Video games with pop stars are insane

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

you've ripped her way through Guitar

Hero Metallica and Guitar Hero Aerosmith

and Guitar Hero van Halen and you're

holding out for the previously announced

but still unreleased Guitar Hero Red Hot

Chili Peppers but if you're really

serious about likeness licensed abusing

nonsense you own all of the Michael

Jackson games both 50 cent games and

journeys escape long before Ringo

Starr's plastic drums were piled up in

the corner of your living room oh gee

developers like Midway and Ocean were

trying to shoehorn popular musical

artists into their games in order to

gain an edge in the arcade but it was

dad Age creator of the Atari mega bomb

snake who claimed console first blood

with this other non classic

released in 1982 for the Atari 2600

journeys escape finds you dodging quote

love crazed groupies as you make your

way to the journey tour bus which is a

giant scarab beetle along the way you

gain invincibility by either touching

your roadies or your manager who is a

kool-aid man

Midway released another journey game

only one year later this time with the

band looking for their instruments in

outer space

Oshin developed a game based around

Frankie Goes to Hollywood in 1985 you



that banned the game creatively titled

free he goes to Hollywood tasks you with

making your way to the mythical Pleasure

Dome by fully attaining four attributes

sex love war and faith you also have to

bring an atheist murderer to justice


who knows


with a girlthe of PC gaming and

eventually CD ROMs these games all

started to eventually just be exactly

like mist you know mysterious and full

of puzzles and all weird visual

atmospherics mist

hey friend that's my hat

written by Devo Devo presents Adventures

of the smart patrol drops players into

spud land which is under risk of great

destruction from Turkey monkey it is not

a very good game but it is very Devo

princess interactive is another mist

style weirdness trove you walk around

Paisley Park and solve puzzles in order

to collect pieces of princes symbol but

the best of this era is bad day on the

Midway a legitimately groundbreaking

piece of multimedia art gaming from

those avant-garde eyeball wearing

weirdos the residents

at one point this game was optioned by

Ron Howard with the intent of making a

television series to be directed by

David Lynch this never happened but this

would have been awesome


most of these games are Cashion's Spice

Girls Blues Brothers every single Def

Jam game but some nee one rise above

camp rise above art to become a genuine

console classic I am speaking of course

about the Sega Genesis version of




based on the very awesome michael

jackson moonwalker film this game is

insanely magic you get to dance in order

to defeat your enemies and sometimes

they join you to dance you get to hang

out with bubbles the chimp and you turn

into a robot




and eventually a plane

all while seeking out children the

primary objective of the game it was a

more innocent time Michael Jackson ended

up starring in a variety of games but I

think we should save space channel 5 and

the seemingly aborted planet Michael for

another time plus there's the wu-tang

fighting game and the Aerosmith

rail-shooter and iron maidens Edie

hunter and the Motley Crue pinball game

and the kiss first-person shooter and



what's your favorite musician themed

game let us know in the comments and be

sure to check out the description for

tons of let's play videos involving a

diddler and his chimp plus everything

else we've used in this episode

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