WATCH ACTIVE 2 vs. ACTIVE by SAMSUNG (Is it worth the upgrade) – Honest and In-Depth Comparison

by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

The galaxy watch active and watch active – were both released by Samsung in 2019 except one of them is $200 and the other is almost $300 but what is the difference and which one is the right watch for you in this video I will explore the differences between these

Two watches and test out the claims made by Samsung to determine whether or not they justify the upgrade in this video the black watches the Galaxy watch active – and the silver one is a galaxy watch active hey guys welcome back to

The channel I'm Michael Bryan and like I said this video is all about the galaxy watch active one and galaxy watch active two comparing them head-to-head so I've been wearing them side-by-side for a few days and the first thing I want to do

Right now is actually show you guys some of the fundamental hardware differences between the two so even though they both look very very similar there are some subtle differences that can make a difference for you

So the first major difference you might notice putting these watches side-by-side would be the larger screen and smaller bezel on the watch active – so the watch active – has a 1.2 inch screen where the watch active one only

Has a 1.1 inch screen that doesn't seem like a huge difference but when you look at them you do notice it and if you work out the area calculations the screen works out to be about 15 to 20 percent larger on the watch active – so that is

A significant difference when you're looking at it I think it's a good upgrade but other than that you'll see that most of the general geometry of these two watches is almost the same now looking at the side one thing that is a

Very subtle change is you'll see on the watch active one they have two buttons right there where one buttons kind of smaller and ones awkwardly larger one of them kind of has like a matte circle in the middle the other one has a matte

Ring so a little bit of an awkward aesthetic right there being that they're two circles and one is larger now on the watch active – I think they really kind of fix that and iron that out by having one smaller button with no matte

Anywhere on there and then the other button is a long oval I just think it's a slightly better aesthetic they also moved you'll see on the top of the watch active one they have a barometer and a microphone so two holes in the top they

Move one of those two holes over to the side now I'm not really sure what the functional difference of that is but regardless they did that maybe it's for space on the inside then you'll see on the left side the watch act of two has a

Speaker the watch active one does not know this is a big fundamental difference that really enables you to do a lot more with the my active too so I'll get into more of the functional differences later but you

Can just imagine you're able to you know take phone calls on this you're able to play back voice recordings you're able to have big sweet talk back to you there really are quite a few options when you have a speaker built into your

Watch next if we flip these watches over on the back you'll see that the watch bands are approximately the same they're gonna be the same dimensions they look and feel basically the same you'll notice that the back of the watch

However looks a little bit different and so this is a big Hardware difference here where the watch active 2 does have ECG capabilities and it has more heart rate sensors built in so instead of having 4 heart rate diodes this one has

8 so it should be significantly more accurate we will test that out later on to see if that claim is true a subtle difference that you probably don't even care about is the accelerometer difference so the accelerometer on the

Watch active one goes up to 16 G's and on the 2 goes up to 32 G's just one of the many sensors that Samsung claims to upgrade on the watch active to to make it better at being an active watch so better at tracking your exercise better

At tracking your health and your movement so we're again we're gonna test that out later on in the video another Hardware difference inside of these watches and this is one that maybe you'll notice maybe you won't but the

Watch active one has bluetooth 4.2 and the 2 of course has bluetooth 5.0 being only slightly newer six months I don't know why they didn't integrate that into the original one but they haven't a new one so bluetooths should be better on

The new watch so a quick little aside if you're new here and have not yet subscribed but you are interested in either one of these watches I did make a individual review of both of them so once you're done with this video go down

And click subscribe and click the bell icon then head over to my channel or actually I'll link it down in the description check out the full video of whichever watch you like best now if neither of these are the watch

For you so if $200 is still too expensive for you I actually also reviewed the Galaxy fit which is a smaller cheaper fitness tracker that really just goes with the bare bone basics of what these are able to do so

You can track your sleep you can track your heart rate you can track your exercises but it's not gonna be a big aesthetic SmartWatch it'll be a smaller band for about $100 I made a video about that and check that out if you're

Interested then I would say the last big difference in the hardware between the two of these and I think this is probably the most exciting one besides the speaker is having a touch bezel so having a

Touch bezel on the – really really makes is much more user friendly compared to the one so even though it is a very responsive touch screen the operating system is still designed based on the older Samsung watches which have a big

Mechanical rotating bezel so not being able to use a rotating bezel to navigate through everything is located you know in a very circular fashion it's very kind of it's awkward to have to tap around that and it doesn't it's not what

It should be so they fixed that Samsung listened to the complaints they upgraded this on the watch active – you have a touch bezel so I think this is even better than a mechanical bezel honestly because you don't have to worry about

Moving parts nothing neck and you know it's much less that can break it's more waterproof and it's also smaller and more aesthetic I think so having the no mechanical bezel but still having a touch bezel just sort of fixes a lot of

Problems from both watches so these watches do share quite a few specs and I think battery life is one of them despite having different battery sizes so the watch active one has a 230 ml amp hour battery and then the two has a 247

That extra 17 million hours I don't really see a functional difference in the length of the battery of this watch mainly because it has a bigger screen has more sensors more going on there so it does use a little bit more power

Ultimately they both come out to be approximately a 2-day battery there are some different settings you can optimize you can really crank this watch and make it diet within one day or you can go all the weight as far as time only mode and

Make it last something like five days of course most people will never use time only mode it's kind of stupid to get a SmartWatch in use time only mode but I do use it if my watch gets down to like 15 percent rather than having like an

Hour of watch and then just a piece of hardware in your wrist that does nothing I would rather finish out my day with at least the time on my wrist that's just what I do I don't know now some non hardware differences but definitely some

Big fundamental differences between the two of these the watch act of two has significantly more options so if you go online and I'll show you a screen shot right there you can actually do a lot with customizing this watch so you can

Choose if you want a forty millimeter a 44 millimeter watch so significantly larger there and the 44 millimeter by the way would be a 1.4 inch screen so even bigger yet and then you also have options of having

LTE onboard you have some aluminum versus stainless steel options you have quite a few options in different colors when looking for the right watch for you so the active two does have more options than the active one although both of

Them do have some pretty nice colors both of them do look really good and like I said both of them are generally very similar so getting into the interface of these phones you'll notice that there are almost no differences

They're both running the same operating system they both have you know generally the same speed the same hardware a lot of it's very very similar you'll notice maybe one small difference if you swipe down from the top by default

The quick settings are larger on the watch act of two than they are on the one so if you're somebody that you know you want the larger screen and you want to be able to see things a little better maybe you don't have the best vision and

Looking at small things maybe the watch active to is just an easier start for you being a bigger screen or even the 44 millimeter which is a bigger screen yet so just a very small difference there so the watch faces I'll jump over to the

App right now the galaxy wearable app and I'll show you the different watch faces that you have for the watch active 2 but some of the fundamental differences of course because you have a speaker on this you can have ticking on

Your watch faces which is kind of interesting can be annoying for some people you can turn it on or off though for most faces and essentially what that does is if you have an analog watch face and anytime you turn your watch face on

So you lift up your watch to look at it or you press the button to wake your watch it'll start making a ticking sound just so it feels a little bit more natural like an analogue watch so you can see here that the watch active one

Interface on galaxy wear is actually a lot harder to find a good watch face there are too many third-party ones and there are not enough Samsung ones that work well and are free possibly my favorite watch face for the watch active

Two is the one that can be customized based on what you're wearing so you can take a picture of whatever clothing you have here I'm just taking a picture of the woods just to show you generally how it works then you select an area of

Where you want to take the colors from then it extracts those colors and finds a watch face that will match what you're wearing for that day so I think it'd be foolish for me not to mention the price differences between these two watches so

The watch active one is $200 the watch active two starts at $280 and if you get the 44 millimeter watch or if you get the LTE version you know the price goes up substantially from there okay so that's really the

Only differences I see between these watches but of course Samsung did claim that the watch active 2 has better sensors so I'm gonna take these for a test drive wear them side by side of my wrist and show you guys the results when

You're comparing the heartrate the pedometer the sleep tracking and a few other sensors from there so looking at the heart rate sensors on both of these you'll notice that the watch active one can read your heart rates significantly

Faster I believe it's because it has fewer sensors so there's less to process of course but ultimately they both come out to approximately the same heart rate plus or minus maybe one or two beats I've measured as many times here they

Happen to come out with the same number so next I went to bed with both of these watches on one on either wrist so admittedly that does make a difference that they're on different risks there's gonna be different movements and so they

Might not track perfectly but you will see they're approximately the same they're within 11 minutes of total sleep time of each other kind of strange that that was different but as we look down most of the numbers are approximately

The same the sleep efficiency is 93 versus 91 you go down and it's approximately the same with everything it's not perfect these sleep trackers are never perfect because they really do base a lot on your movement and for that

Reason I wouldn't say you know this obviously cannot replace medical equipment but it should give you a general idea of how well you slept okay so next we're gonna test out the GPS on both of these I will have my phone on

Airplane mode wearing them both on the same wrist walking about half a mile so not that far but there was a recent update on the Galaxy watch act of 2 when it was released the GPS was really bad there were some bugs there they should

They should have fixed them now so we're gonna find out if that's true so I'll be walking on the road in the dark with two watches on if somebody stops me that's gonna be really awkward to explain just please please click the like button ok

So it's hard to read right there but this one registered 0.26 this register 2.2 7 so the GPS seems to be fairly accurate on both of these I think tomorrow unfortunately after I export this video I'll go for a longer run so

Check the comments down below I'll leave a pin comment about what it's like with a 5-mile run alright so now for a pedometer test you'll see right here on the watch active one with 84 98 on the watch active 2 we have 8,000 67 ok so

500 steps later you'll see that on the watch after 2 we have 85 69 and on the watch active 1 we eighty nine ninety six okay guys so overall these are both great watches but which one is actually the best watch for

You I think it really comes down to what you're willing to spend I think it's obvious that the watch active two is a better watch because it does everything to watch active one does and then some more there are also more options with

The two so if you want a bigger watch if you want LTE the two is really your only option and the fundamental differences I think are really important I think the touch bezel is one of them where it's easier to navigate although that's not

Critical I used to watch active one for a while and never had any problems with it you get used to swiping back and forth this smaller screen again is not really a big deal and then really the only big difference that I would say is

Maybe worth the upgrade for some people would be having a speaker on board so you can make phone calls you can use big speed you can play back voice memos and things like that so that's really the only major upgrade for me that I think

Would maybe be worth paying the extra money so it comes down to are you willing to pay $80 for a better watch that generally does the same thing but you know is a little bit better in some other ways enables you to do more has

The most efficiency in your daily life or do you want to save that $80 and go with the watch active one nobody's gonna know the difference from looking at your watch except for you and really you can get by doing almost all the same stuff

So it's up to you guys which one do you actually like better comment down below I think most people will probably like the watch active to better although it is more expensive ultimately it is a very very impressive watch so like I

Said comment down below which one you like better thank you all for watching I'll see you next time

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