Vsauce Live Stream!

published on July 12, 2020

Hey Vsauce Michael CameronJake here and we are very glad that youare here what's going on well it's ourvery first Vsauce YouTube livestreamthey said it couldn't be done butactually the technology has been

Possible for years and now you've jumpedon and we're going to be answeringquestions today we're going to beshowing you the inner contents of ourbrains and our minds ask questions overTwitter send them to at tweet sauce at

Vsauce 2 at vsauce3 numeral 2 & 3there's ly unknown description for thoseoh yeah yeah perfect easyand then also Kevin is not normally thisflat he is joining us from Pennsylvaniahe it just is that dedicated and and

We're also going to be unboxing thelatest curiosity box which is amazingit's full of science we're going to bedoing some of those experiments butfirst things first the most askedquestion I'm just going to get to it

Because the the most asked question iswhy has Michael forsaken us where's avideo wins the new video coming well ifyou're watching this live stream rightnow you're gonna get it you're gonna geta sneak peek and you're gonna get some

For one one as the kids say so I've beenobviously doing the brain candy tourtaking science and Vsauce all around thecountry we've got more of that comingand while I was doing that I was workingon a whole series I'm going to do about

Should I say say dimensions space thenature of space and the nature of howlittle or much of it we live in thefirst episode is about Earth we're allfamiliar with Earth and I've been doinga lot of calculations research and I'm

Working with Eric are brilliant visualeffects guy onsome really cool things I wanted to showyou but we couldn't make that workespecially because the computer so faraway I can't even reach to play anything

So you'll have to just you'll just haveto wait I my hope is that it comes outduring VidCon I've also got a reallyexciting dong episode coming out thenand you know I appreciate everyone'spatience I am doing dong episodes really

Frequently but the Vsauce one episodesare like my passion on a plate it's whatI've been obsessed with it's what I'vejust read 12 books about and I thinkit's worth it I think the tacklingsubjects even if it takes a while takes

A lot of talking with experts to makesure everything's right and everything'skind of novel and it's not just hey Igoogled this and here's what Wikipediasaid I think that's worth it but thatsaid we've got the dawn channel that's

Full of content and I don't want to saytoo much else about the series that'scoming but you know how I did like a lotof videos about infinity for a whilewell just you wait I I can't even tellyou what I'm doing this summer but I

Really hope it's going to open my mindto things that have never been seenshown or felt that's all I can sayyou're also probably wondering what thisbox is in front of me I'm gonna get tothis before I actually get to questions

This was made by a great guy namedMitchell he gave it to me at brain candyand it's a jack-in-the-box but whatcould be inside of it well I'll justturn this some musics playing but it'skind of quiet you might not be able to

Hear itoh it just popped open but but I'm kindof he's got oh hey it's Michael thejack-in-the-box how beautiful is thathave you seen this Kevin yeah I thinkthere's kind of a story of my life but

Let's start with some questions thefirst one I want to get to came fromTwitter even before the livestreamstarted and the question was ooh let'sjust let's just dive into what whatwould our channels taste like if they

Were actually soyou can you can here's what I'd like todo I'd like us to say what sauce ourchannel is that's like a real sauce okayso if there had to be a condom if italready exists that was renamed Vsauce

One Vsauce 2 and vsauce3 but would it bewho wants to start because I didn'tprepare an answerI mean I'll go for it I'll start and Ihope I'm not stealing anyone's sauce Iwould go with a nice hollandaise sauce

Tell me why it's it's rich and creamyand satisfying but also probably notvery good for you to have a lot of butyeah I just really like I don't knowholidays was the first thing that cameto my mind cuz it seemed like a little

Bit of a more of an obscure one becauseno one's ever just like boy I want somehollandaise sauce right now yeah youdon't really dip stuff in hollandaiseyou cover thingsyeah hollandaise the question came from

Super Dec 64 by the way Declan Murphythanks for the question Kevin what saucein the real world is Vsauce – well sourI like to kind of like hopeful messageswith like a little bit of sadness so Ithink you get the sweet and you get the

Sour so I think these sauce – kind ofcovers those two elements of the humanexperienceI like that taste experience really Ilike that a lot because I think thatsweet and sour sauce is a dipping sauce

You can do things in it but you couldalso marinate things in it so it's bothexciting for a second and exciting tolive in okay Vsauce one I'm I'm gonnasay brown sauce good old HP brown sauceit's more common in the UK and the

Commonwealth but it's basically peoplewill say I'm not describing it well butit's like a ketchup with a whole lotmore vinegar and it's brown so it's likethis very adult kind of tastes like itkind of tastes like maybe an old man

Might I don't know but also it's veryserious but it's fun whenever I see thatthere's brown sauce around I get veryexcited I eat too much and I hope that'shelpedfeel about Vsauce they're excited when

Things happen and then they overboardand they but they don't regret italright thank you for that questionDeclan Murphy it is just ten minutesinto the live stream which means it'stime for us to take out the first item

From the Curiosity box this has beengoing on for almost a year yeah it'll bea year but next monthtell us Jake about what the Curiositybox is so the Curiosity box is somethingthat we've been working on for a really

Long time and it's a quarterlysubscription box filled with scienceexperiments science toys books t-shirtsstickers just fun things that we allreally like and what's really cool aboutit is that everything in here besides

The book was was created by us that'sright yeah yeah as soon as we startwriting books like the four books a yearthat it'll only be our books but theselos videos are great and I think I'llprobably make them for my entire life

But they're only auditory and visualthis is tactile and it's even smellsmell-o-visionsometimes you can get all your othersenses wrapped around science yes sotake that passive experience which is

Video watching it makes it somethingthat you can share with others visitexactly so what I want to do is look atjust one of the items first or a t-shirtthat came in the box that you cancurrently get at curiosity box comm it

Is a mathematical t-shirt it's myfavourite of all they talked about ityeah let's let's knife this open this isthe safest way to do it this isliterally how the box arrives at yourdoorstep it's it's heavy

Yeah and it has things cool you probablycan't see it with it cool question workson the tape and that's one thing weshould mention is that a portion of theproceeds from every box goes toalternative research that's right yeah

We've worked with the Alzheimer'sAlzheimer's charities for a long timeand man how how cool is that been likeand how perfect is it for the Box likethe box is all about brain health yourbrain elf we're giving you stimulation

That's super smart and it inspires youto explore but also all the money goesnot just to Alzheimer's charities butthe Alzheimer's research specificallyall right here we go I'm going to cutthis seal off and I

Additional math earlier by the next boxwe should be at a hundred thousanddollars donated that's amazing yeahthat's amazing thank you guys forsupporting the curiosity box and it'syou know cause to both put signs in

People's hands and also help Alzheimer'sresearch it's not just about people whoare at risk or or currently haveAlzheimer's it's gonna help us learn allabout all of our brains here comes theopening of the box I'll open it so that

You can pretend it it's I'm opening itlook at that it's an octopus named inkwhich is short for Kevin it is not shortfor Kevin it strikes you short forinquisitive inquisitive there's a smallversion of them yeah so cute it actually

Came in a previous box too yeah okay sowhat is this right on top curiositymagazine that's right we write articlesand things that we find really cool thatyou're not ever gonna find in a videolike Kevin wrote about the fake rubber

You chew if you want to steal thisscreenshot now and that's what you getokayJake open the t-shirt for me all righthere's the t-shirt box and one coolthing with these boxes that there was an

Image it's gonna change actually for thenext one but when this current onethere's an image on every side thatmakes a larger image in total but here'sthe shirt let's open it up Wowmathematical so what's going on here

Michael what are we looking at well letme hold it and see if I can bring itcloser to the camera thickness Emery I'mactually wearing it ahKevin's wearing the shirt there you gowhat a great fit oh my gosh

Vsauce makes the best teacher EgyptiancottonWow does does the tag literally sayVsauce and actually there is no scratchytag Wow we must be experts so this thist-shirt isn't just a fun design that

Makes the Vsauce V it is an example ofwhat's called a modular times tablewe've got numbers 1 through 40 around acircle clockwise and then each number isconnected by a straight line to what itis times 4 so the number 1 is connected

To 4 the number 2 is connected to 8there's a line between 3 and 12 and soon and this can continue as long as youwant if you get all the way up to 40 youcan just start pretending that thenumber 1 is 41 and draw a new line we

Didn't need that many but amazingly coolshapes come out of this and Kevin and Iplayed around like for half a day tryingto find one that kind of looked likevsauce logo and we found that 1 through40 on a circle using the 4 times table

Looks like a V and Vsauce and that's inyellow here and does this glow in thedark oh it doesn't glow in the dark butfuture sure it's might so anyway what Ilove about it is that it's not justcool-looking and look at the cool logo

But when people ask you what it's aboutyou have an opportunity to teach themthe wonders of modular multiplicationlike that's a slam dunk that is okay soany other comments about shirts you cancan you just yeah let's just zoom in on

The guy wearing the shirt for a secondoh good looking that's Jake is in themagazine a lot a lot of meyeah there's a lot of there's a lot ofcute fashion shots of us a few if youlike that kind of thing and yeah Kevin's

Right the explanation is in the magazineso what we love about the box is thatit's not just physics toys and tools andstuff but you actually get what we thinkis a better explanation of the itemsthen you can get anywhere else or even

If you searched online for a long timealso I wanted to say that I'm gonna bedescribing the math behind the shirt inmy next video which like I said will becoming out at the end of next week whileI'm at VidCon very excited for that one

And I can't wait and it's pretty part ofa series I've actually written twoepisodes already in the series so onceonce the once the first script is likewhere I want it to be then I can filmboth and the second one involves mirrors

You may say how a mirror is related tohow much of Earth you can see at oncewell stay tuned yeah I can't wait allright now we're gonna get to otherthings in the box but the next thing Iwanted to do is challenge you guys to

Some lateral thinking puzzles andremember all of you out watching submitquestions you want us to answer onTwitter at tweet sauce at vsauce3numeral three at Vsauce to numeral twoand we'll get to those after this but I

Was looking through my bookshelf thismorning and I found this book that Ihave not opened since I was in MiddleSchool and it's full of riddles thatrequire you to think laterally okay it'snot like you have to do a bunch of math

To figure it out you have to dive downor up you just have to dive out andfigure out what could really be meant bythe puzzle all right no I really havenot opened this since I got it so I'mjust gonna randomly find one okay

A man sat perfectly still for eightyeight hours why hmma man sat perfectly still for eightyeight hours why let's see how many daysis eighty eight hours it's it's like noteven there's an integer number of days

Three hours is seventy-two so yeah thenit's an additional 16 are they all in arow it sounds like they're in a rowso he's sat still for eighty eight hoursbecause there's eight eight hoursstraight yeah oh it does say straight

Let me make sure no it doesn'tseparately still for eighty eight hoursoh yeah so he it could not be in a rowso it could have just been over thecourse of a week or so he said still forthat many hours yeah but why perfectly

Still like what's the is that a clueit's not just still but perfectly stillmaybe he's dead that's what I wasthinking but then I don't know how longthe embalming crosses when you're layingdown well right if he died and no one

Found his body for eighty eight hoursthen he was perfectly still for thattime that he was discovered and movedyeah Kevin do you have a guess well howlong does that takeand also are you trying are you

Perfectly still it takes three days ittakes three days so eighty eight hoursmight be in the right realm of how longit takes to get to the moon but I'veseen Apollo 13 they float around theylisten to music they do streams with

President Nixon yeah he's still doingthe stream still reason yeah they stillthey still well do you think I shouldlook up the answer I mean let me look onTwitter to see if anyone else has somefun than answers the riddle by the way

Is a man sat perfectly still for eightyeight hours why okaynow why I got 48 additional industryrigor mortis yeah and I think that fitsalong with the he died and wasn'tdiscovered for he sat there because he

Had a dentist appointment for eighthours each week for eleven weeks I thinkthat could be a good approach like it'sjust that we've added up him attendingyou know an MRI appointment or he couldbe a street performer you know those

Guys that like stay in perfectly yeah onthe street there's a statue but thisbook was written like in the early 90sso I don't know where street performerswho froze like popular then I justdidn't go out on the streets back in the

Early 90s because I was just a kid okaythere's here's the answer the answer ischapter four eleven now the answer is ohmy gosh you ready mmm-hmm the man had anasty toothache and he went to thedentist it's at 5:00 pm on a Friday

Evening the dentist's assistanceincluding the Ennis anesthesiologist hadall gone and the dentist could notadminister an anesthetic the maninsisted that the dentist should operateeven without anesthetic so the dentist

Said that he would have to strap the maninto the chair this was done the dentistthen suffered a heart attack and diedthe poor man was left strapped in thechair and unable to move it was aholiday weekend and no staff reported

For work until 9:00 am on thefollowing Tuesday morning eighty eighthours later and just one I'm gettingsome tweets that the audio is out ofsync is it out of sync Eric Eric Eric isis listening watching the live stream

Yeah and then he's gonna look up wecould see what the delay is never againsound canceling headphones on so hecan't hear usbut he'll hear us in the live streamtalking to him he still hasn't heard he

Doesn't know that's crazy so but whilewe wait to this I've gotten a lot ofquestions about this shippinginternational oh yeah it does you if yougo to the curio box website there's alittle drop-down menu on the right

It should show a flag and you can justchoose what country are sorry yes siryes it's not see what oh how do we fixthat we put me down okay so we justheard from Eric that it's his fault hepurposefully made the audio out of sync

And I think what we should do is justkeep it the way else that is it it's acouple seconds sauce I think that seasonI mean we're already 20 minutes into itso I say we just get to the next itemand by the way this stream is very

Exclusive like this is I'm gonna live onVsauce 1 forever so yeah I think it's aI think just deal with the audio beingout of sync and know that you still sawsomething very very special because Ihave a fear which is that I'm scared

That if I cancel the stream has startedagain that it will just go away foreverexactly yeah the great want page you'llhave to go to a new link yeah okay so wecan invest what we do is there if youwant to investigate and see if we can

Okay investigate Jake do you want openthe next box item yeah by the way beforewe do that though I wanted to take aselfie of us doing the stream that's howall good streams start great okay now goahead and open it and talk about it I'm

Gonna tweet that out okay so what do wehave nextand currently this is the one that iscurrently shipping so if you want toorder it you'll get this very box ohokay we're gonna go to one of the

Experiments first so in this box itcomes with inks glow-in-the-darkwonderful world of slime kit and itcomes with two slimes green and bluethey can make yourself you can createyour own non-newtonian fluid which is

Pretty awesome and I've already made onejust for this very purpose to show offand we can't really show off theglow-in-the-dark function right nowmaybe let's see if we can I have a blacklight but it's too bright in here so

It's not really let's see if we can pullup I got thatlet's let's maybe if they get reallyclose and put it in the shade hmm notreally I'm really but it looks cool giveit a poke while you're up close okay

Like an ASMR video look stripping wellit's only my laptop that literally itmight the script for my next video is oncontainers so you can keep it and justmake yeah make some slime and play withit so that's one of the experiments it's

Really cool there's a little Kevin backthere playing with ityeah the box isn't like this isn'tsomeone else's slime this is packagedglasses way of sauce sly if you open itactually Michael if you want to open it

It comes with a whole entire guide aboutdifferent kinds of slime snail slime andyuccas what non-newtonian fluid is whata Newtonian fluid is kind of goesthrough the whole thing oh there yeah sothis is the booklet that comes in the

Box and like I said it's not just heykitchen science slime isn't slime coolit's how would be sauce do kitchen signsin your home well we would provide youwith a giant book evil of what slime isscientifically how animals use it what

It is that you've created whatglow-in-the-dark means it's reallyreally cool non-newtonian fluids thewhole thing about that we got a pictureof Isaac Newton in there this is aVsauce video in your hands for a good

Cause curiosity boxcom somebody evenmade Noah linning made an unofficialsubreddit for the Curiosity box oh didheI love I love that but let's go to aquestion so this question actually

Chilly try just I have a question yeahgo ahead boys yeahshould we just try and because I thinkwhat we can do we're all gonna problemson the ceiling I think if we justunscrew and start again it will be at

The same watch page are you sure yeah sowe could just let's just do that cuz I Idon't want to the delay is probablyannoying cuz they're saying it's fiveseconds and that's not very goodoh it's night we'll be back in probably

15 seconds maybe more like 30 Nohere I go so let's start again okay itis ready okay so now we should be back Ibelieve okay hopefully that fix some ofthe audio problems and it is gettingreally hot in here this way to turn off

The air conditioner so that the audiowould be better and oh my gosh I shouldhave gotten a sweat rag alright now thisis a question I'm curious to hear whatyou guys think because we we talk aboutscience and YouTube a lot we talked

About memes sometimes this came from thesubreddit meme economy oh yeahand they asked with Norma fication aneconomic bubble happening so often withmemes what is the best way to findstable long-term memes with good growth

For those of you who aren't followers ofthe meme economy let me explain thatit's basically a Nasdaq trading area formemes and jokes and they rate how fresha meme is like if you've got a wholebunch of them ready to share are you

Gonna get a lot of likes on you knowFacebook or reddit or Instagram orwherever you put them or is it alreadyall an old meme are you gonna look likeyou're lame and they track thepopularity of memes and I said Nasdaq

But they call it Nasdaq obviously thequestion is what's a good way to findstable memes that are good to invest inthat will always be funny or at least befunny for a long time and won't be andwill the bubble won't burst meaning you

Know some company tweets the mean and itcompletely becomes not funny andsubversive it there's still an audiodelay which means I think they're justgoing to be a delay yeah okay sorry soKevin did you hear the question yeah

Exactlyso the question is a mean will pop upand it'll be funny for a while but theninevitably you know my mom shares it onFacebook and then a big company does andall of a sudden it's not cool and

Subversive anymore I like go ahead andand so how do you what makes a meme morelikely to be fresh for a long time andnot burst I think it just has to be kindof withheld within a certain zone andnot turn into training moment yeah no i

100% agree i think that elements thatmake something less likely to becomemainstream like being way too niche oryou know in a lot of cases it's just ifa meme is offensive it's never going tobe shared by companies it's never going

To become mainstream and i think that'sbeen the story of human culture eversince it began you know like ifsomething was too palatable to themasses it would lose its kind of likeedge right it's coolness so let's see

Are you guys seeing other questionscoming in that you like thank you memeeconomy for that I should really do awhole video on that topic and I'vewanted to because there are all kinds ofsocial theories about how long it takes

For something to become lame and thencome back like beards for instancebeards were cool in old tiny days butthen for like my dad a beard wasridiculous that's what old men had so soI grew up with the whole generation of

Adults that didn't have beards and sowhen I got a beard it was like yeah takethat I have my own identity and and youknow I think my kids will probably thinkthat beards are for old people andthey'll all love shaving so hey good

Long-term investment razor blades thatyou heard it here firstany other questions you want to dooh here's a good oneGaga D asks do you say gif or Jif goodquestion Kevin you answer first I've

Always said give I didn't hear jiffuntil later until I kind of already madeup my mind that it was gift so it wasn'treally an instance where I was going tosay you know all of a sudden switch itto two Jim plus I love making peanut

Butter guy Jeff is a peanut butter soI'd like to keep that in the realm ofpeanut butter and gif in the realm ofyou know animated images um so I do knowthat the creator of the format's said ispronounced jiff print however I go with

Gif I mean obviously he created it butgift it's unique it's different jiff asKevin planet has already taken and alsoif we do want to be honest about itit is graphical not drown out yourethical so it's still the same obviously

That doesn't mean that it has to bepronounced gift and not gift but for megift is is what it's most reasonableyeah you know whatI pronounce it jiff all US gift sorry Ipronounce it gif and it's all for the

Same reasons I am a language descriptionastiz correct is what people do not whatsome rulebook says that would be alanguage prescription estándar standthat the creator of the word says thatit should be pronounced jiff because

They had the whole like choosydevelopers choose jiffyou know slogan but here's the thing itbecame so popular that the creator nolonger owns it and that's a sign of hugesuccess you can hear this from like I

Think George Lucas has talked about thisin the Star Wars like it became biggerthan his own personal thing and all of asudden you realize that it's not youanymore but it's you and the fans andthe viewers and if all your viewers are

Calling it a giftbecause Jeff is what I guess I don'tknow how it gift became more common butyou just have to surrender and saysociety's chosen yeah I mean if everyonestarted calling vsauce vsauce i would be

Upset but i would understand that ifthatthe common way to refer to us thenthat's the way it would be yeah I'mgonna do one thing real quick you haveto move this sister we're all aware and

We move the webcam off and this messaround with the computer and see if Ican delay the video so it matches withthe audio okay cool but Noah's just apet peeve that I have I likeproblem-solving technology all right so

So you'll keep the camera pointed at usso they can't still be pointed at youmake sure it's like lined up so you getKevin ah Oh Oh drama shot how's the notemaybe a little bit uh I like that youlike that bald head people will think

That yeah they're you don't keep thatokay and let me play with the computerokay cool okay so for those of you whohave just joined us the most askedquestion is when is Michael gonna make avideo I hate him he has forsaken us and

That couldn't be further from the truthI have done nothing but work on a newseries that it's like my infinity seriesbut it's going to be about dimensionsand that next video the first video inthat series should come out at the end

Of next week this week if you believethe Week starts on Sunday I'm reallyexcited about it and it's taken anenormous amount of reading I've actuallywritten the first two videos that's whyit took so long I just like got so

Obsessed with mirror images that I wrotea whole other video and then I was likeah but I should film I'm also working ona project that I cannot tell you aboutuntil VidCon starts it'll be announcedthere and that's what I've actually been

Very busy with it's why I went to Londonlast week to interview an amazing personand we're here to answer your questionssend them over Twitter in fact I'm gonnalook at Twitter right now and answer thevery first question that I see the very

Most recent are you guys ready thiscould be dangerousthe newest question is the video wasalready delayed the audio came beforethe video not a question the firstquestion is when did Vsauce start and

Why Vsauceturned 7 years old in April of this year7 years I've made hundreds of videos andJake and Kevin you guys have also madehundreds of videos it's almost crazy howdeep that archive gets after seven years

With like no Braythat's something a lot of people don'trealize probably about us that we're notlike TV where we don't take some kind ofbreak between seasons you know where weactually don't work at all not all TV

Shows are like that but as soon as I puta video out I'm working on the next onebut it's worth it because every video isdifferent and it's always something thatI'm insanely passionate about it neverfeels old it never feels like a job and

That can be tough like for my wife whois like why are you working and readingand I'm like well because if I didn'thave a channel I would be reading thesame book right now but at least atleast because I I have a youtube channel

I can build a conversation about thisbook and show other people all the coolthings that scientists andmathematicians are doing so that is verycool Kevin any questions coming in foryou you want to answer now there was one

That I think that you know we get a lotand that's you know just any generaladvice for people trying to start aYouTube channel and my advice is alwaysto just do videos about stuff thatyou're interested in it doesn't make it

Feel like work you know what Michael wasjust saying is definitely truly wheneverI haven't been working on a video it'salways because I'm really excited to seewhat it looks like when it's doneand it doesn't feel like a laborious

Activity at all so often I think thatpeople get this stuff on this idea thatthey have to make videos that you knowthat they think other people like orsomething when it's really like sort ofa marriage between like what you want to

See and you know obviously what whatother people want to watch too but atthe end of the day you know you reallyshould just be talking about and workingon videothat is exciting for the process and the

Journey and building and not just likethe end result the end result is kind oflike a present at the end that you getto unwrap and it and enjoy for a day orso but you know for all of the timeleading up to that it's it's gotta be

Fun and exciting yeah 100% agree Ithere's such a balance between makingsure that people are happy that they'reyou know getting videos that they wantto watch that they expect from you butalso you have to evolve yourself and

Keep challenging yourself because youraudience also evolves they're gettingolder they're seeing things they'regetting used to things and if you keepdoing the same thing all the timethey'll eventually move on you need to

Grow up with your audience and sometimesthat means you know changing up a formator you know I mean I used to do shortervideos now I do longer ones cuz I waslike well this would be a lot moredifficult I'll do it and I love a story

About Pixar and how they they used thatto motivate every movie they made youknow they made like Toy Story andeveryone was like that's cool but canyou do like millions of creatures movingall at once and they were like screw it

We're gonna do a movie about ants youknow and they did it like they they theyliterally chose that topic because itwas something that people said theycouldn't do and so that's why whensomeone tells me you can't show or help

People visualize the fourth dimensionand actually see a fourth perpendicularand I'm like perfect that'll be anepisode I'm gonna do I'm spilling toomany secrets about all the work thatI've been doing and all the videos that

Are gonna be coming out soon but I'mgonna reopen this box and I'm gonna pullsomething else out of it what do youthink I should look at next Jake theposters all right so here's somecoasters and as you may have noticed

We're not using coasters today butthat's because we're gonna wait till weunbox them here's my glass of waterthese are glowing beverage LMS I lovethese because not only are they cool butthere is shout-out to a video I did

Years ago so coasters protect yourtables but these also fill your mindeach coaster has a atomic symbol on itwe've got vanadium we've got sulphurwe've got the gold andstill inside here we have cerium if you

Put these all together it of coursespells Vsaucebut what's really neat is that if youturn them on they light up can you seecan you see it lighting up of it pullthe tab out that's how fresh this is can

You see is it lighting up check that outbecause it's so bright in this roomwe've got extra lights on us that someof the glowing properties aren'thappening here the Skjold ones working Idon't know if you can see but when you

Put a glass down on it boom it glowspurple yeah so you can find your drinkin the dark and you can also appreciatethe periodic table you can spell theword Vsauce this came from my videoabout what's the most precious metal and

Actually when to the University ofNottingham and I did experiments withall four of these elements vanadium goldsulfur cerium it was it was sweet thoseguys are so great Brady Haran is amazingand I mean thanks to him for letting me

Work with all of them and do thoseexperiments Jake is actually he's in thesame room but he's working on the audiodelay so can I save your bookmarks yesmy laptop is the one we're streamingfrom so you're gonna bookmark all tabs

Just call it like livestream save andthen okay so from the LM mats haha getit elements elements I'm gonna move onto the polymer spheres look at thatpackaging that is called a premiumexperience these spheres the tiny little

Beads they're made of a polymer thatabsorbs water like insane it loves thehydrogen bonds that water molecules haveand although they're small I'll actuallyopen this test tube up so you can seehow small they are

They absorb 300 times their weight inwater so there they are teeny tinylittle beadsand earlier what we forgot to put somein water overnight but I put some inabout an hour and a half ago inside one

Of our glasses this is one of theCuriosity box beakers and it's full oflittle beads okay you can see that it'sdown at the bottom there little tinybeads you fill this with water and theyexpand at 300 times their size this is

What they look like after just an hourand a half that many became this theyare full of water and the clear oneshave the same refractive index as waterso if you put them in water they becomecompletely invisible plus you can dry

These out and they go back to the smallsize and you can use them all over againyou can also squish them if you want Ithink I'll talk about this beakerbecause it's in my handbut beaker is one of the goals of mine

Is to make things that are both tulletheir tools in two ways this one is atool that helps you carry liquids but italso lets you measure things so ratherthan just telling you 50 milliliters 75100 we also put down some comparison

Some funny unit of measurement so forexample if you fill it halfway up to 150milliliters the the mug actually tellsyou that this is the volume of blood inthe human brain yes if you only wantthat much coffee you gotta get the

Curiosity Box beaker okay so Jake we'restill streaming but what are you tryingto close all the tabs I'm trying toclose all the tabs both sides is the onethat we're currently in oh I just can'tpull it out cuz I can't find it's so far

I have about two hundred and three tabsopen because like I said I've beenresearching for two episodes and I'vegot all the links open because a littleto likely through the tabs like a bookyou know or like a notebook full of

Ideas I could see the tabs gettingbigger so this look it easier okay doyou think the problem is the number oftabs was causing issues with thebandwidth feels betteryeah because what's gonna happen is it's

Using a lot of your memory and also yourCPU yeah yeah definitely so if we canclose all these tabs and we should getmore out of the encoding softwarealright so here's here's a question thatI want to get to because I had an answer

Prepared and let me see who it came frombecause I want to giveto the oh okay here we're gonna do aquestion from dragon Beck's urn Stuartit says on TwitterStuart asks which video did you enjoy

Researching about and making the mostand whyKevin probably the video that I didabout dragons all the millions here warjust because that's something that I'vealways been interested in like even as a

Kid you know dragons are always part offantasy video games you know FinalFantasy and and movies and once I gotinterested in like where the originswere of that symbol you know it justbecame kind of like a you know wormhole

Or rabbit hole that was really excitingto read about so there was anotherquestion on here not workflow and I'lljust kind of tie that into this you knowone of the things that I do often is ifI have a topic like dragons I'll just

Search Amazon for every book that I canfind okay has been written about dragonswell in a scientific manner you know notjust narratives right well I could justgrab a pile on than just a show ya showpile of the books I I've got a pile of

Books over there that are related to mynext episode and the one after that yeahbut it's really fun to read a book andthen look in the bibliography and seeother books that they read inpreparation for theirs and then read

Those and you wind up finding that a lotof these authors or friends they'vetalked about things together or they'veinspired each other and there's no endto it but I think you can only make agood video when you're really

Well-versed on what's happening andthat's why they episode sometimes take awhile the delay is better now yeah welljust because I'm sorry we're gonnainterrupt for a second it's just becauseof how many tabs we had open I was

Afraid of that when we started using mylaptop but it was the one that was justalready logged in to the Vsauce you seelet me reset this up there's a close-upof Jake's hand it's a good look in thehands any palm readers out there let us

Know weyep what's good to me you can tilt itdown a little bitgreat okay hey welcome back okay coolso so we can't see ourselves anymore butthat's because you wanna be able to look

At the health of the stream and alsookay so part of what's going to behappening is in my mind and this isn'tfactual but I just believe it to be trueis that if we have the actualapplication open and running on screen

That it might use extra resources orbreath because it'll be prioritized andit's the one that so however noweverything should be fine we just Ericand I just listen to the audio it soundsa lot better so let us know if it's in

Safe now and now we know not to try astream with 200 absolutely yes yes and Ihope you saved all those tabs cuzotherwise I might be able make a videofor another four months I did okay soJake thank you for your a lot about very

First Vsauce live stream ever Jake whileyou were gone we got a question fromdragon bucks urn who asked what was yourfavorite video to research and whyfavorite video to research and why is agreat question dragon okay think about

It I'm gonna answer that it's not mynext one but my next next one I've beenresearching it since February that's howlong it's taken I've had to build thingsI've had to reach out to people who aremuch smarter than me and I just keep

Adding things to it and I'm like wellshould I do an hour-long video should Imake a do 17 days straight the visualeffects work for it yes obviously yes toboth of those questions and generally myanswer that question is my favorite

Episode is the one I'm working on rightnow because that's why I'm working on itit's a topic that I was like so curiousabout I wanted to dive into and I can'twait to understand it well enough toexplain it that's how I feel

You know you you've wrapped your headaround something as well as you canappease when you can explain it to otherpeople and your curiosity about thetopic is contagious to them then you'vedone it you know but of course I wind up

Looking at old videos and now that I'vehad like some time away from and I go ahthere's a better way to have said thator there's a better way to explain thatso I think you're gonna see a lot ofkind of callbacks and a lot of

Clarifications in this new one I'mactually investigating like literallythe episode coming out in about a weekI'm gonna talk about a claim that I madein my earth is flat video that Kansa isflatter than a pancake Kansas is flatter

Than a pan well wait a secondthe reason I'm correcting it is thatmore precisely Kansas is smoother than apancake but Kansas is not flat becausethe earth isn't Kansas curves along withthe earth and crazy enough this is gonna

Spoil one of the fit the facts from thevideo but that's why you guys are hereyou're the livestream people and youdeserve the best so if you stood in themiddle of Kansas people on the west andeast side of the state would be 200

Miles away in each direction and if youcan see through the earth you wouldactually see them about eight kilometersbelow me that's almost the height ofEverest it's like one kilometer short sothey'd also be like tilted at a two

Degree angle so Kansas is not entirelyflat at all it's curved and it's curvedsuch that it's almost like standing ontop of Everest if you could see peopleon the other sides if you could like seethrough the curvature of the earth it

Was transparent or something that'spretty neat okay so Jake what do we donextnow that you've made the stream perfectwhat's happened what's what's what'sthat's good or answer another question

All right so how would a Kansas pancaketastes well it would taste like apancake because it's literally just areally big nice one Nicholas Meredithhow did we meetah yeah so it was a OkCupid comm is how

That's not true OkCupid comm by the waycould have been how we met you know it'sbeen around for like 20 yearsapparently long as I've been around yeahJake's Jake's gonna be 24 this yearwe're very excited for him he'll be able

To rent a car almost in New York yeahand and and how long do you guys think Iam a lot of you probably know I mean Iknow I'm not gonna say you you you yousay first let's see if people on Twitterare giving us any guesses but I hope we

Meet well we all met blowing business itwas a staggered story Michael met Kevinbecause others say your story and thenyou can fill the blanks Michael wasdoing YouTube stuff and Kevin was doingYouTube stuff and Michael saw it was

Like this is really cool and reached outthe Kevin said hey Kevin you should dosome videos for Vsauce because this isback when a sauce was more of a gamingcomedy channel and there was multipledifferent hosts right let me clarify

ThatVsauce was a comedy channel problem isthat wasn't very funny but Kevin wasfunny and I was like dude you're makingfunny videos like literally the burstwas I was like can I give you money to

Put up one of your videos on Vsauce likeliterally it was a video you wouldalready put on YouTube wasn't it yeah itwas an episode of Julius blueyeah the first two videos that I did forVsauce we just re up loads of videos

That I did on my channel that youactually intro and then re-upload it onVsauce that's right how weird like Iwould never do that today but back thenit was like there were even fewer youknow rules and experiences and

Traditions and then Vsauce 2 startedlike the same year Vsauce one daybecause at the time it was a trendeveryone had a second channel that wasliterally the numeral two after theirname in retrospect I wish that I'd

Called it you knowVsauce Green Vsauce blue Vsauce violentbecause then they would kind of stand ontheir own better and instead the numbersystem makes it look like there's ahierarchy which there isn't but Vsauce 2

Was where I could do stuff that wasn'tcomedy related but was a little moreeducational that wound up working a lotbetter because I was better at that thantrying to be funny and also was hard toget access to like game footage and

Stuff because we weren't IGN we weren'tsome big company that everyone knew andthen I think it just became obvious thathaving one person per channel and kindof leading it from an individual'spersonality worked way better they're

Called channels but they're not they'rereally like shows and if you have a lotof different formats on one channelpeople get confused so I said Kevin whydon't you just take the second channeland do whatever you want they're like

It's just yours and then Kevin and Iwere going to lunch one day and we sawthis homeless guy on the street and hesaid I really want I can't figure outwhat to tattoo on my finger we said wellhave we got the logo for you now I'm

Just kidding tell tell tell your storyuh Jake yeah thanks I was well I startedworking at Google in 2011 and Michaeland Kevin were also at Google and wejust kind of became friends and I wasrunning a space focused channel at the

Time that's right space lab yeah SpaceLab I was doing Space Lab and we alwayskind of became friends as we worked inthe same office in New York and it justblossomedyeah we we should explain like wait you

Mean you worked at Google yeah weliterally worked at YouTube the long thelong story short is that when I firststarted making YouTube videos I washired by a company called next newnetworks and I worked on a channel

Called barely political and then Icreated Vsauce and then YouTubeliterally acquired the company the nextnew networks and so I became a Googleemployee and they were really hands-offthey just wanted someone on staff who

Knew how to help advise other creatorsto get the most out of YouTube to makethe best content they could buildaudiences and I had a channel so I hadexperience and as Jake and Kevin join webecame like three people who all had

Experience who were all literallywalking the talk and that was reallygreat I'm you know gooso hands off like they didn't know whatwe were doing or win and they never toldus what to do hey you know I mean they

Would they would have us help clientslike they would say hey you know thisperson or this company's gonna do someOlympics videos could you help them makethem like a little more exciting more oreducational or surprising or you know

Whatever and so we were doing that for along time and then it was just last yearthat we we all left and becameindependent so now yeah we have our ownofficethat is a Vsauce office kevin has a home

Vsauce office and he looks on the otherside of the country and you know afterafter that happened I moved back to theUnited States from London cuz I was Iwas working for Google in London sothat's a really good question I think we

Could probably talk about that storyforever mm-hmm should really just writea book about it put that in thecuriosity box all right a lot ofquestions coming in now should we doanother item yeah yeah take the box Jake

I'm gonna look through some questionsyeah do that one and while you talkabout it answer this question from SarahNicole nine one two three who asked onTwitter how do you decide what goes inthe curiosity boxes okay so that will

Lead into kind of this one so in everybox we also have a steam game for Macand PC so in this money it's called dubwords and dub or has actually had a veryinteresting way of getting into the boxwhere I I do a lot of work with Taco

Bell and they have like that they have aprogram where they help game developersindie game developers make their gamesand get out there and stuff like that sothis is one of the games that was partof it and the people who made it were so

Nice and the game is so cool that wewere like can we just feature it in thebox so they gave it to us and let us putit in the box and it's really cool andthis one you basically it's like atop-down shooter but it uses music as

The weapon so it's kind of fun and I'mgonna scratch off the code and whoeverwants it whoever gets it first can justget the gameif you if you're the one who actuallygets the game let us know because I

Always wonder who winds up winning thesekind of events let me put that othersdown for the free games there's the codeis it focused it looks like it's infocus so there's the code and there goessome really cool indie developer game

Glad to help him out yeah like if you ifyou are the one person who got the codeI would recommend you know if you reallylike a game write a good review on Steambecause you know the better they dothat's awesome that's great they're a

Small company does to people and theymade this entire game themselves overthe course of years but so more likeMichael we put stuff in the box in Kevinthat we just find to be curious that'sinteresting to us there are things that

We've liked in our lives or that we seelike oh wow we need to make that we needto have that yeah and it takes a longtime to like source and create the itemsthat we need for the box so we have awhole list and it's like months out

Before we actually have confirmed thatwe can get get it in I remember thegyroscope was one that I was like guysthis is first of all like a classicphysics toy we have to get one in thebox and I've always wanted to do a video

About how gyroscopes stay up because Idon't know why so okay it's gonna comeout when it came out in like the theholiday box from last year I was likegreat so around the holidays of 2016 Ihave to know how to explain gyroscopes

In time because a lot of people inbeginning them man it was so fun youknow like I I had the the luck to growup around science stuff around coolpolymers around periodic table toysaround gyroscopes around things with

Weird properties and I think it wasgreat for my little tiny little Michaelbrain and the Curiosity boxes are achance to like do that we already makevideos and we'll keep making videosobviously but to get the science in your

Hands and connected with the videosthat's one of the big goals of of thebox I'm just going to grab this stickerright word and big thing what like thisink plush probably took what maybe sixmonth

To actually make yeah oh and also holdthat you plush up it's about the samesize as this one in the back I don'tknow if they can see it if you yeah butthat's an optical illusion that herparents sizes are the same but let me go

Grab this big one and show you itsactual size while I walk away check outthe back of my shirt it was an easyquestion we can answer while Michaelsdoing that Kevin what's your favoriteband this is from McDaniel on Twitter my

Favourite band right now is probablyPaul Bearer which is a do metal bandthey just put out a new album calledheartless that's really amazing but Ialso really love Gojira which is aFrench black metal band they came out

With a new album last year called magmaand if you guys earned a medal youshould definitely check out their supertalented and their lyrics are alwaysreally cool and kind of atmospheric andesoteric they talk about kind of like

Science stuff it's less like Bohr and myevil things that a lot of tomato lyricsare our focused on so I don't know Ithink if if you're a pea sauce pan andinto metal you definitely like whatEurope for sure how did you get into

Metal do metal especially um I've alwaysliked metal I think my first cassettetape because I in that old was actuallyMotley Crue dr feelgood so I mean I wasfive years old now your your your wifeis really into it did you get her into

It or did you guys have that in commonno we just had that in common so yeahbut yeah I'm always like I've alwaysliked Mel since literally I was a littlekid so it's not like something that Ifell into when I was a teenager or

Anything like that it's it's it's prettymuch what I've liked always yeah so myaccent I love to Michael Jackson when Iwas like three yeah men by the age offive imma chilling to motley crue it's anatural progression story is oldest I'm

Jakefavorite band right now oh right nowyeah not like well I'm sorry justfavorite band I don't mean to make it Iwent through my favorite band that's themost meaningful to me if such one is

Growing up is modest mouse yep likeInterstate 8 moon and Erica that stufflike those albums especially those twoparticular are timeless to me won't somecrowded West look like any which isreally good but I think mood in America

Is one of my favorite albums on theplanet I could listen to that endlesslyit's just so beautiful and and hauntingand I just it reminds me of being inhigh school and like driving through theplains in Colorado right so this this

Shows how much hipper and younger Iguess Jake is the me because ModestMouse's earlier albums remind me ofbeing in college it was like that's allI listen to so I would say that that'smy favorite band of my life right now

I'm listening to a lot of Angel Olson doyou know herI think I found her feel her work withCass McCombs and she's incredible and Ialso really love black moths superrainbow and tobacco same same guys

Behind both of those their music is sotrippy it's so great I've even tweetedsome playlists of songs I like and Ialways include either a tobacco song ora black Mouth super rainbow I saw themlive I saw a video of them performing

Live at a radio station I've never seenwhat they looked like I'd never seenthem play and I was like yeah I pickedwell this is awesomeand one question we've been getting alot on Twitter is people asking about

Why the curiosity box doesn't cometheir country ah so what you can do isif you go to the Curiosity Box websitethere's an email there and this emailand request the the country because thebasic ganas answer is that we have to

Create kind of shipping agreements withdifferent countries so we can get itactually there and get it at areasonable price and not an insane thingthat has to go through customs so wejust need to know that there's actually

People who want there before we gothrough all the negotiation processes ofgetting it shipped there so email so weknow that you want it there and then wecan start actually making that happenyeah yeah exactly because our goal is

For this to be available to everyonejust like the videos that we make onYouTube you know we could we could likeyou know sell them to you on DVD butthen we want to reach more people wewant more people to catch the curiosity

Bug and fall in love with these topicsit's gonna be laserdisc only laserdisconly they still sell cassette tapes atCBS you know that yeah I think they'reused in medical equipment or somethingstill anyway but but that that made me

Think of my favorite thing about makingvideos is that I can pick any topic likeit's almost a challenge to try to pick atopic that sounds the most like bizarrethe brick ista crone problem was one ofthose like no one can even pronounce

That why would you do a video on it doone about black holeseveryone loves those and I'm likeeveryone's gonna love the geometry ofcycloids they just need to like beintroduced to it the way I was months

Ago and I want to do like a series thatjust tries to get more and more boringlike the physics of how paint dries orhow grass grows or I guess I did thatminefield episode where I was in a whiteroom for 72 hours that's about as boring

And lacking in stimulation as you canget let's talk about this stickerbecause this shows a side of us theyshowing off at him cuz he can talk aboutit we can show it yeah Kevin talkedabout a sticker oh yeah so you know we

Wanted to put a sticker in a box thatrepresented Vsauce in in a unique andkind of new way and you know what Ithought was to come up with this thistree and it wasn't just any tree it wasyou know a nebula tree so instead of

Leaves you know it's it's it's it'sgases in outer space and the rootsthemselves spell Vsauceso you know the nutrients and the waterthat gets absorbed into thiscosmological tree that's good sauce you

Know that's kind of like thecommunicator of this like heavenly bodyyeah yeah it that doesn't sound crazy itsounds I don't cover up the websitecuriosity voxcom yeah put it there yeahI love it I love it also like we we

Worked for a long time on this to makesure it was it was the way we wanted itto be and because we can includet-shirts and stickers and things you getto see is the kind of aesthetic sidethat we have that you might not always

See in videos because those are morefact-based you can actually I mean Jakeyour your content is so cinematic nowthat it's almost like we do get both butmine are always terrible except for whatEric makes my little two-dimensional

Photoshop animations are like hey thisis what was in my head and using onlytwo dimensions and some rectangleshere's what I think it is Dylan wafflesays have you discontinued minefield Ilove minefield

It has not been diskenyou'd next week you might hear exactlywhat that means can you tell that I'mwinking but I'm also for those of youwho are just now joining dedicated mynumber one priority is Vsauce one videos

The regular things that you guys comefor and it's been a while since my lastone because I've been writing scriptsmany of them I want to do this wholeseries about dimensions and space-timeis a dimension as well but I love the

Spatial ones because of theimpossibility of imagining more thanthree or is it is it an impossibilitytune in to Vsauce open to find out moresubscribe sapphire asks I don't know ifyou guys are Doctor Who fans it was an

Easy question go aheadsapphire ask who is your favorite doctormy favorite doctor is David Tennant Ithink he was the best doctor and he isjust so cool love him love Dave wherewas he in the order so he came after

Eccleston okay so in the new series hewas the he started the second seasonright and then I prayed with Matt Smiththat means nothing to meI'm not afraid to admit this but I havenot gotten into Doctor Who yet oh it's I

Know but tinit I should be looking outfor their where do you startthat's one of those they're the thingyou don't need to the way that the whenthe series was rebooted you don't likethey do references to the original

Doctors and the original episodes butit's more of like kind of Easter eggslike hey you know this because you're abig fan you can watch the new oneswithout that I think you need to startwith Eccleston and then from Eccleston

And he in my mind was the one that Ikind of related to the most in hispersonality and of the way that heexpressed himself and interact withothers Kevin do you have a favoritedoctor um I'm more between Peaks guy do

Twin Peaks if anybody out there iswatching that it's really weird yeah Ican't wait I can't wait to get back intoit so I wanna you don't need to watchthe first the earlier episodes do youbecause really no I mean it would help

If you spoke with someone like you couldask me for like a primer right I cangive you in about 10 minuteswell I wanna I want to watch the earlierones and I tried to actually back when Ilived in New York I bought a very

Discounted VHS tape collection of allthe Twin Peaks episodes but they werelabeled out of order so I watched themout of order is our connection bad itsays bad that's more of really just theWi-Fi okay so so shadow kills three two

One asks is this the next box coming inJuly or is it the previous the box we'reopening right now is the current one ifyou go to curiosity box calm and andsubscribe now you'll get everythingthat's in this box we haven't even shown

You everything yet but the box that'scoming out next is don't listen we'reyour ears my favorite I can't believehow awesome the next box is it's likebut that's also one of our goals like wecare we have this opportunity to like

Lower the quality of the box that'snever the point you guys know what ourvideos are like you've been watching foryearsit's always about yes but how can I makethis more difficult for myself and

Longer and betterit needs to be a challenge it needs tobe a challenge and so this one I thinkis the the best of any that have comeout so far the next one is even better Imean there might be a day where we

It went downhill a little bit but it alljust be for a reason oh yeah it'll bebecause it actually isn't the worstthere's something you know what I meanso but this one's really I mean but thething that should be noted is that the

Next one is incredible as of this onebut to be able to get the next one liketo make sure you get it you shouldprobably start with this yes it's lockedin for the next one because we only makeso many this isn't like made on demand

So if we run out it's sold out and thathappened last year with the gyroscope 70the last two box outs have in the lasttwo boxes so we wind up with peoplesubscribing they can't get the newestone we came up with a solution for that

Which is that if you subscribe and we'vealready run out of the currentlyshipping box you get what's called thebest of box and it's our favorite thingsfrom all the previous boxes you don'tneed things from the previous boxes they

Don't connect it's not like you you knowyou shouldn't start midstream but youwill get one right away and it's gonnacontain some of our favorites so if youwant the next one the coolest I can'teven tell you everything that's in it

But I've been working with but even thegame the game is worth almost as much asthe boxes yeah the game of the segmentis literally huge literally what I seewhat you do in there I like it I like ityeah and it's like I think it's the

First box that is the one is it's takenus like a year to put it together we'relike I want this and I want this thingand I want something that looked thatestablishes this principle and allowspeople to experiment with this and it

Took us a year and it all lined up to bethe next box and that's gonna keephappening for all the next and next andnext ones and all through next year it'sgonna be years of preparation before youactually get the box mm-hmm so let's go

To the next item in here what shouldthat be I think let's do that okay okayso we also have collectable itemsthis one is a collectible enamelpin and it's a ink or little octopusfriend the mascot of curiosity box which

Before I get to the pen why an octopuswell I'll tell you whyand this i'm retconning here becausethis isn't exactly why it began but ifif the curiosity box is the hands-onscience version of these sauce videos

The mascot should have a lot of handsnow octopi don't have any hands but theydo have a lot of arms eight of them infact so he represents the like actuallytouching and holding things andexperiencing them live in front of

Yourself which is you know miles betterthan just hearing an explanationanyway this pen has ink wearing a divinghelmet and some floaties on two of hisarms which by the way makes no sensebecause he's an octopus you should be

Able to breathe underwater but you neverknow what to expectthat's why it's the Curiosity Box gettina lot of questions about the simulationtheory that Elon Musk has been has beentalking about a lot yeah and the reason

I want to mention that we don't reallygo to in depth because is a little bitof a spoiler for what an upcomingvsauce3 video I'm actually making avideo on that topic with the YouTubechannel in a nutshell so we're gonna do

A two-part series on that half of itobviously on the Curt cigar channel andthen half of it on vsauce3 but thatwould be coming hopefully in August butyeah that's the topic of the video thatwe're working on that'll be awesome but

That question comes up a lot too so Ican't wait and man working with in anutshell what a great channel weactually did we put them in the magazinein the past or was that wind over thatI'm thinking about

We put wind over yeah so the magazinethat comes with the Curiosity box alsoshouts out some of our favoriteeducational channels yeah this one islet me just confirm yeah yeah with noreproductions and we also feature what

An artist that we like and thisit was kit McGrath who Kevin I bothfollowed on Instagram independently andrealized we both love them you probablyfollowing me now you probably found outlater because you you're such a follower

Who kid more girl yeah yeah yeahso he's busy looking at questions whileI'm trying to rhythm but the point isthat yeah we we use the magazine alsohas a chance to shout out what else youshould be watching on YouTube Jake's got

An article about film kevin has oneabout rubber I have one about numbersand number names and how how the firstnumber alphabetically is 8 in English ohyeahthe second number alphabetically do you

Guys know don't look no eight billion ohyou know maybe your billion eightbillion eight is the third I'm gonnaliterally go through all the numbersalphabetically eight million 18 millioneight billion

18 million eight you're okay you'redropping balls so I better stop okay canI open the last item in the box yeahopen the last item so this one is reallycool so this is why the box is so big inheavy because there's always a book in

The box and this book is especially coolyou actually getting a lot of questionsout elements its the elements it's areally cool heavy book and even has thecovers actually custom printed for usand it has the Curiosity Box official

Logo on it and that's really cool it'ssomething I've been doing in the futurea little spoiler little tease if I mayis that I believe the next book thatcomes with this box actually has acustom forward bias yes yes it does and

In the book that's in the next one Igrew up with and I loved and I've neverfound anything likebefore this is what my dad used to haveand you should've shown some of thepictures it's video tells you about the

Element and then shows you how itsapplied and they try to show you is purethe sample yeah it gives you like atomicweight density atomic radius the crystalstructure of the electron filling orderall that stuff but this the photos are

Really really nice there's also a posterin the back of the book that is aperiodic clay that I love I have and allthese photos are on that poster thatcomes in the barnyes sir please put in the whip Eric

Hey so so Sadaharu 98 just said whoawhoa whoa it's octopuses not octopi whosaid octopi I didn't say octopi did Iyeah you did I said octopi all rightwell let me say again that I'm alanguage description estai think that

Even if something is technically wrongif everyone understands what you'remeaning then you're fine however Itotally am on board with you in fact inthe magazine that comes in the currentbox if you subscribe today or if you

Already do you have this there'sactually an entire the very first pagesfrom ink but it was written by mebecause spoiler alert ink is like acharacter and not a real thing but Iwrote this and what and it's it's all

About how you're right the plural ofoctopus is octopuses or octopodesactivities there's the poster wow it's agift that just keeps on giving that'sreally cool so that's all of this let'sjust wrap up the box up real quick and

We can do some more questions yeahthey're perfect perfect but that's thethe latest curiosity box that you cancurrently get again curiosity voxcomit's a great way not only to supportvsauce but also to support alzheimer's

Researchyeah we are getting very close to that$100,000 donation mark that'sthat really awesome yeah and it's just afun thing and all these items are in thein the latest box so you can get that

And then it also puts you reserves youfor the next box which is going to beamazingly even better than this one wethink it's it's a massive yeah and I'mdoing so many videos around it thatit'll they'll probably sell out right

Away so you should subscribe now becauseyou'll be really sad otherwise we onlymake so many of them oh where did it endit's your audience oh no one spill anysecrets oh because this the software'sfrozen this weed you minimized it okay

Yeah okay one second gang I'm just gonnastart was the last thing that I said ohno the audio is coming through that'sfine okay look yeah the video stop butyou guys can still hear us yeah so so itshould be coming through again camera

Froze yeah okay health is good so Ithink it should be back it it looks likeKevin is dabbing in the freeze okay ohwe're still frozen on this that's theissue it's the camera that's frozen yeahso let's just Johnny now it's gonna work

There we go let's go back to that nopeokay so we're just gonna have to go toour webcam you're just fine which tenthere we gowe're not frozen we should be like wowlook No

Hold that was like the the mannequinchallenge yeah that's what we're doingright now everyone aren't we amazing atit and see this is oh there we gounfrozen maybe tilted a little bit yeahI don't actually the table Nick burns

Company computer guy okay all right nowthat so many things we're back so so Idon't know if everyone saw the book butwe were talking about the box and howproceeds from the Box go to Alzheimer'sresearch we've raised almost a hundred

Thousand dollars for Alzheimer'sresearch because of this boxAlzheimer's is something that affectedmy grandfather and it was extremelyextremely difficult so I flew out toChicago and I worked with biologists and

A chemist at the Alzheimer's Associationand they taught me all about what we'redoing where research can go what we canhope for in our lifetimes and I'm sograteful to them I made an episode aboutit if you haven't seen my episode on

Alzheimer's go check it out because Idon't know if there are a lot ofresources that really dive into the kindof biology and chemistry behind thedisease and how it's different fromother kinds of dementia there's a lot of

Misconceptions out there and it's reallyappearing as this like next thing as wemake progress on heart disease andcancers Alzheimer's and dementia is kindof there waiting for us it's all beyondthat natural selection shadow layer you

Didn't have to live to be 80 90 100years old to reproduce and so naturalselection didn't fix that it's likereally up to us so so so exciting to beworking with Alzheimer's charities onfurthering research yeah the thing

That's affected all that I remember likehaving to towards the end of mygrandfather's life introduce myself tothem every time did I go this is yourgrandson Jake any be like oh hello andwhere are you going to Skype in college

I have to tell them everytime Liberman to college and who I wasand it's not a fun thing so we want totry and help that as much as we canlet's look at some questions now we'retaking questions over Twitter at tweet

Sauce at vsauce3 numeral three atvsauce2 numeral two a lot of good onescoming in shout them out if you find onethat you were really excited again Ithink I might have just fixed that againI'm trying here I'm only one man

No very small thing much much meat on meI also like to point out this t-shirt Ithink is pretty cool is that like theJapanese the actual poster yeah theJapanese poster for Star Wars it's kindof cool we should say Happy Father's Day

To all the father's out there watchingand happy Father's Day to all of ourfathers yeah because you know what updaddy if any of you were recording thisyou can use that for memes in the futureyeah one question that I think is an

Easy one to answer we didn't get tooin-depth into it is uh what's yourfavorite video game favorite video gamelook on answer first because I know thatleast about video games I still lovehome world you remember that back the

EraI loved the slowness of it it was likeplaying chess with yourself because youhad so much time and it was this 3dstrategy game and I would I would playand then when I couldn't play anymore I

Would just go outside and ride my bikeand talk out loud about strategies Imightdo it was like because back then youcouldn't watch other people play videoit were no Let's Plays there was no

YouTube but I did exactly what people dotoday when I wasn't playing I waswatching other people play or I wastalking about the game yeah no great soI'm just gonna jump in because homeworldwas was buying see where it's published

By Sierra yeahSierra also published my favorite gamewhich was the original half-life yepdeveloped by valve published by Sierrathat game changed my life because ourfirst time where games like cinematic it

Felt like you know you were experiencingthe the theatrical moments in real timeit wasn't a loading screen and thenbreak and it feels like a cinematicpre-rendered thing is happening thereand then all the modifications that you

Create for we're excited I can makedifferent skins for characters I canmake different models I can make my ownmaps and then play out with them I metwith my friends yeah that was reallycool for me so half-life is my go to

Kevin – it came called Xenogears whichis for the PlayStation 1 it's a it's arole-playing game and I just think itwas the coolest story not only in videogames but it's one of the cooleststories that I've ever encountered I

Mean it takes place across thousands ofyears and it involves science andphilosophy and psychology and religionand just in capital encapsulate it'skind of like all of what humanity isabout and there's mix I mean it just

Kind of has everything and if I had anendless amount of money to dedicatetowards remakingwe definitely go towards an updatedversion of CEO gears because they theydidn't even finish the story the second

Off lab is I mean you can read aboutthis if you want to the second disc isjust just sums up what was gonna happenwith the story because they kind of ranout of time so it's this weird thingwhere the game doesn't even really in

The right way it has like a cliff notessecond it's it's it's weird but it'samazing I'm gonna talk about the OrangeBox real fast not this orange box butour number was living in New York I hada weekend with nothing to do and I

Walked to a store and I bought theorange box and I played a game calledportal I'd heard about portal but Ihadn't heard anything about it I play itI like oh this is kind of neat I alsolike that it's not about working really

Quickly I like solving the puzzles but Ihad no idea what was coming in the endand I played that all game withoutleaving the couch all the way throughall the way through the night and I waslike what I got so scared it was it was

An amazing experience that you cannotreplicate with just a movie or a book edportal so the thing that was such asurprised by that is that it wasn'treally even one of the main sellingpoints of the orange box you got like

The new half-life chapter trapped like -you got Team Fortress 2 I think you alsogot the old games for half-life and thenthere was just this little thing calledportal yeah oh this is gonna be a funlittle like 30 minute diversion but it

Was incredible and the sequel was somuch funI remember playing that with my friendscuz you can do co-op mode in portal 2right now can I say that I had him justwith one of those thanks to Eric

Everybody with me you guys later couldyou would you play with me because I'venever played portal 2 why because Iplayed portal 1 on a Playstation andPlayStation 3 I think right it wouldhave been yeah 33 yeah and I wasn't good

At the controls I was like I just wish Icould use a mouse yeah because I playedWorld of Warcraft like crazy it actuallykind of was almost a problem and Ileveled up a lot of characters to themax and whatever but I got I really

Enjoyed having a mouse to look around soI want to play Portal 2 on a PC but Idon't have the system at the moment toplay it and I don't want to play it on aconsole because I don't think I'm goodat joysticks yeah it is it is more

Difficult for fur mouse and keyboardbeing able to y-yeah than my littlemouse there but there's also somethingfor like the simplicity kind of aconcept of Oh grab the controller sitdown and some games are obviously that

Are designed for that than others isthere like one or two more questionsthat we want to answer before um beforewe go yeah like one that I liked was umNo do you think maths exists or isdiscovered that's a tough one I'd like

To do a video on it I think Roger pinroses book what does it called the roadin reality touches on that the best butit's a huge heavy thick book I believe Idon't even know what to believe I thinkthat we we invent a lot of stuff

Mathematically but then it happens toalready exist in the universe and soit's a combination of Hey look what Iinvented it's called an imaginary numberah well it's imaginary must not have anyreal existence and then a hundred years

Of years later we go it does what theheck it's so useful and helpful so yeahI think it's a combination of both alsothere's one dudes been tweeting on ourssay that's your name and I apologize ifI pronounced it

I'm a horrible human being thank you forshowing your friends our videos that'svery nice of you you are a very niceperson you know what I'm gonna give youa wing that was just for you that's yeaheveryone close your eyes everyone out

There don't watch your eyes keep youreyes opendid you do it because I close my eyes -you didn't yeah everyone open their eyesokay great you're welcome arsh okay sowhen is the next vsauce video coming if

You've just joined it should be comingin just about a week I really appreciateyou guys as patience the episodes thatwe all make are you know they're notcookie cutter things they require a lotof research and I have wrote written

Actually more than one episode so I'llbe filming those really soon it's allpart of the series that I do we kind oflike how we did a bunch of videos oninfinity for a while but this one'sgoing to be about space and the

Philosophy of dimensions but the firstthe first one is is like a quickintroduction that kind of got me excitedabout things and it's about how much ofthe earth can you see at once that's mynext episode and I started to just you

Know I keep asking why and I never amhappy with an answer I just want to saybut why that but why that and a lot ofmy script was about how the further youget away from Earth the smaller it looksbut I wasn't happy with just that I

Wanted to know why why did things appearto look smaller when you go further awayand the answer is just a very simplegeometric reason but I wasn't happy withjust that I wanted to know why do welive in a universe where angles work

That way and that took me to dimensionsit took me to their independence theirlinear independence from whatanother and then all of a sudden itbecame what my next year these videosare going to be okay I just want another

Question yeah I think this is a prettyimportant oneand this is for mr avatar and he sayswhat do you think about pineapple onpizza Kevin you go firstwell you know I think it's okay I don't

Have a problem with it per se would Iever order it explicitly I don't thinkso but um if I was very very hungry andthere was pineapple pizza you know I'mgoing forMichael I want to piggyback off of Kevin

But you're taking can you guys see whatJake's doing with the balls the polymerballs with they're overflowing becausethey're filling up with so little waterjust these balls are what come in thecurrent curiosity box if you subscribe

At the website that's how many were inthe mug before and that's what it lookslike now and it doesn't ruin they're noteven done growing it takes like 12 hoursfrom the foveal so cool they feel reallycool they feel like probably eyeballs

And you touched eyeball before Ohmultiple times hold someone's eye boyafter I murder of people I just alwaystake out their eyeballs and I like toeat them but what am I'm a little bitlike yeah Kanawa story is all this time

So okay I'm on a pineapple on pizza Ithink you know Kevin I think reallyencapsulated there the vsauce spirit youknow I don't hate anything I'm not fullof hatred for for any kind of pizzatopping i I might find it fascinating

That some people have very strongopinions about pineapple on pizza Idon't I don't eat pineapple on pizza Ihave I don't always like it but I thinkthat it's part of the experience of lifeand if you count it out you're not

Experiencing the universe in itstotality so I have a much moreabbreviated answer which is I lovepineappleI think it's delicious pineapple is oneof my favorite fruits on the planet

I'll have pineapple anything so yeahkind of on pizza I also just like normalpizza and that's that's that I hearsomething yeah I do this this is a nicequestionPablo asks what advice would you give

Someone who wants to make educationalvideos but are afraid to fail ahI'll step one don't be afraid to failyeah that's I mean failing is the onlyway that you learn if you haven't failedthat he didn't try so that's just a good

Metric they have there and also you'renever gonna do it amazingly your firsttime there's always going to besomething that you did it seems prettygood there's always something that couldbe better that maybe it wasn't up to the

Standards that you originally thoughtand you just improve every time that youiterate so don't be afraid thing that'sthe hardest robot but I'm sure you guysfeel this before making a video publicyours I know this is the worst thing

I've ever made yeah but I just need todo it you have to push yourself pastthat point that that wall that you haveand just do it because if you don't doit you won't know if you succeed or failto begin with what's that famous sports

Quote that I know about sports which isyou make are you a hundred oh yeah itwas a great right so it's you you miss100% of the shots you don't take WayneGretzky Michael Scott yeah yeah it'sfrom me well it's from Wayne Gretzky but

But no that's right it's not for me ifMichael Scott quoting Wayne Gretzky andwhen you quote someone you should alsolet everyone know that yes from you soso yeah Jake I think your hundredpercent right I think if you're if

You're afraid to fail then you're gonnahave to be the biggest failure of alltime cuz you don't even start you haveto always be making bangs and sayingthat they're finished because once it'sfinished the lessons start to gel in

Your mind and so I don't ever feel likesomething's perfect but I put it outanyway especially when Vsauce was wasjust beginning I was doinglike IMG type episodes I couldn't makethose longer I could put more things in

Them but I just wanted to get them out Iwant to get them out because everythingyou do is a lesson and so you shouldmake and make and you should always makethings that challenge you don't ever askyourself but what do viewers want

Because we live in the Internet age welive in a time where no matter what youdo there's gonna be millions of peopleon earth who are gonna find itinteresting and the problem is when youstart to guess what they want or you

Start following what other people aredoing and you you get lost in the crowdbe yourself and I know that's supercliche the cliches are cliches for areason they work and you have to reallyembrace that if you if you look at a

Test tube and you're like why are testtubes this shape where's the word testtube come from what's it to you – whatif YouTube was a real tube but if it wasa pipe and video data went through it inform of DVDs how wide would the pipe

Have to be all of a sudden that's aVsauce video actually that's after sevenyears I could just go but but yet youshould you should do you should answerquestions and and explain things the wayyou would explain it as if it was a

Friend don't think of the audience as ahuge mass of people in a theater thinkof it as one person your friend and yousit down nice safe dude have you heardabout the Banach tarski paradox okaylike here's this cool thing here's

Another cool thing and you just diveinto it this is a television anymorewhere people are you know tuning inhalfway through Kevin any questionsyou're seen coming and you want toanswer Derek as if we'll get the one

That we just unboxed yes this is the theone that's currently shipping and if youwant to make sure that you get thesecond one they're not the second onethe next one after this then you shouldprobably start with this one because

That puts you in line for yeah and thisone might sell out so you should sign upas soon as you can because it's a bummerwhen you miss out and unfortunatelythat's just the restrictions we havelike the boxes is very like premium it's

Not like oh yeah let's just crank outsome more it's like how many can we makeokay coollet's get these to everyone that we canand then yeah I really want to alsostart making videos we haven't we've

Talked about this a little bit I want itnot not making videos on the curiositybox channel as well where I can gothrough all of the really cool kind ofsciency things that I have geometrictoys and weird elements and stuff

Because I did that desk to it with AdamSavage and I was like holy cow I've gothours of content here mm-hmbut the next Vsauce one video has beencooking for a long time it's actuallybeen the next – I can't wait to get

Those out in fact just Friday I wasworking with Erik our visual effects guyon how we see and last night I had thislike amazing idea well I shouldn't sayamazing because it's actually probablynot that good you won't know until until

I dive in and see how it looks but Iwant to talk about how it even this issuch a be sauce moment I was like howmuch of the earth can you see at oncewell what does it mean to see it's gonnabe like a bunch about even how the eye

Works and how vision works and theproperties of light but I willeventually answer the question so don'tdon't worry yep Michael make it a goodone do you have one I don't know okay goahead it better be good what do you

Think that you would be doing if not foryou – ah great question I mean beforeyoutube I was writing music and a bandplay guitar and singand wrote songs so it probably wouldhave kept doing that I think that I

Ended up going to youtube because I'm anintrovert and being a musician requiresgoing out and playing gigs all over theplace and traveling so YouTube is a wayfor me to create stuff well just be athome so my creative energy into YouTube

So anyway have stuck with musics JakeI've been making videos on Vimeo so youwould still be making videos yeah I meanbefore I did YouTube I was working inadvertising and television makingcommercials so I'd still be making

Videos the thing that was just sointriguing about YouTube is that it'sit's yoursright like you know you write it youhost it you edit it you direct iteverything is is your interpretation of

What you want it's not somebody else'sand that to me is very exciting but Istill be I'd still be probably makingvideos just not as happily as I amcurrently I would probably be working ata university because before YouTube

Before I started making mashups andedits for the first time I was workingdude briefly as a research assistant atthe University of Chicago in a psych laband that was what I thought I was gonnado I was gonna go to grad school I was

Going to pursue degrees in Europsychology and then when YouTubehappened I started making things andsome of those early like Hillary Clintonfarts videos got seen by millions ofpeople and I was hired to do that

Professionally and I thought well thiswon't last forever I'll eventually goback and all work in as a researcher andand then no I I became a sciencecommunicator and I celebrate what actualscientists are doing who are way better

And smarter at everythingbut I love being a kind of bridge to getthe public excited and kind of get theirheads wrapped around how important andcool science is I've got a few questionsabout Eric if they can see Eric who Eric

Is reveal yourself Eric storycome on over here whatpick pants on all right here's Eric thisis Eric welcome to the stream you'rejust in time for the end yeah so just towrap it up is mostly getting some

Questions about the box doesn't shipinternationally if you go to the websiteyou can choose your country of originand hopefully it's there if it's notthen there's an email that you can hitup but the boxes are that we really

Really care about and it's an expressionof what Vsauce is but it's ten well youcan touch it you can hold it you canshare it it again helps support not onlysauce but also alzheimer's research andso they're really really proud of we

Spent a long time making even this likea lot of the items in this box rememberthe ink one in particular I think we hadalready had this designed and stuff inlike December of last year yeah and ittook all this time that doesn't have it

Manufactured and approved and up to ourstandards so it takes a while and it'ssomething that we really really love sohopefully you like it and check it outany other kind of things Michaelsworking on a new video they come out

During VidCon would ya soonand of course I've been I've probablymade more videos this year than any yearin my life because of the dog channel ifyou guys aren't already subscribed todog check that out because we do

Obviously as you see way more projectsthan just the Vsauce channels we try toput science in people's minds in everyavenue possible I do the live show braincandy live we're gonna be back on tourin the fall maybe I wasn't supposed to

Tell you that but whatever all willdelete this live stream afterwards butanyway that's science like actuallybrought to you we've got the dog channelwhich is a safari around the internetshowing you the coolest things people

Have built online that you can do onlinenow guys dong and you know what honestlyfollow our social media because aYouTube video takes a long time to makewethese kind of you know pieces that are

Labors of love but if you follow us onTwitter I'll have everyone share all oftheir social media now but if you followme on Twitter tweet sauce on Instagramelectric pants you're gonna get contentalmost every day especially little

Things that I want to show off a littlelike geometric things I've built and andscience and physics that I I can't turninto a big video that like you wouldexpect but I want to talk about nowfollow tweet sauce and electro pants on

Instagram Jake you've got your socialmedia handles which I mean I know thembut yeah so there's either Vsaucestraight that link is down Kevin eyesVsauce Twitter's are in the descriptionor you can follow my personal level

Which is Jake or awr yeah I have to onTwitter and KentLieber just just my name is Eric evernow it's just in Atlanta for a coupledays you can see some of the eclecticmix of people that I met while I was

There wow that's so far don't know yeshe actually is a YouTube channel wherehe's done some like Lydia he did onevideo about the effects on your what ifthe world what if the world ended theone that was like very 80s and

Opportunities that it's so cooleric is brilliant with the visualizationand the making of beautiful beautifulthings that teach so thank you to himthank you to you guys check outcuriosity box calm to help Alzheimer's

Research and to get Vsauce in your handstooto your door we are going to get back towork we love everything that we're doingwe love you guys and should we say yeahand as always thanks for watching and

Now I'm going to everyone freeze and I'mgoing to walk over to the computerrefrain anything and I am going

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