutes of

Your time okay now I'm not gonna leave you hanging this is not something that you can just every 30 minutes make 450 dollars obviously not there's nothing like that in the world right otherwise would you

All be rich right but I'm gonna show you at the end of this video for the people that have a little bit of patience at the end of this video how to make a business out of this and what I'm gonna be doing for the

Next you know week two weeks even a month I'm gonna be testing this for myself you know I practice what I preach on this channel okay I'm gonna do it myself and see if it actually works but I'm gonna give you the top secret I know

Majority of you I'm not gonna watch the end his video so for the people to have a little bit of patience I'm gonna show you what I'm talking about I'm just gonna give away the top secret okay guys so before we get started in this video

If you haven't you know already subscribed to my channel my name is Alex I talk about everything internet entrepreneurial including cryptocurrency internet 3.0 decentralization this is the number one cryptocurrency channel on

The Internet guys hit that subscribe button as well as the push notification bell so you get videos like this all the time it's free content just hit that subscribe button okay guys so let me jump right into the video now the first

Thing I want to show you okay it's gonna blow your mind okay I'm just gonna give you guys for the people that already know abri the brave browser is and basic attention token you know you can skip ahead but

For the people that don't look basic attention token okay this is basically a token on the internet that's worth money currently it's worth as you can see here 24 cents if you rounded up 25 sets okay it recently went up 10 percent okay

We're talking about basic attention took it for months now so if 10% is not good enough for you which by the way that's better than majority of stocks right if you heard about the new Tesla stock it's been recently booming it recently went

Up 10% okay so nobody wants to talk about basic attention token though but you know basic attention token is a cryptocurrency it's like money right it's money but the thing about these currencies is that they actually have a

Technology that's attached to them and they actually have a way to be used right they have a technology a revolutionary technology which is decentralization but this is not the video for that so basically what I want

To show you is that at one point as you can see here the green right the green guy right there that says price and USD it basically says that at one point basic attention token was worth 93 cents okay how that is

Relevant I'll explain just bear with me here have a little bit patience there's only two ways you're gonna be able to pull this off is having patience right the ability to wait long periods of time I don't know how to define that but also

Having a little bit of work ethic right I'm gonna pull it off right in front of you I'm gonna do it step by step right in front of your eyes so you can see that the $450.00 knows I know you're skeptical you know everybody should be

Skeptical making four hundred fifty dollars and thirty minutes is ridiculous but I'm going to show you in real time okay to prove that I'm not just biessing here and I've actually made way more than $450 I'm explained but this is

Relevant okay you have to have a little bit of patience because cryptocurrency right now is actually at its lowest point okay not it's the exact lowest point but it's pretty low compared to what it was in 2017 now let me explain

Something real quickly yeah it's pretty low right in 2019 it was pretty low right Bitcoin was like it was seven eight thousand right now it's I got nine thousand dollars okay but keep in mind being that it's pretty low the price of

Bitcoin in the beginning of 2019 versus the price of Bitcoin at the end of 2019 was still the best producing asset of 2019 in the world so crypto currencies low right and the reason why I say Bitcoin for the new

People is because Bitcoin runs the market okay that's why I'm saying Bitcoin even though we're talking about basic attention token being that basic attention in token is low it's still one of the best producing assets you could

Possibly buy okay chance it's that it's gonna go back to 93 cents it's very likely okay when the next bull run comes Bitcoin and crypto currencies working for year cycles what's coming up soon and this is why

I'm making this video okay it will mostly go back to that dollar one hundred percent me one of my best picks is one of my best all coin picks ever but that's the besides the point I'm gonna show you guys in real time how to

Make that for 50 so look basic attention token and like I said it has the technology built into it okay they have a technology called the brave browser now the brave browser is just like Chrome okay it's a browser that you use

On your phone or your desktop to navigate the Internet okay it's just like Chrome that the same thing as Chrome they just have small differences or benefits in my opinion that dominates Chrome for

Example one thing it loads pages three to six times faster and I believe I saw another article that it uses one-tenth the amount of resources that chrome uses so if your computer slow this is something you want to look into now the

Reason why I'm telling you this is because you guys are gonna be selling this to the end-user okay and it's free that's funny you're not even selling anything you're just recommending it and it's free for them and you get paid if

They sign up but it adds up to large lump sums of cash I've already experienced this firsthand it's another reason why I'm making this video so let me show you so I'm gonna give you like all the pitches everything and an

Obviously at the end I'm gonna show you how to scale this up to a real business plan so as you can see here you know they basically love privacy now basically the Internet's working right now is Google has a total dictatorship

Okay now it's gonna blow your mind really quickly but chances are you know you guys are sleeping what eight to ten hours a day right so if there's 24 hours in a day that means you have 14 to 16 hours of wake time now let me ask you a

Question how much of those 14 to 16 hours do you spend on the internet or on your phone or on a screen chances are it's more than sixty percent right if you work a job with a screen if you're on your phone if you're playing

Video games for on Netflix chances are you're in the matrix you're in Internet more than you're in reality now why that holds relevance is because right now you know in the United States there's a democracy right you can vote for your

Rights right it's freedom of speech okay on the internet which is your real reality that you haven't really realized yet it's not freedom of speech okay it's Google they run everything they have a total you know dictatorship they

Basically have all the data which is really important to understand because the brave browser was meant to decentralize that give the power back to the people that's what they're doing okay now how it works is they block

Basically cookies they put they block trackers and advertisements so if you go on YouTube right now chances are you saw an advertisement before my video or any other video on YouTube if you go to a different website if you guys ever see

That box that pops up that says cookies right those cookies they track you and everywhere you go on internet they track all this little data like oh you've been here oh you've been there oh you said you know you know you typed in this word

Maybe you want product and they put all this data into basically an avatar and it advertised to you now if you guys didn't know data is actually more lucrative than mining oil okay the biggest countries in the world

Are profitable because of oil now data is more expensive to harvest now who has all the data Google is all really important to understand right they have this whole total control that if we expose it which brave browsers doing

Right if they you know expose the inefficiencies they can have a huge market to make out with right and that's basically what's happening right now they're blocking all the cookies they're increasing privacy right experience

Unparalleled privacy and security they're blocking everything all those Google trackers all those you know website trackers all those advertisements that you're watching they block it okay and if you watch it know

This is gonna blow your mind right or this is the real part right if you watch the advertisements they will actually pay you cryptocurrency this basic attention token they're they pay you that for watching the advertisements

Okay guys now let me just reiterate this if you don't have patience you don't have a little bit of work ethic you know you're gonna you can make this money guaranteed you're gonna make like like just me having the browser let me show

You for example here's my reward just for me having the browser and watching you know YouTube videos and doing what I always do look it saved me 2.7 hours in my life it blocked one hundred and ninety four thousand eight hundred and

Ninety three trackers and saved I guess my data right and I also made forty books now that's if you don't have the work ethic or patience now I'm going to show you how to turn this into four hundred and fifty dollars okay so let me

Just go over it cuz I know there's a lot of information right basic attention tokens of cryptocurrency we have a technology that's being utilized with basic attention token which is called brave browser okay this brave browser is

By far the best browser you have ever seen in your life they pay you and they and they block ads they block trackers and guess what they also have something called a tor browser automatically built in what is a tor browser you can

Navigate the Deep Web with this browser automatically ok automatically you can navigate the Deep Web if you don't understand that I have other videos for it you can go search it up I'm not gonna dive deep into it but basically this is

The majority of the Internet this is where like you guys ever seen like Silk Road and basically they can't you know track this Internet you can navigate the Deep Web with it for free usually back in the day when I when I

Wanted to navigate the Deep Web I would have to download a whole different separate browser this one's automatically built in okay automatically built in as well as they give you access to downloading torrents

So before if you don't know what torrents are they're basically ways they're peer-to-peer technology that gives you access to like movies and stuff like the Pirate Bay so they actually have that automatically built

In right automatically built in you can download the torrent it'll go into your browser and then you can extract it from your browser back in the day I had to download a whole different separate you know program on my computer to access

You know torrents with this browser they automatically give it to you so you know you paid security privacy you get the torrents right you get the one tenth of your computer resources the chrome is using it's one tenth the amount of

Resources right you can search three to six times faster right they claim you actually can save twenty four dollars a month on your you know phone bill if you're using the brave browser because you're not downloading all these

Trackers right all these are crazy benefits and guess what the browser is free the browser free so this is where your proposition comes into play okay what you're gonna do and I'm gonna do it right now in

Front of you okay is you're gonna call people up that you know that would be interested in something like this now it's the best sales proposition ever all you have to do is literally a bro download the brave browser you get paid

Literally for doing exactly what you are to do it's the best sales proposition in the world it takes five minutes of their time all they have to do is click a couple buttons and if you get somebody under your referral link you get seven

Dollars and fifty cents worth of basic attention tokens now this is where it's gonna blow your mind right at the current value of basic attention tokens they do it in USD Valley this is I think they screwed up

To be honest they do it in USD value so as you can see here if you get someone in the United States you get seven dollars and fifty cents but they give you be eighty equivalent that they should have did is give you a fixed

Amount of basic attention token instead of the USD value why because look guys basic attention is so undervalued right now it's only at twenty four cents so let's do the math right if I pull out my calculator really quickly if I give you

So if you do $7.50 okay / the current value of basic attention token divided by point 24 24 cents that means you should receive 31 basic attention token per referral okay now this is where ease to blow your mind right now if you

Multiply that by the 93 cents okay 29 dollars per person okay if you just have a little bit of patience like I explained to you guys at the beginning this video have patience you don't have to touch this money just leave it there

It's gonna pay you in the long run now my goal here is to get you at least 15 people 15 people okay now obviously you're gonna run out of family and friends you're gonna run out and that's why I said at the end of this video

I'm gonna give you like a scalable solution that you don't have to like hassle your family and friends but if you get 15 people that's where we see the 450 dollars okay if you guys understand what I'm saying

Now I'm gonna call it people right now and I'm show you how easiest pitches you can follow my pitch step by step you can say the exact words that I say its hands down the best easiest pitch I've sold everything under the Sun you know I've

Had multiple sales jobs and there's nothing easier than it's pitch you don't have to sell anything you're not selling anything hey bro download the brave browser you get paid for browsing all right let's

Make some dollars I'm gonna call it my friend right now let's make some dials all right number one I'm gonna do like five or so I'm pretty sure you have you know a couple of family members that's easily like 50 bucks easily right and

You know worst case scenario let's say you're lazy you don't want to do any of this well guess what you use my referral link use my referral link and you get you know paid to watch ads do what you already do right it's the easiest sales

Pitch in the world I know to sell it let me call this guy really quickly we're on speaker for you you hey what's up man hey I'm making a video right now how to make four hundred and

Fifty dollars in less than thirty minutes you're actually on camera so just really quickly bro um can you download the brave browser I kind of already told you about it right yes I'm just downloading it real quick yeah cuz

I mean I kind of like showed you you get free money actually I looked into my account today and actually currently since I've been using it I made like two hundred and thirty eight dollars at the current value of basic attention token

And then um when it goes back to 93 cents that's gonna be worth like 900 dollars oh how do you spell it again no no I'm gonna send you my referral link so i'ma send you my referral link and then just

Use that and then um basically just bro use literally the same thing as Chrome except for you actually get a tor browser built in you get a you know when I download torrents and free movies you get a torrent extractor built in so you

Don't have to do that and it uses one tenth of their computer resources plus you loads pages three to six times faster basically the ultimate browser I've been using it and I've currently made like two hundred thirty-five

Dollars so I'm gonna send you my my referral link and then let me know if you need any help Barbara all right I'm gonna sense you right now all right thanks man he's oh there you go first call first friend I mean he's

Literally later send it to me ASAP easy easy money let's call somebody else so to show you guys how easy this is and the funny part is is he already knows about basic attention token and brave browser because I've been talking about

It but he never took the initiative to do it so it's not all about just selling it and telling these people it's also following up and like boo brothers you download it let's get it done you know like just get it done and I'll show you

How to use it basically kind of just being a leader and showing people how much you made and you know future everything like that so let me call somebody else up right now let's see if somebody else answers I'm gonna send

Them the referral link after the video I just wanna you know what's up Christian you know so I'm making a video right now it's how to make four hundred fifty dollars in less than 30 minutes with the brave browser so I remember I remember

Remember I was telling you about the brave browser or anything like that yeah so do you mind just downloading here real quick and trying it out see how it works for you okay yeah I'm gonna send you my referral so basically how it

Works is it's very simple bro it's the same exact thing like Chrome but your pages load three to six times faster right it blocks all the cookies you get paid for watching advertising so everything has a tour guide yeah yeah so

If you so currently right now I've been watching the ads and I got like two hundred and thirty dollars worth of basic attention token at its current value so when it go when it goes up to like back to a dollar it's gonna be

Worth like 900 bucks and that's because I chose to watch the ads but if you don't want to watch the ads you could just simply turn it off and nearly every advertisement will automatically be shut down including on

Websites and YouTube so every eyes yeah so I'm gonna send you my fur link and then like just let me know if you have any questions and set it up and I'll help you out whatever all right sounds good

I'll talk to you later man I meant number two that is this is even easier than quoting base earn even though if you guys haven't checked out my coin return video how to make three hundred and thirty dollars in less than 30

Minutes go ahead click the link below check it out same kind of concept except it's free money that you can't like scale it but it's like free money let me let me score let me call somebody else let's see if I

Can find somebody in my phone really quickly hello yeah what's up Pat look are you working yeah I was just watching your earning video I think that's actually really dope that you explained but I

Didn't know that about the app where it doesn't make your bank account charge back or whatever video you talking about earning oh they're in an app yeah yeah funny because my just charged back today why do I don't get any with the

Video since I get a notification because the way my bank account I stood up alright the way my gonna set up when my budget is like super airtight so if I overspent a little bit on my checking it automatically anyways yeah what are you

Saying yeah it's funny it's funny you call me because I'm actually currently you're in my if you don't mind I'm recording a video right now and it's basically how to make four hundred and fifty day yeah I'm recording in

Conversation and yeah I can edit out whatever you want me to edit out yeah so I made like a video like this before and I went it did really well so basically have you did you look into the brave browser and basic attention token what

So okay I'm about to blow your mind right now so basically there's a this is completely different so alright so for example so I'm making the videos titled for how to make four hundred and fifty dollars in less than 30 minutes okay

You're in the video alright so basically it's it's called basic attention to open you remember bad yeah but angrily okay they're my top three all coins for a fact okay they have a browser okay and this is like not

A bit connect or anything like that it's a hundred percent free so you download the browser you put it on your phone or your desktop right just like Chrome it's exactly like crying if anything yeah so the browser actually actually

Does one thing that no other browser in the world does it basically blocks all trackers and it blocks all advertisements on YouTube or any other place like websites okay and if you choose to actually watch the

Advertisements you following me yeah so if you watch the advertisements they actually pay you free cryptocurrency basic attention token they pay you to watch the ads so currently I've been using it for like

Yeah so it's literally exactly Google Chrome it's Google Chrome like that it's actually an execute executable of Google Chrome so they just basically took google chrome they put this feature in and then they also put like a tor

Browser you know what tor is like the Deep Web yeah but that's automatically built in and it also has another feature you know what torrents are like BitTorrent yeah that's automatically built-in so if you download movies or

Something like that you don't read another software you can just use this browser so there's browser loads pages three to six times faster okay and it also blocks this is pretty well-known like a lot of

People have been using I've been using it for months basic attention token is one of those coins my top three all coin pick I mean today it's up 10% these guys are doing something very revolutionary but basically it's free cryptocurrency I

Just looked in my account and I saw two hundred and thirty dollars of USD basic attention token at the current value which by the way it's very undervalued right now so if it goes back to what 93 cents that two hundred and thirty

Dollars gonna be like nine hundred dollars sorry so if it goes back to its its old value of 93 cents which we know cryptocurrency is going up it's gonna be worth like 900 dollars and that's just

For me watching advertisements that I already was yeah yeah read about it's basically it's just all it does is privacy extra privacy they block all these trackers and everything like that I'll send you my referral code and then

You look into it and that's the point of this video I'm trying to encourage people to like kind of hustle and make some money and I'm calling up some friends and seeing if they want to you know try the brave browser you know I

Mean can I like trade back for that would that be a bad idea well I mean I just recently won up 10% but I mean I bought a whole bunch of basic attention token earlier it's still kind of underdog I bought some basic attention

Like a couple months ago it's like depends on how much you want in crypto that's your decision I mean if you want like more money and crypto than yeah I always you know much trading strategy bro 60% Bitcoin I mean 50%

Bitcoin 40% aetherium and then the rest I kind of split into all coins and then this would be one of the whole points so yeah so I'm gonna send you my referral code just use that for me so that I get paid actually seven dollars and fifty

Cents if you download it and use it so and yeah and it's and that's at its current value so if it ever goes up actually I get paid like thirty bucks so it's actually so they basically pay you for every advertisement I put in like

Yeah it's just like making any other cryptocurrency wallet it's just the same thing except for this one's a browser and it'll walk you through step by step or like they have a separate wallet that you have to use their wallet but you can

Easily take the coin and send it to your own wallet if you wanted to so yeah look into it let me know what you think I mean yeah there's no investment required at all this is literally like a browser and that's it and you get paid yeah it's

Pretty good that's why I'm making this video all right bro yeah all right that's number three guys all right you too man I'll talk to you later about the tax thing this guy's a tax professional by the way guys if you don't know

Patrick leave his Instagram link below if you need your taxes I he's the man he's the man number three tax professional CPA okay guys I'm not gonna like really you want me to make you want me to make another call I'll make

Another call I'm three for three all right let's do it until someone denies me let's see see if I got somebody else in here all right the trick is you gotta catch somebody that's actually you know not at work

Right now because it's like 1:30 so let's see if I can do somebody else yeah yo Brian you're working you got like two seconds yeah yo watch this bro I got something really so basically I'm making a video right now and you

Remember my coinbase video yeah so I'm making a new version of that for basically basic attention token so basically this is browser right this is browser there's remember I told you about it yeah so it's like Chrome

It's exactly like Chrome but it blocks ads and it pays you if you watch the ads do you use Safari on your phone right now yeah you know can you do me a favor and just download it check it out it's the

Same thing as Chrome and then you know if you make some money who cares right it's pretty crypto it's not I'm going to send you my referral link so like basically the video right now I'm showing it's kind of showing people how

To hustle and you know call their friends and family members and give them like free crypto like it's literally free crypto like you cannot lose like you literally gain you just watch you watch your YouTube videos or whatever

You do or on the browser instead of using Safari and you will literally get paid free crypto I looked in my account and today I have like two hundred and thirty dollars worth of basic attention token that I can cash out and if it ever

Goes back up to 93 cents that'll be like nine hundred dollars for free like literally you like it it's crazy so I'm I said I know you're busy bro I'm gonna send you my referral code so go ahead and use that let me know if you have any

Questions right it's it's a it's a browser it's a it's literally a brown yeah app yeah exactly it's on your phone it's a pin and on your computer it would be like a browser so it goes both ways i'ma saying my photo but make sure use

My referral code right all right for sure I'm gonna send it to you in like five ten minutes when I'm finishing up the video real estate agent professional real estate agent four four four let's go for another one so you guys see what

I'm saying you know I could easily do knock out fifteen twenty thirty and less than you know fifteen minutes easy easy easy this is a no-brainer let me show you example let's see if I could get somebody else

I think everybody's working man I'm not gonna dive into all this you guys you know saw enough the purposes of this video to try to keep it down so I think you know we're not running it up like an hour worth of

Content look guys it's very simple all you have to do is call up your friends and family and get them to use the browser instead of like Safari or Google Chrome or anything on their phone or anything on their desktop and the pitch

Is hey you get rewarded for watching the advertisements that you already watch it's free for them to sign up and you make seven dollars and fifty cents per person if that's not the best hustle I have ever seen in my life I don't know

What is you could literally go to the mall in public you go to the mall in public and do this just stand there and get people to sign up and per person you get paid seven dollars and fifty cents now let me show you for example I made

One video on my youtube channel this is why I'm making a second because I made so much money I made one video on my youtube channel right let me show you and I've currently made nine hundred and fifty three basic attention token

Remember I kept telling you guys you know I kept telling him I made two hundred and thirty dollars well at its current value that's two hundred and thirty dollars look nine fifty three times point two four I could be a little

Bit off two hundred and thirty dollars okay now like I said the future value of this coin is gonna be 93 cents if you have a little bit of patience it's going to happen guys that's how cryptocurrency works so for example 953 times

And that's for one video that I made about basic attention token one video on my channel and using the browser as you can see here the rewards I made $40 USD 160 back now this is just viewing this is not making any video or anything or

Doing any referral anything right this is just for viewing the ads look 160 160 basic attention token times 0.9 three cents one hundred and fifty dollars for watching ads that I already watch guys if this doesn't blow your mind I don't

Know what does okay now for the end of the video like I promised you guys I'm gonna be giving you a scalable solution a real business model that you can do to make this work for you okay now it's gonna be kind of

Effortless you do have to set up a little bit things but I'm gonna be testing this with Facebook and Google and let me show you what I'm talking about so if you don't know how Google Ads work basically if you go to the

Google search algorithm and you type something in like for example let's say let's say uh let's make it relevant so I typed in brave browser now as you see it here this is not this is brave com but you can purchase that place alright so

You see how it says you know brave browser free download free brave browser you can come up number one or number two right I don't even think look brave software com I don't even think that this is the actual brave let's see no

Look this guy look this is a random website this is this guy's doing it already so you guys see you can do this look what you do is you come over here and you purchased you make a campaign it's called Google Adwords okay I'm not

Gonna run through a campaign you could look up other tutorials on how to make your own campaign but you can purchase space on the Google search algorithm so when somebody already knows about brave browser and they search it on google you

Can pay anywhere from forty eight cents to three dollars and fifty five cents okay and like we said before if they download it you make seven dollars and fifty cents at its current value but if the price of the cryptocurrency goes up

That's thirty dollars that means you have to have a pretty good close ratio so you can't so this is again this is a risky business this is only for people that really know how to do advertisements but what I plan to do is

A little bit of this testing right so basically running ads for the brave browser with my referral code and then I also plan on making a video maybe a couple of videos and running advertisements on Facebook

For the same purpose send them to my own I will probably create my own landing page kind of like what this guy did because this is not brave this is not brave this is he made this or maybe it is brave I don't know I could be wrong

But it doesn't look like brave to me like if I call here I guess it is brave I guess it's their own landing page but I can basically compete with brave and they will pay me you know people are doing this and other businesses other

Business models it's a you know viable business plan I'm a rest of Facebook ads the reason why I'm gonna run Facebook ads is because I think I can get this down to like 10 cents per click alright so currently you got to pay 48 cents to

3 dollars and 55 cents per click I think I can get it down to like 5 to 10 cents with a good video a viral video maybe really funny or some type of you know really cool content about the brave browser and you know it's it's free so

It's not like I'm asking people to go to my landing page to pay for something which people already do by the way and make millions of dollars right there's people out there believe it or not that will make it advertisements send you to

Their landing page you know and they'll pay you know 50 cents a click and their products only ten bucks and they're making money so if they can make money off of a ten dollar product hanck 50 cents per click then I should be able to

Make money if someone's getting something for free 100 percent free and it's not like a scam sketchy free it's not like free plus shipping and you just pay up and then you get the product from China you know through 30 days later

This is actually free that they can get right now they can get it right now let me say that again they can get it right now free hundred percent free and you get paid seven dollars and fifty cents guys

If I have never seen anything this lucrative I mean obviously seven dollars and fifty cents is not gonna you know make you rich and I'm gonna pay your bill to 700 fifty cents but it can pay off in the long run if you have a little

Bit of patience and work out the guys I gave you all the methods here I showed you exactly how to call your family and friends to make that quick 450 right just make sure you leave the coin which you could easily sell it on exchange it

Is a crypto currency right that's how crypto currency works you sell it and they will deposit us into your bank account this is 100% verified there's nothing new I'm saying here it's been doing this for the past

Ten years you could do it with Bitcoin pick Bitcoin is not a ponzi scheme it's a real digital currencies you can sell it to your bank with coinbase go check out my other coin based videos okay all right you could definitely do that or

You can wait hold the currency until it gets you know 93 cents if in my opinion I should I would say wait till it gets even higher than 93 cents maybe it gets two to three dollars right wait for that moment and then cash out all of your

Earnings okay this is not something you quit your job for but if you put in a little bit of work that thousand two thousand three thousand dollars you can make that in a year or two even less probably six months now guys well I know

It's not exciting right now that you wanted to make the money now but that's not what this channel is about we're talking about real money making efforts okay real money making strategies there's no get-rich-quick on this

Channel again guys you already subscribe to the subscribe button like this content if you like the quality of it leave a comment below if you want to leave me some constructive criticism I try to answer all you know comments as

Thoroughly as possible subscribe to this channel for more video updates and like I always say if you don't get with this technology you will get left behind thanks for watching this video guys catch you in the next one

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Live from the USA hoping you get paid every day this stuff boasts a Bitcoin the crease though of creeped up is avoid BK and if you don't like me you must no...
Okay come down here boom that would be picture-perfect beautiful guys look at this we actually have this candle come down right on this line right here right ab...
Wow you guys are going to want to check this out guys as you may know Bitcoin has decreased a few hundred dollars as of about midnight last night we have some i...
What's going on guys crypto jeremy here back with xrp video hope you guys had a fantastic day thank you guys so much for tuning in to another video today&#3...
Hello tokens and welcome to another video nice update now today's third of June and I'm looking at news that happened from 28th of May until today I alw...
hello it's Brad Lori or blockchain Brad and today we're speaking exclusively with icon many of you know it you've known it for years and they'r...
People what's going on this an update on Tron all right so the market right now market cap is 431 billion we've got a Bitcoin dominance roughly 34 perce...