by birtanpublished on September 23, 2020

Damn okay well the bitcoin bulls have missed a massive opportunity in this market we did end up pushing up to that 11.1 k range as we know but i kept on saying that i'm expecting that we're going to see some

Resistance here and we could have saved ourselves if we found support on this blue line but unfortunately as we can see we've now dipped below that i'm getting a bit ahead of myself right

Now because uh you know i mean the market is literally setting new lows while i talk but let's break down what's happened over here we have seen now a very fierce rejection of this 11.1 k level

We knew that we would start to encounter resistance at this level because it was a big area of support in the past and i did mention a couple videos ago that we may have been showing some signs of weakness in this trend

To be honest i don't think that those signs of weakness were there yesterday i actually i even made a post showing you some of the fibonacci levels showing that actually we had a really really good

Setup to rise higher and i'm gonna show you that in a moment but what we have over here what we had over here was a fibonacci support level that looked something a little bit like this this

Was a 382 support level it was literally at ten thousand eight hundred dollars so literally right along this line right here uh but we have ended up failing that support level

We also ended up failing a support uh trend line which looks something a little bit like this this was posted in vip and i think in gold as well we failed this trend line as well but i think most

Importantly we ended up failing this um line right here on uh on the 10 600 level that notification you just heard by the way was usd euro so things are really moving

Let's just take a very quick look at that uh yeah we are starting to get a break out here this is a potential long position that i told you i might trade i have no idea how the us dollar is

Gaining value against the euro right now that's very strange uh but let's go back to the bitcoin chart i will analyze that later um what we have at the moment is we have dropped below a

Core support level something that was actually support in the past and then turned into resistance so i did expect this to be a support level but the bulls they failed and they did

Miss this opportunity and really what this does is i think it's going to reset a lot of the uh ground that we've cleared and moved forward on over these past couple of

Weeks these past one or two weeks the reason i think that's the case is and it's the same thing on the way down it took us how long how long did it take us to rise up this high it took us 10 days

10 and a half days to rise by about 13 and now it's taken us about two days to drop by seven percent so this really tells me something where you know we've erased you know more than half of the gains that we made roughly

Within just two days and it took us 10 days to get that height and and this is a characteristic that we've seen in the market so much take a look at uh from this price level over here how long did

It take us to peak it took us 21 days nearly 22 days and then when the sell-off really started to amp up its pressure it took only three days to erase most of that gain and so it was also a

Very fast run up to be fair but in this case it was a much slower runoff and still we've lost those gains and to me this is pretty damn concerning this is nearly as bad as it can get

Now here's the good news the good news is that we are still in a support in the zone we still have support all over this area i can stretch this green box out and tell you that i probably am expecting some

Support in the 10.3k range we also have support at this 10 000 psychological support level and then most importantly you know i i've said that i wanted to see this for so long and i still want to

See this i want to see us come down to this green box over here because this is the only cme gap on the daily chart which we have not filled at this point and if we are able to come down to this level

Which it certainly looks like we might be doing then i think that's actually going to be a very nice reset for the market to position ourselves in in such a way where it's a lot easier and justifiable

To rise higher if we do come down to fill the cme gap and obviously with this dump it looks like that might be the case now bitcoin isn't the only coin that's tanking it's actually we're

Seeing blood all over the market here's the thing bitcoin against the dollar is down by four and a half percent but you look at alt coins cardano is down by 7.5 this is ada against bitcoin so it lost seven

Percent against bitcoin and bitcoin lost four and a half percent so that is a massive loss for cardano let's take a look at the uh ada usd chart and you're gonna see just how much

It's dropped literally just today if i throw this chart on i mean this is just abysmal take a look at this literally from when the dump started to now we're down by 12 percent

And we're seeing that trend all over the market ripple down by one percent against bitcoin so whatever bitcoin lost these coins have lost in this case five percent more than that i mean this is a very very bloody market we're

Seeing it across the s p 500 as well this market just opened i believe an hour ago and it continued to sell off the uk 100 just getting pummeled because the uk is becoming a failed country cold

Even tipping wow take a look at this dump really really just falling out of this descending triangle i actually thought that this might be a good long position but

I'm glad i didn't trade that and then on the topic of trading i actually saw this drop coming i was telling you about it in the last video i even posted it publicly in the full slice gold channel

What i did for you in the free gold channel is gave you a taste of what vip members experience on a very very regular basis where i outlined for you a coin pair that i was trading

I told you some of the context in this trade the reasons i'd be entering this trade which was a short position i told you the reasons i'd be entering but also what my risks were and then i

Told you exactly what i'd be doing where i'd be entering my stop-loss where i'd be closing my position and a note on how i'll be taking profit all of this information is exactly how in fact this post came

Directly from vip it was forwarded from vip into gold this is exactly how vip members were able to gain access to this kind of information and then end up pulling results like this beautiful member did over here

Turning one thousand dollars into twenty two hundred dollars within her first month in the group absolutely amazing stuff um back there right there and then you know the

The result boom right there 20 profit that i've already closed but this this trade is now way higher than 20 percent i think i'm looking at something like 40 profit by now let's take a look uh

Just doing some quick math i'm terrible at math i don't know why i do this i just embarrass myself but i think this is about a 37 profit as i speak at the moment so very very nice trade just positioned in

A way that i could profit off this very well and i've shared it with you in goal as well uh if you didn't understand this and some of this was unclear you weren't sure how i was doing it

Vip members are also getting access to information on how i do these trades so specifically the numbers i put in and where i put these numbers in which exchange i'm using and then

We do also support you as much as we can without breaking financial advice laws uh and and we actually we have a person dedicated to doing that for you so any questions you have we're going to do our best to answer

So that you can understand what's going on in posts like this one so uh really really nice trade i've already moved my stop-loss to break even it's not possible for me to lose on this trade anymore and if you

Want to see how i'm pulling this kind of stuff on a regular basis then vip is where it's at i'm already looking at positioning myself for my next trade and as usual all of these trades are exclusive to vip

Members only they can see what's going on this was just one of our very very rare freebies you've seen it happen live as well but let's take a look back at the bitcoin chart we've now fallen

Into the support area this is beautiful uh this is happening all while i'm recording the video and and i would like to see some bouncers over here and really what's very important is

How do we bounce off this level um if we do end up bouncing off this level i think that's going to show us that the bears are starting to run out of strength because what we can see on the one hour time frame

Is that this is a pretty relentless downtrend as usual this is the characteristic of downtrends i've been saying this to you for a very long time but this downtrend doesn't really have any

Relief um it's not able to catch a breath and if we are able to catch that breath maybe rise higher maybe get rejected at this resistance level for example but just

You know do something other than dump lower then that to me will be a sign of momentum wearing off within this trend and i want to see bearish momentum wearing off i don't want to see

A lot of bearish momentum in this chart anymore because we are approaching a crucial price level we are approaching one of our final support areas uh this is our

Second to last support area and then the last one is going to be this green box right here so we're pretty much right at the end of the road we're very very close to it and so i don't want to see anything crazy

Happening now um and so basically kind of bouncing off this area would be a sign of the bears starting to lose strength and it doesn't mean we're going to stop dropping lower

It just means that if we do get some relief the bulls are going to gradually start stepping in with a little bit more force each time the price drops further and that is a good thing because it means we

Might see a bounce off the support levels and that's exactly what i'd like to see so really what this depends on at the moment is how do we respond to levels like 10.3 how do we respond to

Levels like 10k if we end up going there if we do end up rising up and then getting rejected from 10.6 that to me would actually be a bearish sign because this area should have been support

But it's actually showing me that bears are stepping back into the market when the price tries to go up to where it was before that means

The price tries to go up to where it was before but the bears step in right here and drop the price even lower and that would be a sign of bears getting a little bit more confident and bulls staying weak so uh

This would not be good in my opinion in the market let's take a look at some of the uh standard indicators that i like to use quite a bit on the four hour chart we're not really seeing a surprise here we

Have ended up dumping below this ichimoku cloud it's even worse for ethereum it's really bad with the ethereum chart at the moment it's just getting absolutely destroyed uh ethereum is is down by nine percent

On on the same day that bitcoin is down by five percent and we've now conclusively dropped below this cloud we've also had a very very conclusive rejection from that

4 000 sorry from that 400 level right there which i was telling you could be quite strong resistance for ethereum so uh pretty much all the um all the key areas i was watching have been responded

To as expected it did take a little bit longer than i thought but that's just the nature of the market it never really happens as quickly as i'd like it to and and

That's fine i i expect that um but we did end up getting a very very big rejection here and we are now down to about 320 uh well we're starting to approach that 320

Support level if this support level does fail then i'm looking at a steep drop for ethereum um i i say it you know with a little bit of sadness you know to be fair it's going

To be the same move that happened over here where i told you that i closed a stunning 180 profit this drop would be the same opportunity um it's the exact same thing exact same

Thing that i'm trading with cardano it is the exact same thing that i outlined with tron so i think you're noticing a pattern over here i tend to trade things which are super

Simple but yield very high profits um you guys know the kind of analysis i do i have the skills to be using all of the fancy indicators uh i i actually i'm reminded of donald

Trump where he says i can use all of the fancy words that harvard degree people would use but i talk like a fourth grader and that's that's quite the same as mine i'm not endorsing trump or anything i

Actually don't like him but he's got a point there it's good to keep it simple and that's the same way my analysis goes for me i i can use all the fancy techniques but

So far in this video i've just used the ichimoku cloud to supplement my own analysis and and most of my own analysis is just using these little squiggly lines and horizontal levels like this it's super

Super simple and and what i found in my experience is that these simple forms of carrying out analysis actually work out to be the best in the long term i don't over complicate you know my objective here is not to

Make things sound more complicated than they are so that you know you pay me money and join vip the the objective here is actually quite the opposite it's so that you can see how simple it is

And then watch me use all of this simple information in a very very strategic and safe healthy way on a long term basis so that you can see how i'm able to to basically have this longer term safe

Healthy green account growth you know the kind of account growth where i'm multiplying my money over the long term our goals are always to be making nice profits like 30 50 100 profits but the magic

Is when you can compound these profits together so a 180 profit followed by a 20 profit followed by this 20 profit which is now closer to 40 percent this is where that snowballing effect

Comes in and i'm seeing some really handsome account growth because of that not just me a lot of vip members i actually just got a message from one of our yearly members who was

Slaying the markets here's the guy who i told you was slow to pay off the fee at the beginning but now pays it off with every trade he makes no surprises these are the action takers

Who jumped in before this stuff happened so that they were prepared to take advantage of it but obviously it's not too late i'm already looking at my next trade

I already have some ideas of what they might be and they will be dropped in vip as well like i said this market is super hot and if you want to get in on some of that action you can click on the first link

In the description down below then click on the at four flights button and then click on send message to ask me how to join but moving back over here we do have a similar drop ready for ethereum if we do drop

Below the support level again the issue is that there wasn't any trading on the way up so i don't think that there's going to be any trading on the way down i think it's just going to be a very very very

Quick drop like we had over here this drop happened all in all within a day i mean yeah within 24 hours we dropped from 400 down to the very low 300s and i

Think that we could be looking at something similar happening from the low 300s to the mid 200s maybe even lower than that and again that's quite a substantial drop in terms of dollar

Amounts it's not that big but in terms of percent it is it is pretty big let's take a look that's a 20 drop and from this support level to uh from uh yeah this support to this support

That's also a 20 drop until we hit the mid 250s and this is where the next area of support really does begin in my opinion i actually i don't even know why this line is on

The chart uh okay there has been some significance at this level but not a whole lot i mean there's really yeah there is not a lot of price action that happens yeah if if we drop below this green line

At 320 there there's just not a lot that can support ethereum there's not really a lot of trading until yeah kind of 270 250 dollars and and that could be spelling another quite

Substantial drop for ethereum obviously the good news is that it it's getting closer to support levels um you know i i i'm very distinctly saying in a very recent video that i find it funny when people are

Getting euphoric when we hit these levels you remember me saying this i said this right at the start of one of the recent videos where i said it's very stupid that people start to

Get very excited when we approach resistance level i mean it's fine because i can make profit off this that's what i do you know we make profit off the idiots in the trading game it's very vicious

It's it's very shameless it's uh it's it's war trading is psychological warfare um but you know when you approach resistance levels that to me is the time that i start to get

Bearish that's why i positioned myself to trade cardano for the short side when you approach support levels it's time to get bearish sorry bullish and and that's when people start panicking the most so

Again you open yourself up to some really nice trading opportunities and and so it was no surprise that we started to see this dump from such a key support uh such a key resistance level like i said we did have signs of

Strength we had the fibonacci which again i will show you in a moment but uh we just didn't have enough as we can see in hindsight now to keep bitcoin up and this was a very strong resistance level

Um good a good scenario for bitcoin now would be trading sideways if we can find support like this and then potentially a flash wick down

To fill the gap uh you know in the early days of next month you know so if we can trade and we don't have to trade sideways in such a big range like that i mean we could just start trading sideways like

This and then we just kind of you know just just get a flash wick down we're trading there for one hour maybe two hours nothing nothing huge and then we end up coming back up that

Will mean that we've been able to stay above support that will also mean that we fill the cme gap and i think once that's done you know everyone does want the market to go up i i think there's a lot of reasons to

Believe that it should go up in the longer term um and and so with that in mind we could be looking at a very very nice rise higher after those conditions are met that's the good

Uh that that's a that's the best case scenario for bitcoin as far as i'm concerned uh the worst case scenario is yeah we just kind of keep on plunging down we could be looking at

A similar drop to what happened over here i don't know if it's gonna happen but uh let's just play with this idea and say that it will happen this was an eighteen point eight percent

Drop and from high to low eighteen point eight percent looks like nine thousand dollars so there is still support at nine thousand dollars it would be quite a deep correction but

It still works uh but then on on the note of corrections this is actually where it's a sadder picture to me this is where i i'm upset and disappointed with

Bitcoin because actually it had a very good setup to do some quite fantastic things if we take a look at this fibonacci setup from the absolute low of this rally to the

Absolute high of this same rally look at where we found support let's take a look at this we already know which fibonacci levels are the most important it's the six one eight level

And then one uh one minus point 0.618 throw this into a calculator 1 minus 0.618 it will give you 0.382 so these are the mirror fibonacci levels of each other these are the same

And we found support on both of them take a look at this we found a beautiful a little bit of support at ninety eight hundred dollars so just a quick flash dip below ten thousand dollars and then we

Were finding support at the 382 level as well so we had all of the classic signs that this trend should be rallying much higher but we couldn't hold the 382 level as i

Speak we're finding support at the 0.5 level which happens to be 10 300 these are not coincidences this is just the beauty of how math plays out and people say a lot of

like technical analysis doesn't work but the truth is anyone who says ta doesn't work just doesn't know how to do good ta because what you're seeing in these

Videos is that it works really well this is how vip members are able to consistently book such nice games we don't have to wait for this stuff you get people and i i love this analogy because i feel like it's really accurate

Sitting with their dick in their hand just waiting for something interesting to happen that's not how we play it in the vip group we build our own destiny we don't just wait

For some lucky dice to come our way and then we've made a little bit of money that is not what this game is about we're taking things into our own hands with healthy safe skills that we're

Building over the long term in order to see stable but very very beautiful account growth like this that is the objective this is why technical

Analysis works so well because we're doing it in a safe way in a healthy way we are refining our strategies all the time these profits by the way um there was a bit of a rough patch

In the vip group where i wasn't necessarily losing a lot of money but i wasn't making a lot of money either and and these games are now coming in because i've revised my strategy it's always a

Key part of the game i have to constantly be developing my strategy making news adding new things removing old things that don't work it's always you know

It's the the classic quote everybody is always a student of the market you know you are never above the market you never reach sensei level you never reach mastery level you're always always

Always a student and i promise you anyone who ever forgets that and starts to think that they are a master will be humbled they will be humbled uh because because the markets are um are

Not easy to tame and you can tame them but you can't stay on top of that horse forever i i have learned that the hard way so there we go if you do want to jump in these steps are right here we'll give

You a nice little discount to get you in the group as well we are starting to find support off this level and this is a good sign but it's only the 0.5 level and considering that this 382 support

Failed i'm not optimistic about this level 382 is usually a stronger support level than 0.5 so i don't really have high hopes for this fibonacci level

It is nice that we are bouncing off this level this is just further proof that this fibonacci retracement is a very accurate i mean take a look at where we were finding resistance take a look at where

We were bouncing i mean this 236 level this red line i mean this fibonacci has been very accurate the 786 level look at how well it predicted support for bitcoin so this is a very

Very accurate fibonacci retracement i mean every single major line on this fib retracement has some significance but it looks like it wasn't enough and really when you have a situation like

This where something looks something so good wasn't enough well it means that you're seriously weak it means like you've thrown every possible treatment at the patient but

The patient is still showing negative signs and the only thing that follows that in in the in the real world of life is it's death and uh and i mean it's it's not that dramatic for bitcoin

It just means a further drop uh but it's you know i mean that's the death of of over leveraged traders people who were long when they shouldn't have been i i can

Name quite a few people who i know are all in on coins like ethereum which may seem like a good idea when ethereum has a history of rallying really really high but

Anyone all in on ethereum just over the past four days has lost 15 16 of their net worth it's crazy it's crazy and um and i don't think that's okay so

Um yeah it is the death of irresponsible traders i mean this is the kind of time where those traders get washed out and on the flip side this is exactly the time where people who approach the market with safe and

Methodical ways are really profiting from this blood this drop was no surprise we saw it happen with ethereum we saw it happen with tron and i traded it on cardano here i traded it on

Ethereum as well i'm pissed that i didn't trade it on tron but it's okay because i'm making that money back right here so very very nice setup within this market at the moment

Um let me check if there's anything else i wanted to talk about there is a little bit that i want to mention on gold but before i do move on to that i just want to bring your attention over to snapex

One more time uh they are running this competition on um on their exchange where there is a prize pool of up to two hundred thousand dollars let me just refresh this let's see what we're up to now

Uh the more people that join this the higher the prize pool will become we're currently at thirty thousand dollars and if you do want to join the four slice team you'll be able to get in on some of our actions and put

The other idiots to shame there should only be four flies on this list no one else can possibly compete with us but uh and that's just because we do the most realistic analysis

Uh that that's possible the interesting thing to me though isn't the fourth lice team it's more so the pro trader wins this is where you as an individual stand to take part of 19 of the prize pool um if

You're able to trade you know the best and this is based off percentage gains not actual bitcoin gains and what snapex is doing is actually offering signups who use the link in the description below this is

Exclusive to our channel um they're offering them 25 to trade with so right when you sign up 25 in your account and then your first 10 of fees roughly are gonna be completely

Free so you're not even going to get charged for fees and the reason this is interesting to me is it's always good to have backup exchanges and especially a reliable backup exchange snapex has a very

Interesting feature where you can overlay several different charts together we've got bitcoin ethereum litecoin ripple all at once on this chart which is very very cool

And you can trade it all from right here i'm not signed in at the moment so i can't demonstrate that to you but it is a very simple exchange and like i said backups are very very important but then

Dependable backups reliable backups and the reason that i know these guys are reliable is that they've had a major success in the asian markets so they are now jumping into us into the western market to

Try and dominate this space and they are doing it with a bank with this two hundred thousand dollar prize pool so if this is something that interests you you can follow

The link in the description down below to check this out and uh and just kind of familiarize yourself with this it's always a good idea to not keep all of your eggs in one basket your exchange can get hacked at any time

It can have downtime because servers don't work at any time they can just shut your every exchange by the way has a little clause in the terms and conditions saying they can just shut your account

For any reason which is fair enough i mean they need to have that clause for flexibility but when you're talking about serious money it's naive in my opinion to not diversify your risk and and so this i

Think is a very very good contender for uh at least part of your trading if this is something that interests you so go ahead and check this out but let's take a look at gold gold was trading within a descending triangle so

Actually my there's a funny story to this my analyst and i had a bit of a disagreement on gold today i was thinking that it was bullish because we were trading in this pennant right

Here um which was a bullish pennant because we've just come up to our all-time high but my analyst was actually saying no we're in a descending triangle and and the descending triangle looks

Something a little bit more like this so he turned out to be correct which is good because i like to know that i've trained him well and even more so this is exactly why i have a team and i'm bouncing ideas off them this is

You know if it was just me i think we would be making a lot more mistakes but um two brains are better than one in this case especially when we're both trained in the same way we did end up breaking below this descending triangle

Which is concerning the reason i thought we were bullish is because we were close to these all-time highs so in fact we already broke the all-time high on this rally but we've ended up dropping back below

It um by quite a bit we consolidated and i thought this was bullish consolidation but it has proven to be bearish consolidation and this doesn't make a lot of sense because at the same time that gold is dropping

We're seeing the s p 500 dropping we're seeing a lot of the stock market dropping as well even tesla which uh for some reason is a surprise we are seeing some

Quite crazy volatility in the market at the moment and at times like this you would actually expect gold to write but it looks like money is just being taken out of absolutely everything and we can name

A million reasons for why that's happening but as you know very well by now we don't care what those reasons are explaining this price action is not going to make us money it's just

Going to make us focus on things that are not important the the bottom line is is this we we did consolidate we've now chosen a direction which is downwards i don't think this is going to stick

Considering gold is so close to its all-time high i have i i've actually never seen any asset break the all-time high and then dump really really low i've never seen that so i i don't think

That's going to happen here i think that gold is going to be able to find some footing maybe it drops down to eighteen hundred dollars right there and find some support off this prior trading area

I don't know and to be honest it doesn't really matter but i do still have my eyes on gold rising higher i'm not interested in going short on this market i think that going long on this market is uh the only

Right way to go and i'm just kind of waiting for the right opportunity i mentioned last night that i was seeing some really bullish tendencies on bitcoin because of the fibonacci that i just showed you

On the chart a couple minutes ago and and because of this fibonacci i was seeing a really really nice opportunity in the market but what i also said directly below that is i'm not trading this

I'm not interested it's completely fine if my analysis is wrong as long as i don't lose money and actually coincidentally at the very same time i was making money on cardano

It's completely fine and and this is you know the thing that i explicitly said in that in that post which went into vip and into four flies gold that is our free telegram channel so you are missing out

On a lot if you haven't joined this channel already what i specifically said in there is that there are an abundance of opportunities there is an abundance of opportunities in these

Markets and so i'm not interested in rushing into anything or making any decisions that i don't need to make now or anything like that that's why i

Didn't trade this that's why i haven't traded gold i'm already making my money i'm sitting very comfortably because i feel quite confident that cardano is going to drop lower but even if it doesn't

Even if it goes back up and it suddenly spikes and anything crazy happens my stop plus is that break even so i'm not even going to lose anything and that to me is the most

Powerful position that any trader can be in i i i hope you guys watching this video have been in this position at least once before because then you'll know what

It's like but it's something that i wish for every trader actually that's a lie i don't because if every trader had this feeling that i wouldn't make money um

But for your viewers absolutely i i do wish for you guys to experience this and i know for a fact that a bunch of vip members have done exactly that so join the group at least find out what's on offer by following

These steps right here and like i said if for some reason you didn't understand anything here we have a lot of resources in the vip group to make this stuff very clear and bring you up to speed with everything

Uh and then we have also got one dedicated person who's going to be answering your kind of queries around the stuff so that we can get you up to speed as much as possible but we have to be

Compliant with the laws as well obviously compliance is super important we've been around in this game for a very long time we're actually one of the older trading groups in the industry

And one of the biggest ones hundred percent by size uh and because of that i mean we need to stay compliant you you just can't get this big and put your middle finger up to the laws

That's not doable and and so we do need to stay compliant but um we have got things in place to help you understand what's going on in case you don't fully know what's going on even if you're a beginner we've had a bunch of

Beginners join vip um that yearly member i keep telling you about who was slow but then really started to make some really nice profits he was completely new to the game

When he jumped in so uh you know this kind of stuff is is very very common and then the final note i want to leave you with is if you feel like you've already joined the vip group

Um this is for people who haven't joined yet but it also applies to existing members and for whatever reason if if you're stressed about your time in vip you feel like you didn't you don't have enough time in vip you

Feel like you didn't get enough time just let me know and and we will we'll work something out we will defer your renewal it's not like uh we're going to kick you out after a month is over or after a quarter or a

Year is over we are always flexible with you this is uh this is this is not such a is not like a cold-hearted environment or anything like that so uh if this is something you are

Interested in you already know how to get in i'll see you in the group and and there we go that was uh that was my analysis on a very very interesting

Development within these markets all right i will see you in the next one bye

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from daily 4x this is chris i'm taking a look at the indices and the e-mini contracts in america this is the s p 500 you can see that we have fallen a bit ...
from daily forex this is chris taking a look at the us dollar japanese yen and the aussie dollar the dollar yen as you can see continues to kind of chop around...
from fx empire this is chris taking a look at the dollar yen weekly chart you can see that we are dancing around 105 at this point if we rally 106 is an area i...
from daily forex this is chris taking a look at the wti crude oil market you can see that we have rallied a bit during the trading session here on wednesday yo...
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good morning this is bob mason from fx empire and welcome to the daily crypto tech review we'll be looking at bitcoin ethereum litecoin and ripples xrp the ...
from daily forex this is chris taking a look at the s p 500 you can see we've rallied quite nicely during the trading session um but uh really at this poin...
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from fx empire this is chris taking a look at the s p 500 you can see that we are reaching towards 3200 an area that has previously been resistance and now is ...