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published on July 17, 2020

Um but you know coming down here like i said and being with the guys around the guys and coming out here and playing and like i said being able to practice with the guys at a high level um you know i feel like if my body keeps trending and

The situation keeps trending up there's a strong possibility that i might play so i'm definitely trying to so um i'm coming out here and working every day working hard every day

Trying to help my team trying to help myself it's been a tough tough couple years obviously i mean you know i'm just trying to be smart because i want to play the next 10

Years um so um that's pretty much it i'm taking them one day at a time i'm thankful for this organization and my teammates and my coaching staff for backing me

Um and just continuing to trust uh me and myself and um and continue to trust the fact that i'm listening to my body and just trying to do what's best for my health my mental health internal

Health and my physical health taylor cannonball hey vic when it came out last week that you weren't going to play was that truly a definitive thing you had made up your mind about it

And then it changed throughout the course of the week or did you intend to truly come down here and and test things out and maybe reconsider um i was always going to come down here and test it out

I was always a part of the plan um at the end of the day a few weeks from from today that when i made my decision i didn't think i could play you know as far as doing all the uh what

Was i i was capable of doing before i wasn't able to play five on five i wasn't able to get up and down i wasn't able to practice with the team i wasn't able to do necessarily game like things at a high

Level so at that point i didn't think i was going to play but after you know coming down here and reassessing every day going out there playing five on five with these guys

Moving around doing basketball related things like rebounding changing speeds changing ends of the floor running jumping doing things basketball related you know i'm trending

I'm in a positive direction so um you know hopefully you know when it's time to play i'm capable of playing um but i'm definitely trying my best to every day i'm coming out here and giving it my all

Um at the end of the day you know i i i know what level of of type of athlete and basketball player that i need to be and i know what i'm capable of so at the end of the day my health is very

Important for me to get to that level so i'm moderate i'm monitoring it um with with uh extreme caution at the end of the day if all of you if i was your your brother if i was your your son or your husband or somebody you

Loved what would you tell me if i was in a situation right now you say make sure you're healthy and do what's best for you you would say that that's what all of you would say if i was one of your loved ones

Um that's what anybody would say to one of their loved ones so just because i'm an athlete and i perform at a high level uh man you know i can play the game of basketball um

Don't be cogniza be cognizant of the fact that i am human i said i am human i mean some days i'm not don't get me wrong no i can be a superhero any day i'm telling you

Matter of fact i am but even superheroes have kryptonite so uh but all seriousness though yeah um i'm coming out here and i'm trying my best um take it one day at a time

I mean you know i feel like the universal universe will manifest itself and whatever's supposed to happen will happen tanya king hey vic i'm just curious um how did the pandemic

Over the last four months how did that affect your rehab or did it in some oh it it didn't affect it it didn't affect it to a a positive a positive aspect because um we didn't

Have we didn't have nowhere to go every day was closed there wasn't really much we could do so um we try to do it we can we try to turn my garage into a weight room and uh we tried to put some stuff but as far

As the the main resources we need um things that i i could use to help me get to another level uh it was limited obviously but we did

What we could man we you know did as best as i could to make sure i can take my rehab stayed in shape um and at the end of the day we i had no control over covey

None of us did no we wouldn't even we wouldn't even be in the bubble right now talking about this if it wasn't for something we had no control of so i know it's it's different you know i know um

You know it's a different situation for me as far as decision making and my body and everything like that but i mean i didn't ask for kobe to come i didn't know it was gonna come none of y'all did either so i'm

Adjusting and trying to figure it out just like you guys are seth johnson hey victor um how have you felt during five on five and also i guess what have you enjoyed about being back out there with your guys

Um i felt i've been feeling good man i i'm not gonna lie you know i've been i've been definitely you know getting my feet under me just trying to fill out the game obviously get my knee immune to playing the game

Again um and it just feels good to play basketball man i mean i've been playing since i was four years old man you know just to be out there just making plays running up and down

So it's a blessing man because i remember when i couldn't do it so i'm definitely thankful for sure yeah vic since the plan was always go to disney can you explain why you were compelled to announce on july 3rd that

You would be out before even testing like you said and experiencing what you are right now why why cross yourself out first i said i said back then my decision wasn't to play

Because i wasn't able to have the resources i needed to test or reassess my knee so right then and there i wasn't i didn't i didn't feel as though i was i would be capable of playing

Um i was always going to come to the bubble i mean at the end of the day when i had to come and support my team so you know i think i don't think you guys realize

How much practicing and and getting up and down is a part of my rehab i must keep stressing that it's a part of my rehab playing the games playing in games doing all that stuff back then back then when i was playing

Against the 13 games i played i was on restriction minute restriction that doesn't necessarily mean i was healthy being on minute restriction when you're restricted to do something does that

Mean you're 100 healthy i'm well then if you're 100 healthy there would be no restriction technically but i mean but that's okay it doesn't really matter that that's that's besides the point i'm just

Worried about right now at the end of the day back then a few weeks ago i made a decision that i felt was best for my career can i is that wrong for me to do i don't

Think so um coming here reassessing it being able to have the resources play against these guys at a high level go out here see where my knees are see how my knee is progressing

With the heavy load and then making a decision and saying well there's a there's a possibility that i might play i'm going to try it out is that wrong with me to do that too i'm just asking um but at the end of the

Day i understand i mean you guys you guys do your jobs and um at the end of the day people don't know and they want to know and i get it it's a part of life man i get it uh but at the end of the day the only

Thing that i'm concerned about is my team my knee um and being able to make sure that i can perform and help them at the highest level possible in this organization right here so um that's all i'm focused

On i'm taking it one day at a time reassessing it every day um and from there i'll make my decision rachel nichols hey victor thanks for talking through all of this with us it

Has indeed been quite the couple years for you uh have you resolved with the league whether you'll get paid if you don't play and how is all that going to factor into your decision

Making first off hi rachel um no i haven't talked to him i don't know um that's out of my control i don't have any control of that

Honestly to be i don't even know the amount or what goes into it again i'm just focused on my knee i'm not really concerned about anything i can't control um it's out of my control other people

Handle that i guess whatever the case is but um i just want to play basketball played is simple so um and i want to make sure my knee is at his best ability and i'm at my best

Ability when i go out there to perform at a high level so that's really all i'm focused on rachel i can't really answer that question i'm sorry but i'm sure i probably could

Figure it out and i'll make sure i'll let you guys know olivia rick vic now that you've had a few practices under your belt i'm wondering how you how your knee feels compared to march

Compared to january 29th when you've got to get back out there um it's feeling good man i'm progressing the practices i've been feeling good after them

But you know the 13 games i played during those 13 games i remember when i was in excuse me where was it it might have been we were about to play i missed two games we were about to play

The spurs and the bucks i missed two games because we just played cleveland we come to san antonio i was good the night we we slept over the night and that night in san antonio before we

Played them the next day my knee just swelled up randomly i didn't do anything i didn't do anything spectacular it just it just swelled up on me so um that's what i'm i don't i'm trying to to assess that because i don't want to

Be in the playoffs here be playing 40 minutes and then wake up and then i can't go the next day or the next game you understand so um i'm just reassessing it making just

Taking it one day at a time you know not getting too high not getting too low trusting my body trust in my training trust in my rehab um and then you know when the time comes to make a decision i'll make one

But i'm definitely here trying to play um um and and training myself in order to prepare to play so hopefully everything goes well and by that time i feel better than i even feel

Now the way i'm trending so i definitely feel great after the practices feel good so hopefully it continues to manifest upward thanks for watching espn on youtube for

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