Vlad The Impaler – How did he become a legend? (Part 2/2) DOCUMENTARY

published on July 17, 2020

Vlad was not an enemy of Prashad or Transylvania as a whole by any means in fact relations between Dracula and the people of the Transylvanian cities were very positive and he sought refuge in Brasov Ziggy sharra and other

Neighboring towns throughout his life at one point the vulajin even describes his brush Jovian allies as honest men brothers friends and sincere neighbors in a letter to the mayor nonetheless no one was exempt from Vlad's strong morals

And policies one of the first signs of growing strain between Dracula and the German Saxon cities of Transylvania came after he chose the side of Michael Sailaja and who nyada's over Habsburg making

Them fast political enemies when the citizens of mysteries are rebelled against the Seelig ease in response to what they considered to be fiscal abuses by the family Vlad was quick to back his allies and help Michael Cielo G assail

The town finding the leaders of the revolt and burning their homes to the ground in reaction to this the German cities across Transylvania became angry with Dracula spreading a claim that he had renewed his vassal ship with Sultan

Mehmed shortly after becoming voivode this outraged Vlad as he considered the German Saxons especially those of brashaad to be his friends furthering the newfound hostilities the mayor of parish of decided to shift his support

To Vlad's new dynasty rival the brother of vladislav the second Dan the third conveniently for the German Saxons who were staunch supporters of the Habsburgs Dam the third was a friend of the family as well as an enemy of Vlad Dracula as

If this betrayal wasn't enough the city of Sibiu also decided to remove their support from the currently VOAD and instead backed a new Pretender Vlad the monk half-brother of Dracula himself Vlad initially attempted

To resolve these new issues by sending diplomats to both brush off and Sibiu but neither city chose to respond to the request for diplomacy now furious following these scandalous actions by the Transylvanian city

Leaders he decided to retaliate by bringing heavy sanctions down on the German Saxon merchants of the region Vlad ended the initial agreement he'd signed back in 1456 and instead began to give favor to the valakians causing

Considerable financial ramifications for the German Saxons over time this alone led to more conflict as the Transylvanian merchants tried to avoid the new policy demands prompting repeated raids by Dracula and his troops

Over the next couple of years in 1458 vlad himself led a small troop of cavalry men without warning into transylvania were the supporters of both dan the third and Vlad the monk resided burning their villages and killing the

Inhabitants who endorsed his rivals Vlad's that had arrested and impaled all the German sacks and merchants who refused to obey his new rules of trade he also executed 41 young Saxons who had supposedly been sent to Valhalla to

Learn the Romanian language citing that he believed them to actually be spies which is abundantly likely finally due to a softening of political tension in Hungary diplomatic negotiations between vlad the new king of hungary and two

Representatives of brasov occurred an agreements was finally reached on November 23rd 14:58 with the pre-show viens agreed to hand over dan the third and is supporting boyars and Vlad was to restore the terms of his original

Commercial policy with the German Saxon merchants the city of parish of was also required to pay ten thousand florins in war damages to Michael CAG while everyone especially Dracula seemed dissatisfied with the stipulations it

Seems that no one actually followed through as Vlad was forced to perform a rage near the city of but a shove once again this time in an attempts to capture his exiled rival he set fire to crops and homes and impaled men women

And children but regardless of all of his efforts Vlad was unable to seize down the third who had already gone into hiding shortly afterward though in 1460 dan and his brash ovn supporters wage an attack on vilaça

Butts were briskly defeated dan was captured during the strike Vlad had a priest read the mass for the dead before forcing Dan to dig his own grave finally ending the ordeal by cutting off

His rivals head the rest of Dan's supporters who had also been captured were then impaled the city of parish of attempted to defuse the situation by this time but Dracula declined to come to any agreements until Vlad the monk

Was no longer a political threat still trying to handle the situation himself Dracula then attacks the town of AM lash aiming to eradicate supporters of his half-brother despite the fact that according to Michael Behe Maruf Lee

Thirty thousand German Saxons were killed during the assault a peace treaty was signed on October 1st 1460 between the brasov Ian's City Council and Dracula representatives finally Vlad could focus his foreign attention on the

Growing issue of the Turks especially considering his choice in 1459 deceased payment of the yearly tribute to Sultan Mehmed though Dracula ruled a notably small principality with an equally small army his patriotism and dedication to

His faith led him to the conclusion that the Turks must be dealt with after all by virtue of his father Vlad was a proud member of the Order of the dragon a Christian group of nobles who swore to defend the cross from its enemies

The names are cool meaning the dragon was given to vlad ii after he swore his own oath to the order dracula thus translating simply to son of the dragon was a name happily adopted by the highly religious Vlad the 3rd

Due to this deeply ingrained Christian honor it comes as no surprise that when Pope pious ii called for yet another crusade beginning his appeal in September of 1459 Dracula was one of the only European supporters to promptly

Show interest in the cause though no crusade happened at the time the Valachi comprend stayed true to his stance against the Ottomans by the fall of 1460 Vlad sent a letter to the elders of brasov stating that he detained Turkish

Envoys that had come to Villa here to request peaceful passage through the Principality allowing them to again raid and wreak havoc on the Transylvanian cities Dracula referring to himself as a parish ovm brother and faithful friend

Informs them that he had no wish to portray the city or his Catholic allies based on multiple narratives it is likely that these Turkish envoys were the victims of the famous nailing of the turbines in which Vlad responded to the

Men's refusal to remove their turbans by having nails hammered into their skulls saying that he wished to assist the Turks in strengthening their customs the combination of these acts on the part of Dracula United with his continued

Refusal from 1459 onwards to pay the now overdue yearly tribute even impaling Ottoman military commanders is likely what caused a swift escalation in tensions in November of 1461 Vlad sent a letter to Sultan Mehmed claiming that

The war with the German Saxons had drained his treasury but that he intended to pay his debts and even at gifts of his own along with many children and horses for the Sultan he also advised his former peer that he

Could not leave his capital to come to Constantinople claiming that if he did so his political opponents would take advantage and seize his territory makhmud initially believed Dracula to be sincere and sent an embassy to

Targoviste to meet with the Valachi and Prince the Sultan's opinion quickly changed after letters written by Vlad to King Matthias Corvinus were intercepted their contents that Vlad had formed a military alliance

With the Hungarian King and was likely being dishonest with the Turks consequently makhmud devised a plan to kidnap Dracula and bring him to Constantinople Vlad once again given warning of such a plot

Decided to still attend the newly scheduled meeting but brought along cavalry man who would trail him and his courtiers in a later letter to the Hungarian King Vlad tells of how he eventually arrested the men who intended

To capture him near the GOG o fortress which Dracula and his men then destroyed upon reaching the gates Vlad disguised himself and gave orders in perfect Turkish to the station commander convincing him to allow them in

Permitting an easy ambush briskly following this Yoshio attack while Sultan Mehmed was still occupied in Asia Minor Dracula continued his bombardment of the Turks during the winter of 1461 to 1462 he bragged of his achievements

To King Matthias in a letter telling the Hungarian ruler that I have killed men and woman old and young who lived at O blue shit sans Novus ello up to rahova which is located near achillea we killed twenty-three thousand eight hundred and

Eighty-four Turks and buggers without counting those whom we burned in homes or whose heads were not caught by our soldiers thus your highness must know that I have broken the peace with him him obviously referring to sultan mehmed

Angered by Vlad's sudden aggression the Sultan sent an army to destroy the Valachi import of Braila although his Grand Vizier leading the mission decided to also organize a full-scale assault on Valachi in territories and villages

Dracula having being notified of this intercepted the Ottoman troops as they attempted to leave Braila only some 8,000 Turks are thought to have survived this ambush as the valakians took down an impressive amounts of the Ottoman

Soldiers finally makhmud decided it was time to refocus his attention on the threat of the Valachi and Prince taking the route of a full-out invasion back in vilaça in a decent position to handle the oncoming strike from the Turks Vlad

Was being praised – left and right by his fellow Christian leaders even Pope pious ii was in awe of Dracula's ingenious military talents and commitments to fight against the Ottomans Vlad took this opportunity to

Warn his European neighbors of the new Turkish threat reminding them that any attack on vilaça would surely make its way to the surrounding territories he hopes to Rhian spire the idea of a crusade knowing that he alone could not

Stop the Ottoman invasion altogether despite a previous military alliance with the king of Hungary Vlad received a little support from Matthias who was more concerned about his political affairs with the Holy Roman Emperor

Regardless of the struggle to rally allied military aid Dracula was extremely successful it's energizing up the enthusiasm within his own 30,000 strong army his mind set on the concept of the upcoming war can easily be

Understood by his own words in which he told to his troops it would be better that those who think of death should not follow me a leader of true pride and resolve Vlad inspired his people to take the same mentality as the war continued

To accelerate the lack of equal numbers and weaponry on the valakians side led to Dracula and his army enacting a variety of methods to weaken their opponent

Some of these methods included germ warfare scorched earth strategic retreat and guerrilla tactics eventually lands came up with a plan to kill the Sultan himself executing the strike which is now referred to as the night attack a

Turkish day an account from one of Dracula's veterans that was recorded by Nicola Medusa a papal legate were calls at nightfall Dracula penetrated into the Turkish camp with parts of his troops all the way up

To the fortifications and during the entire night he sped up like lightning in every direction and caused great slaughter so much so that had the other commander to whom he had entrusted his remaining forces been equally brave or

Had the Turks not fully obeyed to the repeated orders from the Sultan not to abandon their Garrison's the valakians undoubtedly would have gained the greatest and most brilliant victory Dracula carried out an incredible

Massacre without losing many men in such a major encounter though many were wounded he abandoned the enemy camp before daybreak and returned to the same mountain from which he had come no one dared pursue a man since he had caused

Such a terror on turmoil I learned by questioning those who had participated in this battle that the Sultan lost all confidence in the situation during that night the Sultan abandoned the camp and fled in a shameful manner and he would

Have continued this way had he not been reprimanded by his friends and brought back almost against his will undeterred completely by the current decrease in morale the Turks were ready only a few days later to finally attack the capital

Of Targoviste ready as they may have been neither the Sultan nor his men expected what they came to find covering roughly a mile of land in a semi-circle formation with the remains of around 20,000

Impaled Turks mounted on their steaks this scene is now referred to as the forests of the impaled at this point the entirety of the Ottoman forces seemed to acknowledge that it was time to retreat Sultan Mehmed is said to have commented

That he could not take land away from a man who does such marvelous things and surely a man who had accomplished this is worthy of greater things around this time Vlad's cousin and trusted ally up to this event Stephen the great

Committed a remarkable betrayal and attacks the fortress of killya with Turkish assistance the fortress was now occupied by both of the Lackey ins and the Hungarians of which Stephen was at odds with their King Matthias thankfully

For the Valachi invovled the mall davian's were defeated and Stephen was permanently injured in the altercation though both Stephen and makhmud had to return to their homes after humiliating failures at the hands of Dracula the

Turks had not fully given up instead the mission of taking control over vilaça was now left under the responsibility of Radu the handsome the younger brother of Vlad who had chosen to stay with the Ottomans in his youth using kind and

Fair diplomacy Radu was able to win over the support and loyalty of a large portion of the Valachi employers and even some of his brothers army inevitably Vlad was then forced to retreat from his capital no longer being

Recognized as Prince of the land in the last known military confrontation between the brothers his forces it is said that Vlad's mistress and mother of his eldest son later to be known as mania the evil threw herself out of the

Poenari fortress and into the river choosing to be eaten by the fish of the Argos rather than be taken captive by the Turks Dracula's new plan was to now meet with King Matthias of Hungary and once again

Asked for support in defending his territory and sovereignty a long period of waiting followed by weeks of negotiation with the Hungarian King led to a disappointing outcome for Vlad that was

To only get worse originally Matthias decided to simply make peace with the Turks and support the princely position of Radu this clearly would have angered Vlad who had thought Matthias to be an ally but he likely never anticipated

That this would lead to his arrest at the hands of the king of Hungary in a truly heinous plot tricking Dracula into believing he was supported in retaking the throne matthias sent Vlad off along with a reasonable contingent upon

Arriving at Kooning Shyne castle under the orders of the king the Slovak mercenary who led the contingent Force arrested Vlad and brought him back up to Matthias to be held as prisoner in order to defend such sudden and inexplicable

Actions towards someone who'd been deemed a Christian hero the hungarians attempted to use forged letters of false submission to the Turks with Vlad's signature on them Vlad was betrayed as these letters were wildly out of

Character and included terminology attitude and poor language that would never be attributed to Vlad historians have discovered that the likely author was a man by the name of Johann radula of brasov while some believed these

Letters to be true many European powers were suspicious and accused the Hungarian king of acting in opposition to general opinion while Dracula was not released for some 12 years from Hungarian custody it is believed that he

Spent most of his time essentially on house arrest within mathias palaces instead of serving as a true prisoner although there are two separate accounts for calling interesting behaviors exhibited by Vlad while actually jailed

It is said that he would catch mice or have Birds brought to him so that he could impale them on small pieces of wood he found nonetheless while nots being kept in a cell Dracula was oftentimes invited into

The presence of King Matthias and his important guests the Hungarian began to realize that Vlad's reputation left visitors both in awe and in fear of the man and knowing this when a delegation from Sultan Mehmed came to meet him

Matthias made sure that dracula was with him at the time of the engagement in essence Vlad was being used as a pawn or unspoken threat to anyone who dared to test the King this strange situation of captivity carried on until after the

Death of radula handsome in 1475 at which King Matthias made a proposal to Vlad offering to free him so he could regain the valakians throne if he would convert to Catholicism of course Dracula agreed to the terms and was now

Able to marry a relative of Mathias his new wife being alone asilah G daughter of his late ally Michael Cielo G Vlad was now free to move to a residence in pest and the rest of Europe seemed incredibly pleased at the news of

His release Vlad lost no time getting back to his usual morally driven self which he clearly demonstrated in an incident that occurred in his new home and the birthplace of a second and possibly third son the stories claimed

That when a criminal ran into Dracula's courtyard to hide from the police Vlad intercepted the pursuing officers hands caught the head off one who was holding the criminal and consequently let him go free when word got back to

Matthias and Hungary he sent one of his men to go and ask Vlad why he would commit such a crime the valakians response which earned a laugh from a theist when it was brought back to him said I did not commit any

Crime it is the police official who committed suicide anyone will perish in this way should be like a thief invade the house of a great ruler such as myself if this man had come to me first and had explains the

Situation to me and if the criminal had been found in my home I myself would have delivered the criminal over to him though Vlad was personally ready to regain his throne before he could do so there was work to be done to ensure that

He would be successful first he and his cousin Stephen of Moldavia managed to settle their feud Stephen even went as far as to ask King Matthias his former enemy to help replace basarab Lyoto who had taken the throne following reduced

Death with Vlad Dracula as the Prince of Wallachia after participating in the crusade under the Hungarian King in Bosnia Matthias finally granted Vlad his support for the seizure of the valakians throne in 1476 leading a campaign

Spearheaded by himself Stephen the great Stephen Bathory and VOC brankovic Dracula was finally able to regain his place as voivode of Wallachia following his own reporting of the victory and capture of the Capitol on November 8th

1476 Vlad's met with Stephen of Moldavia at which point both men swore eternal allegiance to each other and the crusader cause this marked the start of his third and final reign as Prince of vilaça now around the age of 45 Vlad was

In a precarious position once the local support of his newfound allies had been withdrawn there were too many schisms within Valachi and political society and of course the Turkish enemy was not happy about his return to power Dracula

Was fully aware of the dangers he may have been in leading to his ultimate resolution that he would not bring his wife or sons with him to Targoviste out of fear for their safety Stephen of Moldavia concerned for his cousin as

Well left 200 bodyguards with Vlad likely not having much trust in the fickle Valachi and boy our class just as the cousins had seen such a doom coming after a matter of weeks on the Falacci enthroned Vlad met his end during a

Skirmish against basarab Lyoto and a Turkish contingent that was twice the number of Dracula's forces there are varying versions of the exact method in which Vlad was killed but the most accurate rendition is that he was killed

By a hired Turkish assassin who had disguised himself as a servant of Dracula until moment of his death of Steven's bodyguards who fought valiantly with Vlad in his final moments only a mere 10

Survived to tell the tale after a lifetime of perseverance valour and controversy Vlad the Impaler of vilaça at last was no more a politician and warlord builder of fortresses and churches and a man of severely

Contrasting generosity and brutality Vlad's the third Dracula is remembered to some as a cruel tyrant and to others as a national hero dictator or champion the 3-time Prince of Wallachia left a legacy worth remembering


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