by birtanpublished on October 2, 2020

hickory dickory duck the weekend does
not stop the clock and I wish my
roommates would knock because you never
know what Tyler s crypto is doing
whether it's research for a video or
research for a different special project
you guys Bitcoin in make or break
territory the absolute most important
level of Bitcoin has held that in the
past two months because these are
determining factors for trends many
people are analyzing this as a potential
head and shoulder but we really want to
talk about that and maybe talk about why
this doesn't necessarily make sense
however there are still some targets
that we have to take a look at in
today's update guys we are continuously
putting in higher lows on this daily
chart for the past three days after
getting that mega mega ultra bounce mode
right around the 9200 as well as this
uptrend here guys what does
cryptocurrency have in store for the
next week most importantly guys we have
only a few months until the halving is
going to come to fruition like we call
it where I'm from it is make or break
ride or fly time and as well we have
some leading indicators for example like
coin here doing a move today completing
a move what does this mean is this going
to indicate the rest of the market we
have some key things to look at most
importantly this 50-day moving average
what is the significance and what is
battling right now on the charts with
Bitcoin so my little kangaroos make sure
you grabbed a fresh pair of underoos and
let's hippity hop hop hop into this ta
wow what is going on everyone welcome
back to another thrilling exciting
episode today welcome back to this
Sunday to this ta on Bitcoin guys we
have a lot to cover
I'm is well before we do I want to give
a big shout Congrats everyone on hitting
the goal the last video we are going to
be doing a giveaway at the end of this
video for this ledger and as well guys
we still have a few more we're giving
away this month blade identities leave a
comment below and guys we knew the
channel make sure you like script on
poster kitchen's daring the bela ring
till your parents it is not what it
looks like and let's jump in to this
technical analysis without the
technicality guys we really have to
begin on this chart okay we see a lot of
speculation about this chart here there
are so much going around about a
potential Head and Shoulders pattern
forming now if this was in fact a Head &
Shoulders pattern again this looks
really ugly and it's not necessarily
because of how I drew it it's just
because if this were to be a pad
it is just incredibly ugly pattern here
I do think as we've been saying for the
past few days that we could continue
retracement down to this 200-day moving
average and this would be super bullish
for the space okay
again we could see we're seeing
consolidation on these timeframes and
again it's kind of a it's kind of one
nobody really knows exactly what's going
to happen over the next few days in the
long term things look extremely bullish
and we'll get more clues of which way
this market really wants to hold again
critical moments right now we are in the
midst of pullback number three actually
if we take a look here technically this
is like pullback number four of this
uptrend in January and they seem to be
getting bigger each time because the
runs seem to be getting a little more
explosive so again critical moments here
we see a lot of different opinions in
the market every time guys keep in mind
every time the market goes down for a
day or two you have the Bears coming out
with the wildest scenarios on Twitter on
YouTube even if some of these wildest
scenarios come true that you might see
on the Internet some of them are
literally only like determined to last
for a few days these pull backs are not
significant but people like to click on
bearish scenarios just as much as they
bullish scenarios guys playing on hopes
and dreams is just as easy as playing on
fears and doubts keep that in mind
same thing guys when pumps it dumps when
it dumps it pumps people go crazy for
either direction what people don't
necessarily care about is that sideways
chop things like to get a little messy
we like when it gets messy on this
channel we like to see ups and downs
equally but the most boring is just
sideways okay that's will take up and
down ups and downs over sideways any day
so important to note here guys I want to
switch to this chart here this is on a
daily timeframe on bit tricks
we're in someone we're in a key level
for so many reasons okay we need to have
a bounce here if we're gonna go down we
need to have a bounce here okay and you
see this 50 moving average kind of
creeping up here currently it's right
around the 92 area which we've been
talking about for a few weeks now okay
key area here okay and then a little bit
below that we actually have the 200-day
moving average guys remember this is the
Golden Cross the 200-day moving average
is actually pretty low right or not
right around like the $8,800 level and
the 50 is right around like that 92 and
each day they diverge a little bit more
so key to note here but mainly this is
the main bounce area this is bounce
Central right here that we would need to
get a bounce if we would continue
lower because the market is just
providing so much indecision right now
and that's what makes this time kind of
like the quiet before the storm it's
kind of like you know you discover
something new and you hear somebody
creeping up the steps and you don't want
them to find find out what you're doing
and it's kind of like oh no are they
just going to the bathroom or are they
coming into this room Wow now that is a
scenario and that I have lived and died
by for many many years and it is shaped
Who I am today as a man well one of the
things I think we have to look at for
some immediate assistance with this
market I think this is absolutely key I
think this is exciting right here you
see here light coin on the daily we have
light coin creeping back above this 21
day moving average now keep in mind like
coin is not even at its 50-day moving
average okay so this is bullish for this
pace we're gonna look at old coins and
some of these other coins for indicators
for Bitcoin which again very often is
the case that they do provide some
interesting data like coin did not go
down to that 50-day moving average okay
that's actually down the other 63 lowest
we went was about 65 and at the time we
went to 65 the moving average is
actually lower than that right around 61
so we didn't even really necessarily
come that close to that we have light
coin actually staying above and it's
actually right now creeping back above
after being below it for a few days
creeping back up below above this 21 day
moving average okay
this is key like one's actually right
around 75 so we see it putting in some
more green here now if the market
continues to trend this way okay this
could be a very good indicator for
Bitcoin but we really have to keep a
watch because I'll be honest right now
guys I am NOT saying that right now
Bitcoin within the next day or two is
going to go back to like the area that
was right around 98 because at this
point 98 is a very key level for Bitcoin
to get back above this 21 day moving
average okay right around the 98
currently we're about 150 180 dollars
below that but that is the level we want
to get above right now in the short term
to really confirm our bullish bias a
little bit more again right now is very
much in decision time we're getting
bounces on key levels but right now we
do need to get back above some of these
key levels here 21 again right around
that 98 on most exchanges here 98 30 and
currently we're about 96 30 so about two
hundred dollars less than that so as of
right now if we want to have some short
term bullish confirmation we need about
another 100 or only about a 200 we don't
even need to get back above 10,000 in
the next few days getting above 98 and
just testing this finding some support
here on
moving average is key okay really
important to watch but again we have we
still have a lot of runway we have a lot
of downside that we could hit and still
be macro extremely bullish here okay we
have a lot of downside that we're we
have some safe safety below us okay
there's a plenty of room we have some
very strong support and moving averages
Fibonacci levels okay
literally much below us that we're
actually going to still feel good about
but again if this is in fact a trend
reversal then we have to switch our tune
a little bit there are not many
indications of that but I think a lot of
people are preparing because following
the space day-to-day there's really
nothing to do except talk about possible
bearish or bullish scenarios every time
a little indication might pop up that
one of them might happen so going back
to this I actually had more I wanted to
say about this chart right here this
potential inverse Head & Shoulders again
it seems insanely ugly that is not a
again I tend to think this is not the
pattern even though I do think of small
retest down to like 9090 209,000 is
still possible which would line up with
like what this chart might be saying I
don't necessarily think this is an
inverse Head & Shoulders and it just
makes me believe that there are still
plenty of bullish scenarios on these
smaller timeframes that again don't
really matter too much but again let's
actually draw this back on here so if
we're drawing in Bruce Head & Shoulders
how would we even draw this okay okay so
this looks like a potential neckline we
go here here okay fair enough that could
potentially be when it comes to the head
what is this okay this is a this is
insanely ugly but just for the sake of
trying to make this work let's put this
as the head up here okay and then as far
as the neckline for the head where we
gonna put that maybe we'll put that like
let's do it like maybe like right here
even though it dip below that and then
as far as the next shoulder let's let's
do it like here okay we're just trying
to make this seem as though it is as
much as possible and actually let's just
move out to the for hour so again maybe
we can fit some more of these and get
rid of some of these candles and wicks
okay again guys you can see it here it
does just not look very pretty again
keep in mind this pattern you can see so
many this one two three four of these
very very exact for candles right there
that had the big drops like the $600
drop the exact time frames there it just
makes this pattern out to be extremely
ugly and it doesn't really look
like it really wants to lend too much
credence to what the market is going to
do over the next few days guys I really
don't like that pattern I just don't
think it's very valid this inverse head
and shoulders and as well it looks as
though if it if that is the inverse head
and shoulders it looks as though it
completed and so far all while doing all
we're doing is trading right here now
again there is gonna be a move here very
soon because again this tight
consolidation and we can see that more
here on the hourly chart this tight
consolidation usually does not last and
we're most likely gonna get a big move
one way or the other it is the weekend
so I would I would question that a
little bit if it's going to be today or
tomorrow remember guys Tuesdays and
bring the pumps so definitely around
that Tuesday maybe even Monday Wednesday
area once the week really kicks in I
definitely think there's going to be
some massive movement by then but as for
right now the market is kind of in a
limbo period and it's really hard to get
a sense of what exactly is going to
happen until we get the next move keep
that in mind
I'm so excited to get back on here once
we get some further confirmation to see
what exactly is going on here but as for
right now the market has been trading
sideways for a few days it's not really
giving too many indications one way or
the other
again this market is based on
probabilities and right now the
probabilities are for the most part I
would say they're pretty even for the
short term and again that doesn't really
matter too much over the next month or
so I definitely think this this trend is
still looking absolutely beautiful and
again we still could we still have to
see what happens here we have this
Golden Cross I think a month two months
three months down the road again this is
going to be absolutely meaningless I
don't think we're going to 1000 US
dollars but again guys these are crucial
times and like we have already
experienced back you know throughout
this journey over the last month and a
half we have pull backs and we need to
see if we're going to continue the trend
that we're on now the key thing that we
need to watch if we're gonna be watching
on these daily timeframes these short
timeframes the key thing we need to
watch now if we want to like really look
at this on a micro micro investing level
we need to get back above this 21 day
moving average right here okay this
purple line because that has been strong
support during these pull backs as well
as some of these other lines again this
one plays support here as well as
actually played a lot of support here
before breaking down and then here as
well is kind of where the market bounced
okay so it's kind of a mix of this this
this purple line here and then this
purple moving average as well okay so
these things have been
critical everyone continue this uptrend
now we have our actually really good
start for the last four days some very
key bounces but we would need to
continue this okay and we really just
have to wait and see what happens
because I'm really looking forward to
either breaking down to some levels or
breaking up because either one of them
will be very telling and we can provide
some very detailed analysis once one of
those things happens again you guys know
my least favorite thing in this market
is when it just goes sideways I love it
when it goes up and I'm actually quite a
fan of when it goes down because then
again we're setting up most likely for a
pump specifically over the past two
months so that's what's happened so guys
let's see of the last two videos let's
do this let's pick one of these bad boys
here generate okay video number six I
guess so actually this will be the last
video that we did right here okay we
will paste this bad boy into here boom
okay get YouTube comments 168 unique
YouTube comments wow that's pretty good
let's see what this bad boy has to offer
Alex lousy of being a beginner in this
field so confusing lol well Alex if you
are a beginner than I'm thinking you
might not have a wallet so make sure to
hit me up on Twitter so you can get this
wallet love your brothers cannot wait
for the next one again we're probably
gonna do what we are going to do two
more of these within the next week okay
we have we have these bad boys left and
guys again if you don't if you don't
want one of these or if you like live
outside the country maybe too much of a
hassle we can just send some Bitcoin as
well so guys thanks so much for watching
and I'll see you the next one

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