War With China – Is It A Possibility? Mike Maloney

by birtanpublished on August 28, 2020

As the world spends itself into a pit of debt it may never be able to climb out of the prospects of war are increasing uh u.s treasury seeks to borrow a record 3 trillion this quarter this quarter

Three trillion dollars just this quarter this is so big i mean i can't really comment on this right now without going to like a bunch of federal reserve charts and things like that to really show you something on how this

Adds up because this is going to just absolutely blow your mind when you really see what's going on and so i'm going to do a special report on that so look for that in the

Upcoming days here it might be unless there's some big news tomorrow i'll do this tomorrow for you uh but this is really big and deserves its own story it's much more than i can cover in one

Of these reports on the main page experts predict the next global crisis could be food shortages remember that when we get to chart of the day moving on to the on

The radar and this is just on the radar you know these things may not happen uh this could just be posturing by basic basically gang leaders because let's face it all the countries on the planet

You know we had tribal war first and then we had city-states like athens having war with sparta and so and then we have nation states now

Where we've divided up into larger you know it's just larger and larger gangs throughout time throwing rocks at each other but the best way to stay in power especially when something is going wrong

When something's going wrong and people could be blaming you if you can point at somebody else and say it's their fault it's those outsiders that did it and so everybody gets to do this

During this uh pandemic and so uh here we have that an internal report in china presented to chinese president xi jinping uh and other top leaders concludes that

Global anti-china sentiment is at level a level not seen since the 1989 channel square crackdown well they call it a crackdown we call it a massacre 1989 tiananmen square massacre and recommends preparing for a worst

Case scenario of armed conflict with the united states well that cannot end well i'm sorry i'm i shouldn't be laughing at this stuff but like i said if you can't laugh

You cry this is really very very dangerous the roads the the road that this is leading down so um the report which is affiliated with the minute

Suggests that a wave of anti-china sentiment is led by the united states and so it's them pointing fingers at us us pointing fingers at them and yes it looks like you know it's increasingly looking like

The i don't want to say certain words because uh there's um censorship that is going on and if i say certain words it could lead to fewer views on our channel

And there is one channel that i watch where they're calling this the double plus bad cold and so i will refer to i want to say the v word but i i i'm afraid to but there was this uh v word thing

Harvested from uh bats and taken back to a lab uh so it came from a bat and in this lab it was uh modified uh by man to infect man

In a lab in wuhan china so i call i'm gonna call it the batman wu flu from now on uh from a bat modified by man to infect men in wuhan in a lab in wuhan china the

Batman wu flew uh hopefully uh youtube doesn't pick up on that too much and and we don't get uh censored we'll see what happens uh but uh you know uh

We're blaming them for the batman wu flu it looks like uh that might be true that it was developed there in wuhan by scientists but with united states funding so it's both our faults

So you'll have to watch chris martinson did a video uh last friday i believe it was uh or maybe it was monday so you'll have to take a look at his video i want to welcome

The 1007 new subscribers and just make sure you hit that notification bell after subscribing you can go back and do it if you haven't yet we always appreciate a thumbs up and please go to goldsilver.com free

Book and download a copy of my free book i think you'll like it chart of the day i referred to this that one story about food shortages well this is the wholesale price beef price right now i covered this a

Week or two ago and at that point in time it had gone from 203 dollars per hundred pounds so two dollars and three cents a pound uh up to over a little over 300 it was a 50

Increase well now it's a 100 percent increase the wholesale price of beef has doubled in just the past couple of weeks so expect this to start showing up in the grocery stores

Soon where whatever you're used to paying it's going to be double that viewer feedback this is from my last video abandon ship and uh we did a poll during that video to see who was if if people were interested in a paid

Wealth cycles website you know yes if it's not too expensive or and no thanks and the yeses it was overwhelmingly positive one thing i want to point out is this is

A proposal it's not a promise because sometimes i'll say something like this and a year later somebody you promised that you'd no i didn't promise i'm asking you if you would like this and we have

A lot on our plates right now because of so much that is happening all over the world we're all like right now stressed stretched to the limit as far as our capabilities

Of being able to do the things that we do the marketing department the whole media department myself as well with these daily reports it's a lot and this is expensive to do

You have to build a website which is not cheap these days and it's got to come up to some very high standards of security so you don't get hacked so that makes it more expensive you know we comply with the same levels

Of standards of security that banks have to comply with banks and brokerage houses so all of that plus hiring researchers that are working on this thing

Daily to uh collect data and update it and figure out better ways of analyzing things and so on to keep you up to date but if we can make this into a good business model that works and will pay

For itself this is something that i definitely want to do but it's not a promise so don't come back at me a year later and say i promised

Uh so james m quotes andrew jackson here and this is great i i don't i had this originally in my book i don't think it made it into the book i'm not

Sure but gentlemen i too have been a close observer of the doings of the bank of the united states well this is actually the second bank of the united states the first bank

Of the united states well it was just called the bank of the united states second bank was the called the second bank of the united states the third bank of the united states is called the federal reserve

We we are now on our third central bank so they have existed and they have been done away with in the past and the country survived and so it's possible to do away with the fed again the country

Will survive but uh i have i've had men watching you for a long time and i am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the bread stuffs of the country when

You won you divided up you divided the profits amongst you when you lost you charged it to the bank you tell me that if i take the deposits from the bank

And annul its charter i shall ruin ten thousand families that may be true gentlemen but it is your sin should i let you go on you will ruin 50 000

Families and that would be my sin you are a den of vipers and thieves i have determined to rout you out and by the eternal bringing his fist down on the table

I will route you out now i want to say here that when you spend more than your income you go into debt so that's called deficit spending and you build up this debt

If you pay down your if you spend less than your income or you make more than your expenditures you reduce your debt and eventually you have savings the last time the united states had

Savings was when andrew jackson left office the meme of the day i wanna i'm gonna put something in front of this here so just imagine it says citizens colon

When the pandemic is over can we have our rights back government best i can do is 1200 bucks i want to thank you for watching we'll see you next time

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