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published on July 2, 2020


Ellis was not made

Nacional mané on your bar bill come over

to the bar with me macelli up and used

to in a carry on with a lot behaviors

that will do you know I'll come over

after if I feel like what are you

waiting for

I started before or what

there is a kebab run

hey we should be celebrating shortly

come on what you come to see what is a

living man oh cool is that you Ray Eddie

boy we urge you as I'm your brother's in

the serious bit trouble or was it done

what's happened

are you in trouble where's our money

boy you bowl up their boulders bras and

tell us that's how things are gonna live

who do you think you are some kind of

alien or something

I mean you like real men we've ever done

is sucked and fade


I'll tell you what let's leave it to God



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