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published on June 30, 2020

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September 1888 a legend was created by

the author of this letter

he claimed to be the most famous

murderer in history and signed himself

Jack the Ripper no one has been able to

prove who wrote those words until now

hundred and twenty year mystery has just

been solved partly thanks to his

gruesome nickname the Ripper was the

first serial killer in history to cause

a media sensation

now former tabloid editor Kelvin

Mackenzie uncover startling new

documentary evidence and identifies a

very different set of suspects the

crooked journalists at the heart of the

Ripper legend

this nails the guy who signed himself

Jack the Ripper



London 1888 scene of the most famous

murders in history these magic lantern

slides have left us with a vivid picture

of the age when Jack the Ripper

terrorized the streets the Ripper always

struck in London's CD East End his

victims were always the same they were


they were down-at-heel they had no food

they were drunks and they all resorted

to prostitution to survive veteran

editor Kelvin Mackenzie is investigating

how the murders of these anonymous women

became one of the biggest stories in

newspaper history my interest lies in

separating the facts from the newspaper

fiction that surrounds these ghastly

murders what really happened and what

was reported were they the same thing


the East End today is an odd mixture of

trendy bars curry restaurants a million

pound houses little remains of the slums

that once stood here but every night in

Whitechapel crowds still flock to hear

the rippers gruesome tale 31st of August

1888 I should be telling you about the

first victim Polly Nichols or Mary Ann

Nichols as she was known she was a

prostitute of 43 years old now that

patient had many many customers but

foolishly she spent all the money that

he hadn't drinking gin on this

particular Friday night

she's just been thrown out of a common

Doss house or low loitering house

because she didn't even have the

fortin's it cost to spend the night


from that moment for and within the hour

she was doomed this booming 21st century

Ripper industry comes as a surprise to

Kelvin it's astonishing that a hundred

and twenty years after these murders

there are crowds of interested people

still wandering the route that the

Ripper is thought to have taken it tells

you that the legend of the Ripper has an

eternal fascination perhaps 3:14 the

morning PC neoprene mound but Buck's

Row is smile every snap and it revealed

the brutally murdered body of a woman it

was Polly Nichols her throat had been


twice 1 4 inches long and the other from

ear to ear she'd also been slashed

across the abdomen some of the intestine

was protruding she'd been cut and

stabbed in the genital area

the killer had been turned his

razor-sharp blade and inserting it just

above the pelvic bone he'd cleaned

through the flesh in the body linked to

the sternum

the rippers first victim was Mary Ann

Nichols the only photograph of her was

taken at the police mortuary Mary Ann

Nichols was a nobody an alcoholic and

the prostitute and everybody would have

known that she took a severe risk by

plying her trade so it was rather

surprising that the Victorian press

would show so much interest in her



but right from the very beginning the

Whitechapel murders were a media event

because of the sensational efforts of

one newspaper

I have in my hands the star which was an

upstart evening newspaper for London

launched actually curiously in 1888

exactly at the same time as the

Whitechapel murders no relation to

today's Daily Star this fledgling paper

was desperate for sales and quickly

found a way to get them the editor

discovered that the more he put in about

the Whitechapel murders the higher is

sale went so not unreasonably started

thinking what can I do to make this even

more scary and it didn't take him long

to come up with a sensational new angle

the star linked Nichols murder with the

recent violent deaths of two other

prostitutes even though there was

absolutely no evidence to connect the

killings Marion Nicholls was murdered in

a wholly different manner from the other

two one of whom had been bayonetted to

death properly by a soldier and the

third one had been beaten to death by

three assailants the three murders had

nothing nothing to do with each other

but he tied them all together and said

three murders serial murder my god the

whole of East London is being stabbed to

death and what happened sail through the

roof editor genius I know how he feels


the Stars pioneering editor was Thomas

power O'Connor whose statue still

watches over Fleet Street preparing for

circulation war O'Connor wanted his new

paper to be cheap and racy its target

market was a newly literate lower

classes there was a massive explosion in

literacy at this period in reading a

newspaper becomes part of everybody's

daily life in the way that it still is

and O'Connor is one of the people who

manages to you know to ride the crest of

this wave really because he's very

astute ideas about what all these new

readers will want to read the star was a

proponent of what the Victorians called

New Journalism a more accessible tabloid

style of writing what today we call

tabloid journalism Burton in Victorian

times was called New Journalism bizarre

very very recent invention

it's dramatizing stories it's

simplifying stories it's personalizing

stories in ways that haven't been used

before Star was the epitome of the New


it was racy it was sensation it was

written in simple adjective or language

and it was full of speculation coupie

O'Connor wanted to hit the reader as he

put it right between the eyes and he

didn't really care whether the stories

were true or not

and with their coverage of the Marianne

Nichols murder the star clearly

demonstrated O'Connor's scandalous

disregard for the truth even printing a

detailed description of their fictional

serial killer there is a maniac haunting

Whitechapel his expression is sinister

and seems to be full of terror

his eyes are small and glittering his

lips are parted in a grin which is

excessively repellent they knew it

wasn't true but they were out to sell

papers but strangely reality was soon to

mirror the newspapers fanciful reports

before long a real serial killer would



on the 8th of September 1888 a 47 year

old prostitute named Annie Chapman was

found dead in a back street of

Whitechapel mutilation sir abdomen

suggested she had been killed but the

same man has Mary Ann Nichols just a few

days earlier the star newspaper had

printed fictional reports of a serial

killer could it be that they're

sensational fabrications had actually

now come true

former tabloid editor Kelvin Mackenzie

is heading to South East London's old

operating theatre to examine the

evidence connecting the Nichols and

Chapman murders forensic pathologist

professor Derrick pounder has studied

the original inquest reports with the

help of a life model he's going to

demonstrate the killer's methods in both

murders so professor what are the

similarities between the Chapman and the

Nichols murders well two things first of

all how the victim was killed because

the evidence from both is the throat was

cut and secondly the mutilations to the

body after death for the first killing

of Nichols

the post-mortem incisions after he'd cut

her throat he's made about three of them

or four to the one side and then on the

other side at right-angles he's made

three also there and then he's made a

really deep one lower down which has

exposed the bowel what were mutilated in

the second case well in the case of

Chapman we're not sure precisely where

he made the incisions in the abdomen we

know the abdomen was opened and we know

he's removed the uterus we can suppose

that what he's done he's made an

incision from here just below the

breastbone all the way down to the pubic

bone and then spread open the abdomen

both murders involved a violent attack

on the victims genital regions with the

second crime the killer went further and

made a trophy of the uterus

he was taken the internal organs and

walking from the crime scene through the

city having the internal organs with him

what he has is a fusion between violence

and sexuality in his mind so what you

see in the crime scene is a living out

of his sexual fantasy if you were the

pathologist of the day having seen the

similarities of these killings would you

have said yep this is the same person

who did this yes that has to be the

presumption these were very unusual

killings in the way the body was

mutilated after death and it had to be

the same person if the killings occurred

today we'd be looking at it as a serial



but that was very interesting I had

always presumed that these violent

sexual killers got their drive out of

the murder actually it was the

mutilation following the victims death

that's where the murderer was getting

their kicks that was really quite

horrendous to be framed

the murder of the second victim Annie

Chapman had occurred in the middle of a

media storm

so this killer was clearly undeterred by

the press perhaps he even relished the

attention there was so much publicity

after the first killing we have to ask

ourselves was the publicity actually

driving this killer onto new victims

suddenly every newspaper was writing

about him in this kind of excited

attractive enticing language it's a

serial killer no one safe and it's

almost as if it would encourage someone

to strike again the star made the most

of the second Whitechapel murder with

sensational reports of Annie Chapman's

injuries the woman having been ripped up

from groin to breast bone the viscera

had been pulled out and scattered in all

directions the heart and liver being

placed behind her head

she was covered with blood and lying in

a pool of it the star newspaper ran all

the gruesome details even down to one

headline saying that the heart and the

liver were over her head and the

Victorian buying public they couldn't

get enough


star will have details about the removal

of organs details about throat slashed

we don't see details like that about

murders that committed today the knife

was jabbed into the deceased at the

lower part of the abdomen and then drawn

upward not once but twice the first cut

veered to the right slitting up the


but the second cut went straight upward

along the center of the body and

reaching to the breastbone death was

part of everyday existence in a much

more immediate way in Victorian times

whatever reason it comes as quite a

shock to see quite how graphic some of

these stories are and why on earth

anyone would want to read them over

breakfast beats me

we need to remember of course that for

most people it was still within living

memory to go and see public executions

these were almost a form of

entertainment at the time the average

Victorian reader had a much higher Gore

ratio if you like than the typical

person today the star wasn't the only

paper cashing in on the Whitechapel

murder story such gruesome killings were

a godsend for circulation figures all

over Fleet Street

and if there's one thing Kelvin knows

about its boosting newspaper circulation

Kelvin edited the Sun newspaper for 13

years and has designed many a

multi-million selling front page in his

time see how big you can get there today

with the help of graphic designer

Eddie Kokua he's composing a ripper

front page to investigate the links

between modern tabloid style and

pioneers of new journalism like the star

there's no doubt that the headline

remains a massively compelling part of

the commercial sell of a newspaper

headline works at a number of levels if

it can make your reader smile will

slightly recoil then you have achieved a

good trip their papers which practice

New Journalism like the star had already

begun to understand the importance of

eye-catching headlines star really gets

into the great sub headlines the murder

maniac sacrifices more women to his

thirst for blood now turn over to the

times of its day which was a very stodgy

offering look yeah with one headline

saying another Whitechapel murder so

there's no doubt which one we're going

to pick up yeah Kelvin is drawing from

original star articles to create his own

headline I heard a cry of murder in a

faint voice this is a neighbor who had

overheard the killing of one of the

Ripper victims I think we should go for

that don't you put a big quotes around

it I heard a cry of murder the neighbor

tells it or only in the star the star

had already begun to use illustrations

to bring it stories to life but haven't

yet understood the power of a front-page

image but kelvins not making that

mistake today he's using authentic

Victorian actions to create his front


where's yeah yeah this one here because

it's thought to be with one of the

victims there this is supposed to be the

very second that the Ripper knifed a


he's got the dagger in his hands is hand

around the throat

that's pretty compulsive stuff and by

the way make some rather more

interesting from pace than TP O'Connor

managed GPO karna trumped by Casey

McKenzie read all about it that's the

front page print it all the national

newspapers covered the Whitechapel

murders story but the star was to take

things one step further


the star needed a suspect that would

keep the Whitechapel murders in the news

they went looking for a popular angle

and once again they weren't too bothered

about the truth the star made a shocking

move they decided that the killer must

be Jewish and the reason they did this

is because there was a feeling against

the Jewish community in the East London

area and this is what they said he is a

Jew or of Jewish parentage his face

being of a marked Hebrew type there was

actually no evidence there was a rumor

and they injected anti-semitism into it

it was a disgraceful moment in


just like their serial killer angle the

stars Jewish theory turns out to be a

circulation winner and other newspapers

swiftly copied it this was a popular

press pandering him to anti-semitism to

xenophobia to hatred of foreigners in a

way that we can see parallels now today

in fact one newspaper said no Englishman

could have committed such a crime it had

to be a foreigner it's this thing of

turn on the ethnic minority when you

can't think of anything else to do mr

Charles Warren the Commissioner of the

Met said at one point that the river was

probably Jewish probably a socialist and

maybe both


this was an ideal way to sell newspapers

for them so they went through the

suspects it had to be a Jew and if it

wasn't did you perhaps it was an

Irishman a next best thing or other idea

said a Malay high on opium another one

was a Portuguese soldier because it was

thought the Portuguese were prone to

mutilation the majority of nationalities

in London at the time were blamed for

the murder because it couldn't possibly

be a nice English man the star called

their Jewish suspect leather apron

borrowing a nickname local prostitutes

used to describe her particularly rough

punter the story helped it to reach the

massive daily circulation figure at

three hundred thousand less than a year

after its launch but it also nearly got

them into a costly libel suit when

leather apron turned out to be the

nickname of a real and entirely innocent

person so this dog leather apron

actually existed his name was John paisa

he gets furious round to the star

offices grabs over the crime reporter

and says you give me 50 quid otherwise

I'm gonna sue you out comes the fifty

quid this is 120 years ago this was

quite a lot of money at that mr pizer

disappears and so does the story for

several weeks in September 1888 the

killer lay low the news desks were quiet

reporters were idle and editors were

anxious as they saw their sales plummet

then on September the 27th a letter

addressed the boss arrived at the

Central News Agency an organization

which syndicated news stories across the

world it claimed to come from the killer

and for the first time reveal the name

that would become legendary Kelvin is

consulting historian Andrew cook to find

out more about this sensational document

here we have a copy of the so-called

dear boss letter and this is the letter

which for the first time actually says

Jack the Ripper in fact it says quite

politely yours truly Jack the Ripper

absolutely when in fact they start off

here dear boss I keep on hearing the

police had caught me but they won't fix

me just yet I am down on whores and I

shan't quit ripping them so I do get

buckled grand work the last job was I

gave the lady no time to squeal my knife

so sharp I want to get to work right

away if I get a chance good luck yours

truly Jack the Ripper

god that's a gruesome payoff it is an

amazing thing for a murderer to sign

themselves the tremendous sort of

taunting they've merged together Jack

which is a classic name spring-heeled

Jack character who was a Victorian

bogeyman character at the time and

Ripper which obviously you know

encapsulate it's an aspect a key aspect

of the murders themselves so combining

the two you got a very powerful

evocative name the reality is that were

it not for this amazing name Jack the

Ripper these murders would have been

lost in history but before his new name

is made public Jack the Ripper will

strike again and this time he'll claim

two victims in one night


at 1:00 am on the 32 the September

1888 Elizabeth stride was found murdered

in Whitechapel the third victim of a

killer we have come to know as Jack the

Ripper 45 minutes later and less than a

mile away a second victim Catherine

Eddowes was discovered by the police

this killing spree would come to be

known as the double event Kelvin

Mackenzie is visiting the scenes of both

murders with veteran crime reporter

Martin brunt this is the very street

where Elizabeth stride was murdered in a

revolting manner what do we know about

her and how she was killed she was

originally from Sweden a woman in her

forties she was the rippers third victim

unusually her body wasn't mutilated she

was found with her throat cut but there

was none of the ripping in a sense there

there was no removal of any of her

internal organs so Elizabeth stride is

murdered but she is not disick rated as

a person as the other victims what what

possibly had been the reason for that

well the theory is that the killer was

disturbed and he wasn't able to satisfy

that bloodlust because he goes on within

an hour to find a fourth victim where he

does go berserk with a knife


we're coming up to mitre square where

this vile murder of Catherine Eddowes

happens what was so repulsive about this

murder Catherine Eddowes was found in

the street she'd been slashed across the

face the killer had really ripped her

he'd taken out a uterus it removed one

of her kidneys so the scene that

confronted the police was as gruesome as

it gets in terms of the rippers attacks

so within an hour two women and now

lying dead on the streets of London less

than a mile apart how big is this story

now the story that nobody thought could

get bigger has suddenly got even bigger

but I think it would be more difficult

for the crime reporters then to cover it

in the way that I would cover it in

those days there wasn't that kind of

established relationship between the

police and the press so reporters either

had to find their own contacts or bribe

police officers and reporters going

around getting all these witness

statements before the detectives cause

confusion and further alienated the two

groups the police and the press


but so desperate were they for clues

the police allowed the publication of

the dear boss letter soon the whole

country had heard the name Jack the

Ripper you can imagine the effect that

that must have had on this growing mass

of newspaper readers suddenly this

mysterious killer had a character he was

Jack the Ripper

I mean manna from heaven for the

headline writers and and the whole issue

of these murders became the Jack the

Ripper murders I mean how many rippers

if we had since then we've had the

Yorkshire Ripper the Suffolk Ripper the

Camden Ripper because that is such a

chilling soubriquet to attach to serial


the killer's new name helps newspaper

sales to skyrocket and the police began

to wonder if the letter which christened

him was actually the work of an

unscrupulous journalist what I feel

quite sure about is that whoever wrote

the dear boss letter wasn't the person

who killed those women because it's just

too perfect I think really it's exactly

what a newspaper editor would want to

work with police suspected a man from

the Central News Agency but never had

any proof the author of the letter

remained a mystery but the real murderer

lost no time living up to his new Ripper


on the 9th of November inside this

building a cheap lodging house known as

Miller's Court the body of a young woman

was discovered there was such a

slaughterhouse in Miller's Court there

is a horrendous mutilation over the body

completely different scale to the other

killings the body was eviscerated the

face slashed beyond recognition the

breasts were cut off the internal organs

removed it was just totally horrific the

victim's name was Mary Kelly she was a

25 year old prostitute after her murder

much of the press coverage was devoted

to speculation about who the killer

might be having exhausted the foreign

possibilities newspapers rushed to the

skandhas conclusion that the Ripper was

not only English but posh the first

suggestion was a decadent aristocrat if

it's likely to be some tough going East

who was slumming or looking for a

prostitute there was a lot of interest

in aristocrats with fruity private lives

the idea that the murderer was a high

society gentleman and his silk top-hat

immediately made it more newsworthy

because these men they were celebrities

of their day and the idea that they had

been involved in such a brutal gruesome

squalid murder was a brilliant story for

gentlemen angle was particularly popular

with paper's like the star whose readers

came from the lower classes it Tunes in

with in way the radical agenda of much

of the reporting that this is a story

about the exploited poor these women who

are his victims are right at the bottom

of society so the idea of an upper-class

killer he's only one more form of


a newspaper speculation didn't end with

sketched out impressions of top padded

suspects next the medical profession

came under fire the second suggestion

was that it was a mad doctor there was

some debate about whether any medical

knowledge risk require in order to

execute these mutilations it was

supported by an editorial in The Lancet

that says yes the kinds of

hysterectomies in effect that were

performed upon two of the of his victims

needed medical expertise doctors

themselves fell into suspicion and one

poor man when he was walking around the

East End carrying a doctor's bag

he was almost lynched and had to have

police protection so more thanks to the

press than to hard evidence our time on

its image of Jack the Ripper carrying a

doctor's bag and wearing a top hat was


over the following century a long list

of real-life suspects have also been

named and debated in the newspapers

most of them conforming to one of the

popular stereotypes a Jew agent or a

medic at the bottom of the social ladder

was Erin kozminski a Polish Jew off his

head and as far as I know that's the the

only evidence they had against him

then came John Druitt an Oxford graduate

and a barrister whose career was going

nowhere threw himself into the Thames

and after he committed suicide there

were no more Ripper murders so that's

one of the reasons why his name has

become appended to to these crimes the

impressively mustachioed Frances Tunnel

T also entered the frame Frances

Tumblety an American quack with a huge

collection apparently of pickled u

tresses he was also homosexual and in

those days anyone who was responsible

for homosexual practices was looked on

as a pervert and fair game for being a

murderer and in later years famous names

like the artist Walter Sickert fell

under suspicion

one of the most ridiculous theories is

that a man who painted some murky images

of what appear to be dead women in rooms

in London can only have painted those

images if he had actually carried out

crimes that would have produced dead

bodies lying in murky rooms somewhere in

Camden higher up the social ladder even

Queen Victoria's personal doctor Sir

William gull was suggested I gather that

he was both aged and hemiplegic by the

time the murders took place in the late

1880s so how he got around I don't know

people who suggest that he must have had

an accomplice because this wasn't the

kind of man who could rushed around the

sleeve back streets of Whitechapel

pursued by the police and others even

those at the very top of the tree could

not escape speculation Prince Albert

Edward the Duke of Clarence the Prince

of Wales his son and Queen Victoria's

grandson he's been in the frame here was

a member of the royal family who was

unbalanced and also did have interesting

sexual proclivities and it fitted this

idea of the toff the mad aristocrat you

can't get much madder than the royal



the evidence against all of these men is

weak and in some cases non-existent but

headlines were made every time a new

suspect entered the frame and it's still

happening 120 years after the crimes

took place in November 2008 brought my

hospital released the medical records of

a patient called Thomas cutbush and a

new suspect hit the press

proof of it we'll need it but over a

century later Jack the Ripper can still

make headlines Kelvin is visiting the

news of the world offices to meet the

papers editor column milah

with over 25 years of tabloid editing

between them they should know what the

Ripper story still has legs these are

today's papers 120 years after multiple

murders Jack the river still makes news

why does the Ripper still fascinate

because it's unsolved simple as that

there is this almost unquestionable

thirst for a murder mystery there was a

fascination to find out who was he and

in five and 10 years times I'll still be

writing the stories and it'll be in the

news of the world what do we owe to the

star and other popular papers of its

time when it comes to today's journalism

what this story did at the time for

paper's like the staff was interests

might you between the eyes it shocked

people and it became populist it was a

reader's moving the circulation dial in

huge numbers so they gave them what they

wanted and that was the start of the

real tabloid newspaper and down the

years popular newspapers have continued

to live by the saying if it bleeds it


anything that is more than one murder

that has serial attached to it that has

sort of gruesome attached to it that has

mutilation attached to it and yes blood

gory mystique mystery is gonna sell

every time they put crime on the front

page it sells and in 1888 the rippers

crimes definitely sold

so just how far with a Victorian press

prepared to go to keep his story on

their front pages

it has long been suspected that a

journalist was responsible for writing

the dear boss letter which had first

used the legendary name Jack the Ripper

the letter had been sent to the central

news agency an organization which

syndicated news stories around the world

it was argued that only journalists was

likely to know about such an institution

if this is true Kelvin is determined to

uncover the culprits identity

he's hoping Andrew cooks research into

the star newspaper will at last reveal

the truth this letter I found is from

the major shareholder of the star

newspaper to the new editor in 1890 this

previously unseen documents suggest that

senior figures at the star knew one of

their journalists a man called Frederick

best had sent the dear boss letter to

Central news there's a fantastic line in

here which is unbelievable

furthermore mr bests attempts to

mislead central news during the

Whitechapel murders should have led to

an earlier termination of his

association with the newspaper basically

this nails best as the guy who signed

himself Jack the Ripper

who was best what do we know about him I

think we know quite a lot about him now

we know that he was effectively a

jobbing journalist he was somebody who

was sent to crime scenes really to pick

up human interest stories he would have

had a very good insight into the

Whitechapel murders because we know that

his wife Henrietta was actually born in

Whitechapel so through her or through

his in-laws as it were he would have had

I think some very good connections in

the neighborhood

the fact that the Stars main shareholder

was fully aware of Frederick best

forgery and writing a letter about it

suggests the journalist was unlikely to

have been acting alone what this means

is that within the star they knew full

well the best had written this

incredibly problematic letter and what I

can't understand is why they didn't deal

with it why they didn't boom him out the

door or go to the police and it must

make you think that actually quite a

long way up the ladder he was being

protected and the only person that from

my experience of this kind of thing

could protect you under these

circumstances would be the editor


so was TP O'Conner the Stars pioneering

editor the man behind the biggest

newspaper hoax in history 120 years

after Jack the Ripper terrorized the

streets former tabloid editor Kelvin

Mackenzie and historian Andrew cook have

had another breakthrough in the case

andrew has found a sample of handwriting

from the journalist Frederic best their

prime suspect in the dear boss letter

forgery he and Calvin are keen to have

it's compared to the dear boss document


they hope to answer the question of

whether best was acting alone or if his

celebrated editor TP O'Connor also had a

hand in the hoax

they're going to see the former chairman

of the British Institute of graphologist

Elaine Quigley she has examined the dear

boss document many times over the years

but never in regards to the star

newspaper until now Elaine thanks to

Andrews super sleuthing

we've got examples of Fred bests

handwriting from his estate mm-hmm

and we have obviously the dear boss

letter you've studied it is there any

similarity between these I found quite a

few the way the letters are formed both

in Fred best letters and in the dear

boss letter had a lot of similarity

indeed Elaine is placing an acetate copy

of the dear boss document on top of Fred

best handwriting samples to identify

similarities in the lettering if I put

the N over the M which breast is written

it fits exactly it just settles neatly

over sort of stroke if you look at the

structure yeah absolutely the same hmm

there's lots of others that is an S

they're identical

dad they fit beautifully and then if I

want to do something with a an ordinary

T I can match it it fits exactly the

general handwriting style at the dear

boss letter also makes Elaine suspicious

the whole point about this letter is

that it doesn't have any signs of

aggression or tension or a person who is

out of control

who could start ripping up a body and

there's no energy in this writing it's

all copy book like someone has written

it down and copied it out so it would be

absolutely perfect there's no

personality in it even the immortal

words Jack the Ripper don't impress

Elaine this signature is extremely basic

and exactly the same as the text it's a

very sort of staid and boring piece of

writing what does that mean to you then

Jack the Ripper was a guy who was doing

these amazingly horrible things with

panache you know ripping out parts of

people and all the rest of it and here

we've got this rather plebeian

pedestrian very simple copy book Jack

the Ripper and he can't even get the

Ripper correct because he's almost

missed off the are he really was Jack

the Ripper bitch yeah no they're

probably a great big flourish because

that's the whole point of this letter

isn't boastful it suggests beating

exercise so I am Jack the Ripper but in

fact he seems to have forgotten half way

through yes indeed he's got no

identification with this whatsoever so

there's no doubt in your expert opinion

that the Fred best letter which came

from his estate yeah his family and the

dear boss letter were written by one in

the same person I'm as sure as I can be

I really don't think that it's anyone

but Fred best had written this and

Elaine suspects Frederick best was not

working alone I don't say the Fred best

was the only person I think he was

copying something that possibly someone

has written for him if he'd written it

himself I think he'd be more engaged

with it like anybody write again a

hundred lines and they they're just

doing it because they're doing it not

because they identify was the lines of

writing and that's what this seems to me

the shareholders letter has already

indicated that the editor T P O'Connor

was aware of his employees forgery now

Elaine's analysis suggests that the

hopes involved more than one person

this backs up kelvins belief that

nothing would have been done without the

approval of the Stars boss I think it's

absolutely fantastic a hundred and

twenty year mystery has just been solved

this letter was signed Jack the Ripper

he wasn't the killer he was a journalist

Ananya he wasn't even a great journalist

that letter was clearly written for him

he just copied it out so the man I

salute in all this is his boss the

editor he left behind the greatest

headline in over a century Jack the



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