by bigr10published on August 1, 2020

the secret altcoin that we talked about in yesterday’s webisode pumped over 70 after we uploaded that video guys absolutely massive and i’m going to be bringing to

You yet another extremely early and young cryptocurrency that you don’t want to miss wow and as well as bitcoin actually forming an ascending triangle here on the one hour chart that could actually

Push us up to this specific price target you are not going to want to miss this price target and as well with less than 24 hours until we get this crucial close can bitcoin

Do it and what is the time frame left on this ascending triangle for bitcoin guys you are not going to want to miss this specific altcoin there is so little data on it but you are not going to want to miss out and as well ethereum

Continuing to pump along this bitcoin pairing guys is this truly the beginning of something absolutely very big this is a game changer let’s do this wow what’s going on everyone welcome back to

An extremely extremely awesome fun exciting exhilarating and special saturday webisode we have a lot to get into here with bitcoin’s charts on the smaller time frames ethereum and as well the secret altcoin

Uh guys absolutely massive and yesterday secret altcoin absolutely explode we’re gonna be getting into that a little bit as well because after we uploaded that video the coin continued to rally another

70 and guys remember it’s a micro cap coin so even when this thing dumps which it most likely will after a pump there is some skyward potential for this thing guys

Extremely young extremely early and you are going to want to pay attention absolutely very big and guys as well if you want some more inside information as we’re finding some of these alt coins if you want to

Learn charting trading all that kind of stuff make sure to check out t4v4 20 off with coupon code platinum at checkout and as well you guys we’re going to be giving away this ledger in this webisode but as well if you want to enter for a

Future letters make sure to hit that ding subscribe turn on the notifications because youtube has not been sending out notifications on here guys make sure to do that ding that bell and we’ll

Jump into the webisode wow guys now before we get into the bitcoin technical analysis the ethereum technical analysis and this altcoin and altcoin technical analysis i want to

Actually show you this article here this is absolutely hugely bullish fundamentally for bitcoin okay the title bitcoin is now considered money under dc law what this means for bitcoin this

Is published on crypto slate by cole peterson news broke earlier today that a federal court ruled bitcoin is defined as money under the law in washington dc this is huge for bitcoin let’s continue this

In the us set the stage set the example for the rest of the world let’s do something right because the us sure has not been doing a lot right so if we would take a first step forward

Towards helping cryptocurrency become more mainstream then guys i am 100 all for that so a federal court rules that bitcoin is a form of money guys this is absolutely massive money

Commonly means a medium exchange method of payment or a store of value bitcoin is these things chief judge barrel a howell wrote so obviously the dark knight exchange

Was how bitcoin first came to prominence or to be known back back in 2014 and even before that but to be honest it’s also not as hype as it might seem this is just one small step and one

Small sign towards what might be continuing recognition of cryptocurrency as a legitimate form of money absolutely big now guys as well if we switch to the bitcoin chart you see bitcoin actually

Consolidating exactly at the levels we’ve been talking about uh actually bouncing right here originally about 9485 and currently we’re still trading in between that 9585

Uh but as we’re talking now it’s actually pumping quite a bit 9650 guys now our next target okay this is happening live but our next target is around 9740 if we break that you guys that’s

Absolutely massive okay if we switch to this weekly chart we want to get a weekly close above this 97 50 level which we have not been able to do since february

Of 2020 okay basically almost eight months now as this month is almost over we want to see continued pumpage here we want to see a weekly candle close and then continue to absolutely skyrocket past this in the

Following week okay you can see that happening here you can see where it’s finding support but again guys 97 30 is what we’re looking at for some shorter term resistance we did

Initially come in around 96 87 but again right above about 30 dollars above 9 700 i think is going to be critical here and as well if we switch to the one hour okay this was on the four hour chart switch to the one

Hour you see there’s clearly some sort of ascending triangle being formed on this pattern you can see with the top horizontal resistance around 96 40 and we’ve had this sloping level of

Support ever since july 22nd so three days in the making on this one hour chart and it looks as though bitcoin might actually be trying to break out here i wouldn’t be surprised we came back

Down 95 80 of support and continued but we could be seeing this pump at the moment now breakout target is not very big considering this is a one hour candle analysis here but the breakout

Target would actually be around 9870 which is more than enough that we need to close out okay we have a little over like 36 hours until we have the next weekly close for

Bitcoin so we’re going to we want to get that weekly close somewhere around that 97 above 97 would be absolutely beautiful it’d be perfect because then we could open up above 97 maybe even just find

Support here for a few days and then just continue this rally here again this is the weekly chart and you can see we really want to see this we could guys we could easily be seeing this over the

Next month or so where we continue up okay where we have a few candles obviously some downside along as we’re pumping up but we could start seeing this breach uh

10 11 and 12k within the next few weeks in the most bullish scenario and guys absolutely huge you see ethereum here is continuing to pump on the bitcoin pairing as we talked about yesterday it’s now at

Three million satoshi’s it is now at three percent of a bitcoin that’s what we were talking about yesterday you saw we came up to that almost around 29 but we were heavily we closed right around 291

But guys this is continuing this looks absolutely insanely bullish and we’re going to show you this other altcoin in this website as well i’m very excited about it a lot of you guys been messaging me

About this recently um but i actually started looking into it and guys very interesting stuff so before we continue that bitcoin analysis as well guys we talked about purlin yesterday in

Yesterday’s update when it was around three cents right here it pumped yesterday all the way up to six and a half cents up over 70 currently it’s actually right around 56

I could see us actually finding support around uh 51 right here but ultimately this pumpage is definitely real we definitely think there’s some upside with this coin which is why we brought

It to yesterday remember less than 20 million dollars in market cap as of yesterday the pump obviously increased that since we made that video yesterday guys but it’s been absolutely huge and guys

If you want more information on also we’re looking at definitely check out t4v4 pin in the comments below but huge let’s take a look at this you guys so if you look on the daily chart you can see

Not very much data okay uh trading view does not have a lot of data for this dmm governance absolutely massive so let’s take a look at this you guys can see we only have data actually going back to july 7th but what exactly

Is it so if we pull up their website here you can see a few things earn 625 percent on eth die and usdc with d5 money market dmm all backed by real world income generating assets viewable

On blockchain earning consistent interest okay now this is a thing that’s becoming increasingly increasingly attractive to crypto investors is whether it’s staking or just

Earning making your crypto earn you crypto making your money earn you money okay this is what a lot of people are interested in people are absolutely sick of putting money into a bank savings

Account or something and maybe earning like point one percent over a year or something insane okay barely any money so people are incredibly interested in this decentralized version with

Cryptocurrencies that offer them rewards whether it’s staking or just earning interest or however it’s done people are very interested in that okay that’s part of the whole defy revolution as well the decentralized finance

Banks don’t do us much good crypto is here to make things more decentralized much more helpful and beneficial for us as well and uh just absolutely massive that is

Why the d5 craze is blowing up the ico craze in 2017 fundamentally wasn’t as revolutionary at all or if at all especially compared to d5 because people compare d5 to the ico craze of 2017

And i think that’s kind of a little bit of a bad comparison because defy is absolutely actually useful there are some real use cases for it and i think the hype behind it is actually real as opposed to an ico

Because the main benefit of an ico is basically you pick some random thing who cares what it is you invest early maybe it’ll blow up fundamentally that’s a lot different

Than uh this actual revolution in my opinion here okay so real world assets backing dmm are made transparently available bringing trust to the ecosystem as well which you do need when it is

Decentralized you want some form of trust not in a centralized entity but some form of being able to trust the decentralized crypto an income generated by the underlying assets is greater than

Apy paid by the dmm asset real world assets backing dmm are always greater than dmm issued and they don’t rely on crypto or decentralized finance space in order to function

They bridge the real and crypto worlds okay that’s absolutely huge with dmm okay so dye usdc are ether deposited okay this is how it works the deposited dii usdc and eth are used to acquire real-world income producing assets all

Available on blockchain the assets payout interest which is returned to the dmm ecosystem and then the dmm-m tokens are freely swapped back for the original dye or usdc or eth deposited plus

Interest accrued okay guys massive so no more gas fees erc 20 compliance stable growth there’s a white paper here partnered with chain link as well you guys coinbase and a bunch of other guys here

Uh definitely you can check out their team huge i definitely think you guys should be taking a look at this altcoin absolutely massive you’re not gonna miss out um but yeah we’re still gonna continue we love actually following

These alts over the past few weeks you guys have been loving it as well you’ve been very interested in it so we’re definitely gonna continue doing it but basically bitcoin is looking primed we’re looking to see a break okay we

Have only a day left until we get this weekly close but ultimately guys everything is looking absolutely beautiful okay so we’ll do the last three videos uh number two

One two okay we’ll paste that bad boy in here get youtube comments looks like we had 161 that was a very non-viewed video and the winner is marty r bill to the banks cheers to that

Brother goes along very well with the theme of the video very sick make sure to shoot me an email in the description and yeah guys if you’re interested in getting more crypto if you’re interested

In trading make sure to check out all the links below we have some nice bonuses on all of that and as well if you want 20 off t4 v4 where we’re covering alts weekly

Where we’re updating charting and trading techniques and a bunch of other stuff make sure to use the code platinum at checkout for 20 off peace


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